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A large collection of sex stories about older men, milfs and younger partners.

A Memorable Backpack

mature maturemaleinmo 2018-11-17

I brush my penis and pubic area to loosen it from the remaining constrictions the clothing had placed on my genitals, and feel the cooling air. As she reaches for the bottom of her cotton tee that she is wearing and pulls it over her head I glance at the dark pubic area between her legs and notice a slight pinkness hiding within the hair. I can feel my penis beginning to stiffen with excitement, so I roll over onto my stomach. She packs her clothes away and pulls out a towel and brings it over to lay it out not more than three feet from mine.

The Uneventful Couple: Event #1 SEXerciser

mature flirtingbear 2018-11-17

Lying down naked on the conjugal bed, eyes closed, her head tilted back, Julie was gently pushing into herself a pink object that looked like a toy but was also a medical tool. Bruno had offered this therapeutic toy to Julie, because she wanted to tone her "pleasure muscles ", first to intensify her own orgasms but also to grab a better hold on Bruno’s cock and make him cum harder from the shear strength of her vagina. At the moment, Julie arched her back and her body stiffened under the intensity of the orgasm, Bruno felt his knees buckle and his sperm gush.

Ana rides a huge black piece

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-17

I am going to cum!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I felt his massive hard dick plunging in and out of my pussy fucking me deeper and deeper with each stroke. I started to cum as I felt his cock filling parts of my pussy that have never been touched by a dick before. He buried every inch of his massive black dick inside my pussy rolling me into a second orgasm more intense than the first one. His big black dick erupted deep inside me flooding my pussy with cum. I heard him moaning as he kept every inch of his huge black cock buried inside my pussy.

Archana Ideal Mature Women In Our Society

mature bava12 2018-11-17

She den pulled my boxers down and started stroking it while giving me a huge smile ‘ tum kya karna cahte ho abhi’ she asked.’will you give me a blowjob’ I replied..She said ‘yaa sure..I can’t miss such a dick.’ Then I started getting even faster..And the bed was shaking crazy I couldn’t control it and was about to cum..I took my dick out took the condom off and jerked out on her ass..She stayed like that for some seconds and den took a deep breath..Gave me that satisfied look with her hair all messed up now her ass and ears were all red.

London Lovers, part 1

mature dwells 2018-11-17

"Here at Harrods" I start to explain, "you can actually book a private changing room to try on anything which takes your fancy, and with your birthday coming up, I fancy letting you pick which ever catches your eye, no one has to know who bought it, but lets choose it together." My final pushes to expel all my cum, make you feel the pain again, and when I withdraw, and some of my cum follows my cock out, you merely rub all the cum around your own ass, taking the chance to insert your own fingers back inside you. Your fingers inside me actually stiffens my cock again, so with one hand up my ass, you use the other to wank another load of cum out of me.

Natural Beauty Part 3 - A Night At The Circus

mature Mazza 2018-11-17

Ever the gentleman, Bambi pulled her into his arms and she closed them and pouted for a kiss but instead, she felt herself quickly turned until she was facing away from him. “God, it feels so good!” She looked down and took hold of his hair, pulling her onto him, arching her chest forward as he sucked a nipple deep into his mouth, stroking it with a firm wet tongue. Bambi pulled her into his arms and placed a palm against her cheek, she leaned into it, smiling and his other hand went over her eyes, closing the lids.

Anoop fucking hot sister Anuradha

mature sweet1003 2018-11-17

She moaned loudly," Bhaiya are turning me choot is leaking juice.....Anoop...your didi is flowing cunt juice for you bhai.....Ohhhh my wicked bhaiya.....make me your wife......Your didi wants to avenge on your cheating jijju.....fuck mee and take HIS place in bed with your dirty s****r." Please put it inside my cunt..Put your fucking fat COCK, your LUND in my leaking hot and wet PUSSY, my FUDI.....CHODO APNI BEHAN KO BEHANCHOD. Then I said, "Didi, you are going to feel my whole cock in your will love it stretch your choot a little more......Jijju doesnt know how to fuck a whore like you....I know how to pleasue a whore.

Friday night black gangbang

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-17

We entered a dark bedroom and Big Johnnie yelled: “Let`s the cuckold hubby see his slut enjoying some real black cock!" Anita started to pump her head on Big Johnnie´s cock, obviously trying to make him cum but he just laughed telling her to keep going on; he would cum inside her cunt… Big Johnnie ordered Ana to pump herself onto his huge black cock. Eventually Big Johnnie teased her about how he was going to fuck her ass and she kept begging him not to because she thought he was too huge for her asshole. He groaned that this was more like it as he slid slowly in and out making Ana shriek each time she felt his huge cock probing her belly.

So In Love (Part 1)

mature ivyChaste 2018-11-17

Chris smiled and kissed my lips once more before he turned and pulled me the rest of the way over my desk. Chris smiled, holding onto my left hand as he continued driving, “I think I outdid myself this time.” He looked so pleased, I couldn’t help it. So Chris looked me straight in the eyes and stated, “I’m not asking you for what you want in this relationship, I’m telling how things will be. Chris licked his lips and stated, “You’re treating me like I didn’t make you cry out my name five times last night while I was also deep inside of you.” His tone was firm, his words were exact, but the look in his eyes were playful.

my girls mom knows best...

mature flash 2018-11-17

my girl started to walk to the car with us when debby said.. i was about to inform her she went the wrong way to my house when she put her hand on my hard cock stroking me through my pants....smiling at the gasp i let out as she squeezed my balls she said lets take the long way... she asked me if i liked her she brought a nipple to her mouth and started sucking and licking it... i could feel my cock start pulsating and knew i was going to cum soon... she grabbed my cock and started jacking me off with her mouth wide open and her tongue stuck as far out as she could...

Meeting James - Chapter One

mature Melanieatplay 2018-11-17

Maybe at one time, perhaps in his youth, the title of pretty boy would have fitted him perfectly, but the years had turned his boyishly handsome face into the look of a distinguished older man. Why don’t you get a shower and then we’ll get breakfast, err, um, lunch,” he said, after looking at his watch and realizing the time, “we have things we need to discuss.” I could either do the walk of shame wearing a dirty thong and wrinkled cocktail dress all the way to the cab stand outside of the hotel, with everyone I came in contact with in the Paris knowing I had just woken from a night of what turned out to be really great sex.


mature deviantlover 2018-11-17

This was an invitation I wasn't going to miss and picked up pace, ramming in and out of her as cunt juice splashed everywhere with each thrust, until with a loud groan and one last thrust, so hard there was a loud slap as our bodies made contact, I came, pumping jet after jet of hot spunk deep inside her. I stood before her and kissed her, my tongue probing her mouth while my hands stroked her tits before sliding down her body, coming to rest on her buttocks; my cock pressing against her pussy. I lifted her gown onto her back and slid my cock inside her and she groaned as I entered her and continued doing so while I fucked her, hard and fast until I came, filling her once again with spunk.


mature professorhooters 2018-11-17

Upon hearing that, Dr. Lane put my cock into her mouth and started blowing me, expertly alternating between fast and slow and taking me deeper than any girl ever had before. She gripped the back of my head and shoved it to her pussy, and taking the hint, I started licking her, slowly at first, and then I sped up and even nibbled on her clit a little, which caused her to moan. As I felt my cock getting bigger in side of her, signaling that I’d cum soon, I grabbed her hair up into my right hand and pulled, bringing her head up. She gave me a sexy smile, handed me a card and said, “Come to my place tomorrow and reproduce what you did today and you’re in.”

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 5

mature Adagio 2018-11-17

Three months had passed since Evelyn had fixed my cock up, down if you counted the direction it pointed. Evelyn gets me that way but I knew she wanted to fix my nut-sack with more ornaments. Three months had passed since the last Cali sighting at the Beachside Motel and her note, "girls, they want to have fun also". Three months had passed since the pizza delivery guy had delivered the pizza and Whistler's Mother had been formally introduced to the now defunct old-smokey dildo. The sign on the building said, 'The Heather Curling Club'. Thats how I felt when it dawned on me that the gosh-awful sport called the curling contraption a frigging stone.


His New Teacher

mature Stoneypoint 2018-11-17

She slowly lost her smile before saying “Thomas, I am a woman just like you’re a man, right?” He said yes. “And like a man, a woman has her feelings, and emotions.” She closed her eyes and looked down and away from him. And seeing as you are a man and I am a woman,” and she closed her eyes but finally said it as he listened “I need you to do those things a man might do with a woman, please Thomas please?” “Go on and feel them all you want Thomas,” she said smiling ear to ear. Feel his penis, really she asked herself, and then said “If you keep fingering me like you’ve been doing alright?”

Action glory hole was not enough for me

mature Anitaslut44 2018-11-16

After sucking a magnificent black dick at the glory hole in that truck stop in the middle of nowhere; I stayed locked in the Janitor’s closet; trying to catch my breath. Then I came back to the coffee shop; having a surprise: the black man whose huge dick I had sucked was there, sitting at my table and watching on my laptop. As I began sucking Aaron’s huge dick, two black guys got inside the truck. I smiled and asked why he needed lube; then he replied I would need it to stand his huge black dick inserted deep inside my anus. I went again in all fours as I watched Mark sucking Jimmy’s hard black dick.

Missy The Mouse

mature mrotis 2018-11-16

“That would be fine, Missy,” I said, and I softly shook her hand and told her how pleased I was to finally meet her. Sensing that I was still uncomfortable, Missy began to tell me all about herself: where she went to school, the companies for which she had previously worked, the fact that she had been in a long-term relationship that had ended six months earlier because she had been working too hard. Missy took my hand and said, “My friends tell me that I look like a thirty-nine-year-old spinster, but I can get pretty hot on the inside. I really need to look my best today, probably better than I ever have for work, and it takes me a long time to get ready.”

Unexpected Opportunity (Unexpected Bonus Pt. 2)

mature irishnia 2018-11-16

“I’d feel better about Gerald driving you than you looking like that on the bus,” He looked me up and down again. Gerald lowered his face to my chest kissing and licking as he explored my soft skin. Gerald slipped his hand behind my head gently lifting my mouth to his. Gerald carefully withdrew his finger and slipped it back inside. A hot thin liquid shot from my pussy hitting Gerald on the chest and stomach. I will miss your beautiful face,” He looked down toward my chest, “And body.” I smiled and slipped out of the van. I headed towards the bar but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the next time I would see Gerald again.

Winter Solstice

mature Matt321 2018-11-16

She imagined his rough hands on her body, pulling her wraps and clothing slowly away from her during the night with a candle burning where it usually hung on her shelf. She grabbed his hand and plunged it toward her pussy, pushed her pussy hard against his fingers until several were forced inside....."friend" she said in response and she had that predatorial look about her again. He moved his cock inside in increments while fucking several times at each stage before going in deeper. Her back arched and he pushed his head back as they both moaned loudly and he could feel her pussy juices being pumped before he was able to cum.


A Satisfactory Affair

mature KindOfHeart 2018-11-16

Rose couldn't get her conversation with Elspeth out of her mind, however, and later that morning once she had done the washing up and put the washing machine on, she sat down with a cup of coffee and thought about what she and Kevin could do for their friend. Moved by erotic feelings she had never felt before, Rose got up from her chair and kneeling at Elspeth’s feet she began to kiss her pussy, rolling the soft petals of her labia between her lips, then licking the length of her slit from the distended entrance to vagina to the hard little bud of her clitoris.

Gina 3

mature deviantlover 2018-11-16

"I know and one day I'm going to fuck that lovely tight arse of yours." I rolled her onto her stomach, opened her legs and began licking her again, this time alternating between pussy and arse, probing the latter hole with my tongue, lubricating it with saliva. She came before asking me to fuck her pussy and in less than ten seconds her legs were behind her head and my cock was sliding in and out of her wet hole and she was begging me to fuck her and I wasn't going to disappoint her. My cock was back inside her pussy and she was begging to be fucked harder, telling me she was going to come.

A Fuck to Remember

mature DarkSide 2018-11-16

“I’ve ordered a taxi,” I replied, “Ooo, looks like it’s here,” I said as a car pulled up outside. The interval gave me enough time to look around the room, however, tonight was not going to be her night and I gently told her why I was there, but that we could chat for a while until I found a likely suspect. Greg’s cock entered my arse fully and then he started to fuck me really hard again. I felt Charles fuck me hard in the arse, and Greg never let up as he pounded my pussy with his cock in unison. I don’t know how long I had passed out, but Charles had left the room and Greg was beside me as I lay face down on the bed.

Gazebos and Vermouth-Part 7

mature Adagio 2018-11-16

She was going to see how many men she could jack-off in the space of three hours, stopping after each man and then knocking back a tequila shooter. It wasn't too many shooters later that Frank walked down the inside of the counter and told me Evelyn was ready. I tapped on the door of 11B and was met by Evelyn carrying a small nose-clip type mask that was attached to the Nitrous oxide tank. Evelyn got up on the table centering her pussy over my face. Now knowing that Mrs Swaney was in a meat-whacking symposium and was working with her new hubby on a medical break through for the prevention of hand blisters, I was going to strut.

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 33

mature Bipeep 2018-11-16

It just added to her stimulation watching large cocks penetrating women while she had Henry thrusting into her pussy. "Fuck, it is sexy isn't it," Evelyn half whispered as she looked into his face, "Relax a bit Henry, no one can see us." "Henry before we go in I have something to tell you," she said as he held her around the waist, his cock pressed against her pussy through their clothes. Evelyn thought it was erotic watching the trio on screen but couldn't help but think that one of the women was always missing out slightly, as they only had one cock to play with. With one hand Evelyn held his cock and then lowered her pussy till she felt the head at the entrance to her vagina.