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future mother in law

mature flash 2018-11-04

The woman took a sheet and covered herself and asked "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you nude" i am Regi's boy friend but who are you? No,i heard someone farting inside the room so i waited here,i thought it was you i said. My mom is in the room,she is the one who farted and i hope you did nothing else she said and laughed. Jessy came to the room fully dressed,i was still having her half naked image in mind and i was thinking about her big ass and her loud fart. I said i am sorry i had to tell her you farted and started to walk away.

Frankie gets seduced

mature 2018-09-25

The amazon was now behind her pushing herself into Frankie's back and arse, Frankie suddenly felt her hand stroking her arse, she turned round and as she started to ask what she was doing, her eyes melted her again and she could feel a certain wetness start to appear in her thong. Frankie asked her name and she lowered her head and whispered in her ear, "my name is Charlie short for Charlotte and I am going to fuck you silly" disabled toilet two minutes, knock once I will know its you" she husked in her ear.

Back in the Gents toilet with a girl

mature 2018-09-23

In I went and into the first cubical I sat, leaving the door ajar, not caring if someone saw me and soon all the old emotions were flooding back and I slid forward on the toilet seat and slipped my hand between my legs and unashamedily started to caress my crotch. He turned her into the wall and eased he bottom out over the edge of the seat, pulled down her knickers sufficiently to clear her bottom and vaginal area, then kneeling on a spare cushion, opened his flies and eased his pants down, exposing his fat bottom to my lustful looks, eased himself fully into her streched cunt and started fucking her.

Mum at the public toilets

mature 24_m_uk2011 2018-08-04

'Wow mum dont be so cruel, his probably going to wank whilst driving now' i said. I couldnt believe this mum was in a public toilet t shirt rolled up walking over to the dryer in a pair of black patterened knickers whilst a complete stranger was standing there. This guy started wanking standing only about 2 foot away from mum, she stood there drying her skirt whilst looking at him wanking. I walked over and pulled my cock out standing next to this bloke look at mum wanking my dick. This guy put his cock away lent over kissed mum and said thanks you whore and walked start out.

Elderly Great Grandmother Needs Help!

mature lovethemold 2018-07-10

Her hole needed to be licked and so I ran my tongue over it and Dorothy let out a whimper….I drove my tongue in and f***ed it inside her….it was unpleasant at first but I was too horny to care….one hand went between her legs and I started to rub her pussy whilst my other hand went down to my trousers and I was able to release my cock….. I stood up and guided the head of my cock towards her pussy….pushing forwards I found that surprisingly my cock started to slide in but she was ever so tight…..slowly I inched further into her until, sliding in and out until I was fully inside her…..Dorothy let out a moan and said “Oh my”.…….I was inside my 83 year old neighbours pussy….a Great Grandmother….what was I doing???

Anna's help in hand...

mature 2018-06-15

"Thank you Phil." Anna said as she sat down on ta chair in the kitchen. "No need." The door opened and Anna walked in, she picked up and moved my clothes,raised the toilet seat, turned her back to the toilet and pulled her jeans down. "Could do with a trim." Anna said as he closed the toilet lid and flushed. She reached into a draw next to the toilet and removed and pair of scissors and started to trim her pussy hair. I moved my hips towards her and she opened her red lipsticked mouth, taking my cock into her mouth she started to suck and lick my bell end.

crossdressers first time

mature nylonfiona 2018-06-11

i first started to wear tights when i was 18,i was shocked when i first realised i loved tight panties and sheer tights. the next day i was taking a bath when i noticed them on the wash basket,i had an urge to wear them,i was very shocked by this desire but had to!i slipped them on taking care not to rip them,they were hold ups and as soon as they were on my cock stood to attention like never before. to my horror my friends mum came into the bathroom at that moment saw me there in her sheer stockings said nothing and walked out. when i saw this my cock went very stiff, he saw this and must of also saw my stocking tops which i was still wearing!!


mature smallcock 2018-05-10

I’d gone to the airport to pick up a friend who was flying in from Germany, I got there 45 minutes early and after having a look around the shops and getting a drink I went to the monitors to find out if he was on time, his flight was delayed another hour, so I then went to the toilet feeling randy as fuck. Running my hand over his mound in his boxers I was gagging for it, I sat on the toilet and pulled down his briefs releasing a good 6”, as I ran my tongue over his helmet he gasped, then taking the condom I rolled it over his shaft, then spat on him, licked him and made sure he was as slippery as I could make him.

Looking back on my sex life

mature petercee 2018-04-08

By craning my neck a little I could see as soon as he pulled his eye away, I again looked through the hole once again seeing him stroking his cock, I got hotter realising he was doing this for me. I wondered what a cock would feel like so of course I reached out to touch it, it felt entirely different to I thought it would, warmer as well. I sat on the toilet seat looking into an empty cubicle on the mens side, I was crushed how much I was hoping to find that cock waiting for me.

My Grandma 7

mature nimal11 2018-03-17

I told her she had to try and keep quite but she shook her head and groaned again, "I can't it hurts Johnny. She released her mouth from my cock and moaned, " Oh Johnny, no, don't be horny. I looked at my grandmother sitting naked on the toilet and sucking my cock. She quickly put it back in her mouth and started to really suck hard on it! She looked so hot with my cum on her mouth, her eyes watery, and naked on the toilet. There was something funny and hot about my parents concern about her bowls, when I knew I had fucked her ass hard the night before, and couldn't wait to do it again.

My first homosexual experience

mature 2018-03-04

We were both exhausted and finally got ourselves ready to leave the small toilet room, he kissed me on my lips and he realised I had not cum yet and with his right hand he started to wank me, it didn’t take long before I shot my semen onto the floor and groaned in pleasure and finally we left going to our rooms. The following morning was a strange affair over breakfast when we all started chatting before leaving the hotel, we all wished each other the very best and our wives would have never believed that their husbands were in a small hotel toilet fucking each other the night before.

Five Games - Short Story

mature sushicook 2018-01-30

I'm very good at pool, and I like to show off my talent to men: I love to win! He takes a deep breath and sighs: »Oh, they are just fantastic!« He asks me, if it would be okay that he touches them, but I tell him: »Only when you let me win next time!« He agrees, but only under the condition, that I would show him my fanny if I loose again! »Can I touch it?«, I ask him, and he replies: »Only if you let me win the next game!« It grows huge in my warm hand, but it is cute - I love this arousing mixture of muscular strength and cozy softness!


mature bpmacp 2018-01-22

As we drive to the restaurant your skirt falls open showing your thigh encased in sheer silk stockings and hint of bare flesh. You hand comes over and releases my cock and you start stroking it hard. I rest a hand on your knees and open your legs slightly. As a young man walks by he looks down and sees you legs are open and he can see you stocking tops and suspender. As my back is to the toilets i can only tell he us coming by you opening your legs wide so your white silk thong shows. As he leaves i pass you a small 2 inch box to you i say i want you to go in toilet remove your thong and bra.

My Dream

mature 2018-01-21

I was first turned on by some dirty dick sucking whore magazines I found at the ballfield bathrooms some old perv left for a young boy or girl to discover. I was on the toilet thinking my privacy was secure, viewing a hot fucking blonde cunt with eyes wide clenching a big hard cock erupting from her jerks and then seeing my sexy mom standing there a few feet away in astonishment. She sucked, spit on, and swallowed my boy bone while I looked at more disgusting fuck pages in the gift I found. I was so horny looking at the top of my sexy moms head while glancing at dirty naked whores that I ended up cumming in my mothers slutty mouth for the very first time in my life.

My first cumshot..... With my teacher

mature AshChan 2017-12-20

So yea, I was completing my assignments and I masturbated for the first time while doing so. 3 days after the holidays started, I received a call from my teacher(the same teacher whose assignments I didn submit). She said, "If you dont submit the assignments, I'm not gonna let you attend the exams". I was scared to death and the next day I went over to apologise and ask for some time to complete the assignment. Thats when she said that it'd be okay if I didn submit the assignment. She didn wanna have intercourse cuz she said she was supposed to marry in 2 months but we did have some nice boob cumshots n fingering.

My 1st Mature

mature shields 2017-12-18

So after being rejected i said to my mates "Going for a piss" while i walked away to the loo's i thought to my self what a shit chat up line. So when i got to the toilets i do the usual releive my self and while i was washing my hands i heard the door go and i just thought id woule be another regular but when i turned round there was that mature lady. So without saying anything she walked over and put here hands down my trousers and then said "so u wanna fuck me then young man" so me being a horny 19 year old my reply was "Of course".

strange place to pee

mature manfed 2017-12-01

I thought Addy was going to tell me to suck them both off and stand watching, but he must have realised how dirty and smelly they both were because he said, "Why you don't you let them fuck you hun. So perhaps it didn't matter how rough I was: my tiny little hands were probably much more gentle than their own big hard paws, Addy started spurting again spasming all over my tits, now it was the other blokes turn. How can a respectable women get so turned on in a place like this with her husband watching 2 blokes fucking her and two rather dirty men enjoying so much of my body?

It was New Year’s Night

mature flasher974 2017-11-19

I stood up only wearing a white cotton vest as I felt the cool wet cloth make its way around my penis and surrounding area; it wasn’t long before I felt my penis erecting. She threw the cloth in the bin and sat back on her chair and seemed to admire her handy work, then untied her jogging bottoms and slipped them down her thighs and legs. It wasn’t long before I cum in her hand and I watched as she dipped her tongue into her hand and tasted my semen; she then wiped with the wet wipes and cleaned my semi-erect cock once more.

A Nice Shower for Two

mature naturegirl25 2017-10-31

He set me on the toilet and knelt down to turn the water on; I got horny just by watching his naked body move. He sat on the shower floor and I straddled his naked lap and we french kissed passionately as he rubbed my ass and nipples hard. When I could feel that he was hard and he was screaming that he was going to cum soon I put my legs on either side on his lap and I put his cock into my wet pussy. I screamed “HARDER BABY HARDER!” And he moved me up and down holding my ass and screaming in ecstasy as he came close to cumming.

Car service at the garage

mature smallcock 2017-10-20

I walked in and this bloke of around 35 years old called Dave asked me what I wanted, when I told him he said he would be happy to service my car as he didn't have much work on at the moment, I thought Perfect. As I sat there leafing through the massive pile of dirty magazines I was feeling a little horny, walking out of the office I said to John "Where's your toilet", he came over to me and said "You been looking at dad's stash of mags" before I had time to answer, pointing at my crotch he said "By looking at you I'd say you have".