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A Memorable Backpack

mature maturemaleinmo 2018-12-04

I brush my penis and pubic area to loosen it from the remaining constrictions the clothing had placed on my genitals, and feel the cooling air. As she reaches for the bottom of her cotton tee that she is wearing and pulls it over her head I glance at the dark pubic area between her legs and notice a slight pinkness hiding within the hair. I can feel my penis beginning to stiffen with excitement, so I roll over onto my stomach. She packs her clothes away and pulls out a towel and brings it over to lay it out not more than three feet from mine.

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 4

mature Adagio 2018-12-03

Although a little sore I stripped down and cleaned up around the house. My cock was hanging and being pulled down by the weight of the heavy ring. Before leaving room 11B Evelyn had informed me that she 'only' had the tool to remove the ring from my cock head. My side living room window being with the blinds open, I could see movement in my next door neighbor's bedroom. The feel of the ring striking my inner thighs poured libido juice down my body. I tried to explained to her that I was too sore to perform, and she told me to get that 'mammy-jammer' that I had. Old-smokey was smoking her twat as the damn door bell rang and I heard, "Pizza".

Former Teacher PT1

mature Stoneypoint 2018-12-03

There were her eyes, her hair, her voluptuous looking lips, and of course there were her boobs and last but not least her curvaceous thicker figure which led to his attraction to her possibly. She let go of his hand and as she looked at him she smiled and then lightly rubbed his leg. With her hand on his leg and still smiling at him, she caressed it again, but this time Devin did not jump. “You don’t like that, Devin?” she asked in a soft toned voice. However to sit there, in her house, and be feeling her soft rotund boobs like he was doing… oh fucking god, he told himself. “Good,” she said “because I’d surely love to feel your penis, your cock if you’ll let me.”

Welcome Back Home Graduates

mature GrayGhost 2018-12-03

After the waitress left, the physical exploration with a forty year delay started again. Christine slid her hand farther up my leg and grabbed my cock. My hands were still busy on Christine's tits and helping her reach her goals. Christine took my cock in her mouth and gave it some special attention. Now, I was able to lick her pussy and flick her clit with my tongue. Her hand was busy fondling my balls while she increased her lip pressure and her tongue slithered up and down the sides of my shaft. From the conservative business woman suit that she'd worn previously, tonight she dressed in the "little black dress." It was shorter, more cleavage, black stockings and black stilettos and Christine added a gold chain and earrings as accessories. I looked at Christine and said, "Let's go shower together."

The Gift

mature LASARDaddy 2018-12-03

We got there and when we walked in Lacey kissed Rob and turned and grabbed my head in both hands and gave me a big, sloppy kiss saying, "Alex called me and asked if I wanted to share this and I told her, absolutely, if I'm lucky he'll take care of both of us. She took my hand gently and smiling said to Jack and Lacey, "Let's get more comfortable, I want to lie down with Paul. I'm watching her thinking, "That thing has been in both their mouths, pussies and asses and anywhere else they wanted." I briefly wondered if they'd ever used it on Jack and decided to ask later.

The Senior Center Concert

mature DLizze 2018-12-03

I didn’t want to play this gig, especially on bari, since this horn is so ratty, I’m hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, and to top it all off, my boobs hurt again today. Since I didn’t want strange looks from my fellow musicians, and wasn’t expecting to do any activities that would bounce my boobs, I had not worn a bra. After one of her annual visits to the gynecoloigist, she announced, “He says I have ten-baby hips.” We had both laughed about it at the time, but I liked them, They gave her a nice hour glass shape. After the concert, I packed up my sax, and was hoping to have a word with her, but she was busy with a patient who was having problems understanding, and I thought better of interrupting.

2-for-1 Discount

mature prairiedogg 2018-12-03

When she saw my big cock she really had second thoughts about going through with it, but I took my time with her and before we were done she was begging me to ram it home hard. As we had drinks, Patricia was outgoing, laughing and outrageous. Ramona hardly said a word, but when I suggested that we adjourn to someplace a little more private, her eyes lit up and I detected a slight smile. Ramona saw this and lay down beneath Patricia, her head directly under her shiny wet pussy. I gave her a little treat, pulling my shiny wet cock out of Patricia's gash and pointing it at Ramona's mouth.

Do You Want Me As Much As I Want You?

mature Cyndy 2018-12-03

Even while the evening proceeded, I dared to stare straight into your eyes while you were looking elsewhere, and thought: “Do you want me as much as I want you?” You noticed my stare. Jimmy took my hands, stood up and pulled me into his arms. Your look turned to lust and I heard you gasp as Jimmy’s hands were running up and down all over me. As Jimmy kissed me, one hand dropped to a breast and the other slid down to my pussy. Jimmy and Turner were now both enjoying our nakedness with their hands as you and I continued to kiss. Lowering you onto his cock, Jimmy groaned as I watched him put his hands around your hips.

With Love from Sylvia (Part 2 of 3)

mature OldGeezer 2018-12-02

Somewhat tentatively, I asked if she and Jenny had ever done things, and she told me that they had actually kissed, properly, and she had been tempted, but even though she knew that Sylvia would have willingly made love to her, she had held back, as she had thought it wouldn’t be right. I don’t know why, but this seems to turn Jenny on more so that in many places, and that encouraged me to spread her ass wide with my hands, and continued licking, reaching her butt plug, and licking around the circular end of it, at times just tapping then rosebud end with my tongue.

Part 3 of my mother in law experience

mature flumbajoo 2018-12-02

"Anyway" Helen said "I think your mouth was..."She trailed off and I began work on her breast again concentrating on her right nipple which was quite hard by now. I was loving this just as much as Helen was, my tongue explored so deep inside her pink hole I thought I may even be licking the inside of her womb (although doubtful) Because she was sat on my face her now soaked pussy was forced onto and into mouth. Apparently Helen was wanting me to have some pleasure as she moved her body down the bed so her face was next to my cock.

The Blonde On The Beach

mature oldhippie1949 2018-12-02

She was beautiful with small soft features; pale blue eyes and thin lips with a wide smile, sort of like Gwynneth Paltrow. But I remember that we had a great time and that she introduced me around as her "kind stranger." I remember that after the showing, I took her to Amagansett to Stephen Talkhouse to see John Hiatt perform, then we went to The Laundry for a late night snack and some drinks. My mind could not stop thinking about how lucky I was to have this incredibly beautiful young woman and her lush body grinding into my lap. I walked behind her head and began to lightly massage her scalp and her face.

Two Conversations

mature katlover1975 2018-12-02

Says the first boy, “Last night, my girlfriend called me at three A.M. to tell me she can’t sleep.” Boy number two: “I told you that fuckin’ bitch is fuckin’ crazy, man!” And that it was going to be a long time, if ever, before boy number one gets laid again, after the way he treated the girl whose only “crime” was that she wanted to take a three A.M. cock ride on him. Already this conversation was going way better than the one that teenager number one had with his girlfriend a couple of nights before. Vince stretched out face-down on my bed, and his tongue began to lick around the edges of my trembling pussy lips.

Jade's Story

mature fiftyFIFTY 2018-12-02

She felt guilt wash over her, but her mind pushed past it and started imagining dreamy scenarios that involved Jack with his shirt off, pulling her close, pressing his lips to hers... In a blur of pleasure and moaning Jade found herself having a mind-shattering orgasm as Jack rapidly thrust into her, and she broke their kiss to shout "OHHHH YESSSS BRAD... Jack started rubbing his cock against her clit, and soon Jade was rolling her hips against him. After a few minutes of hard thrusting, Jade had an orgasm, moaning as softly as she could as her pussy spasmed around Jack's huge cock.

Mature Landlady

mature onlytrue 2018-12-02

This woman was not at all what I would call attractive but hearing this through the wall constantly was getting too much for me, so I started thinking of a way to let her know that I was also masturbating in private. I began leaving the used T shirt in the laundry basket every morning and every afternoon it would be washed, folded and placed on my bed. The fact she was washing and folding my masturbation catch rag but not making any advances perplexed me so I worked up the nerve to start leaving the T shirt in its rolled up form. I placed the shirt in its rolled up form on the bed before leaving for work and again it was washed and folded as normal.

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 33

mature Bipeep 2018-12-02

It just added to her stimulation watching large cocks penetrating women while she had Henry thrusting into her pussy. "Fuck, it is sexy isn't it," Evelyn half whispered as she looked into his face, "Relax a bit Henry, no one can see us." "Henry before we go in I have something to tell you," she said as he held her around the waist, his cock pressed against her pussy through their clothes. Evelyn thought it was erotic watching the trio on screen but couldn't help but think that one of the women was always missing out slightly, as they only had one cock to play with. With one hand Evelyn held his cock and then lowered her pussy till she felt the head at the entrance to her vagina.

Pre-Game Press Conference

mature ivyChaste 2018-12-01

I felt his body heat and I couldn’t help but want to reach under his dress shirt. As if knowing my thoughts, the Lyft driver stated, “In times like these you should really just do what your heart wants to do. I smiled, reaching up to drape my arms over his, “I know the Milky Way and Orion’s belt.” As I pointed them out, I was very aware of the way his breath traveled down my neck, to my shoulder. My hips, unable to resist, moved to meet him, deepening his thrust, and I felt his hands on the wall just on either side of me. And as I felt my body lose control, his arms held onto me; his tongue licked my skin, anywhere he could reach.

Me and my teacher Miss Hutson

mature Royal 2018-12-01

I took 4 steps before I heard the door open behind me, I turned around and saw Miss Hutson with an angry face looking at me. When I got home I started on my impositions, it took me a few hours to finish it, but I did it because I didn't want to get expelled from Miss Hutson her class. "Thank you Simon, I hope that you have learned from this and I do hope that things between us get better," Miss Hutson said.  When I entered the bus that took us to the opera, I saw Miss Hutson again, she looked beautiful, she was wearing a long black dress, black heels and had her hair done amazing to.

Youth becomes man with older woman

mature Slickstick 2018-11-30

That night I lay awake hoping for another glimpse of Aunt Vi’s breasts but she readied for bed in the bathroom and came into the bedroom with her dressing gown on. My penis rubbed slightly against the silky feel of her night dress and I realized it was poking out through the fly opening of my pyjama pants. Aunt Vi stirred and moved her leg firmly down the bed as she awoke, giving my penis a good long rub from her thigh. I moved gently again, and revelled in the feel of my penis head rubbing into the warm softness of her behind wrapped in her silky nightdress. As soon as I did, I felt Aunt Vi’s hand close over mine, then push it away and close her fingers around my stiff cock.

Gina 3

mature deviantlover 2018-11-30

"I know and one day I'm going to fuck that lovely tight arse of yours." I rolled her onto her stomach, opened her legs and began licking her again, this time alternating between pussy and arse, probing the latter hole with my tongue, lubricating it with saliva. She came before asking me to fuck her pussy and in less than ten seconds her legs were behind her head and my cock was sliding in and out of her wet hole and she was begging me to fuck her and I wasn't going to disappoint her. My cock was back inside her pussy and she was begging to be fucked harder, telling me she was going to come.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

mature ZandMe 2018-11-30

How was I to know that those beautiful blue eyes could make wet just by staring at my breasts? I thought he was just saying that but as he took my nipple in his mouth and made it engorged, I did feel beautiful and sexy. He started kissing me slowly, running his tongue around my lips and inside my mouth. I want make you feel like the beautiful, sexy woman you are.” Guiding me up to my knees, he began kissing my pussy, pushing his tongue inside of me, sucking on my clit. I didn’t have the words to tell him how wonderful he had me feel- sexy, beautiful, cared for, safe.

Gina 4

mature deviantlover 2018-11-30

I stopped kissing her and watched her face as my fingers slid in and out of her and sensing her growing pleasure I slowly slid my fingers free from her and then back into her wet pussy, moving my thumb slightly and watched as, with a deep sigh from her, my entire hand slid inside Gina's dripping pussy and I began fist fucking her, my fingers playing with her cervix while her head rolled from side to side as her eyes had glazed over and she sobbed with pleasure as my hand and wrist filled her insides. To this day it's the only way I've fucked Sandra as only my tongue and fingers go up her pussy which I've managed to get four fingers inside so far and it won't be long until she also gets my full fist inside her, just like her mother.

Mrs. Crane’s Fountain of Youth (2)

mature DonAbdul 2018-11-30

“Oh, I’m sorry but I didn’t mean it like that at all,” Shirley became quite self conscious and hoped she hadn’t said anything that could be interpreted as being racially offensive. “What’s new Mrs. Crane?” Shane, her gay hair dresser asked Shirley with a naughty effeminate, curious look on his face. He teased her a little more and then promised to put a special touch to her hair that would make her even more “fuck-me gorgeous and sexy for her new man.” There was something about his conspiratorial tone and the naughty wink he gave her that told Shirley that he knew she was having an affair, of course he knew her husband was hardly ever around.

Fruits of Lust

mature hornierthanlucifer 2018-11-29

She kept her legs apart and he just didn’t want to stop licking and sucking her tender vagina. I had the image of Big Dong licking her cunt and said, “You lucky sonnavabitch” at the same time as the door opened. I was sure that if I sucked her juicy nipples, her breasts would ooze sweet honey in my mouth. Her jeans were hugging her thighs and formed a neat valley between her legs and my cock began throbbing. Her light perfume added to her charm. She kept her legs as far apart as she could and I had buried my face in her pussy. I had a great position in between her and continued bathing her love hole with my tongue and mouth.


mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

"Miss McMillan, is that note important to the class?" Mr. Graham said as he caught her as she passed it to her girlfriend as he tried to lecture the class. Cathy smiled and looked up at him, "Oh yes Sir, you'll be cumming soon, I'll see to that." He smiled back at her as she placed his pulsating member back in her mouth and continued to suck, slurp, and slobber. Cathy moaned as her trembling legs gave out, and he grabbed her hips and pulled her back up and began to thrust faster and faster until she heard him let out a loud grunt as he flipped her over like she was a rag doll and began to jerk his cock as his cum shot into her open mouth and all over her face and tits.