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Gloria's Glory

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-25

Still each morning she’d come out and look out into the tall grasses along with their plantings and still Gloria smiled, openly knowing only one man could make her feel this way, the man who came and took her away from the past. I so miss Jarrod she told herself as her arms reached out and her eyes closed as she felt the warm breeze hitting her in the face. She came running out and these two immediately took hold of one another, hugging long and hard, and finally kissing as if they’d just discovered the art of such a passionate art. She wondered and couldn’t wait to see, and feel, a man’s mouth and tongue inside her vagina.

The Uneventful Couple: Event #1 SEXerciser

mature flirtingbear 2018-11-23

Lying down naked on the conjugal bed, eyes closed, her head tilted back, Julie was gently pushing into herself a pink object that looked like a toy but was also a medical tool. Bruno had offered this therapeutic toy to Julie, because she wanted to tone her "pleasure muscles ", first to intensify her own orgasms but also to grab a better hold on Bruno’s cock and make him cum harder from the shear strength of her vagina. At the moment, Julie arched her back and her body stiffened under the intensity of the orgasm, Bruno felt his knees buckle and his sperm gush.

Valentine Confirmation

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-22

“Mmmmm,” she says looking into his eyes, “that’s a welcome surprise." She was smiling, he was too, and he grabbed hold of her, and hugged her firmly. “Dear… When was the last time I said you were a beautiful woman?” He went on and described everything, including her personality, and every last feature about her he thought described her and after he got so far, he stopped and read it all. “Oh come on now…don’t leave me hanging,” he told her and with that, she rolled over him, started kissing him crazily, and at the same time she found some way of taking off her bra.

A mature sexually unsatisfied

mature marcosurbina 2018-11-16

I must be honest and say  I took the job because I noticed the woman had a great body to fuck and the fact I've always liked matures.  This  one,  yet a little fat, had always caught my attention whenever I saw her around the town, or seen her walking in the streets.   Despite her age, she was cute, adorable, with large boobs   and an ass so splendorous, big and nice.   It made your  heart thump out of your chest.   She was always finely dressed   and perhaps attended regularly  to a  beauty parlor to make up her hair and have it painted red color.

Unsatified wife

mature bava12 2018-11-14

Eventually we watched for some time and we all were got high and Vinay came forward and asked me if they could see in real the private part of a women I was shocked I told them I don’t think it was right, but they assured me they would not speak a word to any one I was to scared and hesitant, I knew that one day this had to happen because this tour is meant to satisfy me. Adil replaced Imran and asked me to bend in a doggy position, I did he entered in my vagina giving me couple of stroked and then I don’t know how his penis pushed right inside my anus making me pain and cry out he didn’t stopped and I started to cry in pain.

Made Love To My Neighbour Priya In The Rain

mature bava12 2018-11-11

She said he will come late as the work load is more and he is the senior in the team then She went inside changed to a beautiful Punjabi dress and came back with 2 cups of coffee. She was having a bit pain but soon it became pleasure and I increased my speed then I asked her to come in missionary position and I turned her and again started pushing my hard cock inside her. After few minutes I turned her backwards and lay on her, cupped both her boobs in my hands and started fucking her from behind in her love hole while kissing her neck, tension started building in my balls and I came with a huge spurt of hot semen into her love hole.

First Time Experience With My Hot Aunty Pavitra

mature bava12 2018-11-10

She too lay upside down and I sat beside her on the bed and started applying oil on the right hip. She nodded and I sat on her ass which is spongy than the bed and applied oil on the hip and told her that the blouse and pallu is getting dirty by oil and asked her to remove that. I started massaging her whole hip and I rubbed my penis on her ass. And I massaged her whole back and told her that I am going to remove her bra hooks as it may get spoiled. I removed all my clothes and caressed her whole thighs and sat on her panty by inserting my penis in her ass crack.


mature marcosurbina 2018-11-07

Well, I no longer was a tight – assed woman, and didn’t resist this man spreading my legs wide, sat comfortably between my pussy and began to poke inside me, slowly, at the beginning, but smoothly, looking for easy way in, having some difficulties  -ten years without sexual intercourse, I said before. Michael didn't pause at thrusting my vagina, but what aroused me a lot more was his licking my fee, bringing me to the most savage orgasm, even better than the ones before with him.  My moans had become into laud screams uttered by the desperate mouth as Michael suddenly began to wriggle and shake cuming into me.   He finally took his penis out and asked to wipe it clean with my tongue.

A Hot Day In The Garden

mature anubis63 2018-11-05

Carole smiles and asks “Well Pete, do you like what you see?” “Yes” I hoarsely reply, and slip my fingers under each breast, squeezing between the sweaty flesh of her belly and the underside of her tits. Paul gives a long groan and Carole pulls back quickly, taking his cock from her mouth he shoots his second load of spunk onto her face, her tits and onto our hands. Finally with Paul and I standing in front of her, Carole opens her legs wide open and with her pussy hanging over the edge of the bench, she squeezes her fanny muscles forcing out my load of white sticky spunk, letting it drop onto the grass below.

Amazing Sexperience With My Married Cousin

mature bava12 2018-11-03

Gently pressing her boobs, I kept sucking her mouth. Sucking her lovely boobs, I put my hand inside her pyjamas. I went down and placed a kissed on her pussy. Once I was done eating her pussy, I took out my dick and placed it near her mouth. I kept fucking her in that position for some time before asking her to go on her knees. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked away my cum. After having our lunch, we went to the bedroom where we watched some hardcore porn and decided to try out all the positions they showed. By the time her husband arrived, she was looking more lively and plump.


mature 2018-10-05

With the heat in that room steadily rising though and driving good, common sense into hiding, it was not long at all before Owen's hand went upwards to claim one of his wife's big breasts. Inasmuch as she was still pressed up against her husband, Polly was very aware of the fact that his cock was fully erect and she reached behind herself for it without looking - unwilling to take her eyes off the sexy scene in the living room. He would not be so quick to come back to life as his son had been, but Gwen had a plan on how to get him good and hard once more and met him with a long, deep kiss before going down on her knees in front of him.

A Husband's Revenge Ch. 01 (A husband finds o

mature magas911 2018-10-04

After 8 years, you know your partners body both inside and out, and with my dick neither shrinking or growing, I knew how it fit in my wife's pussy; nice and tight. "No problem hon, I'll watch the k**s and make sure their in bed before you get back." Giving her a wink, I said, "maybe we can relax when you get home?" but with the look I got back, I knew that wasn't going to happen. "Fuck." Looking through the screen doors I could see my lovely and faithful wife sucking the largest, black dick I'd ever seen. I could tell by her initial gasp and the look on her face that it wasn't all pleasurable; as he continued to pound away she started to push back and meet his every thrust.

my friends mom

mature pcarter 2018-09-29

Mrs. Hudson, or Stacy, as she liked to be called, is 36, going to want to fuck her husband again after today. "It gets bigger baby." I placed her hand around my cock "Fuck baby, don't tease me like this!" So I flicked her I don't feel like going home back to my little "I'm going to fuck you in front of your husband. I want him to see a high school k** fuck his wife better 15 year old k** had a bigger dick and fucked his wife want your husband to see you get covered by my cum." Fuck me now!" So I shoved my cock deep into her again." She got on her knees and started sucking my cock

Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

mature 2018-09-24

At the same time my project got over and there was no project in line with that so this gave Rajesh a good opportunity to screw my life, one day before leaving office he called me in his cabin and informed me that as the workload has decreased so company has thought to remove some people and I am so sorry to tell your name is included in that. He then turned my face towards him and kissed my lips and said “this is trailer bitch there is a lot to come, you remember you insulted me once in office party and even slapped me.This time you are going to pay for your mistake.You will be my slave and I will be your master till the time we are here” I was frightened by this, I remembered the whole incident of slapping him and shiver went through my body.

Meeting Julie - First steps towards an adventure

mature carole-heather 2018-09-22

The response was absolutely unbelievable, a good number did not simply read what I had written and it was easy to see that what they wanted was a passing relationship. I started to get to like Julie a lot and we agreed to meet for a drink locally one evening, simply to chat and have an evening out. At the bar we sat together talking like old friends now, and every so often one or sometimes more men would come up and want to join us or buy us drinks. “OK let me think about” it I said and walked away, but deep down I knew that I liked the thought of Julie’s company and hey, who would turn down the chance of a day shopping?

Mature friends

mature military3205 2018-09-20

About a week later she stopped by again and we resumed our conversations and then she made small talk about the ribbons and badges on my Class B uniform. Being a horney person I agreed and said okay so she undid my belt and let my pants deep to my ankles and then lowered my boxers I have very little body hair and am naturally smooth and my wife and I enjoy shaved genitals. I came I her mouth and there was a small gag and then she was swallowing and just then her husband came over and came on the back of her head and in the back of my hands.

A Surprise Evening byCamillaHumby©

mature imranArif77 2018-09-10

He tells me to hold my hips up and slides his fingers inside the hose, holding it away from my skin, and then slices the hosiery with the razor-sharp knife until it splits away, filling the back seat with the aroma of lust provided by a woman who's waited way too long this evening for her husband's most intimate attention. I feel fingers fucking my ass, (dear, sweet Husband, please hurry!) two, then three, (I'm fucking his hand wildly) from somewhere a warm lubricant spills over my bottom (Oh, please, I beg you, please!) and I feel his sex tease the opening, the soft touch all around the rim, again, again, (You bastard, no more, its' ready, its' ready!) but I still feel the gentle, controlled stretch of the soft head (How does he control himself?) now, finally plundering (Yes!), first gently, then f***efully popping inside me.

My Wife and Patrick

mature tiger121685 2018-09-09

The next day she went to the kitchen and was making supper for them and Patrick came in and said hi and gave her a hug and while he was hugging her he grabbed her breast again. When he seen her come out of our room he opened his door for her, then he gave her a hug as soon as she came in and shut the door and grabbed her breasts but this time he laid a big kiss on her. The next day when she was making supper Patrick came in and gave her a hug and grab her bare breasts again and said he wanted her to come to his room again.

surprised him at the airport in a limo

mature julieg1 2018-09-08

We were only by City Island at this point (which isn’t that far from the Whitestone bridge) Off came my heels and the rest of my pants he kinda pushed me into a doggy position where I was facing the front of the car in the front seat of the back (of the limousine) I was looking out the same way as the driver about a foot and a half in back of him but staring at his face in the rear view mirror he knew what was going on but he tried to be as professional as possible and tried his damnedest to keep his eyes on the road.

fantasy of a mature woman

mature rextian 2018-09-06

My husband turned off the lights of the living room and when we went to the kitchen. It was then that the search for his ear could distinguish in the darkness , the silhouette of Carlos sitting on the living room sofa . "Let nothing be hard , asshole ," I said in my mind, " reaches out and invite him at once," and that I wanted to make , but deep Dig my husband, knowing that I wanted that third party and the proximity of to fulfill that youthful fantasy, I produced a second delicious orgasm. I tried to look up and stretch your hand over my husband 's shoulder , but suddenly he pulled away from me and pushed me gently toward the floor.

Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 1

mature pakimilf 2018-08-31

It was the end of August 2003 and my husband's son and my Step-Son who was 21 at that point completed his boarding school and returned home for a week. As the flight was Monday early morning, my husband wanted to fuck me Saturday night. I didn't have had sex for weeks and was horny myself but my husband was not able to give me any orgasm and after a few minutes he cummed inside me. I thought I had a dream but my step son later told me that it wasnt a dream, he was kissing my forehead as it was on his shoulder/breast.

From Erotic Photoshoot to being a Dad!!

mature pmason 2018-08-31

Last summer (about 4years ago), I was asked by a couple in their 30s to take some pictures of them together. After we had finished the shoot the husband could see that I was really turned on and he asked his wife if she would help me out!! I fucked her two or three times every night with her husband kissing her and sucking her nipples and making absolutely sure she had some great orgasms. Very happy to say that nine months later a beautiful baby girl was born and they asked me to be the Godfather. A couple of weeks ago we got an anal hook and have been having some great fun with that!!

The rehearsal dinner pt 2

mature 2018-08-27

I could feel Greg's cock start to swell I knew he was close to filling my pussy with his cum. When I felt his cum start to fill my pussy I had a giant orgasm when we were done Greg had me clean his cock off with my mouth. As I walked back to the reception Greg walked out of the shadows he grab me by the waste and pulled me close we started kissing he told me that he always had a fantasy of being with a woman that had big tits. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it I stripped down naked and played with my tits and pussy.

How it all started......

mature wifesnicenips 2018-08-27

At one point my husband said thanks guys we have to go, going back to our room to to tit fuck and he smiled they both laughed and jokingly said can we come....I don't think they were joking. The guy in my ass started to moan and said to late, he pulled out, I rolled off my straddle position on big dick, he ripped off his condom and jerked off all over my tits it was a big load and i loved seeing how much it pleasured him, he kept saying you love this you little bitch, you love this bitch don't you....and i did.