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Party Part-I

mature donny8 2018-12-02

Kate ground her pussy mound into my leg, and I managed to get a quick feel of her left tit with my right hand, although her bra felt much more padded and her tits significantly smaller. The ladies went back to dancing in their various stages of undress, as I watched their flesh jiggle; the blonde busty Veronica with one tit out of her white bra cup, and white silk panties; the slender blonde Julie with her tits hanging out the bottom of her white bra, and in her lavender silk panties; the slender brunette Kate still in her little white bra but with her bare bottom exposed; and the tall leggy busty brunette Nicole, topless in her black panties.

Nude Holly Day

mature RejectReality 2018-12-01

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised, and that it didn’t make me think about how we’re going to handle it at work.” I let my eyes roam over her body briefly, fighting the surge of blood it caused into my nether regions, and said, “You’re a beautiful young woman, Holly.” Caressing her legs with my hands, I said, “Just relax.” I pulled back until the head nearly slipped free, and then pushed back to about the same depth. Her hand wrapping around my morning erection beneath the covers a little while later said that we’d probably end up having that talk in my bed back at home.

Slut Olympics Part 2

mature MINatalie98 2018-11-21

Pete quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down and off, leaving just his underwear separating Heidi from Pete’s cock, which she could tell was larger from the bulge. Heidi let out a scream pleasure as the orgasm rocked her body, causing her to spasm and writhe on the bed as Pete continued to slurp at her soaked pussy. Pete grabbed his cock and placed it the entrance to her pussy before he started to push his way in slowly. Heidi reached down and played with her clit until she felt her orgasm arrive, and ravage her body, she let out a scream, her back arched and her pussy clenched down on Pete’s cock, causing his orgasm to arrive sooner than he was anticipating.

Confessions Of A Massage Therapist (Part 2)

mature leppy80 2018-11-20

I turned and led the way to my treatment room, opened the door and Samantha followed me in. Samantha gave a little grunt from time to time, and I checked to make sure she was okay, getting a whispered, "Yes" in return. Before I could react Samantha, with a slight brush of her right hand, tugged at the towel covering her. Samantha lifted her self up on the table and turned over, the towel covering her dropping to the floor. Samantha sat up and look at me, and took in the sight of my fully erect cock. Samantha removed her finger from my ass and stood up, pulled me in close to her and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

Maid Dulce

mature marcosurbina 2018-11-17

After kissing me warmly in my forehead, this mommy pushed my head down to her meaty boobs, while skillfully releasing one bra strip and rubbing my dick still doing me a hand job.  Suddenly, her left tit got out, exposed, out in the open, and I almost fail, like in a state of total euphoria... Out of the blue, she began to moan and wriggle from pleasure.  Maid Dulce had got in a squatting position at once and put in my dick all at once within the big dripping snatch, but it is now as she is really getting mad, uttering muffled moans so curious neighbors in the building didn’t hear such strange wails coming out of a window.

A Unique Relationship: Prologue

mature Secretlit777 2018-11-13

I walked over to Lori's house one night to watch her kids. Her breasts looked larger than usual too. I said my hellos to the boys set down my laptop and went into the kitchen. She took the wine saying, "Thank you sweetie." Continuing to her side of the bed I got a good look at her panty clad ass as she pulled back the sheets. I actually have a date with that new girl tomorrow night, well I guess that's tonight now. Lori said, "I am going to try and get some sleep before the kids wake up. After only a few minutes Lori's body jumped, "Jim, I'm so sorry.

Celebrating Women’s Day with a Blonde

mature ksutranp 2018-07-28

I was born in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and lives near to the Thamel area - Lazimpat, the tourist hot spot. “Ahhhhh, keep going honey........I am all yours”, she directed my hand again to her belly area signaling to proceed further for the union of body and mind. Ah, our height is matching; she took my throbbing cock in her mouth with her right hand as I started passing my tongue over her cunt once more. She was feeling quite discontent and messaged me in facebook, “Can we remake our relation, please?” I wished her as well on behalf of Int’l Women’s Day and replied, “Sure, why not but with no commitments?”

He just lay there and took it

mature 2018-07-10

Mrs Smith put the tip of her riding crop under his crotch and teased up his flaccid cock, while the blonde sat down on the bed beside his flank. Mrs Smith then took hold of the cock, which had partly deflated, and stroked it back into stiffness, then held it at the base between her finger and thumb while the blonde unrolled the sheath over it. “Concentrate hard, Pantyflag, don’t let me down now”, said Mrs Smith, reclining beside him on the bed. “I’m surprised that there’s any left after that amount” said Mrs Smith to the blonde, then she let go of him and wiped her wet fingers on his thigh, “it even came over the bracelet that my husband bought me.”

The Babysitter Stays for a Week Ch. 01

mature EventualAffection 2018-06-13

"What I mean is, do you like having a 19-year-old girl staying with you." Peter swallowed, but was unable to answer her question as her fingers were at the top of her thigh and her legs spread open just a little bit to reveal the white lace panties again. Kelly continued, "Do you ever think about what her 19-year-old pussy looks like?" Her legs spread open more, and her fingers started very carefully slipping under the side of her panties. "Yes," she said, "I've been wanting this for so long." Peter slid his hands in between her legs from behind and slowly slipped his fingers under her panties, feeling how wet she was.

The Old Man and the Blonde

mature adel5000 2018-03-11

Long blonde hair, down to the middle of her back, a great looking set of boobs, and I thought for a minute, looking across the table at this beautiful blond, her cleavage and being pushed up by the table she was leaning on and said, “Well to start with, $10,000 looked across the table at her beautiful long blonde hair, her large breasts pushing up and you agreed.” She pushed me back, taking a long look at my body and said, “Now “Oh my God, that feels so fucking good, don’t stop, make me cum.” I started to suck playing with each other’s boobs and nipples, Bonnie said “you are a great lover and

Rebecca and Marilyn (A Lesbian Tale)

mature mib14 2018-02-11

Marilyn was shy and when Rebecca made a move towards her, she backed off a few feet, taking off her shoes with her hand, and putting her jacket on a chair, while always staring at her friend who had by that time taken off her bra and let her medium-sized tits hang out. The mature brunette took the middle-age blonde in her arms and the two women rubbed their tits together while giving each other a passionate tongue-kiss. Marilyn lost her balance and fell to her knees then sprawled on the room’s carpet as Rebecca’s face pushed against her ass, her hands opening the asscrack further, and her tongue plunging in Marilyn’s discreet asshole.

Birthday Delight Ch. 01

mature rcwilliams 2018-01-21

Have a great day and happy birthday again." Diane told me before she turned and walked away. My head snapped up and I saw Diane carrying a cake towards me with some of my fellow employees singing "Happy Birthday" to me. "It was but there's one more part to your gift, Aaron." Diane told me as she looked me in the eyes. "I mean I would like to suck and swallow you more often, Aaron." Diane answered me as she looked me in the eyes. One of the girl saw the smile and asked "Was it a good talk with Mrs. Diane?" The girl smiled and told me happy birthday again before I walked out the restaurant doors.

Blonde Milf Seduces Me For First Time Sex

mature hotteenme 2017-12-26

Etta licked my dick slowly from bottom to top while staring straight into my eyes, swirled her tongue around the head, then went over the top and claimed my cock fully, bobbing her beautiful blonde head up and down on it-- sometimes quickly and greedily, other times slowly and deliberately. Clasping my hands with her fingers, Etta began riding me up and down, first at a slow, measured pace until she reached the apex of her hump, paused for a second at the tip of my dick and then slid her pussy down to the hilt, sighing with pleasure each time she reached the bottom, Up and down she went, up and down, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until her tits eventually were flapping and earrings jangling all about and her mouth opened and closed convulsively.

Nailed the blonde, finally!

mature cheekas 2017-12-16

I allow the hard-on while staring at the screen, just imagining circling my tongue in her pussy. Let me describe myself first before getting to her. Age

An Assignment you will never forget

mature 2017-11-25

Rosie’s curiosity as to what lay up her white frayed skirt grew, as Joanna leaned onto the desk to utter “I was wanting a bit of a practical demonstration really”… curving her lean back to reach further towards Rosie with an outstretched hand..”I always think practical work helps you learn better… don’t you agree?”. Lowering her mouth to Rosie’s breast she circled her erect nipple with smooth movements of her tongue, her hand synchronised this movement on her thighs, moving closer and closer towards her throbbing snatch.. Rosie was taken over by excitement and the blonde’s erotic facial expression coupled with biting her own lip in seductive tension caused her to firmly push the students hand towards her throbbing cunt.