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Never Enough

mastrubation Sandrine 2018-12-02

As I read the texts and imagine your voice, I slowly become sexually stimulated. I am so sexually saturated that I know I won’t last long, but I slow the pace and tease myself slowly wishing it was your fingers, your tongue doing the pleasing. I see your hard cock ready to fuck me and I imagine the feeling as you enter me. Let it go, baby!” I encourage you as I feel your young cock deep inside me. Feeling a combination of exhaustion and fulfillment, I turn on my side and reach for my cell phone again to find another message from you, “on my way home,” your text reads with a picture of your car’s dashboard.

A Polaroid of Kristina, Part 3

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-28

My eyes flew open as she smiled and continued walking past me on her way to her usual chair, as I managed a strangled, “Hi, Kristina.” Her chair was about thirty feet away, on a direct sight line with mine. The thought of how she looked underneath it made my cock stiffen, and I had to clamp down on the feeling, not wanting to get an erection in public, especially not lying on my back in a wet bathing suit. I quickly raised my knees up, hiding my erection, and I reached for my book, pretending to read as I propped it in my lap again as Mrs. Tagliaferro walked by slowly.

A Polaroid of Kristina, part 6

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-27

So if I got back to my apartment from Kristina’s after my parents came home from work, and I was wearing long pants and a shirt with a collar, there would be inevitable questions that I would have no reasonable answer for. My cock continued to harden, the cool air feeling crisp and pleasant on the wetness the cloth had left behind, and she looked at my erection thoughtfully. On the one hand she told me that she would have a hard time getting through the next day, but she also wanted to not see me on the following morning when we had an available chance.

The lure of the older Woman

mastrubation AtticFlatLoner 2018-11-25

However I found that I wasn't going to need to have a drink that night when my boss walked in looking absolutely stunning. She then said, "If you're bored you can pop up here for a coffee." Let me tell you at this point never for a second (once again probably down to my age) did I think that anything was going to unfold when I went up there. You looked handsome and it was the first time I had thought of you as a grown man." I said that I thought she looked great that night and that I had thought what it would have been like to kiss her. Her hand moved down and started unbuttoning my jeans, letting them drop to the floor, displaying my grey boxers with a small patch of pre jac on it.

Foot In The Door

mastrubation Ping 2018-11-07

I had contained the little buggar during my pervy peeping time, but while I was preoccupied imagining Carol on top of me, straddling me, riding me like a bucking bronco, my penis snuck its way into one of my short's leg openings, stopping short of the seam and leered out. I noticed this potentially embarrassing situation the same time Carol looked at me, paused, and then returned to the adult conversation. However, something told me, one thought of that dark, hairy wonder that I saw between Carol's legs and my pecker would push that rock off of us, saving both his and my life, thus enabling us to be subjected to more of life’s embarrassing moments and ridicule.