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revenge on my cheating wife

mature theninja 2018-12-04

I pulled out back on to the M2 and set off in the direction of Margate, as I came down the slip road a lorry went past and it was then that I decided that I was going to show Susan’s naked body off to some total strangers on the way home. There was a car approaching from behind so I pulled in front of the lorry and let the car go past, I then slowed down and the lorry overtook us I then sped up and matched the speed of the lorry giving the driver plenty of time to look at Susan who now had two of my fingers deep inside her cunt.

Pool game

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

I gasped, and struggled to pull away, but his hand that had previously been on my thigh was now holding tight to my hip, keeping me in place. He pounded my desperate cunt for a long time, and when I looked around, I noticed that everyone in the bar was watching us and gathering closer. Once again, he pushed me forward onto the bar, but this time he told me to reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart. "The fucking bitch is all yours now, guys!" I gasped as I was grabbed by several hands as they lifted me and carried me to the pool table, ripping my clothes off of my already abused and still horny body.

Fatima tries a black gangbang

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

One week after fucking my friend Fatima, mi black lover Jerome called, telling me he wanted to fuck her again, but this time it would be a gangbang with another two of his mates. She told me her husband had discovered her affair with Jerome the night after the fucking session, because he noticed her cunt was very swollen and she was still sore when he tried to have some sex in the night. Soon he entered her wet pussy with his rock hard cock, as he was telling his mates she was the best hot slut wife he had fucked ever. Jerome warned me next time both me and Fatima would be gangbanged together by a bunch of at least ten huge black cocks, including a Muslim guy…

My old neighbor, the plumber

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

Even though she turned away and headed back to our bedroom, I knew my neighbor had got a good look of her pretty naked body under the gown. "I will call Jack O’ to come over and take a look", I said to her, thinking that it was a good chance my old neighbor could fuck my sweet wife. The next morning after breakfast, I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn't, thinking that she would be horny when Jack O’ would come. When she woke up after fucking and went to the bathroom, I thought how did she know Jack O’ had a “giant black cock”?. I knew my old neighbor would try again because I had told him how much Anita loved big black dicks.

A new black toy recommended by Jerome

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

My black lover Jerome could not come to fuck me; but he had sent one of his youngest mates, a handsome guy called Shawn. He could fuck me for three hours straight: in fact, he had come inside me three times and he was still hard as a rock… I was feeling a new orgasm growing from my cervix, when Shawn suddenly stopped fucking me and took away his incredible black dick from my asshole. My loving husband came to see me, telling me Shawn had left in a hurry; but he had told Victor that he would come back later, with some of his black mates…

Anita tries a second round after first massage

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-30

As we played in the water the huge black man started touching my ass, but I grabbed his hand and asked him to stop. I looked at Victor sitting on a chair besides the bed and told him: “Honey, he wants to butt fuck me”. To my delight, Victor answered: “Please ¡, Markus, fuck my wife in her asshole, as you own her” With that he grabbed my hips firmly and pushed his hard black cock even deeper into me. He smiled and said he knew it; he knew that a lot of women did not want to be butt fucked by his black cock… Markus black cock was getting hard again.

Jan Acts Out Her Slutty Fantasy

mature Hampton 2018-11-29

Sam said, “I don’t know if you want my advice but if you are choosing between that jumper and those enchanting knickers, please let it be the latter, that shade of pink is your colour.” Jan noticed Sam’s bulge smiled and said, “When you looked at me that first time I was holding those knickers and thinking about how I would look in them, I wanted to think about a man lusting after me as I was wearing them, him taking me like a whore feeling like I did many years ago.” Sam said, “They are lovely tits, I am going to suck your nipples and you are going to let me, what do you think of that Jan, would a good girl like her tits sucked?”

Ana enjoying another huge black dick

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

Jordan fucked her pussy during at least fifteen minutes, making Ana scream, squeal and cry in both pain and pleasure. All my suspicions were confirmed when I saw that black bastard on top of Anita, on the couch; his huge black veiny monster dick pumping into, out of, into, out of, my wife’s pussy. I was licking her clit and her pussy when I realized the black guy was coming around behind her and I watched that huge fucking cock spread her pussy. Ana was moaning loud and I knew this time she was going to cum in my face, as that black man pumped her cunt so wildly… Later that night in bed, Ana confessed she was mad about that huge black dick.

A pleasant surprise

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

Aaron got up off the sofa, pulled me up off the floor, ripped my black panties off in a single movement of his hand and pushed me onto the bed, where he lifted my legs spread open in the air. He gave me a couple more of hard thrusts and then I could feel his cock stiffen inside me; suddenly I felt his cum flowing inside my womb; he continued pumping my cunt for a few more seconds then pulled out. Aaron now started to slap my ass cheeks and I could feel his cock getting harder inside me, when he unloaded his warm semen inside me again; it felt so good !!!.

Mom And Her New Office Mate

mature bava12 2018-11-28

Next day mom came home said we are going to outing with mahesh uncle as he bought a new car so he is treating us in Goa. Morning mahesh said we are going to some other place by train we got into train there was full of rush he told mom to stay close. Later she moved by Rush mahesh and me were seeing that few people enjoying her body and mahesh told I know u saw us from window. She said okay sunder slowly moving his hands mom said by mistake mahesh pushed her to sunder. Later we reached fort and saw from there we came back to my native mahesh comes every week used to fuck my mom …all they way.

Black twin Clifton comes home

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-27

I spread my thighs and placed the head of that black cock between the wet lips of my pussy, biting my lip because I wanted to fuck myself so badly but I needed to tease myself. Just when I couldn't take anymore and was about to slip the long black toy deep into my tight wet pussy, the phone rang. "I love my white slut wet and playing with her pussy, waiting for my cock." His deep voice vibrated out and I moaned louder and opened my eyes. I begged him to let me suck his huge black dick, looking up at him and still playing with my fingers deep inside my pussy.

"Play Ball"

mature GrayGhost 2018-11-26

While walking back to the car, Jane grabbed my hand, stopped me, and gave me a very passionate kiss. Jane let out a groan as my fingers touched her clit and entered her love tunnel. My cock shot a hot stream of seed and Jane caught it with her hand. Jane said, "I want to finish what we started in the car. Jane said, "It is time to enjoy life to the fullest and you are about to reap the benefits." As Jane laid down on the bed, my hands returned to her nipples and pussy. My mouth, tongue and lips touched her breasts, Jane let out a load groan and "fuck" came from her throat.

Helping Hands - Billy's Story

mature pandsal 2018-11-26

I had to be aware of the sounds and movements that might tell me of John's need for a few moments of recuperation to prevent a premature discharge, but at the same my body was ready to abandon itself to whatever response Teresa's tongue was stimulating. Teresa gave us time to appreciate the sensation, ensuring that John grew accustomed to the humid walls pulsing against his shaft while he still had control. John continued to fuck me, feeding his cock to the back of my cunt while Teresa worked my clitoris. I declined an invitation to join in, but watching his hand descending on her bottom - John liked her to be wearing the black knickers - helped prepare me, too, for what followed.

You should not come back home so early

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-25

There was my lovely wife Anita, completely naked on her hands and knees in the middle of our marital bed with a giant black man behind her, pounding her pussy with no mercy at all… She also was yelling that she loved that huge black cock, that she wanted his cum in her and that she would be his slut and whore whenever he wanted… I unzipped my pants and started to stroke my hard cock, as I watched her being fucked wildly by that huge black dick. It went from the "Fuck me, give me your big black dick" to a long "Ohhhhh" that she makes when she is having a wild orgasm. Cum from his huge black cock was filling up my loving wife’s sweet pussy as I shot my load all over.

Ana working late night

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-25

Ana looked as if she loved it and I could hear her telling that third man to stop fingering her and just fuck her with his huge black cock. Anita was dripping with a mixture of her own cum and as one finished filling her with his warm semen, he would walk round and get her to suck him dry, whilst another mate went straight in and filled her up her sweet pussy. It went on for ages, as they were sucked off by Ana`s sweet mouth, they got hard again so it was a constant marathon of fucking. Then all three black men just put their cocks away and picked up some real tools and wondered off back to work whilst Anita brushed herself down, put on her clothes and went back to her desk as if nothing had happened..


mature DBarclay 2018-11-24

All her employees had gone home when I arrived and only Debra remained, working alone and looking good in her tight red woollen dress, a little short for the office I thought, but then I wasn’t complaining at seeing those hot sexy legs of hers. I did not know what to expect so I continued to watch the screen,  about three minutes later she stood up and raised her skirt to her waist, exposing her tiny red panties, then her voice on the tape called out, ‘Andrew I am ready for you.’ At that point, Debra leaned forward and turned off the tape.

Back home from office so early

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-24

The second guy, called Ramon, had his hand trying to enter between my wife’s closed legs, directly to her sweet pussy lips. Ana was now squirming in a desperate need I had never observed before as she reached over with her other hand and took Ramon huge cock into it and began to slowly stroke it. Ana started to buck lustfully, throwing herself up against Wilfred with each powerful inward thrust of his huge black cock into her pussy. Wilfred slowly withdrew his huge black shiny cum coated cock from out of my wife´s well fucked stretched cunt. Smiling lustfully down at her, Ramon got between her spread sexy thighs legs and let Ana guide his hard cock to the entrance of her hot wet pussy.

Good Training

mature ivyChaste 2018-11-24

Ricardo lifted his body and put his knees on the bed, a slight twitching in his pants. “I was only ever nice to him and yet –” Ivy stopped as Ricardo flipped her onto her back and straddled her hips, pinning her to the bed. Leaning his face forward, he arched his back and kissed her neck, just under her ear, before he growled, “You are mine, Ivy. No more other men. It was just a way to fantasize about –” she stopped when Ricardo lifted himself to look into her eyes. Ricardo leaned forward and pressed himself inside without another word. Without warning, Ivy tried to pull away, pushing herself forward as she orgasmed.

Watching Anita again and again

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-24

He just moved his hips up and I could see my sweet wife jumping forward, feeling that massive black serpent invading her cunt in just one stroke. Ana cried in surprise and pain, but soon she started moving back to meet that huge massive black dick. Then I knew where had been my sweet Ana during the last hour; it was obvious to me that those black dicks had been in my sweet wife`s lips during a long while before… After Ana had a shuddering leg shaking orgasm all over that his massive black dick, she begged him to stop for a minute. Then she let Jimmy Boy fuck her missionary into a loud screaming nuts blasting into her sweet wet and hot pussy.

Helping Hands

mature pandsal 2018-11-23

The Major said Brenda would like tea - she just nodded agreement - but he wouldn't mind a drop of scotch if that was possible. Won't mind if I do a little sentry duty, will you?" I looked to see that the Major, watching us with unblinking concentration, now had his exposed cock in his hand and was massaging it fiercely. At last she said, "John, you now know my secret: I love sex in all kinds of ways but nothing satisfies me more than a clever tongue." "So you feel perhaps the time has come to part company with - well, you know, a lot of your friends in the village."

my aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-11-23

I visited my aunt for an hour or so then said to her that I was going to say hi to my cousin at work and from there go and get a hotel for the night. I returned to my aunts place about 9:30pm with 2 coffees, thinking that we will be up for awhile B S ing about some old and good times. Then she asked if I could massage the back of her legs above her knees, no hesitation there either, my hand went a little higher under her nightie and touched her pussy, Damn was it wet.

before the wedding

mature jpjai007 2018-11-22

She was amazing, her warm mouth was feeling great, two women sucking on it would be even good but I felt my wife's hand on my balls and she was helping seema take it in completely, seema kept sucking till I started moaning, I was loosing control and had forgotten who was sucking on my dick, and suddenly my wife's phone rang, it was the wedding planners and they needed my wife urgently down stairs and my wife announced she will be there in a min and told seema to continue until I don't tell her so.

Net Gains (2)

mature pandsal 2018-11-21

When it is time for the next phase with Gary and Terry moving on to the bed we get the first shot from the tripod camera. The tripod camera shows Colin bringing his cock up to standard while Terry lies back and opens her legs, Her cunt is free of pubic hair, the lips puffy with desire. There is a brief insert from the tripod camera while Colin moves in close for shots of Gary licking his wife’s clitoris. Colin and Terry have made it clear they want this to be the fuck of a lifetime and Gary intends to deliver. In these Colin can be seen to have laid aside his own camera to enjoy masturbating while Gary fucks his wife.

Jerome sends me a gift and his friend

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-21

”Sorry, I did not want to scare you… I am Jay, my friend Jerome said I could come here for a nice sunny afternoon at your pool, if you don’t mind, babe…” Jerome slowly entered his wet dark prick into my butthole as my gasping mouth was soon filled by Jay’s huge dick. “I hope you got Jay’s cock good and wet, bitch; I opened you up for his black dick!” Few seconds later, Jay moaned as he felt his friend`s tongue enter his asshole while he was was sodomizing me. I opened my mouth and I knew Jay was shoving his hard dick deep inside my throat.