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Mutual Masturbation at 40,000 Feet

mastrubation cuntosaurus 2018-06-23

Due to the boredom, we started to tease each other, rubbing the others groin area every so often, as we watched the films with our headphones on. My wife could feel this and started to push on it as she rubbed me through my trousers. I could see her starting to enjoy it more, closing her eyes and pushing back into the seat. My cock went rock hard, I clenched my arse cheeks together and came, pushing back into the seat as my wife had done. I then looked down to see that the cum had shot onto my lower belly, dribbled down it, my wife's hand and my cock, and was all in my pubes.


mastrubation Porgy87 2018-06-23

She did make him happy – she had fucked his brains out three nights ago, for example, and Ben’s cock twitched to remember that – but she didn’t have the same temperament and outlook that Ben did. Satisfied that Amanda was well asleep, Ben brought his arm back and felt his cock, which was its usual dormant self: a perfectly normal, if slightly small, penis resting its head on the right side of his groin. Ben waited a full minute without moving, but he did flex his left hand from time to time to keep his cock interested. During the minute, Ben remembered fucking Amanda very hard on Saturday night past. Suddenly Ben came, throwing a stream of cum over his right hand and onto the sheet.

Kinky Wife Happy Life

mastrubation apexneutral 2018-06-19

I watch her hand appear from beneath her body and again assault her lips and clit, opening her pussy for me and then sliding her two fingers back inside. She begins to fuck her pussy with the toy with deep long strokes giving me a perfect view of her juices flowing from her gorgeous lips. My wife’s gorgeous pussy has always been super tight, and the thought of her large toy penetrating her wonderful body makes my cock stiffen to greater length. She Slowly lets the latex head penetrate her body, her pussy lips stretching and sliding onto the rubber cock in slightly increasing increments. I watch her gorgeous body pounding both toys into her sweet tight pussy and ass when suddenly and uncontrollably her legs start shaking.

Real cuckolding last Friday evening.

mastrubation woreout 2018-06-19

I came back into the den to see my wife busy sucking Tim's cock. As I came back in the den my wife was pulling down her shorts. I had just gotten going good when I heard Tim ask my wife what are you doing? When I came back in the den Tim had moved over and was setting next to my still naked wife. I got up after the movie to get a cold one and when I returned my wife had Tim's cock once again in her mouth. I told her I wanted to fuck her pussy and she laughed and said you can try.

The Good Wife: Burning

mastrubation LunawithLove 2018-06-19

Secretly, the thought of being with him made my head spin like this glass of wine does. I forced myself to cross the barrier in my head that kept inappropriate thoughts of Cam, the fitness instructor, at bay. On the sofa, I leaned back with the warmth of the wine still coursing through me, my head buzzing with forbidden thoughts of such an encounter. I imagined it thick and beautiful with veins and a swollen head that needed to feel my warmth. As I felt the light electricity of the moment pulsing through me, I came, imagining he'd come inside my longing walls at the same time.

A ride to remember

mastrubation TheNaughty1 2018-06-19

I took my arm from around his neck and after checking to see if anyone was looking, put my hand up my skirt and inserted two fingers into my dripping pussy, pulled them back out and let him suck on them. I had been sat in the back of the taxi wearing a short black dress, no panties, and had my legs apart enough for my wet pussy to on view. I rolled my head around a bit to let him know, yes I was still very drunk, and slowly lifted my dress up, pushing two of my fingers inside me. The driver pulled over, never once looking in my eyes, aimed his mirror in full view of my open legs and I heard him unzip his jeans.

catching friend masterbating

mastrubation skellen47 2018-06-18

My cock was now very hard and the thought of helping her to cum felt very inviting, I was thinking whether or not to walk in and see what she said when all of a sudden she started moaning my name, oh john fuck me harder she moaned loud. She swung her self around so that I was still eating her, but she was now taking my cock in her mouth and sucking very hard, I could feel my pre cum already cumming out as she sucked harder, my face full of her dripping pussy.

Friends Wife's Panties

mastrubation tcg 2018-06-17

My wife got them all situated and told them they would be sl**ping in my oldest son's room, since he was away at a friends for the weekend. I was dressed and opened my bedroom door and walked down the hall and looked inside my son's room. I hurriedly walked back down the hall and entered my son's room where they were staying and looked for her blue panties. I closed the door behind me and sat on my bed, opened the pair of silky blue panties and discovered a big glob of cum inside. As I jacked the last glob out knowing that she will be wearing these again soon just after our swim I got lost in thought knowing her pussy would be bathing in my cum.

Collecting The Sample

mastrubation ClarkRoberts 2018-06-16

I smacked his hand and said, "Please, Mister White, let's keep this professional. Slowly, I ran my hand the length of my husband’s cock as if feeling for any abnormalities. Satisfied that I had sufficiently teased my husband I said, “Everything seems to be in working order, Mister White. “Your pussy feels so good, Lovey,” sighed Archie. Slowly, I glided back up his shaft until the head of his cock was ready to pop out of my pussy. Then I just as slowly slide back down his hard shaft until I had once again completely impaled myself on my husband’s cock. I drove my cunt down hard, impaling myself on Archie’s cock and burying it deep within me. Archie felt my cunt contract hard around his cock.

Fucking myself while my husband sleeps

mastrubation DeliaStar05 2018-06-15

I rub my tits with the rubber dick and let the vibrator travels down my tummy to my hairless extremely wet pussy. I started to pound my pussy again and every time the vibrator would be buried deep inside of me the little blue butterfly at the bottom vibrated my clit. I buck my pussy harder into the vibrator a couple more times before I start to feel my hot body start to tense up, it starts to quiver and shake as I moan “Oh fuck yes! One more thrust from my trusty vibrator and I feel a rush come from my pussy, I moan his quietly as I bring myself to orgasm.

Debbie succumbs to charm of the shoe salesman

mastrubation arbymore 2018-06-15

Debbie slid back on the chair and parted her legs even wider, the look on her face told me she was getting very aroused. I could smell her perfume and she said, ‘Your wife is clearly enjoying trying those shoes on, he is very good at his job when it comes to serving attractive ladies.’ In the shop the male assistant said to Debbie, ‘I can see you’re enjoying this, your panties have got a damp spot on them.’ The assistant had now taken the sandal and was rubbing the sole of it against Debbie’s pussy, she loved the feel as it massaged her clit. Alan joined Debbie in the shop who said, ‘I think I’ll take these shoes please.’

Late Night Call

mastrubation sweetpsweetp29 2018-06-10

"Can you feel my cock getting hard for you, baby?" He just didn't know in my head I was already on that dick going up and down with my mouth. You want daddy to fuck the shit out of your mouth don't you?" Hurt my mouth." I must have been doing a good job because his moans and breathing got heavier and louder. That squish, squish sound was turning me on, and it sounded so good I began to really go to work on my wet, throbbing pussy. What the hell, it's not like it was real so I said, "Yes, daddy, put that fat cock in my ass...oh it hurts so good, daddy. "Oh, that ass feel so good on daddy's cock.

The Rock Star

mastrubation Stoneypoint 2018-06-10

And she said “No, unfortunately it isn’t right now, but maybe tonight it will be.” Her hands were down inside my shirt and she was rubbing my chest and making me very ready for that night. Me, well I look as if I’m 39, and Suzanne has said I don’t act like it but I do. I felt like a kid in his early 20’s seeing a girl naked for his first time. To see Patti, a young woman I did not know anything about other then she adored me so much that she loved masturbating for me, do it in front of me like we did was a heck of a lot of fun.

My Wife Caught the House Guest With Her Panties

mastrubation tcg 2018-06-09

The following day Stacy decided to leave a note for her new found panty admirer, she wrote " Dear Kip, I thank you for taking the time to admire my sexy little satin panties and if you want to borrow them you may, I only ask that you would take only one pair and not keep them indefinitely, but after you use them to please leave them back in my panty draw, do to the fact that they are not cheap and you can re-use them or they can be worn by myself after you are through with them.

my wife surprises me

mastrubation woreout 2018-06-04

The head lights of the truck lit up the garage so as my wife got out, her already to short of a skirt rode up her thigh and showed off a red garter strap. She gave it a little kick to the side, as soon as she did I looked right at her crotch , she didn't have any panties on but her legs where so close together we couldn't see anything....Then she started taking off the sweater...when it was off just as I thought she was wearing a red push up bra. My wife just stopped and stood up turned to me and pulled me to her , then she kissed me pushing Tim's full load in my mouth...she frenched me to make sure I had to swallow it all.

A teasing blindfolded fantasy come true

mastrubation solabubbles 2018-05-31

I love watching my husband wank his shaft, there is something so sexy about seeing him stroke his rock hard dick in pleasure and I am never able to resist in sucking him off or lubing up my hand to join in and help. Then came the sweet release of pleasure; I bucked back and forth as my hole pumped around my husband’s cock, ‘cum in me baby, cum in me,’ I moaned as my husband arched forward and released his salty cum inside me. He switched thighs so he could use his other hand and again whilst I could feel and hear him wanking he slid his fingers inside me and rubbed his thumb over my clit.

cuckold lifestyle 9

mastrubation woreout 2018-05-28

I parked and jumped out of the truck but I told my wife to stay put untill I knew who they where. The first three I didn't know but when the fourth turned around I saw it was John , a guy I kind of knew. He called out my name and I said hey and shook his hand, he told the other guys who I was , then he asked where my wife was? We shot the shit for about a half hour and wife said she was cold and wanted to go home. I knew it, there was John on the couch with his dick burried in my wife as she sat facing him.

The Neighbor from Apartment 10

mastrubation Heel 2018-05-27

I wish I had someone else who could help me right now but… my husband is abroad, on business trip and without him I’m like a … “Well … I managed to heat the soup, managed to pour it into a bowl but just can’t… Let alone that it’s difficult for me to hold the spoon only with the tips of my fingers but I just can’t bring it near enough to my mouth. My hand was trembling slightly so the spoon sometimes missed her hungry mouth but I was diligently wiping with a napkin the trickles dribbling down her chin. I think I’m sufficiently combed already,” she said, looking over her shoulder, where some torn hair strands hung. “I don’t need the shorts,” she said, “since we are going to drink more beer, aren’t we?”

Friday night

mastrubation woreout 2018-05-24

In the den I found my wife standing with her feet about two feet apart, gone was the bath robe and all she had on was very long black lace top stockings that reached all the way to her ass cheeks , they where held up by a garter belt with eight straps. That's it I thought, she has a guy in there and I'm going to watch them fuck, the idea of that started making my cock grow with the help of my little blue friend. After a four hour nap my wife came out on the deck wearing a very short robe, her taned legs seemed to go on forever, She called out tp me loud enough that our neighbor Ann could hear that if I'd come inside she allow me some relief.

My Secret Wank?

mastrubation maw70 2018-05-24

So, the next day I took the plunge and did so, writing her a vivid description of how I imagined her flirting with other men and how that thought turned me on immensely and gave me intense orgasms. One of these sessions took place two nights ago after I sent her a note during the day describing how I imagined her being subjugated by a stranger with a massive cock. I described to her how I imagined her being a naughty, filthy slut, sucking and fucking a faceless stranger with a huge cock. Unable to properly stroke, I squeezed the shaft, slowly imagining her being a naughty cock-craving slut, flirting with a younger colleague, teasing him.


Flashing the Maid During Her Interview

mastrubation 2018-05-21

I asked her if it bothered her touching people’s “dirty” play things and then with a blush, and a look on her face like a little girl who had gotten caught doing something wrong, she said no and that it actually aroused her a bit. I moaned out loud then flopped back down in the chair leaning my head back then looking back up at her I quickly said, “I’m sorry, I didn't mean to do that…!” She stood up like she was going to leave but instead came over to me and said, "Let me show you how good I am by cleaning things up right now." and with that she knelt down in front of me. Throwing the pillow to the floor she grabbed my still throbbing cock and stroked it making me feel like I was cumming a second time.

Asked to Flash (Cont 4)

mastrubation ntrain2001 2018-05-20

I decided to get a little bit of a start ahead of time and called the wife at lunch time and told her I would be working a little late and was going to go in on Saturday for a few hours to get ahead of things. I realized why danny was peeking around the tree house looking, the wife was facing toward where he was and he was enjoying the view of her laying there with her tits hanging down. We kept it up and I was getting close and I don't know how she knew but before I came she looked at me and said come here.

Caught masturbating by my wife’s s****r

mastrubation rocketstud 2018-05-20

Looking at the nude photos of this girl with Tara sitting by my side had given me a raging erection, and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat so it wouldn’t be noticeable. Again I started skipping through the photos as Polly began to pull her dress down, and two large, D-cup breasts with big areolas and nipples popped out. There was a photo of a good-looking young black woman wearing a pink halter-top and a jean mini-skirt, with a white man behind her dressed in a button-up shirt and pants. “She’s hot,” I said, as I skipped through the photos and the man began to undress the girl fully as he kissed and sucked her breasts.

The Builders

mastrubation nckboy 2018-05-19

I start to picture them in my mine, all of them at my wife, pulling at their cock and squirting their cum over her body, fuck I am getting a terrific hard on in my trousers thinking about it, which I haven’t be able to get recently . Sue sat up and I undid her bra which let her tits fall down even more and came to rest on her knees, as she stood up a stream of cum flowed freely from her fanny, down her chubby thigh and on to her stockings, it was like a river and she nipped her legs shut and waddled to the bathroom.