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The precious aunt 2!!!!

mature solid7snake 2018-08-10

The next day i was so happy and full of energy thinking again the previous night.But today as my aunt told me,it was dad turn.If he manage to avoid my mom.It was difficult again because my parents were always together and my little b*****r was pain in the ass.But suddenly my cousin call and said to my aunt that his friend who lives in a nearest town he come to visit us.I know that guy ,he is very good k** 25 years old and handsome.When he visit us the same afternoon he told that he will stay with us for two days and then he will leave.My aunt had a smile and looked at him like a piece of chocolate.I know that something going on and started to look these two.I didnt try hard,minutes later i saw them kissing each other.I knew that my aunt was a whore but this is insane.She go with her son friend!!!


On trip to Sydney for a wedding

mature JTpup 2018-08-09

Sophie jumped up and rushed towards Maree and hugged her and said "about time I wanted you to come help lick these nice big balls and forefill your dream of this cock". Sophie dragged Maree to the bed and whispered in her ear for a little while the hole time I was lying on the bed with my hard cock standing straight up as I stared at two great pairs of tits sure one pair were still in a little bikini but still damn hot. I felt Maree stop and within seconds of Maree releasing her vacuum mouth off my cock Sophie adjusted and started to suck my cock as I ate that little pussy and lick her clit piercing.

Aunts Birthday

mature 2018-08-04

you like watch your aunt karen play with her pussy?oh my god yes,my cock was so fucking hard now.she pulled out her dildo and started to suck on it, mmmm i love cock tommy, i love to suck and fuck big hard young cocks. i was jerking a little faster now i could see the juices coming from my aunts pussy all over her fingers, she put her fingers in her mouth and started to fuck her pussy more, she came over and let me lick her fingers, she rubbed her pussy and more of her juices were flowing out, she rubbed it all over my dick and sat back and watched me some more, cum tommy i want you to cum for me baby,i was jerking like a wild man just looking at my sexy aunt and her hot wet pussy.

Drinks To Sex With Super Hot Aunt

mature matterboy 2018-08-03

She smiled and said “ok ok then I will have few but promise me no one will know about this.” I said “you have my words no one will know about it.” She said with some excitement “ok then let me complete the dinner then we can start.” I was very happy and excited now to have a drink with my beautiful aunt, again my mind went to her wet sexy figure and her boobs pressing on my back. She screamed in pain, I asked her “Should I put more?” She said “don’t ask, I am enjoying the pain, please fuck me hard now.” I got encouraged by her words and put my whole body pressure to put my cock in her tight ass.

My Aunt (Anal gape) (Cream Pie) (Facial)

mature 2018-07-27

She readily took it in her sweat mouth she started to lick the head of my dick and then kissed the stick I started to moan I took her head in my hands and started to shove it up and down my dick with f***e she stared to choke at first but adjusted with every thrust my breathing got faster and faster until I could not hold my life producing nectar back any more then I reached my climax and I released my cum with such f***e that I was sure It had traveled down her throat some of it came spilling out but as a good dick sucker she eat it all up.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 19

mature Croozer 2018-07-22

With that, she sat up, pulled the waistband of my shorts down, and said, "Oh my...looks like you have some swelling here." She began to lightly stroke my penis and balls saying, "I think it's getting worse." I managed to get myself out of the t-shirt restraints, and cupped both of her breasts in my hands. I decided to shoot the moon, telling her, "Fine, Helen, if you really want to know, I dressed her this morning." She sat back on my legs, and with her eyes widened in excitement said, "OH MY fucking HOT is that??!!" She continued to lightly fondle me during this conversation, which made it even more special for me.

a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 1

mature vtevte 2018-07-11

As my aunt lay there on my mom’s bed, and as they talked she got even hornier until finally my aunt said, “Jackie, I want a real cock. A little grin crossed my mother’s face as she said, “Well the thought as occurred to me but I never took it as a serious think, just an impulse when I see him with his shirt off or when he wears shorts or just looks sexy at times.” My aunt was looking straight into my eyes as she said, “I want to know if you ever wanted to fuck me?” I look her in the eye saying, “Yes, I have thought many times about what it would be like to fuck you.

Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part III)

mature DizzyD427 2018-07-04

The puffy head of Davey’s swollen cock occasionally bumped into Abby’s hip like a ramrod as he soaped her lower back and sides, then as he pulled her closer to him, the length of his penis pressed between her fleshy ass cheeks, and his hands slid upwards and cupped both of her large, milky white breasts. Davey was like a dog in heat, and as soon as he felt the soft wetness of her pussy lips pressing against the sensitive head of his penis, he slammed his hips forward, and buried eight inches of hard cock in his aunt’s quivering cunt with one violent thrust.

How my aunt seduced me

mature xxandyxx 2018-07-02

rubbing my cock thru my jeans, man it felt so good I was ready to cream my jeans suprise I heard my aunt coming down the stairs and my cock was already getting she hadn`t suck a cock in a long time. started sucking my cock like there was no tommorrow. cocksucker, here I lay in the bed my aunt sucking my cock, my wildest dream didnt`t stop her, she sucked my cock I thought it was going on forever. that I could get these big tits in my mouth but that didnt stop me I sucked on those hands on my cock guiding me into her wanting pussy. She told me how good my big hard cock felt

My neighbour we call aunt

mature sniper212 2018-06-22

One day the aunt happened to come around our house to let us know they are moving house and renting the old property, and said she could do with the help moving her stuff to her new house. So the next morning I'm up and around harpreets house with my van I started loading some clothes bags in to the van as I was in and out of her house moving stuff she was in her bedroom emptying the wardrobes she was bent over she was a very curvy lady wearing a (sari) an Indian traditional dress her ass stuck out i tried not to notice as my bulge started to grow, I was stood behind her as she backed up on my cock I moved away as if it was an accident

My Sexy Aunt

mature 2018-06-22

I was so embarassed to wake her up with no pants on, grabbing my hard cock. I was about to thrust my cock into her, but stopped and said, "I don't have protection." "If you feel the urge to cum, just pull out." With that in mind, I slid my cock into her. I was afraid of cumming in her pussy, but couldn't stop. Quivering and sweating, she said in a weak voice, "I want you in my ass." Again, as if she knew what I was thinking, she said, "I want you to cum in my ass." As I pulled out, I made another squirt, covering her asshole and pussy with cum. More cum dripped out her asshole as she fell forward in exhaustion.

Another aunt

mature bulaa 2018-06-16

I casually moved forward and lightly brushed her left tight, the heat was incredible immediately I felt an hard erection in my loose shorts, so I tried again this time pushing my now hard dick in the middle of her was so hot and she definitely felt it as she said what are you doing ?!?! I was shaking, the chance to be with her came unexpected, I felt butterfly in my stomach and my dick rising again when we stepped in the shed the aunt started to put the folded chairs she was carrying into the corner, I was behind and without thinking twice I left the chairs on the ground and moved my hands my aunt's waist...she jumped a bit and her big fat ass hit my groin, I pushed as I kept my hands on her waist.

Oral Sex With My Aunty

mature coolguy2020 2018-06-14

I really enjoyed as my aunt was squeezing my cock and slowly put my hand around her belly and hugged her lightly. During the day time my aunt was moving normal as if nothing happened yesterday night, but I took every chance to view her flat belly and her full bloomed balls whenever she bent down to take something. She said “ Dear, I wish to have you in my bed every day as you are giving good pleasure for me by eating my cunt. This time she held my head by my hair and started pressing hard against her cunt and arched back with giving loud moan. Her moaning sounds made me excited, she grabbed me and came over me and took my hard cock in her hand.

Her thanksgiving Memory

mature kap007 2018-06-05

The older s****r now sat on the couch, holding herself up on her hands as she gripped the sofa cushions and lashed her short, thick legs out, jackknifing them hard and snapping the calf scissors on Aunt Barbara's punished neck. Aunt Linda and Aunt Barbara attacked me slowly, wetly, sensually, licking up the sides of my neck and down to my nipples, sucking and chewing them hard while each used their hands to rub my thighs and cock. Incredibly, though I'd just come moments before, I felt another orgasm building in my young balls, especially so when I saw Aunt Linda kneel before her s****r and attach her mouth to Aunt Barbara's beautiful big bush, parting the thick, sweat-matted hair and tonguing her fat clit until my aunt came with a slap of thigh around her s****r's face.


mature 2018-06-04

Karli leaned forward again close to her auntie. Karli mouth open stared at her auntie in amazement at Debby moved closer to her niece feeling her body close Debby moved closer her body touching Karli's. Debby let her hand rest on Karli's knee. Karli could feel her aunts fingers sliding slowly Debby knew that she had the girl the way she wanted and Karli spread her legs wide giving auntie a prime view fingers to the girls pussy sliding one inside her She slid another finger deep inside the girl feeling Karli looked at her auntie who now knelt below the huge Karli felt her aunts fingers again at her pussy "That's it honey relax let Blackie fuck you nice.


mature alibodge 2018-05-29

Rose smiled and explained about “the doctor who called a lot more frequently, he just paid well and loved to whip her arse and tits, occasionally he helped out after the duke had finished with her instead of paying by getting her back to rights!” she said that “Fred always had to hold her for the doctor, as he didn’t like straps, but she was not sure if I was big enough or strong enough yet to hold her when she was being whipped so it might need both me and my Aunt, if we didn’t mind watching her be chastised though that might turn the doctor on more and perhaps you both too.”

Marriage Between Aunt And Nephew

mature pissa1212 2018-05-28

Priy*** do love to cham***ara still he was a little her son.After she married she went to her husband's home and.It was the breaking point of their love.when she come back they start their love again. and told he is a great man.once again mother ask who.then priy*** says about cham***.mother get shocked to hear that.mother said no.then priy*** beg to her. then mother told i had to ask my husband and my son and tell you.priy*** said ok. cham*** got afraid to hear that.but live waiting for that.the she ask do you like to marry her.cham*** said i need time to think about that.Mother also told this story to her husband.


mature redhotnailpolish 2018-05-21

I was wearing only a t-shirt and my jockeys at the time -- my usual state of dress when hanging out in my bedroom at the end of the day -- and so as images of her bouncing boobs came back to me, and as my cock inevitably grew hard, I couldn't resist slipping my hand down under the elastic band for a few quick strokes. The next morning, I made a point of waking up a half-hour early, and stood at my door listening for the sound of Aunt Tina moving around back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom, getting ready for work.

My 58 year old aunt

mature baculum40 2018-05-14

She then started to explain what she wanted me to do, At one point she bent over showing me her ass cheeks and that puffy Vagina of hers O.M.G! Hours went by and i walked in for a drink and saw her on her bed napping laying on her belly and ass up with one leg bent up enough for me to see her hairy muff. I slowly walked in and wanted to get a better view, I took my dick out and started to jack off on her bedside, she then opened her eyes and saw me jerking my dick, she said OMG! your so fucking sexy i was just getting a better view, she looked at my dick and said WoW!

The Weekend Away... [Part 2]

mature 2018-05-07

Once back in the room my Aunt suggested using the big jacuzzi style bath together and relax in the tub. After I told her this she moved up and kissed me and asked if id be up for some fun in teh tub. She was backed up against one of the units and I moved down to my knees and began to suck gently on the lips of her pussy. I pulled out and my aunt quickly got down to her knees and put my cock into her mouth and just in time aswell as I unleashed a hot load into her mouth. We then got talking a little and my aunt said that tonight she wanted to make love not just a quick fuck.

My village trip

mature nana414 2018-05-07

The i went near her and spread her hairy vagina and started to stroke it inside and out. Then she took me to the backyard and gave my aunts used bra and panties and asked me to smell them when she was stroking it. So my aunt removed her saree and gave it to my grandma and she took it inside. Soon that group of old women identified me and asked me how is my penis now after the ant bit. After the bath, the two nude old ladies came near me and took my penis in their hand. As soon as i entered pankajam’s house, she asked me to remove my dress. Suddenly she took my penis in her hand and started stroking it.

Mom II

mature medicdave 2018-05-06

When I came in Mom told me that Aunt Judy's Husband had left her and that she would be staying with us for a few days. When I came home Mom and Judy had already opened a bottle of wine and were working on it pretty good. My cock was getting hard and I started rubbing it when the door opened and My Aunt Judy and Mom walked in the bathroom. I was trying to cover myself when My Aunt said your mom told me you were pretty good at eating pussy. Judy got off and Mom positioned herself over my face and settled in while I started lashing her pussy with my tongue. When she got off, Judy laid back on the bed and Mom started eating her pussy.


mature 2018-05-01

I came in the house and she had just got out of the shower and I walked in the living room and right in the middle of the room their was my Aunt butt ass naked watching something on T.V. while she was drying off with the towel. I start jerking off really hard knowing that my Aunt was watching got me so fucking horney that I came all over my stomach. Things only got better in the last few months because not only I fuck my Aunt but my Cousin Missy who is now divorced from being married for a couple years and my other Cousin Stacy is in on the action.

Aunt Surprise!

mature Almostthere 2018-04-25

I said she was far from old and was the sexiest woman I knew and I would try not to attack her. I caught my aunt rubbing herself a few times and she saw me watching. I told her I was going to retire for the night and she said it was about that time. I laid in bed and thought about the movie, my aunt rubbing herself and realized I needed to go piss. I left when I thought my aunt saw me watching her. I opened my eyes and my aunt was stroking my cock. She said she saw me watching her and that she left the door open hoping I would see her.