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A Very Private Inauguration

mature sparktj 2018-12-01

She kissed me hard and gave me a lovely warm smile of recognition, then turned her attention to John to ensure he didn't feel left out. I looked down at John playing with me, smiled at him and said I thought that Diane needed cock urgently. I wanted more of her orally so went back down and ate her out long and hard, loving her noisy, intense and messy orgasms while I made a complete pig of myself between her soft thighs. Within a week or so of signing up to KIK I received a message from Diane, in which she introduced herself, telling me she was deeply frustrated sexually and that I'd shown her respect and paid attention to her needs.

His Former Teacher PT2

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-10

“I know what I want,” she said, as her half naked body walked away from the window. “Wow, look at you?” he said, his eyes showing what he meant as she walked out wearing nothing but a blouse and a smile. She’d stand up and change positions and try and look desirous, and she did in his opinion, and he snapped picture after picture of her as her large breasts showed every example of how gorgeous they actually could be. As he snapped pictures, she’d smile, change positions, and make Harrison all the more horny and possibly her too. She pulled him to her lips, looked into his eyes and told him, “I need to kiss you.

Intriguing Marshall PT2

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-10

Yes her mama, like Maxine, was quite the attractive woman for sure, and Maxine cut in with “You and daddy, did you two play around before you were married mama?” and her mama smiled, nodding her head, and offering her daughter a sweet and loving look as she did. He looked at her and dreamt of women all over the country he’d seen, such as Maxine, and though he didn’t know she was Maxine’s mother he still felt possessed by her looming attractive features, which overtook his thoughts. As he walked out the front door he said to no one in particular “Gotta go find the woman I really think I love.” As he rode away she rode towards the house herself and thankfully her mama had heard the horse as it came closer and closer to the home.

She sells seashells by the seashore

mature flyboyB4 2018-11-07

I wiped her arms, took her hand up to my mouth, kissed her palms, (finally noticed her beautiful French manicured nails) continued to dry her   neck, chest, her wonderous tits, flat stomach, strong firm legs, ass, and finally to her pussy with her pussy hair wet and dripping. She came to the side of the bed, looked down at my engorged cock, lifted her leg to straddle me, guided my cock into her waiting pussy, and lowered herself on to my stiff cock, licked her lips and said, “Here we go.”   She proceeded to raise and lower herself on my cock, with both arms extended on either side of my chest and rode me with delicious moans and whimpers.

Surprise Waiting, ch. 3

mature tfrakes 2018-11-06

My life had changed so dramatically since that day the voice on the phone said simply, “Hi.” Prior to that I knew I loved Amie, but the age difference was likely to get in the way of any lasting relationship. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found a man who loves me, respects me, wants me to be the best person possible, and who pleases me sexually with an intensity I never knew possible.” Then she paused, looking into my eyes. I think I managed to mumble something about needing to actually have some sperm left to make a baby, but I don’t remember how much of that I actually spoke before she plunged my now rock-hard cock slowly into her mouth.

A Second Trip to See Miss Cynthia

mature JefferyB 2018-10-31

Still holding on to his tie she looked into his eyes and said, “I’m so very happy to see you and I don’t mind saying that I’m not disappointed to see you without Laura.” Her other hand ran down the lapel of his jacket and she said, “I assume the things that you bought here on your last visit were satisfactory.” In a soft and sexy voice she said, “This nightie is called ‘Clouds’ because it gives you the impression that the body is touched by nothing but sheer, white clouds that you could just blow away.” She noticed that he had taken off his jacket and had it draped over his lap in an attempt to hide the bulge.

History of Auntie

mature 2018-08-10

One night while driving her home, she steered the conversation towards my youth and said she noticed I was always watching her when I was younger, much like I watched her now (she still wore dresses and skirts a lot). She let me keep the teddy, gave me a long sensual kiss, and went into her house, leaving me with a sexy teddy, a raging hard-on and time to pull into a dark alley nearby and take care of business and did I ever soak her teddy. It's been about 4 years now since I last talked to Auntie, she is married again...and I have my career to work on.

Mom’s pantyhose.

mature pup1234 2018-07-14

I just sat there with a stunned look on my face and mom reminded me of the time she caught me looking at her and how she knew I had been dressing up and then she told me why she didn’t tell anybody about it, not even my father, was because it excited her to think how turned on I was getting by her underwear. Mom sat back as she watched the show as I undressed and redressed in my lingerie, when I had finished she told me how great I looked and she indicated for me to stand in front of her, she started to rub her hands all over me whilst giving me little kisses from my garter belt to my neck, she then took hold of my engorged cock and slowly wanked me as we deeply kissed once again.

I Love A Man To Masturbate n My Lingerie

mature 2018-06-04

I enjoy it when a sexy man watches me parade around in sexy lingerie, teasing him with the soft silk of the fabric watching him get stiff as I trace his body with the touch of lace. I feel so powerful as I slip off each article of clothing and toss it along his body. We quickly found out that we shared the same desire for lingerie and lace fantasy. I proposed my fantasy to him by asking him if he would be willing to accompany me to a well known lingerie shop. I would undress and carefully package my lingerie to mail to him. Then video himself masturbating to the feel of my lingerie.

Silent Auction Night - Bidding For Me

mature PornMom 2018-05-18

I had on some high wedges to make my calves look shapelier and a kick ass new demi bra to compliment the thong I was wearing. My abs are rock hard and my tits look pretty good behind a nice bra. Rising off the chair I turned my ass to him as I stood in a bra, a skirt, and heels. Hands lingered on my ass cheeks a bit longer than I expected but I had a bit of a buzz on and I liked the guy. The skirt slid down my legs and as I prepared to turn and face him, I felt his fingers lightly brushing my ass down my legs over the back of my thighs.

My first threesome.

mature billieearls 2018-03-04

My lover and I just finished sucking each off and were laying next to each just talking and he ask if I had any fantasy's and I said I like dressing in lingerie. My lover Ray walked in then and saw her stroking my face and asked her did you want to join use. She told me she wanted to see me sucking Ray and I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. Mean while Ray and her were kissing and stroking my head, then she pulled me off his cock and lifted her skirt, she was wearing white panties and she pulled my face into her.

Lingerie Shopping

mature bowser23 2018-01-04

“Yes, sir.” “Yes, sir.” How does the color compare with my skin, sir?” I think that we may be able to arrange something.” She quickly grabbed several gown sets off the rack and led me to the front of the dressing room area. “What do you think, sir?” She slowly turned, allowing me to see the gown from every direction. My partner has marked the dressing room area as closed for the next few moments, and, well, frankly, sir, I’m a bit randy, too.” She stepped closer to me so that her breasts were brushing against my chest. Very interested and very willing.” I lowered my face until our lips were touching.