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Marriage: ch1

mature Nathan 2018-11-15

It was Lily's bday and sonia had decided to surprise her aunt. She saw her aunt entering the cabin screaming at a guy and as soon as the door closed they began kissing. She heard lily coughing and moaning.she heard her say " Oh thats what i needed on my bday, the best drink.could have been a bit less bitter" Sonia felt the table shaking above her. Her aunt lily was cursing the guy constantly and getting slapped on her butt. Sofia heard lily scream one last time and things went normal. Sonia sat under the table watching her aunt throw tissue after tissue into the dustbin after wiping her ass. Sonia got out waited till her aunt came out and screamed ' surprise!!!!

Birthday Delight Ch. 01

mature rcwilliams 2018-01-21

Have a great day and happy birthday again." Diane told me before she turned and walked away. My head snapped up and I saw Diane carrying a cake towards me with some of my fellow employees singing "Happy Birthday" to me. "It was but there's one more part to your gift, Aaron." Diane told me as she looked me in the eyes. "I mean I would like to suck and swallow you more often, Aaron." Diane answered me as she looked me in the eyes. One of the girl saw the smile and asked "Was it a good talk with Mrs. Diane?" The girl smiled and told me happy birthday again before I walked out the restaurant doors.