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A black neighbor in the window

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-05

I started to fantasize with his huge black cock between my spread thighs, playing with my wet and horny cunt. As we continued watching the action, I felt my neighbor's cock getting hard and press into my buttocks. My tongue touched the tip of his magnificent cock and then I felt my cunt starting to get wet in my black leggings… I felt his hand touch the top of my head and slowly push me down on his rock hard dick. Then I felt a little bit fuzzy and I came in my leggings, having and intense but silent orgasm… The black man did not notice it… Then he slowly pulled his cock out a little and I felt a rush of pleasure through my body.

future mother in law

mature flash 2018-11-04

The woman took a sheet and covered herself and asked "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you nude" i am Regi's boy friend but who are you? No,i heard someone farting inside the room so i waited here,i thought it was you i said. My mom is in the room,she is the one who farted and i hope you did nothing else she said and laughed. Jessy came to the room fully dressed,i was still having her half naked image in mind and i was thinking about her big ass and her loud fart. I said i am sorry i had to tell her you farted and started to walk away.


mature therj 2018-10-02

As we walked to her car, I caught a glimpse of her ass full on for the first time. "I'm good, too" she said standing up and facing me. "I LOVE that ASS!!!" I told her as i got on my knees. I began licking her ass crack and butt cheeks. "So do you want me from behind, or in the behind?" she asked with a smile. "You already know," I said, "I am going to fuck you in the ass!" "Fill me up." I grabbed her and held her against me and shoved forward and I exploded, cumming right in her ass. She still stayed there a moment,bent over rubbing her own ass and pussy before standing up and pulling up her pants.

A few days at Jerry's house.

mature Ilikestroking 2018-09-19

Spinning me around he rubbed my chest and pinched my nipple with one hand and stroked my dick with the other. I closed my eyes and lifted my knees and spread my legs giving him access to my dick and butt. After a few minutes he said to roll over, when I did he massaged my butt cheeks a little. He let out a gasp and said that's it,suck it.He wrapped his arms around me and rolled us over, putting his full weight on me, pressing my face into his chest. We rocked our hips forward and backwards rubbing his dick against my stomach, I felt his dick starting to pump.

I turn my wife and her mother into my sexual slave

mature Johnnytames69 2018-09-11

with my wife naked red ass over my lap and squirming to started to spank my wife squirming ass again and told spanking, I spread Norma ass and shoved one finger deep my favorite ladies, butt plugged, red asses, working your bad mother hard with this 30 times slave." I told She immediately started spanking her mother ass till it keep warm and my mother-in-law at my ass and cock level face was either licking my ass or sucking my cock all I told Norma to lick my ass as I got behind me and started lapping my ass like Norma had my cock in and out Norma big ass till I shot my load

Mothers friend Sam II

mature Ilikestroking 2018-08-19

I asked where his swim trunks were, he said he didn't have any. As he walked around the pool his hand must of slipped since I felt a finger slip between my butt cheeks. I jumped when I felt his finger touch my little hole, he smiled and asked what happened. I said something touched my butt hole, laughing he said like this, and pressed against it again. I froze, he looked at me and asked what's the matter, I said my butt fells funny. He ran his hand down my stomach to my little dick. He said to move my legs up some, when I did I felt the finger in my butt move.

Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 6)

mature Tendril_Notion 2018-08-08

“You know,” she said, “I had a feeling you would want to play superheroes again…” “And you were so nice to give me my mask…” “But do you remember when you told me that superheroes need costumes too?” “Well, because you’re such a sweet boy, Aunt Stacey went to the mall and bought a whole superhero costume just to play with you.” “No, Mason,” Stacey answered, “Now I’m going back to play with Kevin. “No but.” “Now, I’m going to let him play with me like he wants.” Stacey struggled to keep the composure in her voice. “Now,” Stacey said, “Since you waited patiently like a good boy, I’ll let you put your hand in my butt again.”

Retired at Christmas

mature oggbashan 2018-07-21

"OK, Brian, what do want to talk to me about?" Patricia asked. "I thought that we could organise something for the residents on Christmas Day. Nothing much. I persuaded her, against her better judgement, to try to organise a Christmas Day event. About a month before Christmas Patricia and I were in our usual corner in the pub. When Patricia returned with the drinks I asked her out for a meal. We had arranged that I would come to her apartment at ten in the morning on Christmas Day. We would prepare the meal, put it in the oven, and if the weather was suitable go for a walk. Patricia told me to be dressed for the walk, not the meal.

My ideal job for my wife!

mature pbody 2018-07-16

Mary got the lotion and started rubbing his feet for awhile then moved to one leg and massaged her way up to his butt. She asked him if he liked it and he said yes and told her to massage his butt hole if she did not mind. She then came to me and asked me if I enjoyed the show and I just grabbed her naked body close and kissed her sweet little lips as she helped me get my pants down and my dick out. She sucked my dick a little as I got my pants off and then I picked her up and placed her on the desk and then started eating her cum filled pussy.

At home

mature 1120scott 2018-06-26

I reached between my legs and felt my butt hole. There was a knock at the door, I checked the peep hole, it was Joe. Not bothering to dress I opened the door to let him in. He pushed up against me, I felt his dick pressing on my butt. He spun me around, both hands grabbing my butt " hell no, I want you just like this" he said with a big grin. Head swimming, eyes closed, my legs started shaking. I feel his dick head pushing on my butt, then a slight sting. He pulled me up, looked me in the eyes and said "you're mine now " I leaned over and hugged him, resting my head on his chest.

a little about myself

mature 1120scott 2018-05-30

At one day care center they had some teachers( in many ways) that when it came to bath time they paid close attention to our genitals, giving them a good cleaning. Kinney turned and slid over to me, he laid his arm across my chest and I felt his dick against my butt. He said it was a game his b*****r taught him, put your dick between someone's butt cheeks and see if it grows. I told him I played that game at day care, and said you have to lay on your belly and let them push in and out. When he finished he asked me if I wanted help, I said sure remembering when Kinneys mom washed me.

Hot fuck

mature coolnhornycpl 2018-04-16

I watched her getting out of the car....hadn't seen her all day.....fuck she looked hot...white blouse, knee long skirt, black stockings, heels...made my cock just a bit harder.....she walked away from the car, turned the lights off and as she walked around the corner I grabbed her....she was shaking for a moment... we walked inside the house and I saw juices running down her thighs......I said wow....the cheeky bitch looked back and then bent over again...skirt around her waste, heels on, me watching my cumm oozing out of her butt running down her legs...oMG...fuck this was sooo hot ...

Confessions of a matured lady

mature rocksolid82 2018-03-29

After waiting for 20 minutes, the bus going near my home came. Then I moved my other hand from the butt over to my clit and started rubbing it. I kept thinking of that k** rubbing his cock on my butt and that thought made me wet in no time. A man, who was over 20 years younger to me, was flirting with me and had a courage to tell a married woman like me to not wear a panty. He turned to me and held me closer and whispered in my ears, “You look gorgeous” I sensed his erect penis touching my thighs. I kissed him and said “Thanks for the wonderful time!” “You sure?” he asked.

Down by the Lake Ch. 11

mature BogartsBoss 2018-03-24

We began preparing for winter, I had to get Nelson put to bed, teacher conferences to be attended, Madge and Jeannie to be loved, and Shelly added to my schedule. Madge and Jeannie returned the favor; working as a team they went after Shelly's breasts, smoothing them, sucking, pulling, biting. After a while Shelly took Jeannie by the hand, led her to the center of the room.Now it was her turn as aggressor; ripping the toga away from Jeannie, inhaling her tits sucking them to sharp points, then moving down her belly until she reached the little tuft of clipped hair. Madge rolled up to her knees, dropped to suck on a tit, pushed a hand down to an exposed clit, began rubbing while Jeannie kept tonguing.

Bouncer Story #1

mature VaQue05 2018-03-17

The first placement of my hand went to her inner thigh close to her panty line, pulling her closer to my hard dick. This went on through about half of a song and I thought i have to feel this wet white pussy around my dick. I moved my hands from her shoulders to around her body and pulled her tightly against so I could kiss her deeper and let her feel how strong I was and how I wanted her. Once I opened the door I took a handful of her blonde hair and pulled her away from me then pushed her head down to my dick.

Desert Heat - Pt 6

mature jdwhitings 2018-03-16

When we arrived at the first test station, we got out of the truck, Ginger looked around took off her outer top, revealing her halter top. She did a second look around and then took the halter top off, laid it on the seat of the truck and walked over to the test equipment with the notebook, ready to record the readings. It took me twice as long to get all of the readings at all of the stations because I just couldn’t stop staring at my half naked wife walking around in the desert knowing that if anyone drove up that they would have quite the show. I told her to stay by the test station and watch as I drive real slow on the dirt road and I got in the truck and slowly drove about a mile away.

New neighbors III

mature Ilikestroking 2018-03-14

Standing on my toes I put my hands under Dan, I started spinning and Dan was splashing around. I was laughing, and Bill reached back and caught my arm.He said think that's funny and threw me by Dan. We looked at each other and went after Bill, splashing and trying to pull him down. I noticed Dan was laughing and kicking his legs I looked behind Bill and seen he was holding Dan the same way. Now bills hand was holding my groin and his fingers were tickling at my ball sack and dick. I looked over and seen bills hand moving under Dan but couldn't see what he was doing. He said to watch Dan, I looked over and seen him playing with his own dick.

In the woods

mature 1120scott 2018-03-12

Said to turn, he rubbed it on my chest, stomach, front of my legs, face, then my butt cheeks and dick. He let go of my dick, smacked my butt,"ok, get back in the water, I'll be back in a little while" he turned and went back inside. "Ok, are you going to swim today"he asked me "Yes sir, I am, but can you put sun lotion on me first please" I ask, hopping he'd rub my butt and dick again. "Right now just let me keep it between you butt cheeks, later you can stroke it like I'm doing to yours, okay?"he said " Yes, I will" I answerI.

Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 12)

mature Tendril_Notion 2018-03-09

“Okay, Mama will teach you how… Put your two fingers in… Right here, right in Mama’s penis hole…” Stacey bent her knees and held her hips forward at Mason. Poor Mason… Right after taking a shower…” “Oghh… But no shower now… You can take another one later, Mason… But first…” “You know what’s coming don’t you…?” Stacey said as she turned and faced away from Mason. Boys need to jack off… Ooogh, Mama wants you to be healthy… I’m going to jack you off with my butt… That’s all… You aren’t going to fuck me in my butt… You aren’t going to do anything… Just try to hold on and let your semen out… Okay?” Stacey spread her cheeks and hovered her butt in Mason’s face.

A few days at Jerry's V

mature Ilikestroking 2018-03-07

Laying on jerry's lap and him rubbing my dick made me feel better. He rubbed my butt a little and said to relax. I asked Jerry if that was normal, he said yes it was,and I should use it to stroke myself. When I started rubbing my dick it felt good. I told Jerry what happened, he asked how I felt. Going down the isle Jerry said to go get bread.I went to the bakery section and looked around. The man we seen the other day was there.He asked if I was alone,I said Jerry was at the other end of the store. He smiled and said you look good and asked if I could turn around.

Clothing store III

mature Ilikestroking 2018-02-10

He seen me and stopped and asked if I wanted to come over and try on one of the uniforms, I said yes I would. He said it looked good, then he ran his hand down the back of the pants and legs. He asked how they felt, I said they feel good. Rubbing my crotch he asked how about here, I said it felt funny. How he asked, I said when he rubbed there my dick started getting hard and it felt tight. He ran his hands over my butt,and said it looked good here too. He said good, and pulled out his dick. He asked if I wanted to come back tomorrow, I said yes I'd like to.

My New Sex Buddy

mature d4david 2018-02-05

My mouth dropped wide open as I looked and realized that Ralph was holding the biggest and longest dick I had ever seen.(Horse Dick Harry has an enormously huge penis but Harry is at least twice my age. With the ease of man with time on his side, Ralph worked his enormous penis head into my butt hole. Just as I was about to tell Ralph not to go any farther, my inner anal sphincter muscle ring gave way and three more inches of this man snake entered my anus. Ralph slowly fucked more of his huge penis up my butt in spite of my pleading till he had sunk nearly twelve inches of his massively huge weapon in my rectum.

First time with a mature woman.

mature 2018-01-20

As I watched her go to the dj's booth I made my way and asked for how much was a vip was. She asked if I wanted a vip and I said yes to it so she introduce each other Her name was Chyenne she was in her late 30's I had no idea she was turn on bald headed men. So made my way back to the club Chyenne was up to dance yeld out that she was horny which caught my attention. Few minutes later I heard her say that she wanted to suck my cock so I strip naked she was surprised how big my cock was so she sucked my cock for a few minutes.

Mature games

mature 2018-01-03

I must confess Tanya didn’t look thrilled or in any way excited. But as soon as her feet touched the floor I turned her round and entered her pussy with my erect penis. When adding the third finger in her ass I simultaneously started fondling her clit and lips with my tongue, just to help her relax, you know. I was rubbing her pussy with my hand, and soon she started shivering in a very STRONG orgasm. She took off the pins and let me lick her hard nipples in turn. “First I got really scared,” Tanya confessed when we were resting after sex. There’s really no tome… let’s fuck again?” Tanya said mounting me.