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Noraj69 and Frogprince Date

mature frogprince 2018-12-04

But meeting you for the first time in real life had my nerves on edge, thoughts ran through my head, will he like me, will we find things to talk about, will he be as handsome as he looked in the pictures and on line.” I looked up at your cock and took him into my hands and gently stroked him a few times. I knew you wanted to taste me and feel my tight pussy wrapped around your hard 8 inch cock. I looked down at her with a small smile of happiness and pleasure, cupped her face in my hands and looked deeply in her eyes and said, “Nora, from the first time when met and chatted I was falling in love with you.

He Looked Familiar

mature marlowe 2018-12-04

“After all these years they still fit,” she said, a hint of uncertainty in her voice, running her hands over her hips and staring into the mirror, her smile growing in confidence, the white fabric clinging to her arse like a second skin, stretching over plump cheeks and disappearing into the long crack of her bottom, a bulging vulva and a discerning camel-toe imprinted in the tight fabric, gaping like a sabre wound from a forest of black pubic hair spilling from both side of her shorts, the familiar movement in his pants a reminder that even in her mid-fifties, Brenda Morton was still sexy enough to get him hard.

Sue and her Journey

mature OldGeezer 2018-12-03

When we arrived at my house, the driver jumped out and stood by my door, but didn’t open it immediately, allowing Tom time to thank me for a lovely evening, and to kiss me gently but firmly, full on the lips, his hand just brushing the hair by my ear. As my fingers worked, and my heat rose, just before I exploded with a shuddering orgasm, the picture in my mind was of Tom. Neal was dead to the world, and it was probably good that he was, as I continued to stroke myself and eventually I passed into a dreamlike state.

The Awakening

mature Wibbly 2018-12-03

Ken said to me “do you trust me” – I did.  “I want you to relax and if you say stop I will ok “  He expored my body with the vibe – firstly on my nipples which were now as stiff as cherries … I was so relaxed I closed my eyes I felt the vibe move from my nipples down my stomach to the folds of my pussy – it was still wet from our earlier efforts and it slid into my pussy with no effort and he worked it in and out – sometimes it was the vibe other times I could feel fingers.

Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy girdled seniors – Chapter 3 Adventurous Dora

mature seniorsexlover 2018-12-02

I am a bit embarrassed but as I know you’re discreet, could you by any chance come up and get my legs going, so to speak.” She went on to explain that what normally relieved the problem was gentle massage. Moving up to the thighs, she passed remarks about the pain gradually going away and added, “ What must you think…an old lady like me? Looking her lovely arse I slowly rolled up her girdle moving my hands into her soft flabby buttocks. I said that would be great and when I owned up to being turned on seeing ladies expose their very hairy fannies wearing open crotch girdles she promised to shop trimming it in return for me helping her.

With Love from Sylvia (Part 2 of 3)

mature OldGeezer 2018-12-02

Somewhat tentatively, I asked if she and Jenny had ever done things, and she told me that they had actually kissed, properly, and she had been tempted, but even though she knew that Sylvia would have willingly made love to her, she had held back, as she had thought it wouldn’t be right. I don’t know why, but this seems to turn Jenny on more so that in many places, and that encouraged me to spread her ass wide with my hands, and continued licking, reaching her butt plug, and licking around the circular end of it, at times just tapping then rosebud end with my tongue.

Sue and her Journey- Part 2

mature OldGeezer 2018-12-02

Tom always took a little blue tablet before our evenings together, so I knew he would stay hard and want to fuck again, and this time he bent me over his desk, and squirting some of the lube that he always kept in his desk drawer, he squeezed his fat long cock into my asshole, with no real foreplay. Again I moved the dildo to his asshole, and this time, as I continued to pump his cock in my hand, my thumb rubbing over his pee-hole as it seeped precum, he didn’t pull back, and slowly the big black rod started to enter him.

The Birthday Surprise

mature ShyVixen 2018-12-01

Finally, I took all six inches of him in and fucked his cock with my mouth moving my lips and tongue up and down going faster and faster, not knowing who wanted to cum more, him or me! As he leaned down between my legs and began to slowly kiss my mound working his perfect tongue in and out of my now swollen cunt, he slid two fingers inside of me sending a wave of unequivocal spasms throughout my body as I screamed in delight, moaning wildly feeling the urge to cum. As his dick was getting further inside my tight hole, Mike grabbed a hold of my hips and lifted my ass in the air and started to ram his hard shaft deeper inside of me.

Taking The Next Step Noraj69 And Frogprince

mature frogprince 2018-12-01

The voice on the other end said, “We need you to stay in Pittsburgh for a while to assure that the contracts worked out are met and delivered in a timely manner.” I pulled him closer and kissed him and then told him loud enough for the neighbors to hear that I still needed my pussy eaten and fucked again I was still not done cumming. Ann on the other hand threw her arms around me and kissed me square on the lips, getting Nora a little stirred up. Our next big task was to find a bigger place to live, move in and invite her friends to meet and share Nora’s happiness with Cal

Gina 3

mature deviantlover 2018-11-30

"I know and one day I'm going to fuck that lovely tight arse of yours." I rolled her onto her stomach, opened her legs and began licking her again, this time alternating between pussy and arse, probing the latter hole with my tongue, lubricating it with saliva. She came before asking me to fuck her pussy and in less than ten seconds her legs were behind her head and my cock was sliding in and out of her wet hole and she was begging me to fuck her and I wasn't going to disappoint her. My cock was back inside her pussy and she was begging to be fucked harder, telling me she was going to come.

Confessions of a gold digger

mature spiritguide_23 2018-11-30

I had never heard his last name and I was intrigued as to how the officer had known it, since Paul hadn't said a word the entire time. I generally try to stay as hands free when sucking cock as possible, but with his sheer size, I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out that way this time. I took a deep breath and forced myself to slid the rest of the way down his hard shaft until I felt his balls hit my chin. I felt his hands on my hips pushing me down, so I let go a little and allowed myself to be impaled on his massive sword.

Gina 4

mature deviantlover 2018-11-30

I stopped kissing her and watched her face as my fingers slid in and out of her and sensing her growing pleasure I slowly slid my fingers free from her and then back into her wet pussy, moving my thumb slightly and watched as, with a deep sigh from her, my entire hand slid inside Gina's dripping pussy and I began fist fucking her, my fingers playing with her cervix while her head rolled from side to side as her eyes had glazed over and she sobbed with pleasure as my hand and wrist filled her insides. To this day it's the only way I've fucked Sandra as only my tongue and fingers go up her pussy which I've managed to get four fingers inside so far and it won't be long until she also gets my full fist inside her, just like her mother.

Mum's Friends Chapter One

mature jack1107 2018-11-29

Debbie then went down on Paul’s flaccid cock as Paul fingered Debbie’s wet pussy. Debbie looked at Paul innocently and said,”I hope that you are not angry with me for starting before you, but I wanted my cunt wet for you when you arrived.” Debbie was smiling and looking at Paul she said, “Are you going to fuck me hard tonight? Paul said nothing but went over to Debbie who started to suck his cock. Debbie said, “I have bad news, Paul, Kay got a call, and she had to meet an old friend tonight. During the meal, Debbie said, “I was thinking Paul, do you have any space at the Center where you could create an Auction House?”

Ms. Jean, My FrenchTutor, Chapter 2

mature Stephanie008 2018-11-28

My bottom was exposed to Mr. Rick’s hard throbbing cock and I could feel his soft yet hard shaft brush my smooth ass. I loved the feel of Mr. Rick’s wet cock touching my one thigh while his wife’s wet dirty pussy touched my other thigh. I sat up in shock that she had called my mom but I was pleasantly surprised as I watched Mr. Rick take his wife’s backside as he slid his cock along Ms. Jean’s asshole. I was wide eyed as I watched Mr. Rick use his cock in Ms. Jean’s ass to make her cum. Ms. Jean slipped a hand down to my pussy and she began to gently rub me as her husband began to slowly fuck my ass.

Shared By Two Lovers

mature Wibbly 2018-11-28

A.J likes to slide his fingers around my pussy entrance back to my puckered hole, where Steve loves to tease and fondle my clit. I also know that if I slide my tongue a certain way across the head of A.J’s cock that he will shudder and he calls me a "tease" in a strangled breath. To have a full length of cock sliding into my mouth and my nipples being teased and sucked hard is pure exhilaration. I think he is going to cum in my mouth the way you slide it in, but he suddenly stops, and I am left to lick my lips as you both swap places.

Night Alone with Holly

mature EnjoyBoth 2018-11-27

I let my right hand slide up her leg and hooked a finger in the waistband of her red French cut panties and slid them down exposing her pussy. I sent her into spasms when I slid my thumb into her ass as I finger-fucked her pussy. She crawled up onto all fours, moving the pillows out of the way and grabbed ahold of the head rail with her left hand and the double dildo with her right hand and offering me her ass. I love being fucked in the ass and having Holly do it that way was incredible. When she finally moved, she let the dildo slowly slide out of my ass with a plop before pulling it out of her swollen pussy.

From Sylvia with love - Part 3 - The Ending, or is it the Beginning?

mature OldGeezer 2018-11-25

When I entered I thought that Jenny moved slightly away from Sylvia, so after we had drunk our coffee, I said that I would leave them to it, and went off to sort some things out that had been left undone because of my earlier workload. “Oh yes, very nice, Jenny, isn’t it," Sylvia said as she pulled away from me, looking at my swollen cock head. The girls kissed, and their hands worked at each other as our bodies moved, my tongue licking and tasting Sylvia, as Jenny slowly slid her grasping pussy up and down on my cock. Our bodies were now fucking harder and harder, and as I started to feel my climax approaching, I think she did also, as she slid my hands round her bum, and I pushed a finger right deep into her ass.

Addiction Chapter One

mature jack1107 2018-11-25

After the last dance Kay hugged and kissed Paul on the cheek and said, "That was wonderful, I haven't had so much fun for years.” They got home and had a super forty-five-minute session with Kay giving Paul a lovely titty fuck in foreplay. Donya and Paul worked on Ann, and she came thirty minutes later. When they got to the house, Paul messaged Ann and Kay saying they would eat in the French restaurant close to Kay’s house and he and  Donya would be there for Champagne at six.  Kay replied, “It would be great if you did Bunty, Mags and me together with Donya and Ann helping out in case you needed to cum inside Donya.

Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 7, Teresa

mature seemywowzza 2018-11-24

Gypsy took hold of my wrist, holding my hand in place over her warm cunt as she forced her wet panties against my fingers. But when the guy saw Gypsy's naked ass wiggling on the end of my fingers and her head bobbing up and down in my lap, he smiled big and gave me the thumbs up. Holding my hand in between her legs, Teresa turned her back to me and pushed her ass firmly against my throbbing cock. Teresa held my hand firmly in place as my fingers pumped hard in and out of her. With her lower body shaking with excitement, I reached up and took a handful of her hair, lifting her head off the pool deck and arching her back.

A Fuck to Remember

mature DarkSide 2018-11-24

“I’ve ordered a taxi,” I replied, “Ooo, looks like it’s here,” I said as a car pulled up outside. The interval gave me enough time to look around the room, however, tonight was not going to be her night and I gently told her why I was there, but that we could chat for a while until I found a likely suspect. Greg’s cock entered my arse fully and then he started to fuck me really hard again. I felt Charles fuck me hard in the arse, and Greg never let up as he pounded my pussy with his cock in unison. I don’t know how long I had passed out, but Charles had left the room and Greg was beside me as I lay face down on the bed.

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth 3

mature DonAbdul 2018-11-24

Shirley was quite flattered by the urgency of his lust; the very depth of his desire for her quickly sent her soaring to the very peak of pleasure as he pumped away at her pussy bombarding her with deep, hard and rough thrusts of his enraged manhood. Not being one to be found wanting, Jamal began to hump her right back, thrusting his erect penis in and out of her ass, until they were both breathing really hard and moaning with such sexual urgency that there was no telling which one of them would explode first.

Obedience Personified

mature DarkSide 2018-11-23

I watched Melissa as she got up from the chair, walked sexily towards me, knelt on the floor and started to lick my pussy. With Melissa’s tongue firmly inside my pussy, Richard pinched both of my nipples at the same time. I lifted my head for a split second to instruct Melissa what to do next when Richard told me to stop once more. Melissa looked at me dumbfounded, turned and started to lick Richard’s spunk from my body. As Melissa made her way to the bathroom, Richard whispered in my ear, “You were fucking good,” he said, which made me feel brilliant, “Now, you must get dressed and go home.”

Understanding Kate

mature DarkSide 2018-11-23

I watched, mesmerised, as Kate, virtually naked underneath the coat, behaved like a teenager exposing herself and flashing in public for the very first time. While Kate was drinking my spunk, two cars passed us and they pulled into the car park to pick up the people who had just left the pub. When she got fucked from behind, that night at my place, she loved every minute of it; yet the only words she said were those of denial; she kept saying that we shouldn’t have done it and that it was ‘naughty’. A few people looked around at us and Kate barely had time to grab her bag as we left the coffee shop.

The Confession

mature Unluckyforsome 2018-11-23

Richard's cock continued its slow slide through her pussy lips, the tip gently nudging her clit, and his hands now splayed out on her hips holding her tight into his lap. Richards hands were mirroring her words, and his fingers flicked her nipples as his cock continued the slow rocking motion in her quim. Lucy continued, “His hands ran down over my tummy, and his fingers met in my groin, so he could pull my pussy lips apart. Lucy swallowed hard before continuing, “Then I watched, in the mirror, as he slowly slid the rabbit into me.” Her head tried to spin to look at him but was held firmly in its place, as she continued.