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Erotic Mastrubation stories

A large collection of sex stories about mastrubation and toys.

Every Single Day.

mastrubation Rubik101 2018-12-03

I feel every touch, every stroke, every pause, every turn of my fingers. I used to think that it was unnatural and disgusting until I discovered that the firm clasping sensation around my finger was all part of the whole pleasurable experience. Now my whole hand is flat over my vagina, my middle finger continues to slip inside me. Faster, harder, burning, shuddering, tight, open, closing, holding, tighter, wetter, faster, Oh God, now, harder, don’t stop now, Oh yes, Oh yes, now harder, faster, pulling, squeezing, pinching, faster, harder, up and now down deeper, inside, tight, throbbing, clasping lips, wet fingers flying, hand pressing hard, nipple squeezed ferociously, breast gripped harder, pulled, vagina wide open, red, wet, gripping tight, squeezing, finger, now two fingers, two?

Honesty Pays Off

mastrubation NicandNicey 2018-12-03

Whatever it was, these thoughts were, I had to admit, delicious and energizing, like anticipating my favorite dessert at that Italian restaurant I love where everything on the menu is fun in my mouth. When I told him the part about someone kneeling in front of me to lick my pussy, I couldn't help but notice his right hand had dropped under the table. You like seeing my hands in your pants and imagining people are watching us." His tone made me feel slutty and I couldn't pretend he wasn't right. Words wouldn't work to tell him how hungry I was for cocks and even pussy.

My Wife's Past - part 2

mastrubation tcg 2018-12-03

“I know he thought I was sl**ping when he used to touch my breasts,” Stacey carried on, and my cock stiffened again, remembering Craig’ diary entries. She stopped the masturbating motions, but her soft little hand still encircled my penis as she looked away again, taking several deep breaths before starting to whisper in a quivering voice …… “But I must have managed it – to convince Craig, I mean, that I was sl**ping through it, because, one night – oh, Nick, I was so excited, and frightened – one night he – he stopped stroking the front of my panties and … and his hand went down, inside, under the elastic.

Alone Time

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-12-02

My hand stroked my ass cheek and moved from the small of my back and playfully slid my finger lightly over my asshole. My other free hand began stroking my cock gently. The excitement had grown inside of me so much, the handle of my toothbrush planted deeply in my ass and the taste of my precum had worked me up. "Give me that cum!" I screamed to myself, imagining a beautiful transexual with a well sized cock in my hand and my mouth gently enveloping her balls. Grabbing some paper towels and wiping my face as I headed back for a second shower, I thought “next time” as I cautiously slipped my tongue to the last drop of semen still left on my lower lip...

All of It

mastrubation ChaCha 2018-12-02

I have yet to know a women that spends as much time rubbing their clit as I do. He grips the base of his giant cock as he penetrates her slit. My fingers probe inside my open hole. Side by side the big black cocks fuck her ass and pussy. I want to cum with those big fucking cocks. I squeeze my big tits with my left hand and take turns pinching each nipple. I am at the edge.  Feeling he may be uncomfortable watching such large cocks fucking, I skipped ahead. We sat and watched together as an older buxom women,with dark curly pubic hair, was playing with her big swollen clit. My hand found it's way back between my fleshy white thighs and right into my slick wet cunt.

Late Night Call

mastrubation sweetpsweetp29 2018-12-02

"Can you feel my cock getting hard for you, baby?" He just didn't know in my head I was already on that dick going up and down with my mouth. You want daddy to fuck the shit out of your mouth don't you?" Hurt my mouth." I must have been doing a good job because his moans and breathing got heavier and louder. That squish, squish sound was turning me on, and it sounded so good I began to really go to work on my wet, throbbing pussy. What the hell, it's not like it was real so I said, "Yes, daddy, put that fat cock in my ass...oh it hurts so good, daddy. "Oh, that ass feel so good on daddy's cock.

The Doctor

mastrubation Bunny12 2018-12-02

I was seriously considering taking this man home with me and fucking him for all I’m worth on my water-bed then driving him back downtown to his house. I dropped him off two blocks from his house so his wife never knew he was trying to fool around with some hot chick from the night club he went dancing at. Stroking the moist outer lips with both hands all along the sides of my hot slit I could feel how wet and ready I was to fuck. With one hand pinching a hard nipple and the other stroking my hot pussy with the vibrator I felt the strong orgasm I was looking for building.

Harry Gets A Present

mastrubation ian69 2018-12-02

As she concentrated on parts of her body she would hold the web cam for a close up; her fingers pulling hard on a nipple and lifting her breast, pussy lips being pulled wide open, vibe working on her clit. She wanted me to be as messy as possible either coming into my hand right in front of the camera or letting it spurt onto my belly and chest. When my cock is hard and ready I will gladly do anything I’m asked but once I have let it all go, and am coming down from an orgasm, I just don’t find cum that appealing. A squeezed out my last drops of cum and Angela moved her hands above the table and quickly slurped my spunk up into her mouth.

In The Heat Of The Night

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-12-02

Lying down on the lounger, I thought I might as well enjoy the cooler air and let my body dry off. Hearing myself groan out loud, I lifted my hand from my breasts and covered my mouth. Raising my right leg over the arm of the lounger gave more room for my fingers to maneuver. I briefly thought what I would look like if Carla, Jack or anybody else saw me like this. “I do some odd things in the middle of the night.” I tried to avoid looking at Jack, because I could sense he was grinning. “Yes, here’s to an even better night tonight than last night,” Jack toasted with his coffee cup, looking right at me.

It's All About Me, I Tell Ya

mastrubation amber 2018-12-02

Yeah, I know, everyone says the brain is in charge (quite frankly I'm not so sure the brain isn't a myth) but, when I wake up, believe me, I run things, just like I am getting ready to do now. Now, I need to get to work, because things can go pretty fast at times like this. I just do what I am told and from the orders coming in to get all this stuff made, that Amber must really be getting worked up over something. But, yeah, things are getting pretty soppy and sticky around here. Hey try getting a lot of blood and really start throbbing or something to get her attentionand maybe she willshift around a little.

His Special Massage

mastrubation Banes1 2018-12-02

When finished, she rinses off the soap with the hand held shower head. Kneeling, she takes my foot in her hand and drizzles the warm oil on the sole. She massages each toe individually, then moves to my insole, drizzling more oil. Using a hand on each leg, moving them at the same time she massages my legs with firm strokes. She firmly massages my cheeks, slowly moving toward my crack with every movement of her hands. Putting oil in her hands, she massages each finger individually, then slowly massages her way up my arm. When she finishes, she drizzles the warm oil over my chest and abdomen, then my thighs. Moving from my nipples, her hands move down and massage my oiled chest.


mastrubation Amelie 2018-12-02

First I was looking in the floor and then started to raise my eyes toward her legs. My dick was one hundred percent hard by now and as I walked, it was nicely rubbing against the jeans. I was walking behind this long legged mum with hand in my jeans, jacking off and watching every bounce of her firm butt. I was in the cramp of amazing massive orgasm and was only able to stare at her big cleavage when my load started to spring in my jeans and poured on my hand and down on my legs. When the ecstasy of my ejaculation slowly started to reduce she asked me "Oh you nice little thing, did you just come in your pants?" I felt really ashamed at the moment.

The Photo Shoot

mastrubation somehotname 2018-12-02

She turns in front of the mirror, her hands moving over her body, feeling her curves under her touch, just as he said to do. She slips her fingers inside the front of the dress, feeling the lacy bra beneath the dress, the shutter snapping as her fingers slip over her lace clad nipples. She slips her hand inside her panties and the click of the camera sends another wave of heat across her body. She stands in front of the mirror, the camera clicking and clicking as her fingers dance over her nipples, slide down her body and move between her legs. Her fingers move over her clit and as the shutter snaps another picture she feels a drop of moisture roll down her inner thigh.

Dream #4

mastrubation MisterReese 2018-12-02

I force myself to move slowly, allowing the heels of my shoes to click against the hard floor, hoping she’ll hear and know that I’m coming for her. I put my hand through the leather loop of the leash and raise it slowly, enjoying the soft clatter of the chain as it uncoils. The bell jingles when I pull, and again with each of her swaying movements as she crawls onto the bed. I use my bare foot to nudge her knees farther apart, and then I lean back on my hands, looking at my little submissive girl. Feeling bolder, she brings her hands forward and holds the back of my ankle, pressing me hard against her as she fucks herself faster.

We Agreed

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-12-02

we agreed.” My words sound like a lie, as I drop my purse and my hands come up to your chest, crushing the lapels of your beautiful suit. Before you can even tell me to, I turn to face away from you, so that you can watch as my fingers slowly undo the catch, then the button inside. You want to shove your big, hard tool in my mouth, to feel me taking you as deep as you'll go, then wrap my lips around you and suck and tongue you until you explode. My hands move down my body to my thong, this time tucking my thumbs into the waist and slowly pulling them down. I watch you as the fingers of my right hand slide over slick skin, just skimming past my clit and slit.

Darius and Marrisa pt.1

mastrubation Nowayout21 2018-12-02

He turned around to face Bryan. "I tell you what, if i find out that you laid your hands on her, if i find her with one fucking bruise on her body, I swear to God i' m coming back to kill you." I knew he was smiling as he said these words "Then come for me Rissa baby, cum on my hand." My heart was racing and my orgasm was right around the corner.  "Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i cried and i felt my orgasm rip through my body and exploded on Darius's hand. The orgasm was so strong the tears fled from my eyes. Not only did i cum on Darius but it was dripping off the seat of the leather couch.

Molten Core

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-12-02

“James Stone,” he said, and Eve could have sworn she felt his thumb caress the sensitive skin of her hand. Eve heard James take slow, measured steps to the display case, then saw his hand come to rest mere centimeters from hers. She stood very still, her eyes drifting closed as she felt James' breath trail lightly down her neck and over her shoulder. Biting her lip, Eve brought the tip of her dildo to the top of her slit, once again gasping at the cold sensation as she applied the glass to the hyper-sensitized skin. Eve opened her eyes to find James standing between her splayed legs, his trousers open and his hand gripping a gloriously beautiful cock.

Confession of a virtual cumslut

mastrubation Alexandra_A 2018-12-02

Yes, all the fucking world to choose from and we were twenty miles apart. We stayed and chatted till I began to feel the night's chill, then I reluctantly said goodnight, drove back to my holiday cottage and made myself cum again, imagining his firm athletic body riding me, pressing my sweating silhouette into the mattress. Fuck, I'm...and if he'd seen me convulse, thrust my hips, squirt... The virtual world is similar to real life but speeded up a thousand times. Seems I write poems every time I don't get fucked.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - The Thrilling Conclusion

mastrubation Splattercat 2018-12-02

“Now, Robert, get on your knees, right here between my legs, and position the head of your cock at the entrance to my cunt.” You are going to jack off for me, Robert, right here, with the head of your cock touching my cunt, at my command. Instead, she pushed forward so that the entire head of my cock slipped inside her her; she grabbed my shaft and held it in place, squeezing the tip of my cock with the muscles of her pussy, tightening and releasing, in a slow but steady rhythm. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs again, holding open the lips of her tender hole with both hands, me on my knees, cock rigid and balls swollen from the psychotic edging she’d just put me through.

If you go down to the woods today…

mastrubation KJessica 2018-12-02

Once satisfied completely I would readjust all my clothing so I could drive either to the shopping center or home, the smell of sex hanging in the enclosed space of the car. Before I realized it for myself, I had his penis in my mouth and was sucking him wildly while I continued to masturbate myself to a most wonderful orgasm. I do still go to my secret woodland spot and see that young man every week so we can still have our mutual masturbation encounters and sometimes we do have sex as well, but now he uses a condom if we’re going to have intercourse.

A Good Neighbor

mastrubation RobThomas 2018-12-02

So I spoke honestly when I said: "I love watching cum shots." At that Mike sat down in his office chair and inserted the DVD into his computer. I decided to go for it and rub my own cock, but just as my hand made contact with my hard bulge Mike stopped his own stroke and reached over and ejected the DVD. I dropped my hand from my crotch just as he turned around in his chair. As Mike stroked with one hand and clicked through videos with his other, I finally stepped closer and set my empty beer bottle on the desk next to him, taking the opportunity to also step just to his side so I could see his dick.

Never Enough

mastrubation Sandrine 2018-12-02

As I read the texts and imagine your voice, I slowly become sexually stimulated. I am so sexually saturated that I know I won’t last long, but I slow the pace and tease myself slowly wishing it was your fingers, your tongue doing the pleasing. I see your hard cock ready to fuck me and I imagine the feeling as you enter me. Let it go, baby!” I encourage you as I feel your young cock deep inside me. Feeling a combination of exhaustion and fulfillment, I turn on my side and reach for my cell phone again to find another message from you, “on my way home,” your text reads with a picture of your car’s dashboard.


mastrubation samadams 2018-12-02

Then I started to massage my asshole, I had read online that I had to prepare my ass for a vibrator and massaging was a good way to do that. I put the bright pink vibrator in my mouth, sucking it, imagining it was my cock. I would usually think of this hot girl I knew, I would think about her nice tits, and her perfect shaved pussy, but since I wasn’t just jacking off, and since I was fucking my ass I had to think of something a little more gay. I could only imagine how big his cock was, and how nice it must be to be able to suck and fuck it.

82% anal

Off Mulholland Drive

mastrubation DickLover59 2018-12-02

After the three of us had sat and chatted for a while, Jimmy, who's place we were at, said: "Well, I'm sure that BY NOW you know that Cecil and I are quite taken by such a good looking young man as yourself; and, that in inviting you here today, we want, mmm, certain things from you." When I finally left, Jimmy had the driver drive me all the way back to where I lived; and as we descended from the knot of dry, scrubby hills, and down into the great Los Angeles metro area, what had just transpired almost seemed more like a dream, than reality; but the fifty dollars in my pocket countered that feeling.