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Marc is aroused by watching Serena smoke

mastrubation arbymore 2018-03-01

I had only been there a couple of days and I realised that whenever I went out there Marc would follow me even though he didn't smoke - he said he liked to get the fresh air - even when it was quite cold out there. One day (by the way the factory finished work at 4.30 but the office stayed open until 5.00) things were quiet at about 4.45 and I thought I'd have one last cigarette before I went home and again Marc followed me out into the yard. As I drove home I kept thinking about what Marc had said and by the time I got home I was feeling very horny thinking about how I was turning on this 18 year old boy.

She Wasn't There

mastrubation DB5 2018-02-24

Rather than leaving, and getting on with their walk, Karen had made it plain that she was as good a hooker as any of them, and ended up agreeing to take on the next punter who came along. Thinking about them increased my erection, and I began to stroke my cock, gently playing with my pubic hair as I did. Jen came to mind, and I pictured her tits hanging out in the back of the cab. My head felt a rush of erotic desire, as I related the 'parfum de femme' to my sensational fuck with the barmaid last night. The pace of my strokes quickened, as I approached a climax, picturing her huge tits in my face as she rode me hard.

How It All Began Ch.16

mastrubation TheTravellingMan 2018-02-22

Returning a lascivious smile, Fay's eyes narrowed as she felt the delicious tingling sensations in her cunt as her finger slid in and out. Jack stroked his cock more firmly, the visuals of Fay on all fours, taking a fucking from Karen and Zoe made his cock flex, his deep sense of arousal had tightened his balls. Jack was wanking his cock with all the vigour she wanted to see; the thought of his girlfriend fucking another man was always intensely arousing. She looked at Jack's cock avidly and he showed Fay his hard length again. Jack's own body careered towards his own climax and he felt his cock swell hard to that tell-tale point of release.

When is cheating not cheating?

mastrubation tomstarks 2018-02-22

I'd also mentioned how I had a wife at home and she said how she was going to miss her boyfriend, and how she wondered what the flat would look like when she got back. When I came out the bathroom I could hear the sound of slurping and moaning coming from my laptop and could see Judy with a very strange look on her face. I looked from Judy to the screen to find the porn couple had now moved along, with the man fucking the woman from behind, her knickers pushed to one side and her legs looking great in stockings. First Judy, and then myself, looked at the movie in time to see guy spunking in the woman's face.

Mutual Pleasure

mastrubation Dave69fan 2018-02-14

My eyes follow your hands moving down over your stomach, one staying at the waistband and the other going to the hem of your short grey pleated skirt. My hand involuntary moves to stoke my bulge through my pants as you first pull your skirt to give me full view. You lay back with one hand playing with your tits and nipples and the other roaming over your legs, stomach and slipping into your wet knickers. Climbing onto the bed I move between your legs, my hand running along your inner thigh. I watch your love juices running between your legs; hear the sound of your sighs and moans, the sounds of your wanking fingers matching mine.

Seduced by my auntie Rita and uncle Peter

mastrubation arbymore 2018-02-13

When I was undressed she took my hand and we all went up to their bedroom.On the bed were some items of underwear and she said, 'it's about time you sampled the pleasures of wearing ladies undies.' She put a suspender belt on me and sat me on the edge of the bed, then put some fishnet stockings on and clipped them to the suspender clips. Uncle came round and squeezed his balls and kept saying, 'cum for mummy and daddy, shoot your spunk for us.' Auntie was holding one of her tits and feeding it into his mouth and saying, ' suck mummy's nipple, suck her milk out.' I felt him about to cum and help his cock tightly in my mouth as he spurted deep inside me.


mastrubation harbour 2018-02-09

His back arched a little and he closed his eyes, imagining her perfect lips on his, his fingers in her hair as their kiss gradually intensified. He had allowed his mind to entertain impure thoughts and by obtaining physical pleasure through those thoughts he had abused God’s gift, sinned against his body in the worst possible way. The way her dress hugged her body, the feel of her hand on his, the way her pupils dilated when their eyes met. With rapid little breaths he slowly stroked himself and thought of being deep inside her. He quickened his strokes, lost in the intense arousal that gripped him as he lay there, guiltlessly taking pleasure in his own body.

A Nooner For Five

mastrubation FirstBlush 2018-02-08

I felt a trickle of fuck syrup within my folds, which increased to a telltale gush when I watched you dangle the panties so that they caressed the tip of your cock. Your cock twitched for more and you wrapped a silk covered hand around the shaft, slipping it slowly downward until the tip bulged beneath the stretched gusset and added your moisture to mine. You laid the panties in your lap and seized yourself with a bare eager palm, fingers closing into a firm grip. You touched me after all, I thought giddily, closing my eyes, slipping my hands from their newly loosened bonds and tracing random patterns on the canvas you had made.

Nobody's Baby Angel

mastrubation Frank_Lee 2018-02-05

By the time Parker slipped into the living room where he could see most of the porch reflected in the hutch mirror, Rachel was lying on the unfolded studio bed. One hand slipped over the teacup shape of her pussy, the fan of her fingers firmly rubbing the plush slit Parker couldn’t see from where he stood. The other hand left her breast and moved down to spread and frame her pussy with long, slender fingers, while the right went again to attend to her swelling lips. Rachel’s light brown hair fanned around her on the pillow as she stretched her legs forward, bringing her thighs together to trap her hand snugly against her pussy.

Birthday Surprise 2 Ch.2

mastrubation sexual41 2018-02-04

"Now tease your ass," she said."Move your finger around the hole until it is so sloppy wet that you slide it, easily, inside." "Does that feel good, Gary?" Ivana asked, as if she didn't know the answer. Ivana demonstrated amazing self control, as she stopped masturbating and moved to my side, giving me a kiss on the cheek."That was beautiful," she said, appreciative of my obedience. "You're such a good boy," she said, grinning from ear to ear."Your birthday party is going to be so decadent it will make Zoe's look tame, by comparison." If what Ivana said was true, that this would be even better than Zoe's, then I was on the cusp of experiencing something beyond my wildest nastiest dreams.

Cum in my pyjamas

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-02-02

He’s got that look of ambiguity, that’s saying I’m a gentleman, but… His throbbing hard on feels so good in my tiny hand, I can barely close my fingers around the shaft and then he’s in my pussy. I get my breath back and I turn round to face him, drawing my finger nails down his chest and then I slip to my knees and take his cock into my mouth and lick it gently, massaging his smooth balls with my right hand. My ‘jamas need washing, so I stroke him with him in my mouth and just before I sense he’s reaching his climax I stand up and hold my pyjamas open and aim his cock into them.

That Time of the Month

mastrubation Noni 2018-01-29

Deb’s bent over and put her head where my dick is resting in my pants and looks up to Nicole and said, “see something down here you like?” Nicole began to give this sinister little chuckle and said, “Do you really want me to answer that question?” I turned around to look at her and stumbled on a rock decoration on the walkway to the front door. Her clit hung from her pussy like a X-mas ornament, and I was thinking about how I was going to suck and nibble on that big clit until she came in my mouth multiple times over. When Nicole stopped riding me, it felt like she pulled my dick out the pussy and put it in her mouth.

8 Clothed Females 4 Naked Males.

mastrubation 21Laura 2018-01-24

We were going to take the boy individually into the sitting room so I put their names into my schoolgirl hat and their sequence was decided - Mike, Ewan, Ryan and finally Jon. So, we said, let the fun begin :) Eleanor was first and rubbing her knickers up and down his cock threw her arms round him and whispered in his ear, 'pleased to meet you, I'm Eleanor.' I was next, and while stroking his cock slow - hard - slow - I whispered in his ear, 'pleased to meet you, I'm Laura.' The rest of the girls completed similar intro's then he was 'open season.' All the girls started slapping, licking and biting (all four boys had teeth marks on their asses for at least a week afterwards tee hee).

Sunday porno

mastrubation roman64 2018-01-19

Always turns me on to imagine my wife lying on a bed next to some skinny big cocked black fella while she is gently rubbing her clit. When she tells me about her lied on a bed, wanking herself off with a porno on the telly and a big black cock in her mouth it drives me wild, invariably it's at this point of the story that I cum next to her. If I haven't already cum while she is telling me this story I never fail to shoot my load when she describes looking down her lovely body to see a thick black shaft all shiny with her juices sliding in and out of her cunt until he pulls it out and wanks himself over her.

getting caught

mastrubation dogtied 2018-01-16

The first time i wanked about my mate jenny, i imagined that i was tottaly ashamed but jenny was hot for me and wanted to suck on my clit so bad she coaxed me out from behind the bed sheets to sit on her face and fuck her mouth and b/f came home early from work i diddnt hear him come in i had my eyes closed legs spread wide , rubbing my clit through my panties when i opend my eyes i was stunned to see him standing there. Then he knelt down in front of me and took control, rubbing his fingers over my cunt, trrough my panties, pushing his middle fingerbetween my folds and feeling how slickly my frilly knickers slid between my pussy lips.he pulled the gusset to one side as he slipped his hard prick inside me.

The holiday beach cabin with mum

mastrubation 24_m_uk2011 2018-01-13

I noticed mum had pulled her bikini top away a bit and was looking down, ive definitely caught a colour today she said as she started turning round. Mum still wanking my hard cock slowly, i pulled at her towel and let it drop so she gave this guy a glimpse of her tits. I laughed as she still had hold of my cock, she looked up at me and i said i think his going to cum, she laughed and as i said that he stepped closer and i could see his cock was touching her boob as he started wanking really fast.

helping hand

mastrubation philf 2018-01-05

I went into his room and he said he couldn't find his glasses, we spent a few minutes looking around then he suggested i looked under the bed, i got down on all 4's to look but when i looked up John was staring straight down my top! After maybe only a minute i felt uneasy, i lowered the paper, John was sat on the bed his robe undone and was wanking! John was grabbing at my tits, so i sat back and removed my shirt and bra, his mouth fell open, " thats all thats coming off" i told him, he didn't say another word just roughly grabbed my boobs tweeking my nipples.

Wanking in public

mastrubation 2018-01-05

and got a bit knackered as it was hot and decided to get the train for a few of stops. I had to go to the end carriage with the bike and she got on in the middle - but when I sat down she appeared and sat directly opposite me. When I got the bike out at another quiet station there was no sign of her up and down the road but then I noticed her in a phone box in the station car park. I cycled in her direction and could see she was on the phone but she then made a wanking motion with her hand and mouthed 'wank it'.....needing no further invitation I pulled my shorts down and started tossing off a couple of yards away.

meeting an older man

mastrubation kinkycumbrianguy 2017-12-20

oh god thats sexy he adds your hot and i'm going to show you what its like to feel a man working that lovely cock,, and at that his hand slid up my leg and took hold of it and squeezed it tight. his attention to it was amazing i was throbbing and soon showing signs of my arousel as pre-cum started to ooze out of me, he wiped all over the tip of my cock and said good boy thats what i want to see, your cock getting all nice and wet as i wank you! an older man to play with this lovely cock of yours, getting it nice and hard and wet mmmm you going to cum for daddy?

Caught by mother in law

mastrubation 2017-12-13

She moaned quietly as i began to explore further in side her cunt....juices flowed from her...she hadnt had sex for 13 years.....but wow was she ready now....she grabbed at my cock gently rubbing the foreskin up and down..she hadn't forgotten how to please a man....i slid down and started to lick her wet pussy...she tasted exactly like her daughter...her juices the amazing was that....her whole body was very was like home....i spread her legs and nibbled her lit she squirmed and began to flinch as waves of orgasm flowed through her gorgeous body....desire erupting in her juices as they dribbled down my chin, i lapped up what i could i loved the taste so divine...she asked me to fuck her....never heard her use that word before.....i penetrated her cunt my hard cock filling her tight cunt which had not seen action for so long...she pushed herself on me making my cock reach deep inside her....I thrust my cock hard into her waiting cunt filling her making her moan in ecstasy.

Second time

mastrubation Mitchell75xx 2017-12-08

Being completely naked and letting another man see my erect cock is exciting enough but when he put his hand round my shaft and started to slowly stroke I thought I was gonna cum instantly. After a few minutes Gary started to stroke his cock and we stood there naked and watched each other pleasuring ourselves. In fact I would love her catch us and the thought of her seeing one of her work friends completely naked stroking his cock was very exciting. Catching his breath Gary asked if I would like him to finish me off but I told him I really wanted him to watch me wank and make myself cum.

A Sub Awakes

mastrubation stimslut 2017-11-17

It isn't long before they find out why mum was having such a great time with the vibe either, just one tiny touch in the right place was enough for them to discover the joys of this potent bit of kit and they wasted no time in making each other cum over and over until they were exhausted. She didn't disappoint me (never does) turning on her side she hooked one finger under the steel ring around my balls and began to jiggle it deliciously sending my bum hole into little spasms of pure ecstasy while wanking me hard and fast with her free hand.

Another naughty neighbour wank

mastrubation Mitchell75xx 2017-11-08

Well the next time happened the following weekend when I stood naked in front of the patio door and let Jean watch me wanking. After 30 minutes of watching the naked men wanking over the girls and covering their tits and faces with their cum I saw Jean walk into her garden. I stood there naked for a minute letting Jean get a good look at me then with my hand motioned her to come over. After 5 minutes she said your turn and smiled. I started stroking and I could see Jean watching intensely as I worked my cock. I stood there and wanked for a good 10-15 minutes with Jean watching every stroke only occasionally looking up at me for a second.

massage from my aunt (true story)

mastrubation redsid 2017-11-02

I diodnt need a second invitation, i started slowly wanking my oily cock, wacthing her watch me wank was pretty much the most erotic feeling i had ever had....she let me do this for a couple of minutes then put one of her legs up on the bed and started to finger her pussy...straight away i could her how wet she was, she was moaning already..she leant over took my cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth, she must have known how close i was to cumming becasue she let my cock just hang on her lower lipe and circled the tip and back with her tongue...i came so hard, big thick spurts of white cum launching into her mouth and over her lips, i came twice in aboiut thirty seconds with her tongue and slow wanks to the base i didnt think i was going to the end she had cum dripping out of her mouth over her tits and thats not to mention the stuff she swallowed.