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SEXY s****r IN LAW

mature 2018-10-02

As she maneuvered to wrap her massive thighs around my head, I reached around her, grabbed both cheeks of her ass and buried my face in her pussy. A few minutes later, with us both still in a sexual frenzy, Helen pulled back to separate her pussy from my mouth. This was the first time I had put my dick inside Helen and the feeling was like nothing I had experienced before. After we had rested for several minutes, I rolled over onto my side, propping my head on my left elbow so that I could look right into Helen's eyes. As Helen locked her legs around my back and her pussy tightened around me, I felt totally at home inside her.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 16

mature Croozer 2018-10-01

Auntie said we had both cum while teasing and touching, and Helen told her the thought of that was exciting her. We chatted for a while in hushed tones, and then she said, "okay...close your eyes, Trev...I'm going to get out of this bra, too - or would you prefer to watch?" I told her I'd be amazed to see how she might accomplish that feat. "Now", she said, "it's your turn." "I've heard all about it...I want to see it." I pulled my briefs down, she pulled them off, and my erection stood full up and rock hard. She raked my thigh with the nails of her free hand, and said, "Lore told me you like this, and I'm loving doing it to you." "Where do you want to shoot your cum, baby?", she asked.

Helen's naughty tennis lesson.. A little fan

mature guru6969 2018-10-01

"Oh my darling Dan I'm getting a bit past all that, I'm just another older lady doing a bit of tennis to to and keep fit and a bit in shape for my loving hubby, anyway look'' she said pulling up her dress to reveal full knickers,"I'm wearing Granny knickers, very modest don't you think'' Helen got her stuff from the changing room, pulling on a light summer dress she had in her bag, also slipped on her thongs, she had a wonderful sexy thought of Mike laying on the grass pushing up dress and pulling them to one side to lick her over sexed pussy. When Mike recovered and sat up still with a dopey look on his face Helen said,, "Now my young friend I'm going to teach you how an older woman likes to have her pussy licked''.

A f****y Freind Indeed...Part 18

mature Croozer 2018-09-30

My aunt said she had to go to a business meeting in a neighbouring city for the day, and asked Helen and me if we wnated to go with her. "Let me give you some help...I'm going to wear this tan dress, so you need to pick neutral lingerie for me," she said. "I need to wear hosiery today, but it's going to be too hot for need to pick out stockings and a garter belt, too." I laid everything out on her bed, and with my erection at a ninety degree angle to my body, turned to walk out.


mature 2018-09-29

Her husband insisted she didn't shave, he liked the natural look; he said he loved the way it smelled and tasted when it was soaked with her pussy juice. As the spin stopped a dishevelled and breathless Clare looked at Helen and mouthed, "Oh Fucking Hell!" and then smiled. Clare's groans grew louder and as Helen felt her daughter's cunt contract around her tongue, gorgeous warm pussy juice flowed into her mouth. Helen drove her hand further up her own cunt, and used the other to massage Clare's clit as she continued her intense tongue fucking. But just before the edge of orgasm Clare suddenly switched her attention away from the clit back down to her pussy lips to allow Helen to come back from the brink.

Helen's first big one

mature 2018-08-29

She left her hand on my balls, put the other on my neck and pulled my head to her's with her tongue going right into my mouth.When she pulled her tongue out she said I will be in my bedroom if you want to get paid.I headed upstairs after cleaning up.When I got to her bedroom she was laying on her side on the bed totally naked.Her big tits hanging down to the bed.She motioned for me to come in.

A f****y Friend Indeed....Part 17

mature Croozer 2018-08-15

Just then, Helen came to the bathroom door wearing a smooth black strapless bra, and a long, shiny black half slip with a row of lace at the bottom. She stood in the hallway for a bit waiting for my aunt to come out, and the light from the bathroom was shining through the slip, giving me a glimpse of her legs and thighs. "And what about Helen...did you like the way she looked, too?" "That slip she was wearing is mine, have you ever cum on it?", she asked. I told her I hadn't, and she said, "We need to fix that." She slid underneath me, and said, "I want you to cum on my kitty...take my panty off." I got between her legs and she hooked them round my thighs.

Chapter 1 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt

mature Smiler2000 2018-08-08

Fuck, yes that is exactly how I was going to fuck her, her on all fours with those big udder like tits swaying beneath her as I kneel behind her and lap at that horny wet hairy cunt, really work her up, get her so dripping for me that she is begging me for my big fat hard throbbing cock to pound her. Furthermore, I wanted to remain as anonymous as possible prior to actually meeting up with Helen I wanted simply to be the mysterious stranger that gets to use her delicious milf shaped body and pound the fuck out of her wet hairy snatch; and if I’m lucky to give her a creampie surprise as well .

American Milf in the UK

mature smartpants 2018-08-06

I was fucking lovin this this women touched every part of my body I started to caress her breasts and moved my hands down to her waist and hips she started to kiss my neck my cheeks and lips, she turned the shower off she asked me to sit in the big leather arm chair in the bedroom she followed me in walking towards me she had wrapped a towel around her waist she looked stunning her breasts swaying from side to side as she made her way towards me she, kneeling in front of me she lent forward and took my cock slowly into her mouth she rolled her tongue around the ridge of my cock and then engulfed the tip she sucked hard which increased the pressure in my balls they ached and felt they were going to burst

Chapter Two of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt:

mature Smiler2000 2018-08-04

For example, if he came back to see his wife lying there spread wide open with my spunk leaking out of her dripping wet hairy horny well used slutty cum dump fanny, would he want to fuck her lying there so helpless and exposed like that! I started to lick the insides of her legs, teasing around her pussy lips, enjoying her wetness and in being in such close proximity to her beautiful hairy cunt. I said out loud: “Mmmmm fucking hell, Helen, the insides of you, you’re pink wet horny juicy aroused cunt, the best, so sexy, just so fucking beautiful, I can’t get enough of looking inside you, I want to be your gynaecologist and I want to fill you with my cum!”.

helen slut

mature manfed 2018-07-26

Helen drove for a while before stopping the car and crying her eyes out how could she have been so stupid he used her and she had let him even enjoyed it , he had done things to her no other guy had not even her husband . Dan stood behind her as he kissed Helen again " you fucking want this Helen admit it " Dan span her around and kissed her Helen felt hands on her breasts she was between two guys there hands all over her she wanted it to stop but could feel herself loosing the will to fight it she kissed dan back as she felt her jogging bottoms being pulled down her top was lifted off over her head ." show dan what a good cock sucker you are Helen " her head pushed down as dan removed his cock fro his pants .

Desert Heat - Part 13

mature jdwhitings 2018-07-25

I turned to Rosemary and asked if she really wished she had the chance to watch and even play with the young couple herself and she blushed, looked at Jerry and said it sounded exciting, so yeah, she’d wish she was there. Ginger wanted to know how they knew were we lived and I told her that I asked Helen if she and Tom would like come over and go skinny dipping with us this evening and when she said yes, I slipped her a piece of paper with our address and told her what time to come over. Ginger said she understood how they felt and then told them about the shoe store earlier in the day and Helen’s eyes were wide opened and asked if she really showed her pussy to a shoe salesman.

Wife wants a young lover

mature julestyne 2018-07-24

I had been trying to encourage her to fuck a younger man for some time now to no avail so I turned up the pressure again telling her that it would cheer her up and remind her that she’s still attractive to take a young stud and fuck him rigid while I watch and wank. I could see that she was starting to like the idea by the way she frigged herself energetically while I told her a story about it, dreaming up a hard pounding, heavy fucking, cumsplashing fantasy for her. After a while it looked like nothing more was going to happen until a slim guy, about 35 came up and stood beside her.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 19

mature Croozer 2018-07-22

With that, she sat up, pulled the waistband of my shorts down, and said, "Oh my...looks like you have some swelling here." She began to lightly stroke my penis and balls saying, "I think it's getting worse." I managed to get myself out of the t-shirt restraints, and cupped both of her breasts in my hands. I decided to shoot the moon, telling her, "Fine, Helen, if you really want to know, I dressed her this morning." She sat back on my legs, and with her eyes widened in excitement said, "OH MY fucking HOT is that??!!" She continued to lightly fondle me during this conversation, which made it even more special for me.

Helen the neighbour part two:

mature valandjayne 2018-06-28

I later found out that she was sat in a chair using one of Helen’s large dildo’s pleasuring herself, whilst watching Helen being licking her to a climax. My wife told Helen that I’d been honest with her and confessed to seeing Helen’s breast/body through the soaked and transparent T-shirt. Helen sensed me slowing the pace and said “no fu*k me hard” the wife never swears so this got me going and motivated, I thought right here we go. As soon as I withdrew from Helen the wife was over and began to sucking my dick licking off all Helen’s cum. The moment was enhanced by Helen she initially watched us screw whilst touching herself but then she came over and sat on my wifes face to be licked out.

Mature Intimacy - An Extraordinary Experience Few

mature goinstrong 2018-06-15

It was established the management team of the business project would be meeting multiple times over a period of months. Each time she shifted positions at the table, a shoulder strap would slip off the roundness of her upper body. NOTE: I am also a "cunt" man, as well as a "tit" man, so my thoughts drifted to what she looked like between her legs. Dinner came and went, and our conversation was becoming increasingly more detailed from a sexual point of view. For the duration of our 2nd business project meeting, she stayed in my room. From that point on, we were very business-like during the day, and very much "in love" after 5 o'clock.


mature 2018-06-14

Her husband Tom had not touched her tits properly for about 10 years now, and each love making (or one-sided satisfaction) was limited to only her pussy rubbing on his cock and him finishing the business within 5 minutes at most. Helen hasn't felt so good for a long time, and soon, she thought, she opened up her legs wider as she felt her first orgasm growing in probably 4 years. Helen soon realized the Thomas she loved so deeply was not the man pleasuring her, for Tom never ever fucked her so well, she thought. Greg spread her legs wider and rammed in hard and deep 5 times and slid his cock out suddenly, to the dismay of Helen.

My Neighbourly Fuck

mature 2018-06-08

Her ass bulged out from the lycra pants she wore and I could see some pee patches. "Hey James, I came to ask if I can borrow your lawn mower?" "Oh, then I was thinking, maybe you can have dinner here for letting me use your lawn mower. Helen was wearing her lycra pants again and a long sleeve shirt which outlined her perfect breasts. As I tried to get past her, I purposefully thrust my rock hard cock on her ass I let out a gasp and came in to her ass. As I sat on the couch, bare naked, with my cock still quite hard and erect. Helen came over and knelt infront of me, down on her knees.

Kate's descent - part 3

mature 2018-06-02

The video ends with Alan's hand over the end of his cock carefully stopping his cum from jetting all over the place so that he could take some naughty cum photos. Now, my dear Alan, take your cock in your favourite hand and show me you wank. " Helen leans over, still holding his cock and starts to lick his head. Helen moves over and puts her hand down between his legs and takes hold of his cock but this time, because of the position, her hand is reversed with her thumb and forefinger closest to his body. "Imagine, Alan, you're 69ing Kate with you on top and your cock's getting wanked like this.

Life after Divorce

mature 2018-05-28

“Hmmm I see your much bigger than my old man, I hope I am not too small for you” as she caressed my very prominent hard cock, rubbing her tiny hand up and down the shaft, pulled back gently on the skin; she took the wine glass and poured a little over the bulging head letting it run down and through her fingers, slowly putting it into her mouth. She involuntary tried to put a hand over her modesty, but gave up when I opened her legs and got down with my mouth and started to suck up all her sweet pussy juices, my tong paying extra attention to that lovely little clitoris that was now hard and as red as the dress she wore.

Young and Old...Part 2

mature submale34 2018-05-22

Smiling down at him, Helen pulled her panties away from her pussy and there it was, her young snatch inches from his face. Helen was wet, enjoying the look on Matt's face as he tongued her young pussy. That was the thing with old guys, a) they were really keen to please as it wasn't everyday they got the chance to enjoy a beautiful young lady and b) some of them, like Matt were pretty good at it too. "Mmmmmmm you dirty old fucker, lick that clit" Helen moaned out as his tongue attacked her. "That's it, look at you, licking my tight asshole" she said, enjoying her dirty talk, "tongue that hole, you dirty old fucker"....

Nudist Helen Part 2

mature funbeth 2018-05-22

We reached the part where it changed to nudist beach, I said ok we are here do you want to carry on, she looked at me, of course, when do we take our bikini’s off, I replied when ever you feel comfortable with it, at that she passed me her dogs lead put her bag down and took her bikini top off revealing her little boobs, she put her top in her bag and I went to pass the lead back to her but instead of grabbing the lead she grabbed her bottoms and took them off and put them in her bag, she stood up and I couldn’t help but look at her petite body completely naked, I said I take it you are ready then, she said come on Beth your turn, taking the two dogs off me, so I took my bikini off and pushed it in her bag, she looked at me and said oh my god Ron was right very sexy Beth, I shaved my pussy this morning so not to be the odd one out with a hairy one on the beach, I laughed and said not everyone is shaved its personal choice’ oh right never mind she said Dave likes it when I shave anyway smiling, shall we carry on,

In Praise of Older Women

mature daviea9 2018-05-21

While I munched my toast and drank my tea Helen sat on the edge of my bed and said that she was glad to have me to herself as she wanted to thank me for befriending Paul and said I’d helped him a lot in trying to cope with his father’s death. It was probably as well that we had to get up and go to Sunday lunch or I’m sure we would have shagged each other into a c*** and it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea for Paul to come home and find his mother and me in bed together.


mature 2018-05-17

I said:"Well, I got irritated at my mother tonight so I paddled her ass and ****d her and was thinking of doing the same thing to you, but you have been such a good girl I'll just give you a nice gentle fuck and make you come a couple of times. Helen said,"Oh my God, the thought of getting fucked by a big black teenage cock on my birthday is so exciting, I'll be thinking about it every day." I said,"Allen has probably got his big black cock in my mother right now, fucking her brains out. Helen said,"He put me down on the bed and pulled my panties off and told me he heard that I had a fantasy about getting fucked with a big black teenage cock.