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my aunt from next door

mature doriandorian 2018-08-24

after some time i wanted to go to her to fuck her and i came with a plan.i thought that i would put my plan in action with 2 days before my living in spain at some friends.i got to her house i said to her that i need to use her computer,she was ok with it and after i got in the house she goes in the kitchen and i go to the wardrobe where she keps her panties and i chose on and take my pants down,take my cock in my hands and start to jarkoff

A f****y Friend Indeed....Part 17

mature Croozer 2018-08-15

Just then, Helen came to the bathroom door wearing a smooth black strapless bra, and a long, shiny black half slip with a row of lace at the bottom. She stood in the hallway for a bit waiting for my aunt to come out, and the light from the bathroom was shining through the slip, giving me a glimpse of her legs and thighs. "And what about Helen...did you like the way she looked, too?" "That slip she was wearing is mine, have you ever cum on it?", she asked. I told her I hadn't, and she said, "We need to fix that." She slid underneath me, and said, "I want you to cum on my kitty...take my panty off." I got between her legs and she hooked them round my thighs.

My aunt...part 2

mature lottiecd 2017-12-02

I pulled a pair of black lace panties from the drawer and slipped them on over my naked body. Later that evening she came back to the house and she looked exhausted, I don't know if she wasn't thinking but she just pulled her uniform and the poppers all opened and it was discarded on the floor, then she took the slip off. She was standing, white lace bra and mayching panties, white suspender belt and black stockings, she stretched and placed her hands behind her head. She walked over to me and took the tea from me and said I should go as she wanted to have her bath.