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Watching Anita with another man

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-23

I looked up and saw that this cock belonged to Jerome, a black giant guy we used to hire as gardener. Ana told Jerome to sit on the couch and she continued to suck his cock. Without taking her eyes from mine, she bent over and guided the huge black cock into her tight wet pussy lips. Ana stood up once again, turned and mounted facing him, as he sucked on her hard erect nipples. "Come on, babe, let me have it" she said, her mouth full of his cock "Show my husband how you fill me with your sticky black cum." Ana looked at me in my eyes as she licked the thick cum from the huge black dick head.

My Friends StepMom - Part II

mature 2018-10-02

She slowly worked her hips and said to me, “I’ve thought about you too, Jay. There have been times when I have seen you with some of your little girlfriends and I just knew that I could take care of you a lot better than they could.” I listened to her as I sucked her nipples, “Want to go into the bedroom?” I stopped sucking her nipples and grabbed her ass and hips and asked her, “I can fuck you in your bed? My hands went around her body and squeezed her tits, my hard cock pressed against her ass. I felt like I was going to cum, and I pushed her body forward, allowing me to slide out of her pussy.

2nd time with Les. Blowjob time.

mature Naughtygirl122381 2018-09-30

I asked where les went and she told me he was piddling with their car. I let my hands move down to his balls where I began to stroke fondle and ever so lightly massage his sack while my head bobbed up and down on him. I licked and slurped and sucked and listened to him groan while his hips jerked I moaned so he could feel the vibration up his shaft. He held my head stiffly and began to fuck his cock in and out of my mouth again and again. I sucked his head back into my mouth one final time. Sucking get and massaging his cock in clockwise circular motions using my tongue.

My Situation Part 2

mature triphammer73 2018-09-27

Ally was in a white tank top and sweats, her shoulder length strawberry blond hair was tied back in a small pony tail and the sex pot Gabby was in tight blue shorts that did not even cover her hot tight ass and gave the hint of camel toe. Gabby stuck a batter covered finger in my mouth and I sucked it clean before she gave me a hard wet kiss. “oh hell yeah!” Gabby walked to the edge of the bed and started rubbing the purple dildo in her face Ally was quick to begin deep throating it taking it all in and slobbering all over it coating it well. Which I did as Gabby crouched and leaned on the head board as Ally began eating her friends pussy pushing fingers into her hot wet hole.


mature flyboyB4 2018-09-23

It must have been getting to her as she was now softly saying, “Oh yeah, lick it, suck it”, just about that instant when I sucked her outer lips into my mouth and she let out a yelp, “Oh fuck, yeah, eat my cunt!” I hadn’t realized it, but she had both hands on my head, keeping me there, and she was thrusting her pussy up at my mouth, and mumbling, “Oh yes, I love it, keep sucking, oh I love it, I’m gonna cum all over your face, keep sucking”. Now, I placed both hands under her ass and drove my tongue in and out as deep as I could into her wet, warm, delicious pussy and sucked her clit hard, and then sucked her outer lips until she was fully in my mouth.

Billy got his baseball team mother in the equipmen

mature 2018-09-22

She noticed and ask if work got me excited? I walked be hind her and pulled up her sun dress and stuck my hand down her undies. I went slow and looking down her top to see those pure white tits. Damn I have jerked off thinking about her, now she is sucking my dick. She opened her legs and said come on, She put my dick in her and closed her eyes. Fuck me Billy, fuck me, that drove me wild and I started to pile drive her open legs. She opened her eyes and said get it Billy, finish. She got on the floor and told me to pull it out, she sucked it until I came.

Early Encounter

mature Alwyzrdy 2018-09-16

a married guy, mature, limited bisexual experience, horny, wanted his cock sucked, and had his own office downtown. We talked for several minutes and he gave me directions to his office and said a good time to meet casually would be Saturday afternoon. There wasn't any mention of doing anything that afternoon, but I did ask him directly how many guys he had met from the chat rooms, how many times had he had bisexual sex? I played and sucked on his cock for another ten or fifteen minutes, it never swelled up like it did the first time, but it did get pretty hard. I closed my eyes and imagined his cock from two days earlier shooting on the conference table and felt it throb several times in my mouth.

Surrendered My Dick To My Sex Bomb Boss In Her Cab

mature sidhuputt 2018-09-13

I slowly dipped my tongue deeper and deeper in and covered her pussy with my mouth and started sucking it hard and wild like a hungry b**st. I want you tonight." She immediately said "Lets go to the nearby hotel." She tried to wear her panty but I stopped her and asked her to put it in her bag and asked "Why to waste time wearing and removing in a matter of 15 minutes?" She gave me a real horny smile and dropped her panty and her coat inside her bag. I seriously felt your body as a honey hood and moreover last night I completely forgot that you are my boss." She laughed loud and said "Thats actually good when it comes to nights like yesterday." I said "Yeah its an unforgettable night for me too." She dropped me in office and went home.

Blind Date!!

mature 2018-08-26

I got here early and sat in the car park for ages just waiting, nerves getting the better of me.Should I call it off, do I really want to meet him. Could I really meet this man and not have the opportunity to touch, carress and kiss his body. I unbuttoned his shirt and there it was, the chest from the pic, his nipples calling out to be kissed and sucked. I slowed my pace, I wanted him to come at the same time as me. I could feel his balls get hard, the time would come soon. As i lowered myself up and down on his cock he was playing with my tits, and i was rubbing his nipples now hard and erect.

Neighbor Rick part 2

mature 2018-08-22

Marc and I went for a short walk and I told him what happened he stopped looked at me and gave me a big kiss. With that said Marc sat down opposite us and I told Rick we had a surprise for him. Marc saw this as well as cum leaked out of me even with Rick's cock still in me. Rick told him he got that a lot. Some women liked that others didn.t. Marc told him not to worry, he just got introduced to one who never seems to get enough. We never got much fishing done that day and I sucked and fucked Rick most of the day and night.


mature GangBangGranny 2018-08-21

getting fucked at the same time and I was literally covered in cum from total By now, we had a big crowd watching and I was being fucked like gettting fucked doggie style while sucking guys off as they laid on the floor. One of the men then pushed his cock up my old ass and started Several more guys fucked my ass and then while one cock was in my butt, a guy crawled under me and entered my pussy and I was asked to see it and she parted her legs and there it was, a huge glob of cum and I get all the cock (and pussy) I can take and everyone knows that I'll do any

A "Bonnie" Night After Motel Check-in

mature goinstrong 2018-08-21

Tipping my chin backward, using my forehead as leverage against her chest, I was able to push my face down her knit top, gaining access to her bra-embraced tits. Never missing a hand stroke or lick to her pussy, I had greater access to her cunt and her sweet ass at the same time. While sucking her wet cunt, I pulled one of my hands from one of her tits. I reached up to her face, dipped a fingertip into my cum, then asked her to open her mouth. When my finger left her mouth, there was an excellent little "pop." Bonnie said, "I want more!" With that, I scooped up a large portion of man juice and placed it into her mouth.

Ass Whore Part1 - the mother who worships her son&

mature hi1 2018-08-13

But the one hole she loved the most, was mine and more than once she had sucked my ass while I fucked a girl. "It will help you relax and move more easily." she had said one night running her fingers lightly around my asshole while her other hand played with my balls. I turned around and waited patiently as my mother pushed several large chunks of thick cake up my asshole.  I pushed gently, feeling the soft, squishy chocolate cake sliding out my ass and into my mom's mouth glued around my anus. Jets of hot cum shot froth and landed back on my cock and balls, making their way down to my ass and into my mother's greedy mouth.

My Beloved Shreya

mature BrandiOne 2018-08-08

Shreya's eyes had glowed in her Tantric moment and I was was the receiver of her luscious mouth and breasts as she leaned over to kiss mine. Shreya loved me like no other woman and I was happy to have her . I loved her long silken hair between my fingers when she got down on me, she caressed me with her beautiful mouth, to please. My mouth was hot for her as she sucked my nipples. I began to suck Shreya's clit gently. I fingered her hot pussy and her streaming twat juices aroused every fiber of my mouth. Her lovely eyes had glanced towards mine and I knew Shreya was my beloved forever.

Demented Detention

mature Cuntlapper007 2018-07-26

Then out of the blues Ms. Parker asked in a loud tone whether I was gazing at her breasts fingering her nipple with her left hand. I turned to face my teacher. She yanked my hand rubbed it across her lips then across the erect nipples of her wondorous breast. She let go of my hand and slowly kneeled down and began to undress me. I got up from my kneeling posture, I began teasing her with the head of my cock. I slid my cock in against the wetness of her lips that constricted around my dick with every thrust. I wet my hands with the first load of cum I shot as it dripped below my dick.

Alone but Not Alone

mature LaPatitMort 2018-07-22

"My stories would benefit if I had a hot woman who would let me watch her use every toy and would tell me how each one felt as it got her off." For twenty minutes she let me kiss her neck, remove her top, lick and suck her nipples and let my hands roam across the inside of her thighs and then make love to every inch of skin above her waist. Megan held her breath, closed her eyes and let my cock slide through her fingers, press into her g-spot and let her body willingly take all of me until our bodies crushed together.

Well , how to put this-Mother in Law

mature xxx_hamster 2018-07-22

The first time I ever met my future mother in law was when my future wife took me to her mum's card shop. I learned the second time that my MIL (Mother In Law) had a back office being the manager of the shop, if memory serves correct we only went back cos my wife was skint and needed to borrow some money. I wanted to move my hands but knew Donna was giving me a surprise and a great one at that.The hand drew itself along my cock and balls making me grow harder. Almost at the same time I felt a hot tongue gently lick my now hard cock.

Slut I was fucking mom

mature luckynky 2018-07-21

She was always flirting with me, the fucked up thing about it was my slut girlfriend almost liked her mom flirting with me. My girlfriend started to move, mom put her leg down. When my girlfriend would face me, mom would show her pussy again. She stopped for a second, a big line of saliva came from my cock, to her mouth, she gobbled and sucked it up like a spaghetti noodle! I told her I'm gonna come, she stopped and said while jacking me, shoot it down my throat. I did not tell her mom to stop I just kept looking at my girlfriend while her mom sucked me off!

Week Alone With Old Man Pt. 4

mature bigdong6969 2018-07-20

The next morning after our nightly threesome between Henry, Diane and myself, I was awoken to the sensation of my soft cock being played with and then lightly being sucked on. My throbbing hard cock slid right in her wet pussy. He immediatly crawled up next to Diane and stuck his soft cock in her mouth. I pulled out of Diane's sloppy wet pussy and told him to lay down on the bed as Diane and I would take care of him. He then said it was my turn as he wanted to share my cock with Diane. After while, Henry got up as Diane continued to suck my cock. He got behind her and started fucking her doggystyle as she sucked my cock.

mother in law seduced me.....part 2

mature andrew1902 2018-07-19

I nodded my head and smiled as karen cupped a boob to invite me to suck it, I leant forward and took the nipple in my mouth, gently flicking my tongue over it then sucking on it. without saying a word she got stood up and took my hand, gently pulling me, she locked the door as we went past it to go up the stairs and then said 'now we wont be disturbed' and she took me in her mouth, she gripped my cock and wanked as she sucked me off then I could feel my cock tense, and I moaned loudly as I felt my cock twitch in karens mouth.

Mature couple use me as interracial sex slave

mature d21d21 2018-07-19

As we travelled up to their room in the lift, S told me I was going to be their brown cocked sex slave for the night and fondled my already hard cock through my trousers. As his wife rode me, S told me I was their slave and put his cock in my mouth and started to thrust. As I fucked his wife, S started licking my arse and then stuck his cock in A's mouth and face as I pounded her. I asked my masters where they wanted their slave to cum and A told me to spunk in her pussy, which I obeyed.

The Young Amish Boy

mature Hottie62 2018-07-13

In other words, a good Amish man will go to his grave having never had his cock sucked. Jim said, “suck the young mans’s cock whore, and you had better make him cum and you had better swallow all of it. As Jim taught me, I thanked Jeddah for allowing me the honor of sucking his cock and also thanked him for cumming in my mouth. However, we will have to talk about being fair to Diane…when a woman sucks your cock, she deserves to be fucked.” He surprised both of us by asking if he could return the next weekend. We all dried off and right there in the bathroom I got on my knees and sucked that beautiful young cock until he again exploded in my mouth.

The Right Cock.

mature badboy4320 2018-07-06

I mentioned gloryhole booths and bluntly asked him if he'd ever been fucked in a gloryhole booth before and he said no but he'd had his dick sucked before. I was fucking worshipping this huge hard daddy cock in my mind while I tried to unhinge my jaw to get that huge head in my mouth. I told him I could barely get my mouth around it as it is and I was having a hard enough time just trying to suck in. I just cleared my throat, spit in the grass and sucked that great big dick back in. I told him I wanted to suck his cock again and wanted to try and get it in my ass but he was convinced that he could only come once a day.

Meeting my girlfriend’s hot mom!

mature 2018-07-03

I turned her around and dropped my pants to reveal my boxers and half erect cock. I sucked her clit, licking it with the flat of my tongue continuously, rapidly after a minute or so she was grinding my face in her pussy with both hands telling me not to ever stop. She sucked all 8” of my cock balls deep each time until I finally shot my cum in her mouth and on her face. When she was done sucking cock and gagging it so fucking hard, her eyes were white and make-up was running off her face. She screamed with which sounded like all her might, I felt her ass contract around my cock.