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Arabian Tail

mature heaven684mike 2018-05-03

Then it came his velvet tongue lovingly lapped at my core my back arched my hands twisting in his hair my breath escaping me as he licked and sucked and delved in and out I could feel my pleasure mounting he pressed his fingers deep inside me one then two all the while his tounge playing me like a well tuned instrumant I wanted more so much more I needed more. I wnated to taste of him too, I somehow managed to get him to come up to me and I then began my own exploration of his exquisite body my tongue licked every ripple every curve stopping at each nipple to pay homage to their beauty.

The Horse Breeders

mature 2018-01-15

 Uncle Cabbot hired him back when he was fresh out of Princeton University.  Paul dedicated his life to the success of horse breeding and the business.  I haven’t seen so many women that flocked to one man about horses until I needed to talk to him though uncle Cabbot.  Desiree and Amy knew that I had to meet him. You’re all I thought about coming here” his grin, his lax posture and the way he slowly said all this he looked like a wolf that couldn’t wait to be fed.  “Imagine that, now I’m the one taming the hot headed horse”… We both sat down on the sofa at the same time.

My dad shocked me with my aunt

mature 2018-01-04

Like most boys I thought dad had the cock of a horse. I brought home my girl friend for Christmas and new years. Dad told me she looked good and how I should make her a good husband. My aunt (moms younger s****r) walks in and closes the door. Dad hooks the door from the inside. She is not like I have seen before, she gets undressed quick and lays on the bails. Dad walks over and lays his half limp cock on her belly. Dad did sa she ask, he sounded like the stud horse when he pumped cum in the mare. I have no idea, if you can watch this and want sex after, I worry you might do the same to me.

Fucking The Mature Rep-2.

mature toyboy2 2017-11-10

At this she unzipped my trousers and taking my by now very stiff cock in hand began to slowly wank it.She then knealt down and took it in her mouth swallowing it down deep.She sucked on it for what seemed like ages before telling me to lay down on the straw.I guessed she was going to ride me like one of her horses but wondered how as she still had her jodphurs on.As she straddled me i saw that their was a slit in the crotch area and she sat down easing my hard cock into her pussy.This was a fantastic sight and i knew she was happy as she said,