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Marriage: ch1

mature Nathan 2018-05-14

It was Lily's bday and sonia had decided to surprise her aunt. She saw her aunt entering the cabin screaming at a guy and as soon as the door closed they began kissing. She heard lily coughing and moaning.she heard her say " Oh thats what i needed on my bday, the best drink.could have been a bit less bitter" Sonia felt the table shaking above her. Her aunt lily was cursing the guy constantly and getting slapped on her butt. Sofia heard lily scream one last time and things went normal. Sonia sat under the table watching her aunt throw tissue after tissue into the dustbin after wiping her ass. Sonia got out waited till her aunt came out and screamed ' surprise!!!!

my aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-03-05

I visited my aunt for an hour or so then said to her that I was going to say hi to my cousin at work and from there go and get a hotel for the night. I returned to my aunts place about 9:30pm with 2 coffees, thinking that we will be up for awhile B S ing about some old and good times. Then she asked if I could massage the back of her legs above her knees, no hesitation there either, my hand went a little higher under her nightie and touched her pussy, Damn was it wet.

Youth becomes man with older woman

mature Slickstick 2018-02-28

That night I lay awake hoping for another glimpse of Aunt Vi’s breasts but she readied for bed in the bathroom and came into the bedroom with her dressing gown on. My penis rubbed slightly against the silky feel of her night dress and I realized it was poking out through the fly opening of my pyjama pants. Aunt Vi stirred and moved her leg firmly down the bed as she awoke, giving my penis a good long rub from her thigh. I moved gently again, and revelled in the feel of my penis head rubbing into the warm softness of her behind wrapped in her silky nightdress. As soon as I did, I felt Aunt Vi’s hand close over mine, then push it away and close her fingers around my stiff cock.

Summer months spent with my Aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-02-28

Standing next to the window watching as Sarah repeatedly gave me clear view down her shirt I began rubbing my cock and soon had pulled it out the top of my shorts. I knelt at the edge of the bed and burried my face between her legs lapping at her hot juicy pussy lips flicking and darting my tongue at every part as I stroked my throbbing hard cock with one hand. Sarah moaned as I continued ravishing her pussy for several more minutes then said "I want your cock in me now!" Grabbing my hair she pulled me up, I stood between her open legs rubbing my cock into her wet pussy.

Relative wedding with my aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-02-22

I was still behind my aunt and while we was getting into the position for the picture, I was pushed forward by other relatives trying to find a place for the pic, the result was that I bumped into my aunt ass, the feeling of her big and soft ass gave me an istant hard on, I first tried to move back to avoid my aunt feeling my erection but the people behind me kept pushing me forward so I leaned again against my aunt, this time putting my hands around her waist. I got bolder and with one hand had parted her right cheek while I was pushing my hard dick in the middle, I felt a wonderful sensation of my dickhead hugged by her big and hot I lost my mind and driven by the sexual lust I started to move my dick between her asscheeks as if she was wanking me off with her ass.

A Train Journey With Mom

mature bava12 2018-02-04

Suddenly mom placed her lips over my lips and started sucking my tongue; we kissed each other for almost a minute then we broke the kiss and I saw that aunt was sucking the cock of Anshul and they were naked. After fucking her pussy for a while I placed my huge lund in her ass with a single f***efully shot it went in as there was Vinita’s cum over my cock. As she completed her words jolly placed his cock in her pussy again and started fucking her again this time more f***efully. Jolly was about to release his cum he took out his cock and placed it in her mom’s mouth and came over there.

Aunts pool party

mature Tom12190 2018-01-24

She yelped as she wasn't ready, I was on top and drive deep I to her cunt, arching her back when she could so I could go deeper, I wanted to cum but I held it in, Tina got on top and started grinding her cunt down on top of my throbbing cock, there was a gushing of cum as she orgasmed but carried on, I picked up up and fucked my aunt up the wall, as I was doing this the bedroom door sprung open, it was a d***ked Lucy, my best friends girl.


mature 2018-01-18

Then, as I saw her hands flutter between attempts to grab her nipples through her top, down to grasp the bed coverings on each side of her, and enticing my mother's mouth farther into her by curling around her head and pulling, her knees spread farther, giving me a completely unobstructed view of what Mom was doing to her. My mom had stopped face fucking my aunt and was slowly moving her tongue up to crown across Janice's clitoris, and back down, pushing her butterfly pussy lips aside as her folded tongue traveled lower, past her opening and lower still.

My neighbour we call aunt

mature sniper212 2018-01-17

One day the aunt happened to come around our house to let us know they are moving house and renting the old property, and said she could do with the help moving her stuff to her new house. So the next morning I'm up and around harpreets house with my van I started loading some clothes bags in to the van as I was in and out of her house moving stuff she was in her bedroom emptying the wardrobes she was bent over she was a very curvy lady wearing a (sari) an Indian traditional dress her ass stuck out i tried not to notice as my bulge started to grow, I was stood behind her as she backed up on my cock I moved away as if it was an accident

My Uncles Wife!

mature Kylie42 2018-01-17

I excused myself and went to the bathroom in the stable where I opened my pants and slid two fingers deep inside my pussy and banged myself out until I had one of the best orgasms in my life thinking about my aunts breasts in my mouth. Later on that night during dinner I couldn't clear my head about what I had seen and I decided I was going to ask my aunt who the boy was that left this morning. Once we got home we cleaned everything and headed to the bedroom where my uncles wife spent the next hour fucking my young pussy as hard as she wanted.

My Aunt and I (The Beginning)

mature 2018-01-13

As I entered the room, I realised the doctor was a woman - I had already decided that maybe I wasn't going to mention the lump. "Yeah, please" I said, looking to my Aunt - expecting her to leave anyway, but instead she sat straight back down. I looked between the two of them and the Doctor just smiled "Okay well, if you would like to drop your trousers" she said, turning her back to wash her hands. She leant forward and examined it - I could feel her let out a deep breath against my dick - I tried to block it out, forget that my Aunt was there, but I was sure she had leaned forward too.

Joy - MAry introduces her Aunt

mature cuckhappy 2018-01-11

She grinned and as I looked at Mary she said; 'hello john, I've heard a lot about you and your cum eating and swapping, I'd really like to try that with you too!' Mary told me that she was her Aunt who had been widowed for some years and who occasionally came round and was rogered senseless by the 2 bothers.; however, as they were away she suggested that I might like to plumb her saggy old cunt hole. OK I do have very small hands but this surprised me, and her I thought as she was starting to buck and moan; Mary saw the opportunity and swiftly moved over and squatted her cum filled cunt hole over Joy's mouth. This drew out another howl of orgasm from Joy, whose was literally running with cum from both ends, I dived in and started lapping her stretched old cunt hole, whilst Mary kissed her cum coated mouth.

Mom II

mature medicdave 2018-01-11

When I came in Mom told me that Aunt Judy's Husband had left her and that she would be staying with us for a few days. When I came home Mom and Judy had already opened a bottle of wine and were working on it pretty good. My cock was getting hard and I started rubbing it when the door opened and My Aunt Judy and Mom walked in the bathroom. I was trying to cover myself when My Aunt said your mom told me you were pretty good at eating pussy. Judy got off and Mom positioned herself over my face and settled in while I started lashing her pussy with my tongue. When she got off, Judy laid back on the bed and Mom started eating her pussy.

I feel I took advantage of my aunt who had to much

mature billdodge 2018-01-09

The first time we did anything was a party on the farm with a band and probably a few hundred people. she said thats fine with her, she had not had a hard cock in a long time. She said she wanted to pull up her shorts, I told her to wait. She got a good one and ask me to get on and put that dick inside her. She was not a dead fuck either, she worked her d***k ass for me, laid there and moaned so nice. She ask how mine was, I said good. She ask if I had a good time? She told me she did not need foreplay for a nice fuck.

My Aunt And I {Part II}

mature archer_p 2018-01-04

As I began getting dressed he said, "Uncle tom is a lucky man .I know I'm out of line but I just can't picture him licking you back there" “Look at how wet you two got me” she said pulling the covers aside showing her still firm body and wet pussy. “UMMMMMM” the moan escaped from my aunts mouth as Katie put two fingers in and placed her mouth over her clit and began so suck. I’m not sure where all the time went, but soon Katie, Priss, and myself were out at a swank bar having drinks. When he got bold and began feeling up my tits I knew I was getting laid that night and he was so good looking I was more than willing.

The Wedding Dress

mature 2018-01-01

Sarah could feel the tightness of the clamp on her nipples as her breast were protruded through elastic bra like fitting holding her rather large breast tightly f***e them straight out declaring to everyone look at us. Sarah moved her hand and stood totally naked as her Uncle and Aunt stared at her body. Sarah could experience multiple intense orgasms simply from the stimulation created by the inserted dildo and the suction cup on her continuing growing clit. The first time Sarah was allowed to dress she noticed immediately how her clit rubbed against the silk of her panties. “Yes, Sarah is very proud of her large clit and how sensitive it is,” her Uncle proudly said.

Sexperiencing neighbourhood aunt

mature popeye231189 2018-01-01

But one day my mom told me to get some sugar from Kavya aunty, so I took bowl and entered her kitchen without knocking the door and that was the moment I felt in love with Kavya aunty. Kavya aunty said come darling I am all yours today .i immediately went near her and started sucking her boob.My one hand was squeezing her left boob while I was sucking her right boob,Her nipples were pink in color and hard.She was now very much turned on .i sucked her boobs for 20 mins.then I dropped her on bedand removed her underwear and smelled them ,what a seductive smell it was.H er pussy was nicel shaved with some hair on the top of vagina.

Happy time with Aunt!

mature ShawMaxie 2017-12-31

Before he left the island uncle asked me to be with my aunty until he comes back since I was her favorite relative. I was asked to be with my aunty at night because she is all alone during that time. After some minutes me and aunt started having the beer and enjoyed lot talking pretty much everything around us. She stopped pushing me away and was sucking my lips like a teen girl. I was too honey and removed my dress immediately and went top of her, kissing all over her body over her dress. I passionately kissed her lips again and asked whether we can go to the bed. I still enjoy having sex with my aunt than any other teen girl I have been with.

a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 5

mature vtevte 2017-12-30

She looked at me with a smirk on her face saying, “You naughty boy, wanting your mom to spread her legs so you can see her private parts.” She then leaned back against her dressing table spreading her legs real wide as she continued, “So you like my pussy, my cunt, my snatch, my love tunnel, my cock chute, my sausage warmer, my fuck hole!” When my mom began to climax, she pushed her s****r’s face hard into her snatch while gyrating her hips into my aunt’s face saying, “Oh my god this feels so good, eat me sweetie, suck me dry, suck all of Glenn’s cum out of my pussy, ohhhhhh I love this, just love this.” This scene was extremely arousing but I was totally spent and not able to get any rise in my Levi’s!


mature redhotnailpolish 2017-12-22

I was wearing only a t-shirt and my jockeys at the time -- my usual state of dress when hanging out in my bedroom at the end of the day -- and so as images of her bouncing boobs came back to me, and as my cock inevitably grew hard, I couldn't resist slipping my hand down under the elastic band for a few quick strokes. The next morning, I made a point of waking up a half-hour early, and stood at my door listening for the sound of Aunt Tina moving around back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom, getting ready for work.

My village trip

mature nana414 2017-12-20

The i went near her and spread her hairy vagina and started to stroke it inside and out. Then she took me to the backyard and gave my aunts used bra and panties and asked me to smell them when she was stroking it. So my aunt removed her saree and gave it to my grandma and she took it inside. Soon that group of old women identified me and asked me how is my penis now after the ant bit. After the bath, the two nude old ladies came near me and took my penis in their hand. As soon as i entered pankajam’s house, she asked me to remove my dress. Suddenly she took my penis in her hand and started stroking it.

Cheating s****r in law and me (continue)

mature 2017-12-18

I made her suck my dick while i was fingering her and i was about to cum in her mouth so i stopped and she asked me to fuck her but then i got worried cuz i had no condom and didnt wanna cum inside her but she kept begging so she sat on my cock and started moaning so loud then all of a sudden Primrose came in and we stopped. Then we started fucking when i was sbout to nut she said cum in me or i can swallow i then said let me cum in your ass but she no so i said fuck it im gonna cum inside your pussy as i almost did until i saw my aunt Lori mom come outside so i stopped and got out the car.

a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 1

mature vtevte 2017-12-15

As my aunt lay there on my mom’s bed, and as they talked she got even hornier until finally my aunt said, “Jackie, I want a real cock. A little grin crossed my mother’s face as she said, “Well the thought as occurred to me but I never took it as a serious think, just an impulse when I see him with his shirt off or when he wears shorts or just looks sexy at times.” My aunt was looking straight into my eyes as she said, “I want to know if you ever wanted to fuck me?” I look her in the eye saying, “Yes, I have thought many times about what it would be like to fuck you.

Me and my aunt

mature ilovefucking 2017-12-10

My dad, mom, b*****r, aunty and uncle were getting ready to leave me in the airport, it takes 5 hours to come to the airport from my city. My uncle was driving the van and my b*****r was sitting near him, my mom and dad was sitting on the second row and my aunt and me was sitting on the last row. After around 30 minutes my aunt touched my hand and slowly she takes our hands near her pussy. "Hmmmm yeah fuck me my boy and cum on my belly" "Yesssss i was dreaming this moment from years" "Hmmmm yes i knew that but i wasn't sure...yeah fuck me my boy" "Yes yeas cum on my fucking belly"