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mature 2018-07-12

Murder; that's a possibility, the murderer wanting it to make it look like suicide; I think that the police believed it might be murder and questioned mother, me and a few other people, but it all came to nothing. God knows mother had always asked so little of me; she had loved me and protected me from some of the worst times with my father, and one of the few times she had asked something of me I had behaved like a petulant c***d. Mother, in contradiction of her previous words said, "Mmm, I think you've got more stamina than I expected and I want our next penetration to take a long time, so perhaps I'll take pity on you."

my new life...part 3

mature sex-is-my-obsesion 2018-04-07

i was finally getting used to my new life as a slave.and i was really enjoying it.i was dreaming lazily in my cage when my master came in and unlocked the deadbolt lock on my cage,releasing me.but he didnt let me get out,for, his hand grabed my colar and yanked'(HARD!!!)causeing me to faceplant the floor infront of him.i got on all fours and looked at him , fear rising in my eyes.'i cant belive i took mercy on you again you worthless whore!' he then kicked me in the stomach with his steeled toed boots.'m-m-m-master....w-w-why ......d-d-did you.....d-do t-t-that?' i wimpered through the hollow stabbing pain in my stomach.'because slut,your nothing without me , and i cant belive after you ran i gave you mercy!