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Boss Screwed My Mom

mature bava12 2018-12-01

And at that time my boss looked at nice boobs of my mom. Boss: I liked your nice boobs and ready to pay you 10 lakhs for 1-2 days. My boss looked at me and said, hey you bring your mom to my farm house in some time. Mom dressed in saree and we took an auto to boss’s farm house. I put my eyes and saw boss touching nice boobs of my mom. Boss now grabbed her nice boobs and kept on pumping his dick in her mouth. Mom kept on crying for 2 minutes and then her ass also started to help the boss’s cause. Boss then asked me to get lost and come next day evening to take mom back.

A glory hole in the middle of nowhere

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-30

Just as I leaned forward to spy through the glory hole a semi erect black cock poked its way through stopping inches from my face. I welcomed every inch and opened my mouth wider and held my head closer to the hole taking more of his ridged cock into my mouth. His pace grew faster, pushing and pulling the shaft of his cock through my wide open lips. I wrapped my lips around his dick as tight as I could and clenched my hand around the base of that giant black serpent; pulling him to me so I could suck him deeper and deeper. After the black guy left, I wondered if any of the other truckers stranded here knew about this glory hole, as I caught my breath still sitting in the closet...

I finally fucked my best friends mom

mature marcosurbina 2018-11-30

The woman with the most massive tits was Paula, Albert’s mother,  who still laughed, claiming she wasn’t embarrassed at all, or reluctant to show her body; least ashamed.  She was 53,  jovial and young at heart,  though. This mature later commented  was too proud of her gorgeous tits, and would display them if having a chance.  She raised above water level.  she commented to this by saying she never interfered or got inquisitive with Albert if he wished to stay overnight with any girl at her home, but    this boy should reciprocate,  not messing into her business  when it came  her turn with her men to have great sex at  her place.

Action glory hole was not enough for me

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-30

After sucking a magnificent black dick at the glory hole in that truck stop in the middle of nowhere; I stayed locked in the Janitor’s closet; trying to catch my breath. Then I came back to the coffee shop; having a surprise: the black man whose huge dick I had sucked was there, sitting at my table and watching on my laptop. As I began sucking Aaron’s huge dick, two black guys got inside the truck. I smiled and asked why he needed lube; then he replied I would need it to stand his huge black dick inserted deep inside my anus. I went again in all fours as I watched Mark sucking Jimmy’s hard black dick.

Relative wedding with my aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-11-30

I was still behind my aunt and while we was getting into the position for the picture, I was pushed forward by other relatives trying to find a place for the pic, the result was that I bumped into my aunt ass, the feeling of her big and soft ass gave me an istant hard on, I first tried to move back to avoid my aunt feeling my erection but the people behind me kept pushing me forward so I leaned again against my aunt, this time putting my hands around her waist. I got bolder and with one hand had parted her right cheek while I was pushing my hard dick in the middle, I felt a wonderful sensation of my dickhead hugged by her big and hot I lost my mind and driven by the sexual lust I started to move my dick between her asscheeks as if she was wanking me off with her ass.

Ana rides a huge black piece

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-29

I am going to cum!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I felt his massive hard dick plunging in and out of my pussy fucking me deeper and deeper with each stroke. I started to cum as I felt his cock filling parts of my pussy that have never been touched by a dick before. He buried every inch of his massive black dick inside my pussy rolling me into a second orgasm more intense than the first one. His big black dick erupted deep inside me flooding my pussy with cum. I heard him moaning as he kept every inch of his huge black cock buried inside my pussy.

Ana enjoying another huge black dick

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

Jordan fucked her pussy during at least fifteen minutes, making Ana scream, squeal and cry in both pain and pleasure. All my suspicions were confirmed when I saw that black bastard on top of Anita, on the couch; his huge black veiny monster dick pumping into, out of, into, out of, my wife’s pussy. I was licking her clit and her pussy when I realized the black guy was coming around behind her and I watched that huge fucking cock spread her pussy. Ana was moaning loud and I knew this time she was going to cum in my face, as that black man pumped her cunt so wildly… Later that night in bed, Ana confessed she was mad about that huge black dick.

Ana and my old friend at home

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

James remained firmly in control with his hands on her hips under her legs, shoving his tongue into wanting pussy. Ana looked at me: "Please, honey, I want him to fuck me" She begged me with her hand again stroking my friend’s hard cock. My wife made him lay on the couch and she straddled him, rubbing her pussy lips with his hard dick, which was pointing up to the ceiling… My friend's hands grabbed tight her ass as he controlled her, slowly sliding her up and down on his dick. He positioned between her spread highs and then proceeded to slide his hard dick between her wet pussy lips.

Umang’s Hot Mom

mature bava12 2018-11-24

I smiled in my lips sensing the horniness of aunty. My god, this hot mom was flirting me like anything. Aunty took out my dick out now and had a lusty look at it. She took my dick head in mouth and started to suck it nicely. Now she took out my dick head from her mouth and started to lick my ballls. She bent on my cock and slowly took full dick in her mouth. She was pressing my balls and kept on sucking the dick. Neena aunty took right nipple in her mouth and she started to suck it herself. She was really looking horny while having both her tits being sucked.

Jerome sends me a gift and his friend

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-21

”Sorry, I did not want to scare you… I am Jay, my friend Jerome said I could come here for a nice sunny afternoon at your pool, if you don’t mind, babe…” Jerome slowly entered his wet dark prick into my butthole as my gasping mouth was soon filled by Jay’s huge dick. “I hope you got Jay’s cock good and wet, bitch; I opened you up for his black dick!” Few seconds later, Jay moaned as he felt his friend`s tongue enter his asshole while he was was sodomizing me. I opened my mouth and I knew Jay was shoving his hard dick deep inside my throat.

He makes me hurt

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-21

It feels so good, i moan as my body, my little pussy, gets use to what is invading it. i kept going and i fucking came, i screamed in intense pleasure that ached and throbbed throughout my entire body sending that wave of heat rushing over me like an internal fire. He then stretched and fucked me with His large cock, spreading my legs wide, holding them apart, and pounding my pussy hard. my body sweating, burning with an intense heat, a fire the came from pleasure waves radiating out from my pussy. i was instructed to kneel on His bed, facing away from Him, to lift my plaid skirt and spread my knees apart. His big hand felt so fucking large as He put it inside me.

A wild week end with Helena

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-19

Her wet mouth had a big smile as she bobbed her head and mouth taking turns with each black dick making sure she was increasing their pleasure and make them more erect. When he moved away, I saw Helena was lying on her back, still sucking a black dick, as the other guy was beginning to guide his hard erection right between her pussy lips… I did as I was ordered and touched my pussy lips with my fingers, as the black guy smiled to me, while he was getting his dick harder in his hands. Suddenly my instinct had me trying to crawl away but Master X’s strong hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him, impaling me onto his huge black cock.

Ana and my boss' agreement

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-18

As he withdrew his cock from Ana's pussy, his secretary took it straight into her mouth and sucked him clean. "Now clean her" and with that she turned to Ana's filled up cunt and buried her face deep into it and sucked and slurped for ages. Eventually the secretary left and I took Ana back home to change, ready to meet Mr. Lassitter and friends on the afternoon. They both soon settled down to a rhythmic fuck; until he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and shot his spunk all over her face. The others closed in and Ana soon had black hands all over her body. Soon she was spread open on the bed; one black guy going in and out of her wet filled cunt.

Having a different experience with a horny client

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-16

Then Sondra started to moan and began to pump my butt a little faster. I couldn't help but let out a moan or two… then she pushed herself partially off me, straightening her arms, and she started fucking me like crazy, pumping my asshole very hard. Sondra cried out, which made my orgasm suddenly double in intensity… It seemed to go on forever, because she came at least twice in rapid succession and it felt like my head was going to explode… We lay there like that, breathing hard, and I felt her huge dick slowly soften and shrink, but she still stayed between my buttocks.

Mom’s Bed

mature bava12 2018-11-08

To my surprise, i saw my mom facing up, sl**ping, but with buttons of her nighty opened up. I cautiously and slowly moved right next to her, until my face was touching her arm. But instead I extended my tongue and started touching with my tongue the material of the bra. my head down and touched her breast, and nipple, with my tongue. My eyes were glued first to her large, pear shaped breasts and dark nipples, and then to her became harder as I thrusted my hips at hers, my dick playing in her I started moaning very loudly as my orgasm hit, and I thrusted with hit, and she pressed her boobs and nipples into me so hard it hurt.

My Brother Lost Virginity To Our Mom

mature bava12 2018-11-07

She once again sucked his Dick and then stood up and said, AB JAB TAK MAI TERE BACHE KI MAA NAHI BAN JAATI, TAB TAK KISI AUR SE NAHI CHUDVAVUNGI… She again hugged him tight and lip-locked with Raj for long. RAJ Kya mast chut hey meri Randi Maa ki [Saying it, he started rubbing his hand all over her cunt]. Mera Lund tere munh me daal ke mai tera munh chod reha hu aura b dekh mai jeebh se teri chut bhi chodunga saath me [Saying it, he started pumping her mouth and entered his full tongue inside mom's cunt and tasting her juice].

82% dick

Archana Ideal Mature Women In Our Society

mature bava12 2018-10-31

She den pulled my boxers down and started stroking it while giving me a huge smile ‘ tum kya karna cahte ho abhi’ she asked.’will you give me a blowjob’ I replied..She said ‘yaa sure..I can’t miss such a dick.’ Then I started getting even faster..And the bed was shaking crazy I couldn’t control it and was about to cum..I took my dick out took the condom off and jerked out on her ass..She stayed like that for some seconds and den took a deep breath..Gave me that satisfied look with her hair all messed up now her ass and ears were all red.

Friends Hot Mom Was too Hot to Handle

mature bava12 2018-10-29

Now I got a full view of her ass I felt like dropping the glass and feeling that ass.Suddenly my friend enter the living room and he was ready to go. She was sitting on the bed with her back facing me and had a body lotion in one hand and asked me to apply it on her back. I started applying the lotion on her back and again my semi erect dick was rock hard now. We had sex in cow girl position and this was the best I could see her big yet firm tits bouncing right in front of my face and I could suck on them whenever I wanted to , all this while I could fuck her.

A Husband's Revenge Ch. 01 (A husband finds o

mature magas911 2018-10-04

After 8 years, you know your partners body both inside and out, and with my dick neither shrinking or growing, I knew how it fit in my wife's pussy; nice and tight. "No problem hon, I'll watch the k**s and make sure their in bed before you get back." Giving her a wink, I said, "maybe we can relax when you get home?" but with the look I got back, I knew that wasn't going to happen. "Fuck." Looking through the screen doors I could see my lovely and faithful wife sucking the largest, black dick I'd ever seen. I could tell by her initial gasp and the look on her face that it wasn't all pleasurable; as he continued to pound away she started to push back and meet his every thrust.

SexySindy--cheating again!

mature sexy_sindy 2018-10-04

John comes by all of the time and I look at hubby knowing I have had John’s dick inside me, and wonder what he thinks! Every commercial hubby went outside, and John would squeeze my tits or rub my pussy, then I realized that the shades on a window were open and hubby could see everything happening if he looked!!!!! After finding that I knew what I wanted to do, I opened it and started playing with myself while John tried to drive and look back at me. I could not help it I sucked him enough to get him hard and moved to slide his dick into my pussy and let him fuck me until he came in me!

The Gift - Working Vacation part I

mature Nomufftootough 2018-10-04

After another fifteen minutes or so of watching the movie and playing with my wife's pussy I stuck a hand into the top of the dress to cup her left breast and rolled the nipple between my fingers. My wife gave me this little evil grin of hers and leaned forward against the counter, flashing the cashier a nipple while he slowly counted out our change, ten dollars in singles; then counted them one more time, just to be sure he got a good look at her tit. I felt the cock twitch and grow again in my hand as I watched my wife's pussy being pressed open and the head disappear inside until she was driven back by the f***e of him pushing and stepped away.

The day DICK ate my story's plot

mature BrandiOne 2018-10-03

A big and fat DICK that ate my story plot... It began with a lonely man who kept thinking about the woman he loved who had just broken off an engagement .. As he read more of the chapter, he began to rub his cock more vigorously, but I intervened and place my hot mouth at the tip of his huge and beautiful DICK... He kept reading how the lovelorn man imagined eating out his lovely fiancee. Just as I was having the orgasm of a lifetime, DICK was between my tits and I began sucking its' head .. I loved a big DICK in my mouth all hard and juicy... I was so pleased that DICK ate my story plot; I am now on my next chapter .....

My Hot Mother In Law

mature madddog 2018-10-01

I would get one hell of a hard on and as soon as possible I would have to jack off or fuck my wife because I would really be hurting from my dick being swelled and I had to release some cum! As soon as I got in the bathroom I started pulling hard to get some relief but I heard the bedroom door open so I rammed my dick back in my pants and came back out in the bedroom. She called me by my name and told me how good looking I was all the while slowly moving and hunching her cunt up and down on my erect dick through our jeans.

Will You Do Me A Favor?

mature beautyhasnocolor 2018-09-30

She licked his lips as she moaned and probed the inside of his mouth, wanting the kiss to never end. She could feel him smiling as he told her she kissed good. She smiled just thinking how that thing was going to feel sliding inside her wet pussy. He slid his hand down into her jeans and began to stroke her wet pussy while saying how good it felt. He told her how good that pussy felt as he moaned and began to stroke faster, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. When he finally exploded, she could feel his dick throbbing inside her as he groaned and leaned over her back and planted a kiss on her back.