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Whos is she #3

mature 6775young 2018-09-25

She was quick and she said since dria is in the house its almost gonna be inpossible to fuck while dria is home today lets do it in the car I said NO we cant we gotta head back she calmly replied ok then and I said on in the back seat,i sat back there and she climbed on she had a skirt on with no panties her big soft ass landed on my cock she gasped and I said wait you want it right? Mom I dont want a big wedding Al come Friday we are getting married justice of the peace I kissed Dria anything for you darling.

First time with white milf

mature ontheprowlfornow 2018-09-05

Anyway I arrive at the party an not too long after I notice my stepmoms friend whom she invited because I never seen her with my aunt before, is eye fucking the shit out of me I mean I damn near came from her staring at me that's how intense she was. An I began talking dirty saying things like sick that black Dick you white bitch, you want that fat cock in that wet Pussy dont you as I'm talking she started going faster and deeper on my dock with a lot of spit.

my girlfriends fat mom

mature 2018-04-13

im now 25 but since i was about 14 i've been masterabting over older women 50 plus sometimes even 70 plus, anyway i've been with my girlfriend for 2 years now but i cant help but get horny when ever moms about, most guys wouldnt even look at her twice but shes my kinda women and i wanna fuck her so bad. shes 57 years old shes got short brown hair size 16 and got massive saggy tits, and a lovely fat arse. i've got a pair of her dirty knickers that i got out of her washing basket a while ago and cant stop sniffing and wanking over them.

my first sex part 3

mature the_chef 2018-03-26

i sucked her wet warm pussy till my tongue was sore she pussy was big and i was only 16 in that time ,, with an average dick size ,,and as we know brunet ( black i hate to say it ) are so hot in sex and need large size of dick to please them .. i was sucking her nipples so hard ,,,kissed her ,, till now i am 30 years old i am still asking myself how he came in the house and didn't notice,, yes ,,, my best sex mate is back ,, she was like 20 mils far from me ,,,shes 44 now ,,, i was shacking ,, i don't know why ,, happy or sad ...

Another office affair...

mature 2018-03-23

"i want you to pick up the vibrator and suck on it, like it was my hard cock" Tracy slowly runs her tongue around the tip before taking the whole thing into her mouth, i can see she struggled a little but made sure she swallowed the lot.. And as she does, she takes my cock in her hand and wanks it - a little sooner than i wanted, i start to squirt my warm load all over her - the first stream jets accross her face, from her cheek to her eyebrow and the second shes got her mouth around the head for - and i come...


mature tubhub 2018-01-06

First night there I take a ride to the gas station/convience store for beer.As im walking into the store im approachd in the parking lot by a middle aged,obviously Dr**nk women (slurring),as she comes forward I can smell here alcohol breath,she puts her hands on my wrists,(which was weird) and asks me if im going to Marshalls Creek.( 20 minutes away).I say no and continue into the store.I buy some beer and exit the store,now in the lot I start to think maybe I should give her a ride its starting to rain.I tell her get in and ask her which way to marshalls creek.As where driving she keeps saying thank you for the ride and how she was in a bar with her friend and they got into an argument and her friend left her there,yada,yada.She starts moving closer to me in my pickup and starts rubbing my thigh.Starts touching her tits telling me im cute.I look in my rearview to make sure no ones behind me,im thinking possibly a setup.I make a few turns and head down a rural road,its raining pretty hard and I pull over.

All I know

mature hqkhaos991 2017-12-23

Jo Mate shut the hell up dont make me pull this trigger, Felling the cold steel on the lips like that gun was going to be carrying death with it Closing my mouth looking at the man in front of me as I'm sat on my knees, Gasp for a breath as he pulled the heartless weapon away, In response Saying thank you he'd turned around his leather jacket following him people s**ttered around holding onto there k**s,f****y and the building for dear life. Silly its little (Squishes in my hand) She hugs me and says your my hero for killing that icky thing thank you The alarms going of in the background beeep,beeep,beeep Daddy the food, ahh daughter looks like its a take away for tonight dad will cook again tomorrow go have a quick bath wells i sort it out.