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Lauren's Story

mature Taverner 2018-11-20

On Friday, my final day at the nursing home, Lauren and I finished our last shift together, and I said, “You coming tonight?” I thought, with her problems at home, she night not feel like socialising, but she smiled and said, “Just try and keep me away.” Then, her face got more serious, and she said, “Simon, I know you’ve got your future to think about, but I’ll be sorry to see you go.” “You are sexy and desirable,” I said, as I brushed the hair away from her forehead, and kissed her there, “and judging by those pictures you showed me, you’ve been like that all your life.” I gently touched Lauren’s left nipple through her bra, with my right thumb and forefinger, and I felt it harden slightly.

Confessions Of A Massage Therapist (Part 2)

mature leppy80 2018-11-20

I turned and led the way to my treatment room, opened the door and Samantha followed me in. Samantha gave a little grunt from time to time, and I checked to make sure she was okay, getting a whispered, "Yes" in return. Before I could react Samantha, with a slight brush of her right hand, tugged at the towel covering her. Samantha lifted her self up on the table and turned over, the towel covering her dropping to the floor. Samantha sat up and look at me, and took in the sight of my fully erect cock. Samantha removed her finger from my ass and stood up, pulled me in close to her and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 4, Sweet Melissa

mature seemywowzza 2018-11-19

"Howdy," she started as she leaned forward, playing with her nails, "you won't remember this, but one evening right after you graduated high school, I was visiting your mom and needed to visit the little girls room. Spreading her legs slightly, she took my hands and began rubbing her ass cheeks with mine. I reached under her and took both tits in my hands and squeezed them roughly as I started working my thick 8" of cock deeper inside her. Melissa pushed her hips back into me, feeling the length of my cum soaked cock slide along her thighs.  "Please tell Veronica to put you on the schedule for the same time every week." Melissa said before she closed the door into her private bathroom.

What can happen when you leave a hot wife alone

mature lionking1 2018-11-19

I took her left breast in my mouth and began to lick and suck on her nipple as my hands slid down her curvaceous hips to remove her panties. Linda got on her knees, gazed up into my eyes as her hands held my cock and whispered, "God I thought about this all day." After a few minutes I grabbed her by the hair and began thrusting my hips, fucking Linda's mouth until I reached the point where I new if I continued I would blow. I paused for two seconds feeling the sensation of Linda's pussy squeezing my cock and I began to move in and out. Linda started moving her hips to meet my thrust and we fucked.

She sells seashells by the seashore

mature flyboyB4 2018-11-19

I wiped her arms, took her hand up to my mouth, kissed her palms, (finally noticed her beautiful French manicured nails) continued to dry her   neck, chest, her wonderous tits, flat stomach, strong firm legs, ass, and finally to her pussy with her pussy hair wet and dripping. She came to the side of the bed, looked down at my engorged cock, lifted her leg to straddle me, guided my cock into her waiting pussy, and lowered herself on to my stiff cock, licked her lips and said, “Here we go.”   She proceeded to raise and lower herself on my cock, with both arms extended on either side of my chest and rode me with delicious moans and whimpers.

Wishes - Chapter 7: In Praise of Older Gentlemen

mature submissivemom72 2018-11-19

  They fell into several categories, none of them appealing: 1.) really crass men who felt that the only thing they needed to provide to get me to invite them into my bed was a picture of their erect cocks; 2.) men who apparently did not graduate the eighth grade and for whom spelling and grammar were a skills not yet acquired; 3.) married men who thought telling me that their wives were frigid, unresponsive bitches would make me want to spread my thighs for them; and 4.) men who thought that telling me how lucky I would be to have them fuck me senseless would arouse me.   While his hand remained on my breast, gently tweaking my erect nipple, he looked over at my husband and said, “Aaron, thank you for letting me enjoy your beautiful wife.

The beginning

mature sexyvette2469 2018-11-19

Multiple times I felt her leg pressing against mine. Without hesitation, my wife responded for me asking ''What time would you like him there?'' Jo responded she would be up early and the coffee would be on. Climbing on her bed, I laid my hand on the fan hub and asked Jo to turn it on. Jo told me sometimes it took a few minutes to start the vibrations as her hands moved on my chest and teased at my now rigid cock. Then she opened her legs, telling me she wanted me to pleasure her with my mouth, kiss her to orgasm. Kissing her thighs, I moved higher until the warm dampness from her body captured me and pulled me to her honey.

The Gift

mature LASARDaddy 2018-11-18

We got there and when we walked in Lacey kissed Rob and turned and grabbed my head in both hands and gave me a big, sloppy kiss saying, "Alex called me and asked if I wanted to share this and I told her, absolutely, if I'm lucky he'll take care of both of us. She took my hand gently and smiling said to Jack and Lacey, "Let's get more comfortable, I want to lie down with Paul. I'm watching her thinking, "That thing has been in both their mouths, pussies and asses and anywhere else they wanted." I briefly wondered if they'd ever used it on Jack and decided to ask later.

Gloria's Glory

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-18

Still each morning she’d come out and look out into the tall grasses along with their plantings and still Gloria smiled, openly knowing only one man could make her feel this way, the man who came and took her away from the past. I so miss Jarrod she told herself as her arms reached out and her eyes closed as she felt the warm breeze hitting her in the face. She came running out and these two immediately took hold of one another, hugging long and hard, and finally kissing as if they’d just discovered the art of such a passionate art. She wondered and couldn’t wait to see, and feel, a man’s mouth and tongue inside her vagina.

My Education Gets Advanced

mature Etonmess69 2018-11-18

Suzie continued to move her hands over her own body and began to play with her pussy. Diane got on top of Suzie and started to kiss and lick her way down her body. Slowly Diane approached Suzie's pussy. Suzie took hold of my cock and pulled it to her mouth. Her lips wrapped round my cock and I started to fuck her mouth. She held my cock and moved it up to Diane's pussy. Diane was starting to sob and moan and I felt a familiar feeling, Diane's pussy muscles gripped my cock and she came again and again, her whole body shuddering. Diane started to wriggle and she tried to move out of the way, but Suzie held her firm and nodded at me.

Benefits Of Being A Samaritan, Part 2

mature ReligousEagle 2018-11-18

As she recalled the moment my cock was sliding into her wet pussy, her hand slipped between her legs; she could still feel the remains of semen inside her. I gently eased the gown off her shoulders and let it fall; it was now between us, she pulled away slightly, ta king her hand off my cock so that the robe could drop to the floor. I could feel how wet she was on my cock, and the sound of my skin slapping against her body got louder until she stopped pushing, her legs trembled as she came. With my wet finger I gently pushed into her ass while my tongue went back to her pussy, sucking on her swollen lips.

Gardening with Mother In Law part3

mature SIL50 2018-11-18

                Oh man, I almost busted a nut  right then or choked on her nipple.  Here was this beautiful, classy woman offering to let me screw her in the ass, I think I said OK before I thought about it.  She said she didn't really know how to go about it except to roll over and let me have at her.   After a few minutes I inserted another, and then  began to slowly pump them in and out .I asked her if she was OK with this and let me know if she wanted more.  She said it felt strange but exciting at the same time.

Twenty Seven Years Later

mature thekid22566 2018-11-18

My obsession with the beautiful Mrs. Garrity back then started with her tiny shapely sexy feet, and they were under this table out of her shoes. Twenty seven years ago I started teasing my beautiful English teacher about her being covered in chalk head to toe. "Fine," Carolyn said almost frustratingly as she disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared with the serving wench white lace hat upon her head. As the word "perfect" flowed from my lips those pretty brown eyes rolled just as they did back when I was in awe of my chalk dusted bare foot beauty. Carolyn smiled, and more importantly, she rolled those beautiful brown eyes, "Yes my love, I will marry you."

Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 7, Teresa

mature seemywowzza 2018-11-18

Gypsy took hold of my wrist, holding my hand in place over her warm cunt as she forced her wet panties against my fingers. But when the guy saw Gypsy's naked ass wiggling on the end of my fingers and her head bobbing up and down in my lap, he smiled big and gave me the thumbs up. Holding my hand in between her legs, Teresa turned her back to me and pushed her ass firmly against my throbbing cock. Teresa held my hand firmly in place as my fingers pumped hard in and out of her. With her lower body shaking with excitement, I reached up and took a handful of her hair, lifting her head off the pool deck and arching her back.

The Layby

mature CelticKiss 2018-11-17

I walk over to the passenger door of your car, my black heels clicking on the cooling tarmac. I can’t stand it anymore I need to feel you inside me, filling my mouth with your hot man meat. My tongue twisting and turning under your cock showing my special trick, licking, sucking, fucking you with my mouth. The car rocks as you plunge inside me over and over again hands on my hips, fingers digging into my soft flesh the pain just intensifies the pleasure. Biting my lips trying to stop from moaning you reach around, fingers circling my button. Fingers splay out as I rock your hips forward, cock slipping into my waiting mouth.

Right Neighborly II

mature wisc4u 2018-11-17

  I told her that I couldn't wait until the next time we could be together and that all I could think about was how beautiful she looked as she sucked my cock and how good she made me feel. She smiled at me and dropped her eyes, looking at the ground and in the same "little-girl" voice, asked me if I would please let her suck my cock. I looked at her little hand, which barely made it half way around my big cock and watched as she stroked it into her mouth.   She looked up into my eyes, removed the head of my cock from her mouth for a second and asked if she was making me feel good.

This Could Work

mature AmandaJilling 2018-11-17

When my best friend Eileen told me about her financial problems that day at the Senior Center I barely gave it a second thought before offering her a room. Every once in a while cuddling led to sex but although I know Donny climaxed at least a couple of times I don't think I ever did. "I thought of a potential problem with your moving in," I said to Eileen the next time we met at the Senior Center. "I talked to Henry," I said to Eileen the next afternoon at the Senior Center, "He said he's looking forward to meeting you." Once it was clear that Eileen was meeting Henry's needs for sex to the point that he was no longer interested in me I invited him to live with us.

A Second Trip to See Miss Cynthia

mature JefferyB 2018-11-17

Still holding on to his tie she looked into his eyes and said, “I’m so very happy to see you and I don’t mind saying that I’m not disappointed to see you without Laura.” Her other hand ran down the lapel of his jacket and she said, “I assume the things that you bought here on your last visit were satisfactory.” In a soft and sexy voice she said, “This nightie is called ‘Clouds’ because it gives you the impression that the body is touched by nothing but sheer, white clouds that you could just blow away.” She noticed that he had taken off his jacket and had it draped over his lap in an attempt to hide the bulge.

Cheating On My Husband

mature Poppet 2018-11-17

It’s been so long since I’ve had sex, that I can almost feel myself wanting to jump his bone right here on the lawn. I know I came well, but all I want to do is have Kevin come up and fuck me. Even though it’s my husband and his moans, I can’t help but wonder what Kevin sounds like when he moans. I feel like I’m twenty years old again, forgetting that my sleeping husband and children are only a few feet away. Coming up, he looks at me, his face glistens with my juices, he smiles at me, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” If I can’t get it from the man I married, I’m going to get it from the guy who makes me feel twenty again.

Youngsville Part 6

mature drfleisch 2018-11-16

I said good night to Jill and Mrs. Day-Sea laid a blanket over her sleeping daughter. I felt Gina’s hands pull my head up and she looked at me and said. “That was a lot of cum Eric,” Gina said and kissed my cheek. “Then you are going to be buying new ones every time I’m here,” I said with a grin on my face as she laid her head on my chest. “I would like to see you try,” I said and lay my arm around her body and placed my hand on her butt. “You know I am not drunk right now,” Gina said and laid her head to rest on my chest.

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 33

mature Bipeep 2018-11-16

It just added to her stimulation watching large cocks penetrating women while she had Henry thrusting into her pussy. "Fuck, it is sexy isn't it," Evelyn half whispered as she looked into his face, "Relax a bit Henry, no one can see us." "Henry before we go in I have something to tell you," she said as he held her around the waist, his cock pressed against her pussy through their clothes. Evelyn thought it was erotic watching the trio on screen but couldn't help but think that one of the women was always missing out slightly, as they only had one cock to play with. With one hand Evelyn held his cock and then lowered her pussy till she felt the head at the entrance to her vagina.

Sex With my Mom's Friends--Chapter 4

mature prairiedogg 2018-11-16

We had dinner reservations at her favorite place in the old Grand Hotel dining room and when we got there I was happy to see Brenda and Jeri waiting for us at our table. As she removed my now growing cock from her mouth, Brenda engulfed my prick with her full, sultry lips and took my entire length down her throat, her hands squeezing my balls, gently at first and then with a more forceful grip. As Jeri was doing this to my face, Brenda was riding my cock expertly, rising and falling atop my hard dick and burying me inside her. They took turns cleaning the cum and pussy juice from my cock as I finished ejaculating, licking and kissing each others' faces when they stopped swallowing.

My Stepmother dream

mature kingpined85 2018-11-16

When I met Florence about 20 years ago she was a very quiet woman who back then was not to bad looking for a woman in her late 40’s but as time when on I could tell we didn’t see to many things eye to eye. We walked a few steps and she let go of my hand and put her arm around me and said “I liked it better this way” so I wrapped my arm around her and I pulled her tight to me, she gave a little sigh and gripped me tightly also. Florence got down on her knees and started kissing the head of my cock and then stuffed it into her mouth. I told her about how long I had wanted her and how that day at the family reunion years ago started my feelings for her.

Sung Hee – the Pool Party – Part 6

mature Zamm 2018-11-16

Carol, like Sung Hee and Yi-Mung, was also a Korean-American and lived not far away from Sung Hee. “I’m not a natural subbie, although it is interesting sometimes. How cool is that?!” Louise, Yi-mung and Sung Hee laughed nervously and looked at each other and at Carol. “Let me taste” Carol said, and Sung Hee felt Carol’s finger slide in again. Carol looked directly at Sung Hee and didn’t say anything, but her gaze said it all. Sung Hee pulled her hand out from beneath Yi-mung’s swimsuit and said, “Yi-mung is wet!” Sung Hee’s middle finger was shiny with Yi-mung’s juices. “You’re next, Carol” Sung Hee said with uncharacteristic boldness and got up off her knees and took the couple of steps to where Carol was standing.