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The Nature Experience

mastrubation relaxandrelease 2018-11-23

I laid my towel on a fallen tree and began to undress. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and, for the first time, began to really feel the rain. Water ran down my bare chest, over my abs, soaked my pubic hair, and it ran down my warm erection. My knees began to bend in the pleasure and I began to moan as my orgasm approached. If I landed on anything, I couldn't feel it as the waves of pure, intense pleasure continued to build. I also had to laugh, as I used the soaked towel to wipe the mud off, thinking about the excuse I would have to make if my grandparents saw me come back inside in soaked clothes.

GPS and an unplanned trip

mastrubation JohnRJ 2018-11-13

I had nothing planned that day so I scanned the room and spotted my new GPS and I thought to try it out in the woods. The morning chill had vanished and the season’s first warm sun felt erotic. For whatever reason, I began to feel intensely sexual. While sitting there a spot of pre-come oozed out and soaked me and this was the final straw, I had to do something or go nuts. Then it hit me, I had a GPS in my hand, so why not use it to guide me away from the trails where there would be no people! Instead, I used my underwear and then realized my penis was going to be far too sensitive to hike without underwear so I put the soaking things on and hiked out.

Wank in the Woods

mastrubation Annie_S 2018-11-12

In front of my eyes I saw his forced strict face trying to hide that 'I know you just creamed your pants and I fucking love it' smile. I would be the happiest to give him that fantasy and give head to a fellow, preferably a cute jogger and being fucked against this very tree, whilst he would watch and jerk off. I'm not going to lie, those thoughts turn me on a lot and I curl my fingers and start rubbing my clit, as I play his words inside my head in a loop. I play those in my head, while my left hand pulls on my nipples and my right brings me to a very quick, very desperate orgasm in two and a half minutes.

The story of how I became me

mastrubation steeeviej 2018-07-23

I took to going to the park, in the park was a small wooded area which was right next to a footpath that was quite well used by people making their way from one side of the village to the other. I started beating away at my cock and within seconds I was shooting my load, a fucking epic load of hot cum, she was just finishing up as I came, it was that quick! She stood up, pulled up her panties and walked straight to the tree where I was stood cum dripping cock in hand. She stood facing the window drying herself, I took out my rock hard cock and started wanking it behind my sack of newspapers.

Naked in the woods

mastrubation 2018-06-15

As you may see from some of my videos and photos, I enjoy getting naked and going for a walk in the woods nearby. Here I was in the middle of a stream maybe 50' wide, butt ass naked! It felt so good I pleasured myself right there in the middle of the stream and had a fantastic ejaculation. As I walked over the crest, There was a young woman on the path in front of me who had stopped as she heard someone coming through the woods. As I got to my sunning place and laid down in the grass, maybe 15 minutes have gone by and I'm starting to feel really good with the warming sun on my body, so naturally I started pleasuring myself.

A Quickie in the Woods II

mastrubation 2018-04-28

I noticed a grey truck park a ways up in the lot, and out got a mature guy, short, HWP, he looked toward me and then walked into the woods. He took it out, and stroked it to hardness, and looked into my eyes, and then he bent down and started to swirl his tongue around my head, and licked it like a ice cream cone that was melting in the heat. I jerked my cock a few times, and realized I was not going to cross the great divide to the big O, and I pulled up my shorts and walked up to the parking lot.

Lost My Virginity At Woods

mastrubation 2018-01-24

One day while going to take bath I heard some sound in the woods nearby when I went there I saw a couple having sex the guy was pushing his penis into the women’s pussy and pumping it hard and the women were moaning like anything. After that next day I was drying all our clothes at terrace Suriya came to the terrace and asked me to do you like porn and I got nervous and said yes. And rubbed his rod in my hairy pussy and it was so erotic and I was erotic and I started to moan like hell since we were in woods no one will hear us so he kept rubbing it.