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Meeting A Fan 2016

mature 2018-10-04

"Work," answered John , I'm a plumber from Chorley, got a big B & B job on, so am staying nearby in a hotel on St Chad's Road, means I cancrack on early and stay later if I must." He looked at me shaking his head,I still cannot believe I'm stood actually talking to A.J., A.J. her bl**dy self!" I smiled again marvelling at his obvious excitement in just meeting me, " Look," he continued, " I have to get back now, was just having a stroll in this lovely weather, but can we get a drink together tonight?"

My sexy Translator

mature ayd2001tr 2018-09-18

She thanked me and with a big smile surprisingly said that: But you didn’t checked my legs and boobs at the meeting you were very concentrated on the negotiation. I said no it is a new thing, I want her to join me at my one week on South France trip to help me to communicate with the locals. She said you were going to slow I had to do something to make things faster then I grasp her beautiful hips and pull her on my laps she was unzipping my pants I was unbuttoning her blouse. She said I cant wait for it and she sat on my laps help my dick to find her pussy.

Fun After Flu

mature stimslut 2018-09-14

Tribbing is real world Lesbianism, red in tooth 'n' claw and it's become Wifey's most favourite thing to watch when she wants to cum. With a wet 'shucking' sound it slipped snugly home, now I was ready to be pleasured.My cock swung heavily from side to side as with pounding heart I positioned myself between Wifey's wide open legs. The swinging breasts tipped with erect nipples, those gorgeous parted buttocks, my hand cradling one cheek with my thumb buried right inside her tight little bum hole, the sight of her pussy open and wet, only inches above my face, the scent of her saliva on my skin, the dizzying smell of her c**t.

More Sharing Fun

mature modelmaker 2018-08-29

"Maybe a bit to fast love" I said as I slipped my dick into her cunt and started to fuck her."Let me have a chat with him and see if he's interested" She was lovely and wet and she clearly fancied a fuck with this guy so I was determined to set it up. They went at it like rutting a****ls, the sounds and smells were amazing and my dick was soo hard I had to stop wanking as I didn't want to cum 'till they'd finished. Now it was my turn and believe me it was delicious, I started with him and sucked all the cum off his dick 'till he was clean, he was too tired to object, and he said afterwards it was a first but it was good.

Sneaking out

mature mj8319 2018-08-28

He kissed me and slid his hand up my inner thigh, feeling the top of my stockings. We met drove to a very secluded spot, and he stopped the car and leant across and kissed me, very gently, dipping his tongue into my mouth. We got in the back of the car and he ran his hand up my leg, this time going further. Oh, it felt so good, and I was so wet as he took his fingers out and sucked on them. God the feeling was so intense, I needed his tongue and fingers in me. I started to ride him and orgasmed near enough immediately, his cock was wet from me and he was still fucking me as I came again.

Mum's boy

mature harveydog 2018-08-25

My nipples tingled and I felt my pussy developing, I moved to the bed, "Can I feel it, darling It looks just like your father's!" He didn't say anything and, as I approached the bed, I reached out and wrapped my hand round the shaft. "Can you feel that little hard bit there" He murmured "Yes." "That's what is called a woman's clitoris and is the most sensitive part, if you can touch a girl there in the right way, you'll almost certainly be able to make love to her!" I went on, "In fact, if you touch me there some more, Mummy will let you put your cock in, would you like that" "Oh yes Mum!" he replied fervently.

When I was a Babysitter

mature 2018-08-18

I ate his cock beautifully, sliding around on it with my hair touching his body..he moaned at me to take the lot and I just wanted him to come so I started sucking real hard and deep...he blew as he pulled my messy hair and fucked it so hard into my mouth that my throat hurt. Paul was driving me home because Therese had to take the k**s to sport and he had to drop in and pick his mate Rick up as they were going fishing. Rick was a big guy, hairy face and body, he was nice and happy to look at but had a mouth that was dirty.

Brief sex 04 - Old Mrs.

mature 2018-07-12

at that time I did not like the guys yet. a couple but that was too far, and a woman who announced she thought the color longer young .. But always curious and especially loving mature women .. And she added that a young person like me it would do him good. probably a little dog. my face marked my disappointment .. you told me honestly I'm not disappointed, "I lied. within a single woman but not an old maid .. I had a little trouble to make him open his legs so that I graze her pussy .. So much so we made love all night and the next day .. I finally learned that she had ended her life ..

A hungry Widow Is In My Neighborhood

mature bigdick2012h 2018-07-02

I told her that I could not resist of touching after seeing her in nighty and asked her to forgive me or punish if she want and begged her not to tell her anybody. She got up took my both hand and asked me " Are you a virgin?" I shook my head. I got some courage and removed the buttons of her nighty and found the two lovely mangoes and started to squeezing. She asked me to take it in my mouth and I obeyed her command and sucked it and she moaned and caressing my dick which is ready to come. While seeing that she moaned and asked me to fuck and opened her legs for me.

The Beauty of Large Breasts

mature viagraman 2018-07-01

Last summer after a great day on the beach followed by a good meal in the hotel with probably rather too much to drink, Richard kind of hinted at a wife swap. 'I've always admired your figure and wanted to feel your breasts' I said as I put my hand under them and stroked them. Our love making was gentle with me on top looking down at her breasts which slipped off her chest on either side. Within a few moments I was fully erect and just looking at her lovely breasts made me so excited that I shot my cum all over them. To see her breasts coated in my cum was just lovely and I think Sarah enjoyed my excitement.

Miss Quincy - Part 3

mature 2018-06-09

Miss Quincy had been giving me that look that I had come to to recognize as her well hidden lustful thoughts disguised!We were turning in our tests as the bell ending class rang, I hung back as my class mates exited the room.She cleared her throat and said,I have been having this crazy fantasy in my dreams.When everyone goes to the gymnasium for the pep rally at the end of the day,I want you to meet me here in my room and I'll tell you all about it!


mature BADBONE 2018-04-22

Jane looked at me, placed a hand on my bare leg and said, very quietly and deliberately "well, from what I heard first thing this morning, at least you and your wife make good use of your bed". "Tim" she said, "I wasn't embarrassed, I just wish David had been around to hear your lovemaking, then it might have spurred him on to satisfy my needs instead of leaving me for his bl**dy fishing!" This little outburst had clearly come from deep within her and I couldn't help putting my arm around her. Badly in need of sex after hearing us fucking that morning, and already attracted to me, Jane told me that she had set about preparing herself and her bed in the hope that we'd get more intimately acquainted once I got back from the train station.

supermarket suprise !

mature tantr23 2018-03-15

sukking her erect clit.....squeezing and squashing her georgeous knockers ...tweaking,pinching her huge titips.....soon she gets astride me facing my feet....I watch as she guides my throbbing bell end between her creemy, pearlypink feels soooo good as she slides oh sooo slowly down onto my big,stiff,thick she's moving fukking me....rolling her hips...switching back'n'forth...her juice pouring allover my nuts....I can see everything in the mirrors.....her glorious tits bouncing .....arse jiggling as she moves faster...the lovely slishy sloshy slurpy sound of fukking ...her fukcreem soaking me....we both panting,groaning with pure lust....'where do you want my spunk darling 'I ask (coz I'm getting ready to shoot....)....she's too excited to answer but just gets back to 69 ..

The New Woman -Part 1

mature NipSuckerr 2018-03-15

So, I replied, " I'm not sure I just moved here from L.A." She stayed a few seconds and began to look into my eyes and the glare of the sun behind her, made her red locks of hair glow like a beautiful star. All I could imagine was how lovely she must have looked sun bathing next to the aqua blue waters and kicking up some of the white sand bedding her luscious body. Asked, if she would stay for lunch and she shook her head agreeably and her eyes began to set on mine as if she wanted me too. I wanted to fuck her with her legs on my shoulders, so, that I could see her beautiful eyes and face.

Mature Dating UK............Part 1

mature jamesandrews 2018-03-02

The next day there was a reply back from her saying that she was delighted to meet me and would I like swopping phone numbers so that she could ring me and chat over the phone which she preferred to exchanging messages. we both said things like travel and weekends away and then she surprised me by saying she missed the kisses and cuddles of someone special. She led me into a lovely comfortable bedroom with a kingsize bed that had a fluffy duvet and loads of pillows she told me to undress as she watched as once i had she pulled me closer and taking hold of my cock started to suck me.

My first mature lady

mature 2018-02-13

Oh yes , I love stockings, I slowly removed her panties, to reveal a very hairy ginger vagina, I am soaking hunni, my fingers explored, her vagina, finding her cliteros, and anus, oh babe do not stop I am going to come, she gushed. I took my clothes of , while she removed her bra showing her lovely big breasts, will her nipples like large cherries, oh yes suck them baby , I sucked her nipples while she explored my penis, and anus , lie back , she , went down on my penis, I swung her legs round so her vagina was in my face , we went on for a age , he coming in my face.

Fun with a friend

mature 2018-02-01

She turns on the little radio to a station that is playing some soft music, then picks up her glass and finishes off the remains of her wine before handing it back to Greg for a refill. A tiny little ping resounds in the room as she places the pins on the dresser and reaches back up to slip her fingers through her long blond tresses, combing the soft shiny curls into a very sexy disheveled look. Turning around to face Greg again, Lisa balances herself and bends from her side to slip off her sandals before she slowly and seductively dances closer to the bed and takes the wineglass that is forgotten in Greg's hand.

Steamy night 15/8/13

mature kwickmeister 2018-01-31

I was leaning forward at the time getting a sneaky look between her legs every time she looked away or closed her eyes. I was looking every part of that body up and down from her lovely legs to them boobs. I leant forward a few times to get a better look in the low cut top area at her cleavage, and the side boob was teriffic. As I was leaning forward she decided to get up again, and this was the best bit, because of the angle she was sitting she had to face her body towards me and slide off seat to stand up. As I was looking in her direction that low cut bikin top and cleavage came to within an inch of my face.

brother and sister

mature emma44bill 2018-01-23

It was about 19.00hrs when we eventually got into the Apartment, it was clean and presentable, it had everything you need but for one thing, one bedroom and only one bed, and to make it even more testing, a double at that, “well s*s, I will take the bed and you can have the sofa” “ho no, it is my holiday, you have the sofa and I will have the bed” she said and I shook my head, “no, no” I joked, me bed you bed” “what” she asked, “well neither one of us can sl**p on the sofa for a week, let’s just make the best of a bad thing” I said and she looked down at the bed, then back to me, “ok, but it is going to be a little difficult sharing” she said, “yes, but I am sure we can do this for a week” I laughed, “well you have to keep your hands to yourself” she joked, we got changed into something that more resembles holiday retire and went to a restaurant, it was about 23.00hrs when we got back so we took a wash and cleaned our teeth then got into bed, we kept our distant all night.

black male help indian lady

mature cuteb0y25 2018-01-16

I laughed and I said try that next time and she removed and I was fully erect and she started stroking, my dick is 9.5 inch when fully erect ( as a black guy, we are blessed down there even though its not all of us) she put it in her mouth and man she was really good on blowjob even though I have seen some better woman she was great she was trying to deep throat but I guess she had a Gag-Reflex and my cock was long and big she was making sounds.

I'd Do It For You

mature Exakta66 2018-01-11

Found your friends and took your seat, Time passed quickly as we continued to talk, Knowing soon we’d meet again, I can’t help but think of how good you look, I can’t help but think how good it feels, We talk as I stare at your pretty face, I want my time with you to continue, As we danced away the evening, We kissed and touched that lovely night, I continue with my soft kisses, I slowly enter your waiting canal, Soon I start to pound, Like partners in the perfect crime. Like two ships that pass in the night, Like two ships that pass in the night, We shared this special lover’s dance. A privileged dance few people share,

my mother in law

mature pussyheart 2017-12-17

so away i went around this mornind to set the tv up i let myself in as iv got a key to her house,i walked in to find her in a pair of short shorts and a very low cut teeshirt, she had no bra on so those lovely breasts were able to hang free, it took me a while to set up the telly, after i was finished she asked if i wanted anything i said a cuppa would be nice, so she made me tea and toast,she brought it threw to me with no clothes on, fuck what a wonderful sight, she had completely shaven her pussy from the last time i had her.

Pt #3 of Musetta The Sexy Musilm.

mature pm1942cr 2017-11-30

My question about her was met with a smile from Musetta and then she looked up at the ceiling and sort of moaned out loud in a long soft voiced way and replied back to me "" Well My Paul Darling let us just say that she's a lovely good girl who's smart and hates what her SOB of a Father did to us both by walking out on the pair of us, and has a beautiful smile and we get along just like a couple of s****rs ? BUT my Cock has other ideas and just as Musetta say's in that sexy soft seductive voice of hers..."" Fuck I am going to "cum" again baby, are you having fantasies of Fucking my sweet little virgin daughter ?

my best friend wife

mature tomm09 2017-11-22

I did not have the guts to propose anything but i found her shifting closer to me on the sofa.It was now clear that she was ready for action.She then held my hand and said its ok as she may have realised that i was embarassed with my shaft buldging .The next thing i new was that i had my lips on her lips and we smooched for a long long time with my toung into her mouth and her hand on my shaft (still with my shorts on)