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My Sexy Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

mature floridaguy2001 2018-12-01

“Oh Matt I wish I was there sucking your big cock, licking it up and down, then taking the head into my mouth slowly. “Oh Matt baby fuck my ass.” “Oh yes baby fuck mommy good I want all your cock, I want all your hot cum inside me.” Instead she looked at the passenger in the truck then slowly pushed her head down on my lap and took my cock in her mouth. “Oh Matt please fuck me with your big beautiful cock baby.” As I said this Carol was sitting there riding my cock, her head was thrown back fucking me hard. I handed the phone back to Carol and I continued fucking her as she made small talk with John.

My Sexy Mother-In-Law

mature floridaguy2001 2018-12-01

She then pulled her hand away and slowly pushed her ass back a little more making sure my cock was wedged deep inside her crevice. She lined up my head and aimed it at her pussy and slowly she started to push her ass back as my cock gradually entered her warm vagina. My father-in-law had the radio on; thank god, he couldn't hear her moan as I pushed my cock deep inside. Carol started to really fuck me hard you could hear her pussy slapping down on my cock. I then took my cock and slapped her ass a couple of times with it before roughly inserting it deep into her pussy.

future mother in law

mature flash 2018-11-04

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