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She Comes

mastrubation southerngrl 2018-06-21

I began pinching my nipple hard, then teasing it with my fingernails. My shirt and bra was pushed above my breasts, my nipples hard and erect. I pulled my skirt up with one hand and the other continued to tease and torment my nipple. teasing my clit softly in contrast to pinching my nipple. I teased one pinching making it harder, and I reached for the pants hanger with the other hand. The pain felt delicious.It spread from my nipple down my stomach to my pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined a cock filling my mouth and a tongue and fingers playing with my gspot and clit. My mouth was full of cock, my pussy full of fingers and my clit cover with tongue.

A New Way To Get Off

mastrubation Mysteria27 2018-06-17

Her and her friends partied hard and were wasted a lot of the time, but Jewel studied and maintained a 4.0 average when she graduated from college. Jewel had circled it into her planner and was excited to have her very sexy date with her on-line friend. Tonight was the night that Jewel and her on-line friend, were going to have their cam date together . Jewel wet her finger and pushed her index finger into her pussy and fucked herself with her finger. Dan was standing and stroking his cock while Jewel played with her cunt. Jewel was fucking herself in and out while Dan was stroking on his hot and hard dick.

Self Discovery 2

mastrubation Kati_N_Bob 2018-06-16

When the cool water reaches my hot mound, it is like electricity, a shock wave runs through my body. I continue to eat as if nothing is happening when I feel his hand start to glide very slowly almost like he is testing me. Ken gets up and I slide in close to Andy and put my hand on his for a second to let him know I am okay. I feel Peggy’s hand move my short skirt up so her hand can reach my hot wet mound where she finds my swollen lips and clit. As our bodies come down from such an erotic high I feel Ken holding me but I am still staring at Andy as he is holding Peggy.

Me, Myself and A Dildo

mastrubation ToXiCFuN84 2018-06-15

Standing on the counter lowering myself in a squatting position, I teased my clit a bit as I slid the head between my lips and circled the entrance of my cunt. I placed the palms of my hands on the mirror, using it for leverage as I watched myself bob up and down over the 9 inches of cock. the orgasm I put off was desperately pushing for release, as I just couldnt get enough hard fake cock bottoming out in my cunt.holding myself up on my left hand, I pumped faster placing the palm of my right hand on my clit sliding three fingers in to join the cock.

Lazy Cumday Afternoon

mastrubation RoseBarbie94 2018-06-15

I pulled harder on my nipples and squeezed them, feeling the pressure run through my body all the way down to my clit. I thought of a man with strong hands and a long hot tongue lapping at my pussy, stroking me and teasing me while his hands reached up my body and to feel my breasts, tugging on my nipples making them super hard. I then thought of a man leaning over me, pushing his hot, hard cock into me, pumping slow and deep just like my fingers were doing. My last thought was of my mystery man telling me he was about to cum as he pumped hard but slowly into me, letting his seed fill my tight hole until I had every drop with his cock twitching inside me.

The Bedpost

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-06-11

The feeling always sent shivers through my body as my pussy lips pulled apart to slide over the round oval apparatus. But as I moved upward, my body would be so aroused finally, my clit would pop out as my pussy lips stretched over the thick roundness to release the hold. Feeling the bedpost fill my wet insides, coupled with my finger diddling my most sensitive sexual organ, I moaned deeply as my orgasm formed. The quick flicking sent my body into an ecstasy and just like always, my pussy began to spasm and tighten over the wooden round oval. As my labial lips filled with stinging pulses that pressed hard against the smoothness of the bedpost, my orgasm began to fill my whole body.

Fantasizing While Masturbating

mastrubation Mysteria27 2018-05-31

 She rises again putting away her shaving supplies and walks to her bottom drawer to remove her magic wand and Lelo Gigi vibrator.  She sits back down and plugs in her magic wand and opens her legs in front of the mirror.  She's now ready to enjoy her masturbation time. She plays on low speed which feels so good on her skin.  She opens her mouth to wet her Lelo Gigi and turns it on and slides it into her pussy.  She pushes the vibrator in and out of her cunt three times.  She can’t believe her pussy explodes into orgasm.  Her juices drip out of her cunt.  Her pussy cream is a drippy egg-like consistency.  Her vibrator is covered in her juices.

She's Back

mastrubation RoseBarbie94 2018-05-30

She was older, wiser and more mature than when she first joined and began talking to other members and writing stories. Her tight little hole clenched as she read the first title that appeared. She had been waiting for this day for a long time. She clicked onto the first story that appeared back on her home page. She began reading, slowly moving her hands down her thighs to her wet clit. Curling her fingers towards her g-spot and began rubbing her clit harder. She could picture the man lying down, his fingers buried inside her, his sweet tongue lapping away. Her fingers still inside of her, her legs shaking, she opened her eyes and smiled at the screen in front of her.

A man and woman masturbate

mastrubation Tryer 2018-05-28

For some years I lived with my brother until he recently married and I cofess that I would have liked to see him with no clothes on but I could hardly ask my brother to show himself, naked, to me. "I also watch sex films on my computer and like seeing the naked girls in them. I'd like to see you naked, Hazel." After some hesitation she unfastened her bra and took it off to reveal her firm breasts as good as any I'd seen in blue films. I didn't want her to stop and said so. She didn't stop stroking me until I had finished cumming. "I hadn't seen a naked man until today and now I've masturbated one.

My Desires Fulfilled, For Now

mastrubation ericahope 2018-05-23

My hand would caress the soft flesh of your rear and then, as my cock grew harder, I'd slap the bare skin of your ass gently, and then slide my finger between your thighs to find your wetness awaiting me... I can smell my own arousal as I lie down on our bed, legs parted as I run my right hand down between my thighs and rub my mound through my panties. Sliding a hand down under the waistband of my panties and through the dark curly hair that covers my mound, I touch myself directly for the first time all day since the brief cleansing shower this morning.

Slut E at the swinger's club-part 2

mastrubation dickinphx 2018-05-16

Her silent question was answered a second later when he pulled her face into his crotch and she felt the heat from his massive cock against her cheek. He continued to face fuck her for a few minutes more until he finally pulled out and then just stood there with his 10 inches of man meat, slick with saliva, pointing at the crowd. The two new ones immediately began fighting over who was going to suck that huge boner first, but then he told them that there was enough for both of them and they started licking the sides and trying to kiss each other while keeping the thick man meat between them. Master knew what she was wanting and got behind her and began to slowly feed his cock into her pussy from behind.

The Landlady's New Pet - Part One

mastrubation midsummerman 2018-05-07

Seeing this, my redheaded captor smiled victoriously as she pulled the leash taught and brought my nose up to the crotch of her black satin panties. My cock stiffened immediately as I inhaled the spicy feminine fragrance; the scent was intoxicating as I sampled the different aromas left by her mature pussy and beautiful womanly arsehole, the blend of the two had me wanking there and then; I had an explosive orgasm as I thought of the red haired woman, and panted through the gusset of her panties as I unloaded my balls. My cock was dribbling as I continued to inhale her warm spicy pussy; she kept the leash tight as she stroked my hair, and rubbed her sex against me; god how I wanted to come.


mastrubation DBRAC 2018-04-25

The best method I have found for finding your partner's clitoris (If all else fails, ask!), is to place a finger at the very base of her sex and gently run it up her scav until you feel a slight bump. Lick between the inner and outer lips; penetrate the vagina deeply (a much stronger, iron-like taste here); "tease" the entrance to her vagina with rapid pokes of your toungue at varying depths; don't forget your hands, often a woman will feel a need or ache for something inside of her while very aroused, oblige her with a finger or two.

Fags Reprogramming Guide

mastrubation faggitkiki 2018-04-24

1. Every time you see a woman who for whatever reason makes your cock hard, I want you to pinch your dick or balls until it hurts. Right after pinching your pathetic balls or cock, I want you to look for what you would consider to be a good looking Man, and imagine how much hotter he looks while he is getting his big dick sucked. Your NOT allowed to cum, just make your worthless cock feel good by thinking of a mans dick! 5. You may jerk your fag dick off until you cum, and be sure to always think about dick in your mouth or ass the whole time!

The pleasure of watching

mastrubation princessamyov 2018-04-15

This guy gets married for three times in his life but as he find out later he is not meant to live with a f****y, he has the addiction of watching women in action and that is what turns him on! Perhaps of my excessive passion in sex I spent a lot of time in the public lavatories… oh, please don’t think I always have diarrhea!!! And… here I pressed my face to the hole in the wall… I was examining her pussy, her pink lips… I think I was getting so excited that I betrayed myself! Having watched that woman masturbating for the second time I followed her, knew where she was living and then…….

Unexpected visitor

mastrubation adam19807 2018-04-10

I shifted slightly to the right to get a better cheeky look, when all of a sudden the man said 'we are obviously not getting anywhere here, why dont we chat about something else'. Has he actually witnessed me looking up his partners skirt, was he about to beat the crap out of me for doing so?!! He leaned across to what i'd now worked out to be his wife, lifted up her skirt slightly and said, "so, is this what you like". Pulling out his cock he grabbed the woman and inserted it into her mouth. "Dont be scared" he said, placing my hand on her boob, I managed to unbutton her blouse and cup my hand inside her bra, feeling her erect nipple whilst she now had a cock in both hands wanking them firmly....

Thru a Door Darkly

mastrubation iansearchof 2018-03-29

At times she forcibly sucked air; at others she f***efully expelled it; then there would be small moans or tones of satisfaction followed by deliberate care not to move sufficiently to make the springs witness though I could hear distinctly physical activity. After several additional minutes, the springs again began to sing the intensity of her pleasure as she breathed and voiced that curious near agony of approach to the "little death." Finally, in a roller coaster of voice, she climbed the big hill....."ah....aah...aaaahh...Aaaah....AAAAaaah HUH AAAh AAaaUUUUH AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...(to the base)" After a couple of minutes, she expelled a long sigh that clearly said, "THAT was niiiiiiiiiice!" A minute or so later as I was hoping for another ascent, she got up and went into the bathroom where, to my intense regret, she washed her hands before returning to bed.

Living Wild & Free Is The Best Thing ToDo!!!!

mastrubation bellehumide 2018-03-27

''''CASTLE OF PUNISHEMENT FOR BAD BOYS LIKE YOU MAN'''''We have 30 minutes before the alarm will let's play..........I always dreamed of having another woman licking my boyfriend hot sey pink ass with me making him squirrell like a bad boy bitch and he moans louder & louder thing ya know he is already dripping white creamy ass juice OH MY GOD i say to the woman go and taste that i bet you'll love it....i let her continue licking my boydriend ass for 10 minutes & i loved every minute......make him cumm in your face bitch.....she whisper in his ear listen carefully man it's not your girlfriend that is licking you it's me & i guarantee that you will squirt your hot ass cum in my face within secondes not minutes .....oh yesssss.....i love making bad boys Live Wild & Free just like us Girls.....the older woamn tells me to take off your strap around your mouth to here you scream & beg for more.....

Fantasy or Reality

mastrubation danorth 2018-03-26

My gaze became instantly fixed and as much as I am not a letch that looks at the figure first, I could not resist noticing the sway of her large breasts and the movement of her hips that were so seductive that I felt my cock begin to harden. “Sir, could you please sign for me, I really need to help other customers.” The young clerk said with some persistence and shoved a pen into my hand, which broke my stare, which I realized was focused directly on the woman’s nipple that showed through her top and the gap in her jacket. I signed quickly, feeling my face redden as I realized I was staring like a letch and at that moment felt my cock seeping pre-cum from the erotic fantasy that was playing out in my head.

Inappropriate Worker

mastrubation playmkr2787 2018-03-18

What I’ve said being true did not change the fact that sometimes a sweaty attractive woman looks that much better when sweat is making things look a bit more… festive, I guess is the way to put it mildly. I started to feel a bit warmer and not because of the hot pre-summer weather. She got a bit mad, and in a huff spurted out, “What!?” “Um, is that wet spot between your legs new.” She went to question what I was talking about but before the mood could be broken completely my hand was massaging her overtly outlined features through the thin yoga fabric.

A stranded lady. Part 1 (femdom)

mastrubation flynn888 2018-03-16

I turned round and where skippy had been holding the umbrella over me she herself had got soaked, her white blouse had gone completely see through and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra I could see the outline of her breast perfectly and her nipples where rock hard pointing through the wet blouse, I felt my cock twitch in my jeans god there beautiful breasts I thought to myself. I couldn't hold on any longer the pleasure was to much no woman had ever sucked me this good, the pleasure built and built my body tensed up ready for the release of pleasure my orgasm could bring, just as I reach my crescendo skippy pulled her mouth off my cock, my body spasmed as the orgasm it was expecting never came "what the fuck!" my body was shaking as the pleasure left my body, and sexual frustration set in.

Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 8

mastrubation Victor-Bruno 2018-03-16

Personal Narrative of Leo, Warrior of Cipri given as slave to Karena, 16-year-old Daughter of Lady Helvetia So am I truly to be blamed if I so quickly abandoned my warrior status and came grovelling forward to kiss the golden boots of the ruler of Barbaria? If Flavia, as proud daughter of our Chief – now dead, alas – capitulated so quickly, why shloud not I? Once back in Nexos, we small group of warriors were put in chains and led naked to the streets... I entered alongside the guard and saw a black leather clad figure behind the desk. I stood up and saw that the woman had got up from her desk and come round to the front of it.

My Mom squirts.

mastrubation ciaranm000 2018-03-06

The next day I felt guilty looking at my own mother do that so I went to her after school and told her "Mam I saw you pleasureing yourself yesterday" she went pure red. After awhile of that my mother told me to follow her to her room, I waited a few seconds trying to get a half boner. We were both naked on the bed, I said mom would you suck me off, she replyed yes of course so she sucked on my 9 inch cock devoureing everything I had to offer I said mom i'm cumming she did'nt stop so I presummed she wanted it in her mouth I was wrong.

Private Dancer

mastrubation mustbtuesday 2018-02-28

She smiled and nodded her approval, grabbing her own breasts and giving her excited nipples a quick tweak. Smiling back at the girl, she quickly opened her top to reveal her large and healthy breasts, tan lines and all. In one quick gesture, the woman slipped her hand up between the girl's open legs, finding with her nimble fingers the warm, wet opening and excited nub. The woman smiled and quickly took the girl's left nipple into her mouth. Realizing why the girl was smiling, the woman quickly raised her arse off the seat cushion and removed her wet knickers, tossing them into another chair in the room.