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My mother,me and servant

mature bava12 2018-11-27

I was pumping my mother so hard and wanted to continue becoz mummy started moving her buttocks and moaning ahh uhh ohh hmm but stopped immediately and I got full sense suddenly. Mummy's mouth was open wide with pain but he starts pumping mother. Her mouth was on bed and hip was in air in doggee position and servant was pumping her hard, and now my mother was enjoying with him saying ha ya ohhh hhhhhhhhhhh hyyyyy ueeeeeeeee and now she started shouting on me, Chodwa diya na apni maa ko naukar se, I was feeling bad but seeing this I got excited again and started masturbating seeing fuking them.

My i****tuous Relationship Journey With My Mom

mature bava12 2018-11-15

My best friend once spoke about i****t which turned me on and we also read i****t stories, ever since I had a crush on my mom and my i****tuous desire started. Then She instructed me to wash my penis every time and not leave the stain n my underwear. Also i masturbated about three times before this just to make sure my penis is not getting erect during the scene. Then i suddenly removed my underwear and told mom it is also spreading. She asked me not to wear underwear at home as the sweat will again cause rashes and the cream will be stained in the underwear. Then I tied my towel and she told kanna are you ashamed in front of mom and asked me to remove the towel.

The Mercy Fuck

mature maturemaleinmo 2018-11-02

“You know, we're three healthy, reasonably good looking mature men,“ I said, ”You'd think there would be some women out there who would love to play with us. Finally I was almost ready to cum again and I moved up to kiss her and probe her mouth with my tongue as I felt her breasts flatten against my chest and our pumping motion became frantic and desperate. I have always had fantasies about going to a nudist camp, and about having sex with more than one girl at the same time, and about a girl sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, which actually came true today.“ I smiled.”How about your fantasies?“

doctors secretary fucked

mature maxboy17 2018-10-05

Well however she came in she saw my penis and was just like ,,wtf?'' she wanted to go but i shut the door and was saying : we are alone ! thenthe secretary says i want to ride your hard cock so i lay down the receptionist leaned over me so i could fuck her BIG very BIG tits! the secretary was so horny she was freakin ' out on my cock but i said i want to fuck the receptionist so she laid down on the ground i climed on the big chubby woman and stuck my penis in her pussy so i was riding her!

Bus Dropped Her and I Picked Her

mature sarosh 2018-09-30

I ll explain, It was just like Im hugging her tightly each movement was like, from her thighs to chest was sticked to my body while turning I could not control my hard and my penis had clearly poked her lower abdomen. I just made her stand against wall and slide one hand inside her hair and pulled her head back and started kissing her neck, ear ending, shoulders with other hand I was squeezing her milky soft belly.. I did it for some time ant slowly started to do it fast and was sliding my tongue inside her vagina and she asked me to come up.

I love you grandpa

mature adel5000 2018-09-30

“You know, I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he growls. bed when he has sex with me so I stop him and pull him to the other room. I know grandpa loves to “I love you grandpa,” I smile up at him. He pulls back out and sticks it in again, this time he’s found a rhythm. Grandpa’s penis is inside me making me feel so good. I can feel my orgasm coming on and start making sexy noises I know he likes. the warm water but he’s too tired so we head to the living room and I grab my bag of “I love you grandpa,” I say and kiss him gently, “That was

Sex With A Beautiful Stranger

mature coolguy2020 2018-09-28

It is not every day that you get to spend time with a lovely lady, sitting in her living room having tea. This time I started licking her naval area while my left hand kept on squeezing her boobs as if to take out all the juices and my right hand was squeezing her soft yet voluminous ass. She started shouting aaaah yes deep inside me fuck me please, yes aahhhh and the entire room was filled with the sound of the stroke, her moaning and the bed creeks. I was stroking faster and faster, she was jumping faster and faster and I was squeezing her both boobs as if I am going to tear them apart deep inside me, yes I’m coming!

Arousing Sex With Uncle’s Wife In Her Bedroo

mature matterboy 2018-09-24

I feel some soft touch on my penis I open my eye I have seen my aunt giving me masturbation by holding my dick in her palm and her mouth is near to my penis during up and down, back and fro she touch her pink lips on the tip of my penis I think now she will take my penis as like I have seen she has taken penis of uncle in her mouth but she can’t she just touch her lips on the tip of the penis and given smooth kiss now I opened my hand and put it on her head.

Margaret Needed To Cum

mature Croozer 2018-09-22

"Want to cum in my silky panty first?", she asked, "Or should I put a slip and heels on for you?" I shook my head, and she said, "Hmmm...someone wants to get right to business tonight." She spread her legs and told me to put my finger into her kitty. I rubbed against her for a bit, and she said, "Come over to the're not getting anywhere like this." She got up on the bed on all fours, turned, and said, "Put your cock in my kitty from behind." We were both so wet from the heat and her juices, my penis slid right into her. I was getting ready to cum when she pushed me off and said, "I want to taste you." She took me into her hot mouth and began sucking and licking my shaft.

Hitchhiking & Poppers

mature auntlove 2018-09-18

When he went to go put the bottle under my nose and hold my nostril, he put his thumb on my lips and told me it might be easier if my mouth was open. I don't know why, maybe it was the poppers, but there I was, my head spinning, and letting a man pump is penis back and forth in my mouth. I was very embarrassed that I was getting excited because I was letting a man was push his penis in my mouth. One would hold my head while I was on my knees and push it back and forth over the other ones hard penis, or making me lie on my back and doing like pushups over my mouth.

Gosh, I'm now a gigolo

mature Deco09 2018-09-17

"Mom I want to again ya" "but mommy neatly already love" "ajah mah doggy style" I told mamah menungging in my living room rug CD release my mama again plug my penis 20 minutes we play, Mama has gone to the office ... oh aunt entered the house ngak ttapi there anyone who," "dada dit ngak cumin play talaga" short stories we are watching TV while chatting in the living room did not feel we were chatting up confide about sex aunt said her husband was not able to satisfy him anymore, "boy horny again ya tante" I mumbled without command kucumbu April aunt on the couch she was shocked but he actually also want it ...

New Neighborhood, Part 1

mature Ashley1991 2018-09-09

He was kissing my mouth and he went lover to my neck biting my neck then to my earlobe, Nibbling on it and whispered, "Babe, Looks like we are going to be late for Mark's party." and then he began to squeeze my boobs and play with my nipple with his thumbs, I pulled his erect penis out of his boxer crouch area, Good thing it had no button and went down and kissed his penis head and then began to lick it..

Len and Albert Chapter 2

mature sandhilman 2018-09-07

‘Well,’ said Albert, ‘I’ve just got back and wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a couple of new ones.’ There was a pause then ‘Look, say no if you don’t want to but what about coming over with a couple and you could get a couple more from me?’ He went on quickly. Albert reached down and started rubbing himself and Len watched as his penis thickened and became fully erect. ‘I’ve thought about it a lot and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be like this, look.’ Len took his hand away from his penis and let it stand solid and proud from his thatch of hair.

Young vs Old Interracial Pregnancy

mature 22Wonderboy 2018-09-05

He breaths heavily, she holds his ball sack in her hands, massages his balls, his penis keeps twitching, she laughs, loves it, kisses his penis head and says let's make dinner. They lie down on a blanket, kiss, wife pulls him closer, his penis head is rubbing her pussy lips, his head slides inside her, he arches his back up, not using his hands, slides his penis head between her pussy lips, clit and teases her vaginal opening. He slides inside her, she says please make sure you're balls deep, his penis head pushes against her cervix, she loves it, gasps at how good it feels. Andrew starts breathing heavily, she tells him to stay in keeps moving her hips, he looks into her eyes, she says it's alright.

Gloria......The Caregiver

mature Croozer 2018-09-04

Her nipples were poking against the fabric as she said, "Yes it is...I told you I bought a few more bras and slips for you a while ago - this is one of them." My penis wnated to erupt in her warm hand as I asked, "Are you wearing pantyhose?" She pulled her top down, and leaned closer to me saying, "Yes...they are very shiny, and I think you have cum on them a time or two." My penis began to twitch, and she immediately took her hand away, saying, "No way sweetie...wait until I get you home tomorrow - I will pick you up here right after work." She stood up, kissed me full on the lips, and said, "Do not let any more nurses touch this !!"

Overtime shift to remember

mature 2018-09-02

As I withdrew the catheter and removed it Nathan let out a moan, like a man who just ejaculated. Then I wondered what it would feel like for me to have Nathan, could I handle a man that big, I've never had anything close to that, he was enormous. Having him on top of me and watching his black dick enter my white body, the shower head went to work again, I could feel my clit was already swollen so I rubbed it, I could feel another orgasm coming on, I thought to myself he was as big as mine hand, I pushed a finger up into my vagina, then another, then I pushed in a third finger as shower head massaged my clit, I exploded.

The sister of my wife

mature Rajamar 2018-08-29

“True love or not, it is impossible to resist the charm of a beautiful girl like me” she said. Mary saw my erected penis and began to feel on it. Jane said that she was a little bit tired and that she would join us later. “I forgot my bag with my clothes in the car,” she said “I have to go back to take it.” “But you will have to walk 15 minutes back to the car.” “Yes but I have to take those clothes” “You and Jane stay here.” I had actually a very strange feeling that something it was going to happen again. Mary came out from the water, said something to Jane and walked away.


mature 2018-08-22

"Aww Dad, you are making me blush again." Ann suddenly had a little shiver run down her body as her Dad gently started massaging her feet and she realized that they were resting on his crotch and it was very hard. As he started into her eyes he felt her fingers caress his chest as he brought his penis to her tight young opening. His finger tips traced the curve of her beautiful body as he started planting gentle kisses all over her naked flesh -- the tip of his tongue snaking down the contour of her body and then licking her feet -- oh how he loved them.

tamil maid with lust

mature vijayhot18 2018-08-21

the very next day we woke up in nude position and I told her that I need to go out for an important work she nodded her heade with sad face ad if wandering for sex we hade breakfast and I dressed and went to the door she said can u give me any thing right now I smiled and unzipped my jeans and gave her a 2 cum in her face and she inserted my penis into her cunts and with 50-60 strokes I cumed and she reache orgasm

Lonely Pleasures

mature london_lad 2018-08-21

The way I’ve done for so many years since that night I’ll never forget, aged thirteen when I discovered the secret, when with my erection up hard over my big s****r’s borrowed black lace panties, stroking franticly, worried my parents would hear my bed rattle, when I first felt the pleasure rise, felt my shaft strain stiffer than ever before then watched it jerk as my semen spurted and that indescribable pleasure exploded, and I knew I was now one of the “big boys”.Minutes of pleasure as I stroke….. I turn the page: Melissa bending over her bed, young legs strained wide, bare thigh above sheer black seamed stockings, swinging breasts visible in the mirror, her boy’s hand on her bottom, her vagina visible from behind below those round tanned legs bum cheeks….Rising!For an instant I take my eyes off Melissa.

Enjoying Mommy

mature iamsuperman007 2018-08-21

Then i lowered my left hand slowly down and grabbed her right butt as well and waiting for her reaction, she didn’t reacted this time as well. I got up, hold her left hand and pulled her to drawing room, she cried, “what are you doing leave me, dont do this”, but i was ignored that. Now the situation is, mom was lying on her back on floor in drawing room, i was holding her hand over head, her boobs fully exposed with her blouse still there but unhooked. mom realized that she unintentionally exposed her vagina but she could not do anything because i was holding her hands, her feet were on my shoulder and i am pressing further my chest so that her knees coming close to her breast.


mature 2018-08-21

I stood there staring at them got a good two minutes before closing my own eyes to imagine myself out in the night with Tyler...looking into his eyes...holding his hand...whispering to him I love him, all while feeling his lips pressed against mine. "You don't want me to stop baby" I asked him and he shrugged his head sideways as his eyes remained closed but I knew I could give him something better and so I climbed my way on top of his lap placing my hands upon his chest and maneuvering my hips around to guide his penis back inside of me.

Me & My Mom Hot In Home

mature nana414 2018-08-10

I said sorry then she asked me to close door I was like I saw heaven about 2 min later she asked me to come in room when I entered I saw light were off when I asked her reason she did not replied as usual she laid on bed as breast on bed and back upward I started giving her upper back massage first so raised my hand bit upper so I could touch her bra but I was surprised there was no bra then she replied I was removing it when you entered room as it was creating problem yesterday I stay silent then I go to lower back when I tried to go deeper there was no panty

White wife bred by older bbc2

mature 22Wonderboy 2018-08-03

I look at my wife tell her I knew she'd be able to tell if a black man was a great guy who she'd let him impregnate her, asked her if she wanted to go sl**p with Arthur, she said she's tired, but would love to make love with him several times while he's here, I said fine, go for it!! Wife said Arthur told her in bed he'll treat her like a goddess, for her to bear another baby he'll be super gentle, kind, whatever she wants, just ask. Arthur went home on Friday, wife said he made over their 7 days together at least 80 sperm deposits, she said he had extra stamina, treated her like a goddess, so gentle, kind, considerate, fantastic man to have her 6th and 7th baby with.