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Blackmailing of a Cheating Mother

mature bava12 2018-11-28

Seeing his mother enjoying herself with his uncle, Ramesh quickly went to his room and grabbed his zoom camera. As his mother is going to her room for a shower, Ramesh interrupted her and said, "Mom, sit down, I want to show you something." Gayathri was surprised and sat beside his son curiously. He felt like he is closing the circle of relationship between him and his mother....she got fucked by dad; got pregnant by him(as far as he knows!); He grew up inside her for nine months; came out of her cunt when he is mature enough to come to this world. When they were done Ramesh collapsed on Gayathri's naked body bonding the mother-son union, finally.

My mother,me and servant

mature bava12 2018-11-27

I was pumping my mother so hard and wanted to continue becoz mummy started moving her buttocks and moaning ahh uhh ohh hmm but stopped immediately and I got full sense suddenly. Mummy's mouth was open wide with pain but he starts pumping mother. Her mouth was on bed and hip was in air in doggee position and servant was pumping her hard, and now my mother was enjoying with him saying ha ya ohhh hhhhhhhhhhh hyyyyy ueeeeeeeee and now she started shouting on me, Chodwa diya na apni maa ko naukar se, I was feeling bad but seeing this I got excited again and started masturbating seeing fuking them.

Intriguing Marshall PT4

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-19

The husband had just so happened to turn away when Gabe had done it so Gabe and Mary continued to look at each other and Gabriel being the “man of honor” that he knew he wasn’t all of a sudden blew her a kiss. I never knew you grew up here but your pappy and your mama told me just the other day they were going on a vacation back east and asked if I’d come and check the place out. He leaned back some more allowing Maxine further opportunity to go inside the boxers her wore and he knew he was having way too much fun as it was.

Mom Daughter Night Ch. 2

mature TonyT 2018-11-18

"Do you want me to suck your cock right now?" Moving her ass back and forth a bit she added, "Do you want me to lick all of your cum off your young cock right now and make it nice and clean so you can pump another load into my pussy?" I could still feel her sucking my dick but it was more like she was just holding onto my balls and cock with one hand and her mouth was just wrapped around it. Are you going to finger my ass while you fuck my pussy? Does my fucked cunt hole feel good wrapped around your young cock? I'm fucking your young cock with my pussy and I'm gonna let you stick it in my ass too.

The Motherly Thirst Of An Indian Son

mature bava12 2018-11-16

Her firm breasts which by the size of it looked like a 32 B, that waist of 30, and that huge ass of 38, That glaze on her face.. That moment laying on the bed in my room i masturbated for the 5th time again thinking of my mother and trust me it was better than the earlier four. As i started staying more often at home than usual my mother got suspicious about being something wrong.. Is it wrong if a son wants to spend some time with his mother? I couldn’t help blushing and just started to massage her head.. After she started to feel a bit relaxed i gathered courage to reply My mother noticed my curiosity in my eyes and said..

First Night With My Own Mother

mature bava12 2018-11-13

Mom please don’t be angry and I said ” mom I want to sl**p with you one night I want to have sex with you ” saying this as like every mother she got angry and slapped to my face and said ” don’t talk with me as if you took a good marks and you are talking cheaply with your mom and left my room. She said your father had sex only thrice in 23 years and I was satisfying myself by masturbating myself alone hearing this I increased my speed to give more enjoyment to her she was moaning ah…… Yes …….

Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-10

Seeing as his eyes had been studying her thicker, rounder, and what he considered personally her curvy set of hips he’d turned his head to look at the woman supporting that figure as he passed her up. You and I will figure out something, okay?” she said, sounding sweet as ever as she sat on the couch reducing the situation to nothing but a woman who wanted a man, like him, next to her in bed. He felt weird and what he started to say to her, seeing as he was a little on the huskier side of things too, he said, “Uhhh I’ve always felt uhhh your uhhh body is uh attractive Angela.” He was shaking his head and forcing the words out of his mouth.

Mother's Hero

mature bava12 2018-11-08

Madhav glanced down his throbbing giant was so hard and stiff, he didn't know how long he could keep it concealed he told himself as he continued to hold his dear mother close. "OhhhhmmmmyyyyyyGGGaaawwwwddddd!" Madhav bellowed out as he felt his mother's hot, sucking mouth close down around his hypersensitive cock head. “Oh Madhu, I am the lucky one to have a fine young man like you as my son, and as my love, take off and let me see you” she asked coming near him. She kissed him again and slowly moved down his body “let Amma love her Monu” she murmured kissing his neck and moving down to his slightly hair chest her fingers teased his small nipples and as she started teasing and sucking them Madhav squirmed and sighed.

My mother in law!!!

mature Roxanne 2018-11-07

I glanced quickly and saw the blonde head of  my wife. I was once told if you want to know what your wife will looked like in 20 years look at her mother, I was blessed. I am 27 years old and my mother in law looks like my wife’s older sister. My mother in law then stood up and held my hand, she set of towards the stairs and said it’s my turn. She quickly undressed and then lay back on the bed with her legs wide open and said come on it is dinner time. That afternoon we did it about 3 times, what a mother in law, she could come around anytime.

A mothers love

mature bava12 2018-11-06

I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. They never showed naked bodies but they were kissing the blouse covered breasts and lifting the saree and putting their hands inside! Few minutes later I heard my room door open only to see my mother well dressed in a yellow saree with a glass of milk in my hand. Before I realised I am fucking my mother as my woman, I already started squirting my semen into her wet cunt for the second time.

My Understanding Mother

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-11-02

I thought I had the house to myself for at least several more hours, and as such, I felt confident it was safe to raid her clothes hamper for her worn panties, a practice which I recently started when I discovered, quite by accident, the feel and smell of her soft, feminine underwear. Then, silently turning her attention back to my hardening rod, she dropped the cum soaked panties that were wrapped around my cock on the floor, and tentatively reached her hand out toward my member. "I bought these last week with you in mind, Scottie." She said, looking back and forth between my face, and my hand stroking my cock.

Last summer

mature sashaholden 2018-10-30

The sun was heating up, as was Kate as she watched Jake kneeling now and parting Julia’s legs, massaging the sun lotion from around her neck down toward her shoulders, then the centre of her back as she loosened her bikini strap. With his hands taking time to spread the cream across her inner back under her arms, Jake then slid them beneath her singlet ever so slightly, over the side of her breasts. Warm juice flowed throughout her bush, her inner legs now shaking, trying to force away the toy as arching her ass now upward, she took in one more thrust dreaming of Jake's strong head at the top of his gorgeous shaft.

mum in law

mature 1johnson 2018-10-04

Three weeks ago my wife had to spend four nights away due to the changes she has to impliment in her stores, which ment I spent the time at home with mum in law. The second night I was out side having a smoke before I went to bed, and my mum in laws bedroom window is on the same side of the bungalow. She then turned and walked into her bathroom and I went in side and to bed, having a good wank playing what had just happened over in my thoughts. I thought I had got away with it but as I was going into my bedroom mum in law called me.

Watching Irish Mom Getting Deliciously Fucked

mature blackcockdublin 2018-10-03

As her pussy became more lubricated with her passion juices, Raj's tongue moved in a long, slow curve, starting at the base of my mother's spine, licking along the cleft of her buttocks, pausing to push deep into her vagina, then lifting to tease the sensitive skin where the lips met and the tingling clitoris between them. "Look at you," Raj panted between thrusts, "Demure wife and mother, with her son's best friend's cock stuffed up deep inside her belly, wanting him to squirt your sexy little tummy full of the thick sticky white-stuff that makes babies. Every afternoon my mother lay moaning beneath him, begging him to impregnate her, as my friend spread her legs wide and slowly stroked his big cock deep into her dripping pussy.

Mommy Sunbathing (Part #1)

mature 2018-10-01

One I was stiff, I pulled my shorts down and really began pumping my throbbing red cock for my mother! I spit lubed my hand and jerked myself long and slow dreaming of the chance to have some sort of sexual contact with my hot sexy mother! All of a sudden my mother opened her sweet legs and pulled her bikini bottoms aside and started touching her clit with her finger, she diddled it fast and pushed her hips into her the tickles! When I opened my eyes again to watch my mother finger fuck herself I saw her laying there waving her finger at me to come to her with her legs up and wide with her bikini bottoms hanging off one of her heels!


mature 2018-10-01

Sally laughed and said "I bet you were fucking Marie and that is why you were late." Bob seemed not to notice his daughter accusation and kissed her on the cheek and closed the door. "Yes it thought so." Sally said looking closely at mother tightly wrapped mouth around Bob's well endowed cock. So with this in mind I do believe I should fuck Mother in the ass so Sally can get a good look at both the mouth and ass around a cock at he same time." I said as I moved to get behind Mother as she quickly got up on all fours indicating her willingness to take my cock up her beautiful ass as she continued to suck Bob's cock.

Freaky February Part Five

mature 2018-09-30

Most of the time Daddy was looking at Mom, in my body, and making lewd faces at her. Mom and I talked about this and she wants cock...I know she needs it." I looked down then and said, "I want to be there when you and Mom...when fucked for the first time." "For instance...There have been times when I told your Daddy how much I would enjoy getting you ready for him." She hesitated for a moment and then said, "I have had sex with a woman before honey." I nodded my head and said, "I know." Both Mom and Dad looked at me a bit surprised. Daddy reached around and caressed my huge tits and said, "Jenn Baby, I have wanted to fuck you so many times.

I remember how old I was when I put it in.

mature 2018-09-29

I drew my tongue into my mouth and tried to moisten it, but the excitement left my mouth dry, whereas my cunny flowed like a small stream, and he sat on my face, his soft scrotum bathed in my exhalations, he was smothering me with his privates, I prepared myself, as I felt my tongue start to wet, 'Oh well', I thought, as my tongue darted out and began the arduous task of licking his bum crack, I hoped he wiped his ass, nothing tastes worse than shit, then again, nothing feels better then an old tongue being buried between a flowering cunny, my cunny, as I groaned and lifted my ass off the bed and feel him lick my own anus, 'OMFG', I exclaimed, now we both knew where our hot spots were.

Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.3

mature SafeSexting 2018-09-29

piss-whore...Plus!...I fist-fucked her little cunt REAL good earlier...So she's all yours...Fuck the shit out of the little whore!" Lucy's mother said with a "Look at her cunt dripping, Daddy!...The little fuck-slut can't wait to get slutty cunt good?" Mr. Hammer asked as he grabbed Lucy's mother's big, swinging Remember...A fuck-pig like little Lucy wants you to be rough with her. bitch!...Show Mommy how good of a piss-slut her daughter is, you fucking cunt!" Mrs. Hammer laughed, gyrated her hips and looked the trembling little Lucy in woman using her and her mother as fuck-toys turned little Lucy on like nothing Hammer's cunt like a good little whore...Oohh yeah...make Mommy proud!...Show Mrs. Hammer how good of a little slut-whore cunt-bitch you are!...Ha...ha...

My mom's sexy body

mature moneysex23 2018-09-28

I have a great job by the pier lined up where I can spend most of my days watching hot babes in bikinis tanning on the beach, I had just turned 21 and will finally be able to go to all the best nightclubs, and best of all I will finally be getting to see girlfriend, Amber, whose also home from her college, who enjoys sex whenever and anywhere. I was a little rougher with how I was feeling her up this time, there was still a little anger left in me that was affecting the way I normally feel a woman's tits, but again my mother didn't seem to mind it as much as she kept moaning and breathing heavily as I felt her up.

satisfying mother

mature jefffinn 2018-09-27

She frowned at Dad and said, "Tommy doesn't want to take his mother to a sweetheart dance. The dinner was next Friday night so Dad suggested that Mom fly into San Diego on Thursday evening so she could rest up and find a beauty parlor to do her hair while I was at work on Friday. "Nope," I looked deeply into her blue eyes and said, "Some of the best things in life come from home." She smiled and I kissed her on the cheek. It was more than I could stand and I began to hiss as my own orgasm burst from my dick in white hot frothy spurts of cum into Mother's sweet, sweet pussy.

Porn Star

mature hi1 2018-09-27

Today, in this small, brightly lit room with red, garish rug, dark couch and a few chairs, I wanted to find out what chance, if any, my mother had to make more movies and some money. "Now...What's your name again dear?" Joe said running his grubby hands on the girl's naked thighs again. "I pulled his mother off the set for this." Joe said, turning his head a little to look at Belinda. Mom came around and started to sit on the only chair left in the room, right next to me but Joe shook his head. Even now, naked and humiliated my mother looked more of a lady than the trash Joe had at this arm.


mature 2018-09-24

So Karen gently and quietly opened her bedroom door with her present in hand, and softly walked towards the living room without making a sound- and what she saw left her stunned: Her son was watching softcore porn on cable. She pulled off the pillow case on his bed, and when she grabbed the blanket, she saw something that left her as speechless as the day she caught her son masturbating months ago: There was a photo of her underneath his blanket. Watching a guy masturbate up close was one thing, but seeing her own son do it while looking at her bare breasts drove her absolutely wild. "I know exactly what you mean Tom. The taboo of mother/son i****t can be quite thrilling to some people, and it looks like you and I fall under that same category.

we got caught.

mature huezo 2018-09-23

she starts kissing my chest down down to my stomach as i’m just letting her have her way with me she then pulls my pants off and her panties climbs over opening her beautiful thick long legs grabs my dick starts to introduce to her tight pussy and Ok slowly starts riding up and down…moves sexy body forward backwards i had my hands on her thighs moving my way to her voluptuous big beautiful firm breast with her hands on my chest making noises of pleasure satisfaction as we both enjoy our moment of passion lust with out a care in the world. Mother: but son she’s your auntie norma,