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The Gift

mature LASARDaddy 2018-12-03

We got there and when we walked in Lacey kissed Rob and turned and grabbed my head in both hands and gave me a big, sloppy kiss saying, "Alex called me and asked if I wanted to share this and I told her, absolutely, if I'm lucky he'll take care of both of us. She took my hand gently and smiling said to Jack and Lacey, "Let's get more comfortable, I want to lie down with Paul. I'm watching her thinking, "That thing has been in both their mouths, pussies and asses and anywhere else they wanted." I briefly wondered if they'd ever used it on Jack and decided to ask later.

Me and my teacher Miss Hutson

mature Royal 2018-12-01

I took 4 steps before I heard the door open behind me, I turned around and saw Miss Hutson with an angry face looking at me. When I got home I started on my impositions, it took me a few hours to finish it, but I did it because I didn't want to get expelled from Miss Hutson her class. "Thank you Simon, I hope that you have learned from this and I do hope that things between us get better," Miss Hutson said.  When I entered the bus that took us to the opera, I saw Miss Hutson again, she looked beautiful, she was wearing a long black dress, black heels and had her hair done amazing to.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 4

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-12-01

I've seen better begging from a street corner pan-handler!" Mr. Cramer spat, "You are going to have to do a lot better than that if you want that dirty slut pussy of yours filled!" Mr. Hernandez had no more got the words "Yes slut, suck my cock!" than Amy had inhaled his stiff, throbbing tool and was devotedly bobbing her head up and down as she sucked greedily on the janitor's member. But I'll bet that slutty little pussy of yours is feeling awfully neglected, isn't it?" Mr. Cramer said, as he lifted her up and set her on his desk facing Mr. Hernandez. Oh, my poor pussy is so hungry, it wants a hard cock buried deep inside it, Sir!" Amy said, as she opened her legs invitingly.

Just Simon

mature NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-29

Before reaching the door he turned and said, “It’s okay, we can fuck tomorrow.” I loved to suck him hard, to feel his shaft grow in my mouth and when he was fully erect I’d deep throat him like a porn star, which he really liked. Looking at myself in the mirror, I said, “You want it, you need it, and you fucking deserve it,” meaning Simon’s cock. Simon stopped fingering me and within a few seconds I felt his cock head come nosing at my lips. As I opened as wide as I could Simon grabbed the back of my head and at the same time shoved his cock as far back it could go.

Jared and Jennifer, Part 1

mature Handydandy14 2018-11-22

I knew I might never get a chance to talk to Mrs. Brooks once school starts, and she looked so good I had to say something. I got an email from Mrs. Brooks saying we would start tutoring in 2 weeks, so I had some to get adjusted to my classes and bring work for her to help me with. Our tutoring session was supposed to start at 3pm, but I wanted to get there early so I could spend more time with Mrs. Brooks. This is wrong we can't be anything I'm sorry!" She started to turn to her car and I knew I couldn't just let her leave without knowing how serious I was.

Jared and Jennifer, Part 3

mature Handydandy14 2018-11-20

"C'mon Ms. Singer, I could tell how turned on you got when you thought someone saw you sucking my cock." I moved Jennifer's hand over to where my hard dick waiting for her. Surprisingly we didn't have sex when we got home; Jennifer said she wanted to take a nap. "I know but there's no better time than when you're having intense sex with the woman you love." I smiled and moved my finger more inside her ass. "Mmm baby, that's going to push me over the edge." Jen started moaning loudly and soon came all over my cock. Jennifer smiled big and said, "Of course college boy, fuck me in the ass this time?"

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 2

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

"Yes Sir. I will get right on it," she said, biting her lip as she felt her pussy getting wet from his words and his hand churning inside her. But Mr. Cramer had a strange control over Amy. As wrong as she knew it was to allow him into her room with no one home, she wanted him to come in. "My mom gave up trying to dress me a long time ago, Sir. Now she would just as soon NOT know what I plan on wearing!" Amy said, smiling shyly. Amy moaned loudly at this new sensation, arching her back and pushing his head down harder, wanting more of her in that hot mouth.


mature professorhooters 2018-11-16

Upon hearing that, Dr. Lane put my cock into her mouth and started blowing me, expertly alternating between fast and slow and taking me deeper than any girl ever had before. She gripped the back of my head and shoved it to her pussy, and taking the hint, I started licking her, slowly at first, and then I sped up and even nibbled on her clit a little, which caused her to moan. As I felt my cock getting bigger in side of her, signaling that I’d cum soon, I grabbed her hair up into my right hand and pulled, bringing her head up. She gave me a sexy smile, handed me a card and said, “Come to my place tomorrow and reproduce what you did today and you’re in.”

Miss Greene: Chapter 1

mature miss_greene 2018-11-15

And now with the way, Adam was talking and avoiding eye contact and blushing… She was starting to hope, despite knowing better, that maybe it was her his heart desired.  Adam instinctually brought his hand to the back of her head, twisting his fingers in her soft hair. He looked up to find Miss Greene leaning back on her arms, head tilted up and eyes closed. She licked the tip of him, circling gently, making Adam’s knees buckle, only to suddenly swallow him whole and slowly bob her head back and forth while one hand held his ass and the other played with his balls. Adam was worried he’d feel awkward, doing something so personal, and adult like, but it felt natural and good. 

Slut Olympics Part 3

mature MINatalie98 2018-11-14

Gwen then got on her knees, reached up and grabbed Coach Miller’s shorts, and whatever he was wearing underneath by the waistband and pulled them down to his ankles revealing his semi hard cock, meanwhile Coach Miller pulled his shirt off and threw it to the side. Eventually, Gwen had recovered from her orgasm and pulled herself up off Coach Miller, a lot of cum leaked out and fell on his cock. He reached down and once again started to rub her pussy with one hand, while he pulled down his shorts and boxers down, releasing his rock hard seven inch long, and thick cock.

Professor Hurley

mature sydney6385 2018-11-12

I'm not for sure when it happened, or how, but as we continued to kiss, my hands found their way to the buttons at the top of his shirt and began to undo them. When I finished, I brought my hands back up to the collar of his shirt and slowly pulled it off his shoulders and down his arms, letting it fall to the floor. Since he was sitting, he placed both his hands on each side of the table and lifted himself up so that I could pull his underwear completely off. I let myself slide down and when I was completely on his lap, he removed his right hand from my waist, placed it on the side of my neck, and brought my face down to kiss him.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 1

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-12

Amy knew that she didn’t want to have another year of high school. Her pussy clenched tight around his fingers, her back arched and she tightened her fists, letting out her moans and screams as her juices flooded out and covered his face and hand. "Good because I have a feeling you are going to be a very busy young lady, today!" Amy wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that news, nor the tone in which it was delivered. We aren’t in school now, no need to be quiet here so let’s see what kind of a slut you really are!" With that he plunged two fingers into her wet pussy.

The Rapt Student

mature girltoy 2018-11-11

I knew that I absolutely wanted your cock inside me the first day you walked into that classroom. The pleasure of seeing it even in this imagined form was enough to soak my black lacy panties like nothing else, and I would quietly cross my legs and gyrate in my seat, staring at you, and staring at the perfect cock, imagining its rock-hard thickness inside my body, cumming to the sound of your deep and sexy voice. It was just another day of lusting after you in class, and I was getting ready to fuck myself. I opened my legs a little wider just for you, slipped my fingers into my panties and boldly moved them to the freshly-shaved space in between, daring to feel my wetness.

The Mentor

mature sydney6385 2018-11-10

When I treaded my way over to his door, I looked inside and noticed he had a student at his desk asking him questions. And even though I knew the attraction wasn't mutual, I still wanted to look good. So when I opened the door to see Edward standing there, with keys in one hand and my book in the other, shock radiated through me. His hands found their way to the front of my body and onto the hems of my dress, slowly pulling it apart. What started as a wrap dress began to look like a long short sleeve sweater as he pulled it to my sides, revealing a light pink lace bra and panties.

Manmoirs: Hot For Teacher

mature Manmoirs 2018-11-10

She messaged me to say she thought Messenger would be another good form of communication in-case I ever needed a quick response. She may have been 10 years older than me but my goodness she looked fucking hot. She gave me a little wink, and I wanted to deny the thoughts I was having. Before we got to her car she pulled me close and kissed me as though she wanted to fuck right then and there. "I want you to fuck me right now." I took my right hand to take off my condom, stroking my rock hard cock as I got close. If she thought I was going to bang her without a condom, she had another thing coming.

From Tearoom to Bedroom

mature JuneFernan 2018-11-10

After an hour I would ask if she wanted me to leave, so that she could have the alone time that she originally came to the teashop for, but she smiled and shook her head. I didn’t flinch or worry in the slightest, only repeated that I only wanted a late night cup of tea and asked that she get it for me since she knew where everything was downstairs. I moved away from the table, into a comfy chair, where I towered above her place on the floor, where she didn’t seem so much like my older professor but rather a young woman aching for admiration.

Mrs. Sparks Vehicle

mature cougarmama5 2018-11-10

Mrs. Sparks was taking off a pink bath robe in the video, revealing her red bra and underwear, the same thing she wore our first time. I thought about calling Mrs. Sparks on Sunday, but opted out of it, I knew she would call when she was ready, plus I didn’t want to risk her husband answering the phone. “Robert, how many times have I told you…” Said Mrs. Sparks, cutting me off, “Call me Linda, I know you make it sound sexy, but it only makes me horny.” Too soon, I felt my cock telling me it was time to climax, I didn’t wanna cum yet, it was too soon, but I couldn’t help it, “I’m gonna cum Linda, where do you want me to cum?” I asked.

Jared and Jennifer, Part 2

mature Handydandy14 2018-11-09

I wanted Jared just like he said, maybe even a little more. "It's about to feel a whole lot better, baby." I took his whole cock in my mouth and the way Jared reacted I thought he would cum instantly. "Yes Jared, oh fuck yes go faster baby." He started sucking on my clit and licking my pussy so fast I didn't know what was happening. "I want you to get hard Jared, I need that cock inside me now. "Jen baby your breasts are amazing, please let me suck on those pretty pink nipples." How could I resist this boy anymore? So much cum filled my little pussy I didn't know if Jared would ever stop pouring his hot load in me.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 5

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-09

So it was settled, and the next day at school she made it a point to stop by Mr. Cramer's class after school to let him know the good news. "Sir, I wanted to tell you that my mom is going to visit my aunt over Christmas Break. We have a few days before school is out for Christmas Break and I will let you know," he said. "Oh yes, Sir!" Amy said, smiling broadly. She continued savagely plunging her fingers into her desperate pussy trying to reach the point of no return, where there was no way to stop her orgasm even if she wanted to. Amy licked her juices off his fingers and then he lowered his head to give his sweet slut a long, passionate kiss.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 3

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

"Yes Sir," Amy said, her pussy beginning to dampen once again as she knew he was leading up to something exciting. The coolness of the glass toy felt good on her overheated pussy and Amy moaned and shuddered as the dildo began its work. Amy gasped as the dildo ran over her swollen clit and he smiled, working it back and forth over the tender nub as the bound girl struggled against her ropes in a vain effort to get away from the teasing device. In response to her whimperings, Mr. Cramer moved the glass dildo away from her pussy and Amy thought that maybe her suffering was ending, but he was far from finished with her.

Full circle

mature CirceWand 2018-11-05

I’m going to talk you through touching him, smelling him enjoying everything about him until your senses are so caught up in the sexuality between you that all you want is to taste him, smell him, touch him, suck him.” Just allow yourself to explore his cock with the freedom to suck it if you want to, and knowing you’re not going to have sex, you don’t have to perform or impress. I had a fantasy last night about a cock just sliding up and down my pussy.” Patrick didn’t answer with words, but I gathered from her heightened breath that he was doing just as she wanted. “He mostly just smells clean around his balls,” Lisa continued reporting to me a little more breathily, “but his skin tastes very different here to on his cock.

An A+ Student

mature JollyBloke03 2018-11-05

He carefully slid his whole tongue inside and pushed it around before suddenly taking her clit into his mouth and biting down roughly, shoving four fingers knuckles deep into her pussy. He got up and placed his hands firmly on her ass and pressed the tip of his cock against her little slit, immediately causing a steady clear stream of cum to course down her leg. He pushed her head away and grabbed her arms, crossing them behind her back and ramming into her again and again, feeling her orgasms tighten her pussy around his thick cock. When he finally released, he didn't dare pull out, but filled her ass with his cum, which came running down her legs.

The English Professor

mature sydney6385 2018-11-03

How my body felt like it had wanted him for ages and my mind was just now catching up. I never really eyed Professor Lavine like the rest of the girls that I knew, always keeping him at teacher status. He got out of the car and practically ran to my side, opening the door, grabbing my hand, and pulling me out. As my legs began to come off the bed, he pulled them apart, opening me up to him. He slowly started to rock into me and though he held his body above mine, I wrapped my arms under his and pulled him closer, wanting our bodies to be completely touching at all times.

Theology Teacher PT1

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-02

I sure would like to find out some night, some weekend evening for that matter.” He shrugged and added “You know, tell your parents you’re staying at one of your friends houses, maybe” and he looked deep into her eyes as she began burning up with a flushed face and a extremely hot body too “just maybe we can find that out? I have asked myself all week long what does she look like in sexy lingerie.” And he shook his head adding “Nobody but no one does that for me. Still, she did as he asked and looked as his tight white underwear and she cupped her hand and slowly but surely felt his balls.