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Erotic Mastrubation stories

A large collection of sex stories about mastrubation and toys.

Ace of Spades

mastrubation hartclass 2018-06-27

As we chatted away, Michelle innocently mentioned that she was ‘home alone’ and feeling more than a little turned on. I watched nervously, as I saw a Jack of hearts and a 9 –“Hold,” I said eagerly and waited for Michelle to turn over her cards. Michelle pulled the dress down over her waist and pushed it over her hips, stopping to look over her shoulder and into the camera. Michelle stood facing the camera, folded her arms and gently cupped each breast in her hands. Letting out an involuntary gasp, Michelle flipped the thin lacy strap from her shoulder, turning away from the cam, still smiling. Michelle looked up and smiled as she drew her finger across the screen licking her fingers as if to taste my cum.

Trap set for Perverted Bother!

mastrubation tcg 2018-06-10

I started to undress and throw my college clothes into the hamper with the rest of the dirty laundry (leaving me in only a white bra and pink satin thong), when I noticed my favorite purple satin bikini string panties were on the top. As I opened the hamper to put my dirty clothes in, and low and behold, my pink satin thong panties, the ones I’d cum in so explosively three nights before, sat on the top. I looked through the crack in the door, and there stood Ray with my panties pushed against his head, and his meaty cock in his hand, rubbing it like crazy.

my dream

mastrubation lensman 2018-06-08

She grabbed his head and pulled it into her sex and, as he slid a finger into her wet hole, her moans turned to screams as her orgasm rippled through her perfect body. Whilst I was doing this, my cyber couple switched places and now the girl was kneeling in front of the guy slowly taking his cock in to her mouth. Slowly she took his length all the way in and with a long slow suck pulled off him until her lips were just wrapped around the tip. The feeling of my own cock filling my mouth very nearly made me cum there and then! Looking up at the screen, the guy had pulled back from the girl's mouth and was stroking his hard cock.

Telephone Tease, Chapter 1

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-06-26

"No, My boss is in his office on the phone and Becky, the other girl I work here with, took an early lunch," she said in a small, quiet voice. "I want you to finger your nipples and get them nice and hard, the way I like them," I told her. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. "Y, Yes, Master," she moaned, breathing hard. "Ohh, yes Master!" she whimpered, as she pressed her hand harder against her clit which was warm with desire, her mind was filling with delightful images.

To relieve boredom

mastrubation naughtykellypreston 2018-06-20

I squeezed and caressed my breasts and gently pulled at my nipples as the girls on screen slowly undressed each other. I groaned as I slowly started to finger myself, I knew that if I kept this up I would make myself cum in a matter of minutes. I dared not take my fingers out of my pussy, so with my spare hand I opened the bottom drawer of my desk and reached under a stack of papers to where I hide my dildo. Slowly, I started to slide the dildo in and out of my pussy. I smiled to myself and took the dildo out of my pussy, laying it on my desk.

Bathtub Fantasy

mastrubation 40andsexyagain 2018-06-15

As he cups my large breasts in each hand he pulls back from our kiss to look down at them, he lifts them both up, and reaches down with his beautiful mouth to suck gently on each nipple. I hear him groan as his hands tangle in my hair, I look up as I deep throat his cock and watch him throw his head back, enjoying the pleasure my tongue and mouth are giving him. My pussy is aching from imagining his beautiful body and cock so I let go of my breasts and slide my hands down my stomach to touch myself.

Hard-Working Secretary

mastrubation musicandmuffins 2018-06-25

Charlotte smiled at the casual use of her name, then walked over to Tony to pick up the large and heavy box of stationary. Charlotte walked over to the small desk in the corner of the room and placed the box onto it, rifling through all the assorted bits that she ordered. She moved both legs onto the desk so her fingers could work deeper, curling them over and over her g-spot as she began to moan louder, both hands now tending her pussy as one rubbed her clit. She raised her wet fingers to her mouth and began to suck off her cum, stopping only to gasp with shock at the sight of Tony, watching at the door with his large, hard cock in his hand.

An erotic encounter

mastrubation Mycatsnameispuss 2018-06-21

She walked towards the sun and was just passing my house when I was at the front fence and I watched carefully so as not to give away my behaviour her erect nipples sliding up and down the inside of the soft, white fabric. But then this woman, this harlot, this beautiful, cock-teasing slut who has never done anything wrong by any man and did not deserve such names, this whore stopped just twenty feet from me with the sun ahead and the light streaming through her skirt to reveal soft short cut panties. Her palm rubbed the lotion of my making over the tip of my cock and then she started a long, slow stroke up and down, pausing on each slow stroke to slide her finger around the bulging head to drive me insane.

My Demon Lover

mastrubation MindFucker2 2018-05-31

I cannot stop shaking from the feelings going through me, as his fingers continue the pleasure with pinching, then flicking my nipples, as both hands are now working together; they move down my body, undoing my pants, pushing them down enough for access to my knickers, then his hands move quickly around my hips and squeezes my bum cheeks. I flick them open quickly, as I love watching what he does to my body, the reactions from his touch; his fingers are skimming across my engorged clit and pussy lips, caressing, playing, making me wet with desire. I can’t stop moaning with orgasmic pleasure, little whimpers coming from my partly open mouth, as he uses the palms of his hands and fingers to move up and down my body, from my breasts across my quivering stomach, down to my pulsing pussy.

The Pool

mastrubation NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-06-05

Turning to me she said, “Well, maybe that’s what you need, an older man, none of those kids that don’t know what they want.” His other hand caressed my pussy and he said, “I think you need something more than just someone watching you.” His cock was already hard so I simply straddled him and slowly sank down until his cockhead met my pussy lips, which parted and he slid inside me. I wasn’t lying; having my pussy filled with Spanish cock and his finger in my ass, I was riding myself to the fastest orgasm of my life. When my body shook in orgasmic bliss I wanted to feel his man milk on me, so as I came I slid off him and took his cock in both of my hands.

The Benghazi Zig-Zig That Wasn’t

mastrubation PhilAnders 2018-05-28

A few months later, an opportunity to have my tour of duty shortened by a few months arose if I would transfer to a remote AC&W site of our unit that was situated in the desert a few miles outside of Benghazi. I got in a cab driven by a guy named Mahmood and went to a restaurant/bar in town that catered to we Americans and the Brits, hoping to be able to hook up with one of the British army nurses….but none were there that night. Mahmood was outside and I got back into his taxi with my hard cock clearly visible through my trousers. Mahmood just smiled, then started his engine and drove back to the gate to our site.

Hollywood and First Time Exposure

mastrubation Stoneypoint 2018-06-04

He adored how her face lit up after seeing her many a time never smiling, whatsoever, but finally just as she overheard the joke and walked away he saw it. Seeing as she was a tad chubby but still as Cam said a very pretty young woman, it was still hard for her to believe that he’d want to truly take pictures of her. “If I had a chance like that, if a guy proposed an idea such as that to me and told me he wanted to take pictures of me because he thought I was attractive well I’d jump on it! That night she smiled knowing she’d see all of the pictures he’d taken.

Friends Wife's Panties

mastrubation tcg 2018-06-17

My wife got them all situated and told them they would be sl**ping in my oldest son's room, since he was away at a friends for the weekend. I was dressed and opened my bedroom door and walked down the hall and looked inside my son's room. I hurriedly walked back down the hall and entered my son's room where they were staying and looked for her blue panties. I closed the door behind me and sat on my bed, opened the pair of silky blue panties and discovered a big glob of cum inside. As I jacked the last glob out knowing that she will be wearing these again soon just after our swim I got lost in thought knowing her pussy would be bathing in my cum.

Phone Sex With Me

mastrubation Poppet 2018-05-27

I can feel your nipples perking hard to my soft touch, I let out a soft growl of approval, taking the one closest to me into my mouth.” I can’t hold back the soft moans and whimpers you cause me. Baby, you’re going to make me come so hard,” I whine out suddenly. I howl out a long moan, coming so hard it almost makes me twist away from touching myself. I’m going to pin you between myself and the bed, before thrusting my cock into that tight little pussy of yours. Gasping with moans, feeling the need grow closer. “I want to feel you come inside me, baby. I cry out a long moan, telling you I’m about to come.

Your own private show

mastrubation EvelynLi 2018-05-22

My finger slowly stroking over the front of my panties, feeling the wetness from my pussy, pushing the satin fabric a little inside my pussy, making myself even wetter. It turns me on to see you holding and smelling my lingerie like that – we girls are so lucky to have such sexy things to wear, and most of the time you boys have no idea what's under our shirts and dresses. I'm going to take pity on you now, baby – you can take your cock out and hold it, maybe stroke it a little, maybe use my bra to wrap round it – yes, masturbate with my bra, imagine you're putting that hard cock between my pretty little tits.

I Almost Got Caught

mastrubation KJessica 2018-05-23

The cool air not exactly welcomed, but when I lay back on the bed, after shutting my door spreading my legs, it felt amazing on my hot cunt. Taking a little bit of baby oil, smoothing it over the soft vibrating tip, I pushed it gently against my clit just started, feeling it buzz on the already sensitive nub. I lay back on the couch hung one leg off the side, pulled up a porn site I like looking through, read some new stories, I found one by a friend, my cravings grew stronger and stronger, as my soft fingers slid slowly down into my pants rubbing my clit through my panties. My eyes shut tight moaning loudly, my fingers working my pussy lips after pulling my panties down, diverting my fingers in slowly.


Last Wives Club -- 8 -- A Favor Sent

mastrubation LastWife 2018-06-23

Not long after the first time that I whored myself out to enhance my husband's career, Dan was offered a promotion into senior management. Three of these said that I should hope that Mrs. Malibu responded and if so, get her for the first time gift. I immediately called Kyra and told her that I was advertising for a gift for Dan. Here's what I told her to say, 'May I suck your cock, Dan?'" I could feel myself blushing as I said it, but since he wasn't there to see it, it wasn't too bad. I called Dan back and we had a good laugh about that, but soon it was time to let a good thing come to an end.

Helping a friend Chapters 4 and 5

mastrubation fftodd 2018-06-21

I picture your eyes looking up at me, a smile on your face as I tighten and the tingling begins to cascade through my body. Thanking you for my bag of cloths I assure you that “there is no problem and that everything is well in hand.” I close the bathroom door before my real desire of pulling you in and explore your body with kisses and my tongue gets the better of me. I wonder what it would be like to spend the evenings making love together then to fall asleep with you wrapped in my arms, the softness of your body pressed next to me.


mastrubation NaughtyLibrarian 2018-05-26

I close my eyes and can feel your body pressed against the length of my back with your hard cock rubbing against my butt. Closing my eyes, I feel your fingers gently parting my legs while it lifts my skirt up around my hips all in one motion. With my eyes rolled back, my body twists on the bed, a moan escapes deep from my throat, as I cum in powerful wave after wave, my pussy milking your cock, until I feel your pulsating load shooting deep into me. After a few seconds with my body still shaking on the bed, I slowly open my eyes to see my own fingers plunged deep into my clasping pussy.

A Chat With Maxine Part 2

mastrubation bikerbear600 2018-06-21

None of them were particularly kinky although Ben, the guy I went out with, did like it when I sat on him and played with my clit and boobs as I shagged him.’ Max said. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and began to slowly wank myself off watching Max play with her nipples with one hand and rub her pussy through her thong with the other. I slowly wanked myself, shuddering a couple of times as the dildo in my bum gave me what I think of as small orgasms, but taking my time so I could watch Max. ‘Wow!’ I said softly as Max came for a second time, again thrusting her bum off the bed and giving me a lovely view of her clenched butt cheeks!

Mutual Masturbation at 40,000 Feet

mastrubation cuntosaurus 2018-06-23

Due to the boredom, we started to tease each other, rubbing the others groin area every so often, as we watched the films with our headphones on. My wife could feel this and started to push on it as she rubbed me through my trousers. I could see her starting to enjoy it more, closing her eyes and pushing back into the seat. My cock went rock hard, I clenched my arse cheeks together and came, pushing back into the seat as my wife had done. I then looked down to see that the cum had shot onto my lower belly, dribbled down it, my wife's hand and my cock, and was all in my pubes.

Rainy Day - Part I

mastrubation flashover 2018-06-06

    Next Susan immediately placed her soft hands on Bills muscular pecs and then trailed her fingernails down his stomach back to his belt. Another direct bite on his ever more prominent cock through the fabric, followed by the sensation of hot air been blown thru caused Bill to lean his head back on his shoulders and sigh a huge gasp.   What Susan was not prepared for was Bills hard cock, suddenly smacked her on the side of her head. Susan stretched her mound up with her left hand, exposing her pink lips and inner folds to Bills sight.   Susan slid back down a little, nestled close to his chest… leaned back over, and really took a good bite on Bills hard nipple..

When is cheating not cheating?

mastrubation tomstarks 2018-06-07

I'd also mentioned how I had a wife at home and she said how she was going to miss her boyfriend, and how she wondered what the flat would look like when she got back. When I came out the bathroom I could hear the sound of slurping and moaning coming from my laptop and could see Judy with a very strange look on her face. I looked from Judy to the screen to find the porn couple had now moved along, with the man fucking the woman from behind, her knickers pushed to one side and her legs looking great in stockings. First Judy, and then myself, looked at the movie in time to see guy spunking in the woman's face.

The African Holiday

mastrubation anubis63 2018-05-29

Reluctantly I get up, straightening my swim shorts so as not to show my semi swollen cock, disappointed that I was moving away from looking at Pam’s lovely saggy breasts. She is in her mid 50’s, blonde haired and fairly short, but she has a lovely face, chubby legs and belly and as I said, such delightful, saggy breasts, topped with dark areolas and she is just about to put her sun lotion on again. Looking up and down the balconies there is nobody about and with the front of our balcony having a couple of drying towels on it so I could only be seen from the waist up I slide my hand into my shorts and gently stroke my cock, whilst waving to my wife.