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Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part III)

mature DizzyD427 2018-07-04

The puffy head of Davey’s swollen cock occasionally bumped into Abby’s hip like a ramrod as he soaped her lower back and sides, then as he pulled her closer to him, the length of his penis pressed between her fleshy ass cheeks, and his hands slid upwards and cupped both of her large, milky white breasts. Davey was like a dog in heat, and as soon as he felt the soft wetness of her pussy lips pressing against the sensitive head of his penis, he slammed his hips forward, and buried eight inches of hard cock in his aunt’s quivering cunt with one violent thrust.

Oh Go On....

mature 2018-05-18

Sean's room was next door and I often wondered what he was thinking when he heard us, and there's no doubt he could hear us. I said I wasn't going all the way home to come back again and he suggested I just go round anyway, Sean should be in and I could wait. "Davey said to just come round and wait he'll be home about nine." and I walked in past him into the open plan living room/kitchen area. "Davey's not gonna be home til after nine." I said kissing his face and neck. I took him slow in my mouth, wanted him to enjoy it, working my tongue hard round his helmet to maximize the sensation for him.


mature 2018-04-22

For all the years before Dad had died, I had heard the two of them in their bedroom at night, making love, wishing I could watch what went on, especially when I would hear her crying out in ecstasy, "Oh god, Warren, I'm cumming..oh god..don't stop..I'm cumming." I'd lay there on my lonely bed, jacking off and shooting my gooey sperm all over my belly. "I don't care, Mom, I just want to fuck you and make you feel good the way Dad used to do. As the last of my cum dribbled out, Mom leaned over and licked it off my cock, then, still holding the shaft in her hand, took the purple head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it as she sucked me dry.