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Erotic Mastrubation stories

A large collection of sex stories about mastrubation and toys.


mastrubation JohnMM 2018-06-26

I tried this new thing a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed my little pecker getting very hard, but it was nothing really earth-shaking. To this day, I enjoy pornography and surf the net regularly looking for new things. (Ah, the days of glorious youth!) Like the handy access of a cooling body of water on a hot day was an invitation to skinny dip, the advent of a hard-on was equally the invitation for a jack-off and we accepted the invitation. I don’t remember if my friend was "shooting" in those days or not, but the approach of my own orgasm brought new feelings to my sexual equipment.


Virgin Babe Wants To Be Fucked - Part Two

mastrubation Poppet 2018-06-26

My breasts look like they might spill out of it a little, since I’m a bit bigger than Sadie, but that is what makes it work. I know I want to try this with Nicolas, I’m ready for it. It’s as if I know what I’m supposed to do, I begin to stroke his cock whilst we kiss. I feel his cock swell in my hand, making me work it a little faster. I want to feel your naked body against mine, touching me, kissing me, needing me,” I breathe lightly, telling him. It is like he knows; he begins to dance his fingers over my clit, making my hips involuntarily move with his graceful touch.

The Open Door

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-06-26

Closing my eyes, I pictured in my mind some of the stories I had just read, while my fingers were enjoying exploring between my legs. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by other guys, and I thought about each guy that was in our living room, and pictured them one at a time having their way with me. It was always good having him fuck me, but this time I pictured him sitting there watching me, encouraging me, and telling the guys what I liked so they could please me. Watching Jake, I thought about what he might look like naked, and pictured him, down on his knees in front of me, fucking my pussy with his tongue.

Madame Butterfly

mastrubation Di1006 2018-06-26

In my last story, “I Found a DVD”, I told of how I had witnessed my work colleague, Jane, getting cum splattered over her face from her husband and how this made me so horny every time I saw her that I had to find ways to achieve desperately needed orgasms at work. In an effort not to draw attention to myself I would not let myself cum until I walked through my front door where I would immediately strip off, sit on the floor in front of a full length mirror, spread my legs and watch myself as I worked on my pussy.

82% toys

The washing line

mastrubation hartclass 2018-06-26

Feeling rather bold and extremely turn on, I decided that with so much washing on the line Michelle would not know if I borrowed a pair of her panties. To which she replied that her cleaner had seen me in the garden this morning and when she came to bring in her laundry, Michelle had discovered that a pair of her panties had gone missing. I am not sure if it was the wine or just that Michelle like a challenge but no sooner that I had said that she had pulled down her panties and handed them to me – Swap she said and lets see who looks the best.

Solo Effort

mastrubation purplepal 2018-06-25

And the next large globule of sperm seed, this time oozes out of the cum slit on the exposed cock head and runs down the upper side of the head and onto and over my thumb. And another emission and another; no power just warm, viscous, white lava cream flowing down my shaft over my thumb or dropping off my cock head, depending on the slant I’m holding my shaft at, forming an increasing pool of creamy seed cream. No spunk any more, just another height of the wonderful sensation embracing my body before spreading out from my cock head and returning to the nerves throughout the rest of my body, fading slowly, arse cheeks still clenched, until the sensation has gone.

Massage Oil

mastrubation GoodNBad 2018-06-25

Her head rolled back slightly as she squeezed them to work the massage oil into her beautiful breasts making them shine in the dim light that filtered through the bathroom window. She felt waves of electricity resonate from her slippery pussy and sensitive clit all the way to the tips of her hard nipples; a journey that made her less and less aware of all those eyes mesmerized by her openly sexual actions. The pressure on her nipples started to reach the critical point as the fingers opened her even more while the sea of velvety juices mixed with the oil to run along the edge of the tub almost as if reaching toward the setting sun and distant horizon out the open window.

My Reawakening - Part 2

mastrubation Danunder 2018-06-25

Sally became interested in having a squirting orgasm, so we both read up on the subject, then visited an adult shop together to buy a suitable toy. It was difficult to concentrate on my game for the first few holes of a round on Saturdays when Sally worked. Sally had spread a big bath towel on the bed, saying she wanted one of my special massages. I just loved oiling her body, then massaging her slowly, starting at her neck and shoulders, working my way down her back to her hips, enjoying her soft moans of pleasure as she relaxed under my touch. The toy ejected from Sally's vagina as she slumped into the bed, shaking and sweaty.

Boobs in the cafe

mastrubation bobapple 2018-06-25

“Thank you.” She said and handed me my change and smiled. “No, no, no.” she said, “I won’t do that, sorry.” Her face was bright red, it seemed odd that she was apologising to me. “OK.” I said and put all the $125.00 on the counter, “One day’s wages for a quick little flash.” She pulled the bottom of her shirt up just a little showing me her smooth, flat belly, then some more and I could see the bottom of her black lace bra. I couldn’t see her pussy, but just the way she moved caused my load to come flying out of my cock and shot all over the glass counter top.

Naughty Nerd Lust: Sarah and Charles Part 1

mastrubation sjfox1 2018-06-25

She wasn't a broke college girl by any means, she had pretty much won the scholarship lottery and was overrun by refunds, so she got to decorate with whatever she wanted. Charles had seen Sarah on the first day of class. He was a computer nerd and couldn't say he was a body builder, however, he didn't know Sarah had a thing for his "type" yet... I know it's only a one room and you are looking at a four person place, but I thought maybe it could help." She slowly massaged her swollen clit with her middle finger until she could feel her juices started to seep.

Shower For Two (Stuart and Joanne pt2)

mastrubation rafael 2018-06-25

Of course I was hoping for an invitation but it just didn't happen and Joanne yawned and went up to her warm bed, leaving me with a pile of bedding on the lounge sofa. Joanne turned from me and let the water flow over her lathered hair. The odd thing is I felt like a little boy being washed by his mother, on the one hand, on the other, my hard horny dick felt like it was about to explode against her belly. "Nearly finished." she said and washed my scrotum like it was any other part of my body and then rubbed lather onto my throbbing erection. "Oh yes, let's!" replied Joanne with enthusiasm but I was not thinking of the film.

Does he know, that I know?

mastrubation KittyOH 2018-06-25

I kneeled on the bed exposing my full torso as my tank top slid down to my waist, writhing on my hand which now had four fingers in my dripping pussy. I begin thinking of Brian stroking it, wondering if he is fully exposed or jerking in his pants. As I gaze in the direction of the door over my left shoulder, I take my right hand and begin to stroke the juices that had flowed over my ass when I was on my back, and rub my them into my crack. I eased a finger into my ass as I ride the dildo, I bite my lip so Brian can still see and let out a shriek that I am sure Liz and the neighbors could hear.



mastrubation wjm 2018-06-25

I looked up from my trance-like concentration and immediately laid eyes upon 4 or 5 beautiful girls, with tight shirts and short skirts, showing just a little too much skin for any teenage boy to be able to keep a clean mind. I felt overwhelmed by lust as I imagined slowly sliding into the bustier girl’s mouth, as her friend looked on in awe. Still reeling from the embarrassment, I found that the two girls were still draped across each other and some skin revealed by the innocent slip of a shirt was enough to return my now slightly flaccid penis to full attention. Pleasuring yourself through thick school trousers is no easy task and I received a few funny glances from the girls to my left, as I desperately tried to put my embarrassment out of my head.

In The Office With Two Co-Workers

mastrubation Mercury23 2018-06-25

I watched as Sonia moved her hand closer to my hard on, running her finger along the top of my cock from the tip to the base and then around to my balls before gently massaging them, causing a little more pre-cum to seep out. “Okay, now since it was my idea and it was me that he wrote the story about I think I should get to go first,” said Sonia, gently slapping Brianna’s hand off my hard on before wrapping her own fingers around my shaft. I looked down at them, their pretty faces looking up at me; I watched their hands as they stroked my hard cock, moving from the tip to the base as fast as they could, each time bringing my orgasm closer.

Chelle's Day Off (Part One)

mastrubation lemanruss 2018-06-25

'My God', she thought, 'I'm horny all the freaking time now.' It was true: Michelle had always had a high sex drive, or so she thought, but ever since she had been double-teamed by her boyfriend, Leman and her ex, Eric, her libido had been through the roof! To anyone watching she would have been an incredibly erotic sight: Her long dark hair splayed against the white sheets and pillows and her tanned, sexy body completely nude and displayed like a waiting prize for anyone lucky enough to bear witness. Standing in the steamy shower, eyes closed as she soaped her naked body, Michelle began to fantasize about the mailman.

Playtime: Chapter One

mastrubation QTpie210 2018-06-25

I can feel my sensitive nipples already hard and pointy, the fabric of the corset rubbing against them in just the right way. I rub my breasts through the fabric before sliding my hands down to my jeans. I have one hand still playing with my nipples and the other goes down my stomach, small tickles all the way down to the top on my pussy. I slide my hand in my panties and feel my clit, she is ready to play. I move my other hand down and rub my clit fast while I am finger fucking my pussy, another orgasm is building and I am shaking and moaning.


Second Chances

mastrubation alexmarch 2018-06-25

The second thing I am sending is a separate email, which will follow in a few minutes, just long enough for you to decide about taking a chance or not, and just long enough for you to watch the video, if you so decide. And then after about thirty seconds of silence, a voice came on with the video, and at the same time, two hands reached down and spread open her pussy, and I saw the pink, velvety folds and smooth moist flesh within. She sucked on her fingers, her face clear as day in front of me, and then almost as soon as she had finished, she popped out of sight, leaving the view of her pussy once again filling my computer screen.

Team Spirit 2

mastrubation DonAbdul 2018-06-25

Paul went first, then Miguel and finally it was Leslie turn "Well Paul, you're quite good at this massage thing so why don't you do massage session, then she took off her robe and wrapped a towel about Paul asked her to lie on the table face up and preceded with sides and her awesome ass smiling right up in Paul's face. Miguel moved over to the bed, took off his robe and sat down as he watched Leslie take Paul's cock into her mouth. what his cock looked like, but Paul had always been the least matured Paul knelt by Leslie's face and fed her his throbbing dick, she licked long animal growl as Miguel's fingers found her g-spot, as he kneaded

Angel's Delight

mastrubation 0PrincessX0 2018-06-25

As she played through the previous night in her head, Angel could feel the same eagerness that she felt in the taxi; an eagerness to have Dom in her bed, with him buried deep inside her. As she imagined how he had sucked her clit into his mouth, lightly flicking the tip of his tongue over it, she placed her index and middle finger either side of her clit and slowly rubbed up and down, feeling herself getting more and more aroused. The pleasure briefly stopped when Dom replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock and Angel thought she would orgasm just from the sensation of him entering her.

Claire's Awakening 3: Anticipation

mastrubation PrincessC3 2018-06-25

Never having seen a penis, she began to wonder how it would feel in her hands. She imagined herself rubbing him up and down; Claire even began to think about what he would taste like in her mouth. Claire began to gently stroke around her hole; feeling her wetness increasing. “It’s training!” Claire figured that if she could enjoy the hair brush handle inside her, it would give her an idea what a real penis would feel like... Her hands began working down her body slowly, stroking every inch of flesh. She took a deep breath and tried to relax, and then Claire began to push the hair brush handle into her vagina.

The Photo Shoot

mastrubation somehotname 2018-06-25

She turns in front of the mirror, her hands moving over her body, feeling her curves under her touch, just as he said to do. She slips her fingers inside the front of the dress, feeling the lacy bra beneath the dress, the shutter snapping as her fingers slip over her lace clad nipples. She slips her hand inside her panties and the click of the camera sends another wave of heat across her body. She stands in front of the mirror, the camera clicking and clicking as her fingers dance over her nipples, slide down her body and move between her legs. Her fingers move over her clit and as the shutter snaps another picture she feels a drop of moisture roll down her inner thigh.

One Quiet Moment

mastrubation LuceDevlin 2018-06-25

Right now, all he wants is a quiet moment. At the sight of it, he felt his dick grow fully hard. After ripping open the packet with his teeth, he slipped the condom down his hard length. Leaving a little room at the tip of the condom he flicked his dick and watched it bounce. His nipples were agitated and as hard as his dick that he was stroking feverishly. And looked down to see that his load was making the condom slide off his quickly-softening dick. At a box labeled ‘bedroom,’ he pulled out a pillow and did just that.

Memorable Masturbation…

mastrubation KJessica 2018-06-25

My eyes roamed freely over his body and I could feel my vagina getting wet; my clitoris and nipples grew stiff and so very sensitive. My vulva rubbed against the arm of the couch and sparks of pleasure jumped from my body. Perhaps it was the smell of my sex that got him aroused even though he was asleep, but my excitement grew as his penis enlarged slowly into an unbelievably beautiful erection, right before my eyes. I began to have an overwhelming desire to feel his swollen penis between my thighs and pushing deep up inside me. My knees wanted to buckle, and I could feel the muscles in my vagina tighten and my butt twitch against the arm of the couch.

Home Alone?

mastrubation Jilliebean 2018-06-25

As soon as Torri found out that she is going to be alone she calls Jeff. While Torri was waiting for Jeff she went upstairs and put on her sexy hot pink laced black corset, and matching bra and panties. She was now standing in her matching hot pink lace bra and panties. He heard Torri screaming and ran to her room, she had left the door open a crack, and before he barged in saw her laying there with the vibrator in her pussy and her hands playing with those beautiful breats. She slowly got up from the door and pulled Jeff onto the bed. The farthest Jeff and Torri went was heavily making out on the couch.