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mature flash 2018-05-14

She feels happy when they admire her long legs,her milky thighs and her round ass,she never tries to hide her beauties,she selects short skirts to show her sexy thighs,tight jeans to show her nice curves,and while she is in the house she remain without any clothes on,she likes to be naked. Yes i remembered him,i replied,my wife invited her uncle to have dinner with us,he came on time,my wife gave her uncle a long kiss,then he shook my hand,we sat to have few drinks,my wife was ready for her uncle,she selected a long dress opened from two sides,bare back and hardly covering half of her breasts,no panties,no bra.


future mother in law

mature flash 2018-05-14

The woman took a sheet and covered herself and asked "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you nude" i am Regi's boy friend but who are you? No,i heard someone farting inside the room so i waited here,i thought it was you i said. My mom is in the room,she is the one who farted and i hope you did nothing else she said and laughed. Jessy came to the room fully dressed,i was still having her half naked image in mind and i was thinking about her big ass and her loud fart. I said i am sorry i had to tell her you farted and started to walk away.

The Massage

mature Nathan 2018-05-14

Once while roaming around the house i found grannys room locked from inside. I opened the door and found nancy on the bed wearing a G-string with her ass facing the sky. I have seen nancy naked many times so it was not a problem for me to see her like that. Hey son, what happened, i was just getting my monthly massage done dont panic said nancy. Not now but sometime later granma i said and walked away so that i could hide my huge erection. Later that day i saw nancy in the kitchen. Nothing granny, all fine i said. Dont look at your granny like that son, its not good, she said while Walking away.

Marriage: ch1

mature Nathan 2018-05-14

It was Lily's bday and sonia had decided to surprise her aunt. She saw her aunt entering the cabin screaming at a guy and as soon as the door closed they began kissing. She heard lily coughing and moaning.she heard her say " Oh thats what i needed on my bday, the best drink.could have been a bit less bitter" Sonia felt the table shaking above her. Her aunt lily was cursing the guy constantly and getting slapped on her butt. Sofia heard lily scream one last time and things went normal. Sonia sat under the table watching her aunt throw tissue after tissue into the dustbin after wiping her ass. Sonia got out waited till her aunt came out and screamed ' surprise!!!!

My Mother's Hot Friend

mature dreamer 2018-03-05

I was sat on the worktop evidently trying to show off the body I had, I was considering the chances of doing what I always wanted to do while she was drunk, but I felt it was wrong so I just stared at her as she had her head in her hands, the electric blue dress and high heels made her tanned legs look amazing and I could see her breasts just looking to escape that bra and jump onto the table, I was willing them on but they didn’t have the balls I guess.

Mum's Friends Chapter Two

mature jack1107 2018-03-05

She was very knowledgeable and very popular. She was very knowledgeable. They shared a vast property portfolio. All are nearly sold, so I need somewhere to store the contents. I could give you several entire rooms from different periods.” She knows what she is talking about. I could live from the profits that I make from this trip for a year. After the pieces are sold, the profits would be divided by thirteen. We would all share the same profit. Do you use the Mercedes for transporting the pieces you buy?” How quickly can we be paid? Do you need any further working cash as I would charge you two percent above bank rate?

Brief Encounter

mature middleagedman 2018-03-05

I thought I caught a glimpse of her looking at me, as she licked her bottom lip. After a few minutes, she started looking a little flushed. Her soft breasts pushing into my chest, my hard cock straining against my trousers. I lifted her up onto the worktop, and spread her legs. I pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing her clit. Instantly, I had my rock hard cock out of my trousers. I put my arms around her, and felt my cock slip inside. I could feel her pussy start to spasm around my cock. I pulled out and got her to turn around. She came back a couple of minutes later looking just as smart as I had seen her in the lounge.

office 1

mature walsallmale 2018-03-05

“that’s nothing at all, its been 2 years since anyone invaded me, who wants to touch an old ladys breasts.” pushing her breasts out towards him, tom couldn’t help but stair at them then looked at her face and smiled, just as she slipped from her desk and moved to him. “My god you’re so big, iv not seen one that big in a long time.” “Think you can take care of it, im dying to cum.” Before tom could finish, pat dropped to her knees and took hold of his cock, and began liking the head all over before taking him in her mouth. The old girl was now laid back on her desk, so getting to his feet he placed his cock to her opening, but as soon as pat felt him invade her she stopped him.


Youngsville Part 6

mature drfleisch 2018-03-05

I said good night to Jill and Mrs. Day-Sea laid a blanket over her sleeping daughter. I felt Gina’s hands pull my head up and she looked at me and said. “That was a lot of cum Eric,” Gina said and kissed my cheek. “Then you are going to be buying new ones every time I’m here,” I said with a grin on my face as she laid her head on my chest. “I would like to see you try,” I said and lay my arm around her body and placed my hand on her butt. “You know I am not drunk right now,” Gina said and laid her head to rest on my chest.

my aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-03-05

I visited my aunt for an hour or so then said to her that I was going to say hi to my cousin at work and from there go and get a hotel for the night. I returned to my aunts place about 9:30pm with 2 coffees, thinking that we will be up for awhile B S ing about some old and good times. Then she asked if I could massage the back of her legs above her knees, no hesitation there either, my hand went a little higher under her nightie and touched her pussy, Damn was it wet.

My Friday Night in Tenerife

mature RexRouget 2018-03-05

Ken wanted me to have sex with his much younger wife, Karen because he liked to eat her pussy straight after she'd fucked another man. Luckily Ken got on board and we started to pull and push the BBQ around as Dave and Claire walked off. "I bet you've been dreaming about that pussy since Wednesday morning," said Ken. The little part of my brain that was not filled with Karen realised he knew about our night together. I thought about saying I could give you all the evidence you need about Claire but my mind quickly moved on to the Wednesday night when Claire was just about to leave my room and Dave set off downstairs.

New Gym Buddy

mature pecker222 2018-03-05

This was all the encouragement I needed, I sank to my knees and began to furiously lick her engorged clitoris as my fingers continued to pump in and out of her pussy. As I pressed my finger to her anus it slipped inside with surprising ease, but seemed to have the desired effect, tipping her over the edge as a strong orgasm flushed through her body her hands running through my hair as I continued to work her pussy and anus in tandem. As she took my cock back into her mouth and continued the most perfect blowjob I have ever received she began to reach around to my ass whilst still looking directly into my eyes.

How I Met My Dave

mature KatR 2018-03-05

With a loud, deeply sexy moan, a hard thrust, and a powerful throb, Dave emptied the entire contents of his balls into my happy mouth. He slid easily into my wide-open, cock-hungry anus. As he thrust in and out of my ass, I brought his thumb to my clit, and I had him press and swirl his thumb tip hard, right onto my excited little love button. And even now, every time Dave’s wonderful thick cock slides down my throat, or deep into my cock-hungry pussy, I still have that very same feeling I had when Dave fucked me for five wonderful hours in that motel room in 2012 .

The Awakening

mature Wibbly 2018-03-05

Ken said to me “do you trust me” – I did.  “I want you to relax and if you say stop I will ok “  He expored my body with the vibe – firstly on my nipples which were now as stiff as cherries … I was so relaxed I closed my eyes I felt the vibe move from my nipples down my stomach to the folds of my pussy – it was still wet from our earlier efforts and it slid into my pussy with no effort and he worked it in and out – sometimes it was the vibe other times I could feel fingers.

Frankie Comes Home

mature NymphWriter 2018-03-05

Frankie remembered she wanted him to ‘make her beg,’ so he smiled wickedly and said, “I don’t know Sandra, you did yell at me.” Mrs. Young had me fix a lot before I left, but after what her doctor had said I’m sure there’s more damage that I don’t know about yet.” After dinner, Frankie’s mom carried the tray back to her house and thought about the last time she saw Mrs. Young alive. “Pictures of me and Mrs. Young when she was teaching me to dance,” said Frankie as he handed them to his mom. Frankie poured his mom a glass of lemonade and said, “Mom, there’s something I’ve got to tell you about me and Mrs. Young.”

The Hike

mature KatR 2018-03-05

One day, Justy and I decided we wanted our men to make love to us side by side, in our favorite lake in a clearing in the woods. Justy did pretty much the same with her Vince, sinking her hungry pussy slowly down over his narrower but ten-inch long and very hard cock. Between her Vince and my Dave, Justy had more come in her now than her pussy could hold. And now we always end our foursomes the same way: Justy and I will kiss, 69, and grind clit on clit, as our naked men – yes, men, thankfully not silly little boys any longer – sit side by side watching us.


mature ayess2149 2018-03-05

I knew Angie to be a highly skilled hair cutter. She said, “OK honey, Come with Angie, right over here.” I heard, “Ok horny, cum with Angie, right over here.” Picking up her blow dryer, Angie blew the remaining hair off the cape and off my lap. Angie took off her blouse and pulled a high stool to the foot of the table. “I like you Allie, but I don’t fuck nobody without a rubber.” Angie took the stool and dived down to suck my cock. Angie was giving me one hell of a good blow job. “I want to fuck you, Angie. My orgasm was arriving like a big wave on the beach.

Picking up a black man at the bar

mature Anitaslut44 2018-03-05

The music was still going on and the black man walked to our table and asked my husband if I would like to dance with him. I brought him back to our table and told everything to my loving husband; who naturally, said it was fine to him. He slid the head in and I moaned instantly, forgetting that my loving hubby was there watching and as I got impaled by this black monster cock. Jonas asked me to stay and so we fucked all night long. When he got tired of watching me cumming with a black cock impaled in my cunt, he just went out for another drink and came back in the early morning to pick me up…

The Rapt Student

mature girltoy 2018-03-05

I knew that I absolutely wanted your cock inside me the first day you walked into that classroom. The pleasure of seeing it even in this imagined form was enough to soak my black lacy panties like nothing else, and I would quietly cross my legs and gyrate in my seat, staring at you, and staring at the perfect cock, imagining its rock-hard thickness inside my body, cumming to the sound of your deep and sexy voice. It was just another day of lusting after you in class, and I was getting ready to fuck myself. I opened my legs a little wider just for you, slipped my fingers into my panties and boldly moved them to the freshly-shaved space in between, daring to feel my wetness.

The Adventures of Molly - High School Road Trip

mature PAMtnMan 2018-03-05

“You can sit with me, Molly,” Mr. Lane said patting the seat beside him.” Oh my God, because of Tina I am going to have to sit with a teacher for the entire four hour bus trip home. His hand was back on my leg and he was stroking my inner thigh with his long smooth fingers. As I did he slid his finger farther under my panties and I felt it touch the outer lips of my labia. Soon I felt another of his fingers sliding up and down my now moist pussy lips. Mr. Lane cupped his hands around them as he thrust his cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

A Second Trip to See Miss Cynthia

mature JefferyB 2018-03-05

Still holding on to his tie she looked into his eyes and said, “I’m so very happy to see you and I don’t mind saying that I’m not disappointed to see you without Laura.” Her other hand ran down the lapel of his jacket and she said, “I assume the things that you bought here on your last visit were satisfactory.” In a soft and sexy voice she said, “This nightie is called ‘Clouds’ because it gives you the impression that the body is touched by nothing but sheer, white clouds that you could just blow away.” She noticed that he had taken off his jacket and had it draped over his lap in an attempt to hide the bulge.

Miss Greene: Chapter 1

mature miss_greene 2018-03-04

And now with the way, Adam was talking and avoiding eye contact and blushing… She was starting to hope, despite knowing better, that maybe it was her his heart desired.  Adam instinctually brought his hand to the back of her head, twisting his fingers in her soft hair. He looked up to find Miss Greene leaning back on her arms, head tilted up and eyes closed. She licked the tip of him, circling gently, making Adam’s knees buckle, only to suddenly swallow him whole and slowly bob her head back and forth while one hand held his ass and the other played with his balls. Adam was worried he’d feel awkward, doing something so personal, and adult like, but it felt natural and good. 

Patrick strikes again

mature Anitaslut44 2018-03-04

Then I placed my lips onto his semi-erect cock giving it a kiss by pushing my tongue under the folds of his foreskin and tasting his pre-cum. At same time, Patrick fingered deep my tight anus and then I felt him shove his cock into my wet cunt. I wanted him to cum and with my ass moving to the rhythm my cunt was squeezing and milking his dick. My pussy was gripping his cock and being pulled inside out, as I did not want to take a chance on him slipping out. The first black stud started rubbing his hot and hard cock up and down my wet pussy lips. I looked into his eyes, grabbed his hard dick between my hands and said:

Former Teacher PT4

mature Stoneypoint 2018-03-04

And the one time when he looked over at her; how he smiled into her eyes as if the two were, she didn’t know, but it almost felt as if he was treating her like she was a lover, or something close to that she thought. He knew that an once he heard the door slam shut, he let it go, but later that day he brought her flowers and chocolates and took her to dinner not realizing she truly wanted to feel sexy and worthy of another man’s affections as described by her husband. “You do know that I think you are a very pretty woman, don’t you?” He looked and smiled some more into her eyes while waiting.