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Hospital Hijinks – Finale

mature PhilAnders 2018-12-03

Edna placed one hand on my flaccid cock and began to rub it ever so softly and tenderly, while I raised my head and began kissing and licking her perfectly formed tits. “Let’s make the most of that hour,” Edna said, as she stroked my cock until it became rigid, at which point, she mounted it in the cowgirl position and began to fuck it like a cowgirl gone wild. We fucked for the entire hour, during which both of us enjoyed earth-shaking orgasms, rested for a few moments, then fucked again, again and again, until our time was used up and I had to return to my ward to be prepped for my surgery early the next morning.

Little Montana Lodge

mature misteryme 2018-12-02

After drinking a lot of water I went to the dance floor with Ken and we started dancing to rave music for a while. “You know I’ve wanted you for so long now, to play with my fingers in your hair, to look into your eyes, touch your lips with mine and feel your body naked to mine. After sipping some coffee he said, “I know, but what they don’t know, is that I am free as a bird.” We went back inside and sat at the table. I worked at the lodge for a few more weeks, had ecstasy twice after Hein, to calm me and just for the fun of it, then I asked my boss if Ken could take over, because I taught him all he needed know.

Mom And Her New Office Mate

mature bava12 2018-11-28

Next day mom came home said we are going to outing with mahesh uncle as he bought a new car so he is treating us in Goa. Morning mahesh said we are going to some other place by train we got into train there was full of rush he told mom to stay close. Later she moved by Rush mahesh and me were seeing that few people enjoying her body and mahesh told I know u saw us from window. She said okay sunder slowly moving his hands mom said by mistake mahesh pushed her to sunder. Later we reached fort and saw from there we came back to my native mahesh comes every week used to fuck my mom …all they way.

A Very Good Friend

mature scottsmith1717 2018-11-23

“Ok,” began Darryl as he put the limo in park, “Ms. Lynora said to go straight to the bar and ask for Danny. “I saw this same dress online and put it to my wish list,” the woman said, adding, “You look so gorgeous in it.” She gently brushed Caty’s arm and let her hand briefly touch the garment, as if taking tactile inventory of the fabric. Caty was slightly disappointed as she was enjoying the time with Gwen, but she wanted to honor Lynora’s itinerary as the thought and effort invested was apparent. Sweeping her up in his strong arms in a swift, singular motion, McGregor whisked Caty off to the large bed, and laid her out like he was getting ready to do some work.

Perfect Strangers

mature misteryme 2018-11-21

Jay then ran the tip of his tongue back to the center of her chest, then slowly licked down across her skin, along her stomach, delicately circling her belly button. She could feel the tip of his tongue sliding delicately between her pussy lips, barely between them as he started to slid it up and down between them. She grabbed his hair, pulling his face into her pussy; as she orgasmed he slid his tongue deep inside her, relishing her juices. After what felt like an eternity he was fully inside her and she started to slowly move up and down, sliding his hard cock in and out of her.

Made Love To My Neighbour Priya In The Rain

mature bava12 2018-11-11

She said he will come late as the work load is more and he is the senior in the team then She went inside changed to a beautiful Punjabi dress and came back with 2 cups of coffee. She was having a bit pain but soon it became pleasure and I increased my speed then I asked her to come in missionary position and I turned her and again started pushing my hard cock inside her. After few minutes I turned her backwards and lay on her, cupped both her boobs in my hands and started fucking her from behind in her love hole while kissing her neck, tension started building in my balls and I came with a huge spurt of hot semen into her love hole.

The Librarian: Part 2

mature Handydandy14 2018-11-11

My dick was growing inside my shorts and I knew Sloane had to have noticed but she wasn't saying anything. After another moment of laying on the ground with Sloane's tits on my chest, we both got up and tried to act like that wasn't the most embarrassing thing that has happened to either of us at a library before. I wanted to show Sloane I wasn't some college douche that was only intrigued by her body, but that I was really invested in getting to know her as a person. Sloane, with a dazed look on her face, smiled, and I knew she'd enjoyed every second of being thoroughly cream-pied by a young black man. 

Hospital Hijinks – Part 3

mature PhilAnders 2018-11-08

When she felt it, she raised her hand to her lips, licked my juice off, and swallowed it after savoring it on her tongue for a few seconds. Hunching forward and down to my cock Edna said, “I want you to shoot your hot load in my mouth and down my throat.” Then she put the head of my cock between her lips and began sucking on it while pumping it harder and faster until my cum exploded into her like hot lava erupting from a volcano. Edna milked my dick with her lips and hands, extracting every drop of my cum into her mouth. After more kisses, Edna said, “But the next time I want it in my pussy.”

A younger man for Lansette

mature misteryme 2018-11-04

“No!” she said, “Its just that I did not think you would want to dangle out with a mature woman.” “OH MY,” Lansette gasped as Mitch pushed a finger deep inside her at the same moment he started to snack on her flash point. He knew just by performing oral attention on her inner thighs, clitoris and especially on her labia, he would likely get her relaxed and wet. He felt it as she got wetter and he heard the squishing, sponge like sounds as he went faster and harder with his fingers on her g-spot. She had cum for him countless times and Mitch was considering having many more such DVD evenings with her, the lovely, sexy and multi-orgasmic Lansette.

Wisconsin Ranger PT3

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-01

I’m supposed to be sweet and kind to you and Marcus honey, it is hard as heck not to be sweet on you.” We looked at each other and she went on to say “Personally speaking I lay in bed with you anywhere honey and heck dear, I could show you a thing or two but as we know that isn’t ever going to happen is it? “Ooooooohh, now that sounds like an interesting question doesn’t it Theresa?” Vanessa said in one of her playful voices I’ve heard before.

Blow job Beginner

mature jabig6 2018-10-02

To my dismay I figured she wasn't going to let me get anything for a few more dates. I finally got her clothes off as well and proceeded to lick her from head to toe. We made it onto my bed and I gave her a few more kisses before she finally started creeping down my body to put her quivering wet lips around my cock. She asked what to do and I put my hand on her head and told her to just let her tongue and lips do the work. Finally after I had stopped she continued to rub and lick at my dick for another few minutes.

“fun with neighbour married lady

mature 2018-10-01

as i closed every thing she came close to me and hugged so tightly, restlesy she she was rubbing my back i was completely surprised never experienced this tipe hus and lst from wife in 4 years of marraige.while kissing i pushed her against wall i stated kissing her..she responded with more passion it was like she was about to eath my tongue and lips.honestly i was out of mind by experiancing her passion this continues for 20-30 minutes.then i placed my left hand on her pussy wow what a kiss and tight hug that time , slowly i started pulling her nighty up side when i placed my palm on her pussy that was completely wet..i inserted my middle finger in pussy as i instertedd she moaned heavily and bite my neck after playing from few minutes with fingers without saying anything she slept on floor it self and whisper not possible to stand and took me in her legs

tired, busy day...

mature bikonja 2018-09-28

Then I started to hear TV sound and woke up...she was under the blanket, giving head...her mouth were all over my cock..slowly playing with it, like it's lolly pop..slowly and fully....not that porn stuff you can see...she was eating it, enjoying it...I stroked her hair...grabbed her ass and said.. she played with it, eat it, lick head, her mouth were full of my cock.....she looks simply beautiful... nothing exists anymore, in this moment feel only bliss...cum outing my cock into her mouth,...dripping down her lips and tongue, onto my cock and balls.....she licks my head...I cant stand that, arching and pulling her away...she grabbed her breasts and massage my cock, gathering all cum...she spreads it all around her breasts, massaging and kissing her nipples....

My s****r in law

mature cruiserjohn 2018-09-26

Jenny said she had a surprise for me and went into the bathroom in the meantime my phone rang it was my boss wanting to no something. After a few minutes we changed positions and with me on my back Jenny took control and slid down onto my cock and rode me slowly till i was close again then slid off and she slowly played with my cock and balls till i settled again this women knew how to please her man and let me tell you all i was very pleased with this.

Mature indian rohini like big white cock

mature cuteb0y25 2018-09-26

While kissing I slowly went towards her boobs and started pressing them and then I can hear a soft moan from her mouth ahhh. Slowly I went to her tummy and kissing her soft belly and I could feel the heat coming out her body. She then went down and started touching my dick and took it in her mouth and gave me nice blowjob after 10 mins she said I can’t wait anymore, tear this mature pussy and fill my hunger of sex. I got up and found a bottle of oil and pour some oil on my dick and put some on her ass to make it soft and started continuing finger her ass… her moans was getting louder and louder ohhh and started fucking her ass and after 20mins I shot my loads in her ass.

we got caught.

mature huezo 2018-09-23

she starts kissing my chest down down to my stomach as i’m just letting her have her way with me she then pulls my pants off and her panties climbs over opening her beautiful thick long legs grabs my dick starts to introduce to her tight pussy and Ok slowly starts riding up and down…moves sexy body forward backwards i had my hands on her thighs moving my way to her voluptuous big beautiful firm breast with her hands on my chest making noises of pleasure satisfaction as we both enjoy our moment of passion lust with out a care in the world. Mother: but son she’s your auntie norma,

The Return

mature Rampant26 2018-09-22

Gently licking and teasing she raised herself up so her ample breasts caught my cock inbetween them and went back to suck it a little. She grinds away and moves back upright where I reach around and grope her breasts then slowly caress my way down to her clit where I start to rub and feel her juices flow out. She started to shudder then quickly pulled off of me and grab my cock and led me through the corridor and stopped outside her bedroom and went on all fours. Knowing what she wanted i knelt down and guided my cock in her and quickly pounded away at her pussy with a bit of spanking and hair pulling.

Tasty Teacher

mature sidhuputt 2018-09-19

I told her that I love you too and at that time she said that she will meet me at the school terrace tomorrow after my last lecture. She came towards me and started kissing me passionately on my lips and I was responding to her and massaging her ass. Then we got onto the mattress and she took of my pant and shirt and started sucking my dick like a mad dog. Then I pulled her boobs towards my face and started sucking them and was at the same time massaging her ass and making it bounces on my dick. I started moving my cock a bit inside her ass slowly.

Father-In-Law Made Me His Slut

mature altaff143 2018-09-18

Omana looked at him in a very nervous way.FIL slowly took his time and then in a rapid surge plunged his cock inside.Omana made a loud shriek when he broke her hymen,as if he was being stabbed.The bl**d was coming from her pussy and was flowing outside.I could understand her pain as no virgin can take an 21 cm thick cock of my FIL.After that initial shriek,she became a bit hysteric,she started pushing FIL from her and beating and scratching him.FIL held her hand tights with his hand..After all she was around 5′ 5″ and FIL was above 6 feet and built strong.He waited for her thrashing to die down.

Seducing Alfred

mature 2018-09-17

“Thank you for driving me home,” he said looking at me with those damn big eyes. We started kissing again and I reached down to open his pants but he had already freed his cock. I climbed on top of him and started rubbing that plum-sized cock head over my clit and swollen pussy lips. My blond hair was in my face as I held his neck and shoulders and started working down on that monster cock. I started a long continuous orgasm and he worked into me in a way I never felt before. I felt him tense and then huge floods of hot thick cum started filling my uterus and his cock was pulsing.

Wanting to see Wife Fuck Strangers Cock pt3

mature ranger_ 2018-09-17

Arriving home,Sue went straight up to the bedroom and i followed,i need a shower she said,come here i said and again embraced her kissing her deep,as pressed against her i could feel my errect cock pressing against her.We were at the foot of the bed and i turned her laying her on her back on the bed.Sue said let me shower i just said shush and began unbuttoning her dress,she lay there in the open dress her tits looked great in her sexy bra her nipples again errect.I slid down her and pulled off her lacy white panties she had brought as spares.I glanced at the gusset and seen a dried cream patch of seamen,quickly stripping i parted Sue's legs kneeling up between her thighs pushing them apart asi did.Her pussy looked moisted as i moved my cock toward it,i noticed a glob of juice at the base of her slit.

I Always Want Her

mature sidhuputt 2018-09-17

Back home, I kept thinking about what Ajay up to was ignoring a wife like Sangita I mean and she came very close to being a perfect wife – beautiful, voluptuous, dedicated, educated and very smart and open – what else does one need? I don’t know, and I regret it too I said I started playing with her inner thighs with my hands, and with her right boob with my tongue and teeth. You didn't get it when I said, you don’t know what you are missing” She winked, sat up a little bit, held my schlong and almost pulled it to her pussy.

Sunrise Apartment Complex

mature hotjohn1234 2018-09-06

Today as John does every Wednesday; he is loading up his old pickup to go work on his cabin and then the woman from unit 100 walks by in a sundress that well does not cover much. John thinks, okay she asked for it and she just might get more than she wants “Well I am going to work on my country home so if the offer is for real get in and you can come along to HELP like you offered." John rolls Nancy over and looks into her eyes deep and she smiles and reaches up, arms around his neck and pulls.


mature fluffywife 2018-09-05

Chuck and I spoke on the phone he told me about the shower and about how one night at our house we had a party Sara went to bed d***k and he went in to say good night and sucked her tits and made out with her when I was in the other room. I went into the bathroom and tried on one out fit on for him and he didn’t like it and told me to try another and I did I tried on 4 or 5 outfits till he liked one he sat t the corner of the bed rubbing his dick and looking at me commenting on my belly,tits,and ass.