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A Little Leigh-way (The House Guest)

mature Jude 2018-11-26

It was Leigh’s turn to laugh now, “Don’t let this overworked face fool you young man, I’m a lot older than you think, and need every nap I can get.” I watched her work, one hand stroking me slowly and her other starting to explore my balls by squeezing them and feeling under then and pushing them up towards my cock. Makes me feel good that you enjoyed that much.” Leigh stood up now, holding on to me as long as she could and then letting go as she turned away from me and started to pull down her jeans. I heard Leigh gasp and felt the heat of her pussy on my finger as I pushed hard inside her.

Annie's Surprise

mature thirdislander 2018-11-23

But this morning, I found myself very hard, and my hand found its way to , my penis, and I started stroking, imagining her yesterday, when I had seen her at night in her dressing gown, her nipples poking up against the fabric. "You should have asked me for help." She kissed me, more deeply than before and then whispered in my ear, "And of course I heard you, silly." She then leaned backwards, hiked up her dress, and I got my first glimpse of her pussy, and its nice little thatch of blond pubic hair.


mature SventheElder 2018-11-16

"Right," Kate said, "Decision time is here; stop faffing about, close the door behind you, and come and have a hot drink and something to eat. Helping the older woman tidy up and put things away, Mike was aware of how little he actually knew of his neighbour 'across the way.' He had supposed that she must be over sixty, but now, as they talked, he guessed she was a little younger than that: maybe early to mid-fifties, chatty without being garrulous. Slightly shocked, Mike realised that Kate and his Mother must be of a similar age. Faced with the inevitable and with the aphrodisiac smell and taste now presented to him, Mike buried his mouth and tongue and felt Kate shudder with desire as he did so.

Marriage: ch1

mature Nathan 2018-11-15

It was Lily's bday and sonia had decided to surprise her aunt. She saw her aunt entering the cabin screaming at a guy and as soon as the door closed they began kissing. She heard lily coughing and moaning.she heard her say " Oh thats what i needed on my bday, the best drink.could have been a bit less bitter" Sonia felt the table shaking above her. Her aunt lily was cursing the guy constantly and getting slapped on her butt. Sofia heard lily scream one last time and things went normal. Sonia sat under the table watching her aunt throw tissue after tissue into the dustbin after wiping her ass. Sonia got out waited till her aunt came out and screamed ' surprise!!!!

Jonathan's Birthday Celebration

mature mrotis 2018-11-11

In fact, the only time I was asked to contribute anything was when Elizabeth remembered it was my birthday and said she was sorry to have broken up my wife’s and my special evening out. Jessica broke off for a moment, pointed to Elizabeth next to me and said, “I don’t think you have been up close and personal with tits like those for a long time… at least I hope you haven’t. Elizabeth did as she was told, Jessica climaxed over and over for several more minutes – I don’t know where she got the stamina – until it appeared that Elizabeth’s talented tongue needed a rest.

Beach Shock

mature carolinafun 2018-11-06

I pulled her head off of me and moved to a sitting position on the couch as she was kneeling between my legs still holding my cock with her aged hand. Wanting to go slow but filled with lust for this aged, but horny as hell woman, I began fucking Jan hard and fast. Just ream me good baby,” Jan instructed as she took my cock in her hand and lowered her ass to its tip. Stand up and fuck my ass like a man,” Jan yelled as her hands hit the coffee table. “Eight years is a hell of a long time but it’s a good thing sex is like riding a bike don’t you think?” Jan asked.

Lose the Loose Shorts - Part 3

mature RachelJames 2018-11-05

“Hey Jane, nice to know you keep stuff from me,” I said, anyway. “Oh Rachel…come here you babydoll,” she said, walking over to me and giving me a hug, her arms draping over me, to cup the bottom of my asscheeks, which were bared under the shorts. As I walked over to the lab, I felt my shorts droop down a little. I immediately pulled my shorts back up, and turned around, to face James coming around the corner of the corridor. “Hey James … uhm, I think it will be better if we kept the project for another day.” I felt his arms wrap around my waist and feel the front of my shorts, pressing over my pussy.

A Second Trip to See Miss Cynthia

mature JefferyB 2018-10-31

Still holding on to his tie she looked into his eyes and said, “I’m so very happy to see you and I don’t mind saying that I’m not disappointed to see you without Laura.” Her other hand ran down the lapel of his jacket and she said, “I assume the things that you bought here on your last visit were satisfactory.” In a soft and sexy voice she said, “This nightie is called ‘Clouds’ because it gives you the impression that the body is touched by nothing but sheer, white clouds that you could just blow away.” She noticed that he had taken off his jacket and had it draped over his lap in an attempt to hide the bulge.

My surprise weekend away part 4

mature Alsaccount 2018-03-22

We sat for a a good hour and a half and even and a couple of dances before the band took a break, the second bottle of champagne was well on the way to being emptied and I was feeling quite tipsy, not to say a little horny, my mind kept going back to how small my hand felt around Marks cock at the sauna, Tom was going to have no rest tonight I thought! We too our drinks and sat in a small booth off the lounge area so we could carry on talking a little more openly, the end it was Mark who broke that spell and said "I have a nice suite upstairs and it was me who suggested to Tom in the changing room you both join me tonight in watching the band"