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mature flash 2018-11-30

Cecelia kept on demanding for more till martin collapsed into her 40 year old plump body with a beer belly. Dude i have seen worse and if you dont drop me i will leave by myself said cecelia.okay atleast put your panties on and then we'll start said martin handing over the panty to her. Aunty, thats not cool said martin. Oh for hell sake get me to my home you prick and let me tell you one more thing out of your grannys 2 daughters i am the one who farts less.hope i am making myself clear she said and laughed till she passed out. Martin dropped her at her home and tucked her into bed he emptied his sack on her panty again before he left.

The Massage

mature Nathan 2018-11-27

Once while roaming around the house i found grannys room locked from inside. I opened the door and found nancy on the bed wearing a G-string with her ass facing the sky. I have seen nancy naked many times so it was not a problem for me to see her like that. Hey son, what happened, i was just getting my monthly massage done dont panic said nancy. Not now but sometime later granma i said and walked away so that i could hide my huge erection. Later that day i saw nancy in the kitchen. Nothing granny, all fine i said. Dont look at your granny like that son, its not good, she said while Walking away.

Marriage: ch1

mature Nathan 2018-11-15

It was Lily's bday and sonia had decided to surprise her aunt. She saw her aunt entering the cabin screaming at a guy and as soon as the door closed they began kissing. She heard lily coughing and moaning.she heard her say " Oh thats what i needed on my bday, the best drink.could have been a bit less bitter" Sonia felt the table shaking above her. Her aunt lily was cursing the guy constantly and getting slapped on her butt. Sofia heard lily scream one last time and things went normal. Sonia sat under the table watching her aunt throw tissue after tissue into the dustbin after wiping her ass. Sonia got out waited till her aunt came out and screamed ' surprise!!!!

Headteacher's Punishment

mature azid619 2017-12-26

As I lay on the cold hard pale blue tiled floor of the school's store-room, tied up helplessly by Kaylee and her mean little gang, with the humiliating 'Fart in My Face' sign she left by my head, I was visited and farted on by lots of the school teachers. I kept sniffing her big ass, I never thought I'd be loving anything to do with the horrible old crow, but I was loving the sweet musky smell of her. I panicked, kicking me legs helplessly about trying real hard to turn my face away from her smelly butt just to breathe, but she stayed firmly sat on me, keeping my nose embedded into her now extremely stinky crack.