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A large collection of sex stories about older men, milfs and younger partners.

Roxy's Boy Toy

mature flash 2019-06-05

Roxy pretended to be my girlfriends aunt. She pulled out her huge saggy tits and said suck Aunt Roxy's tits. As I did she pulled out my cock and kept stroking it. You want to role-play baby, Mommy wants that cock and went down on me. I know you like to fuck me better than that tit-less bitch Judy. She put up her legs ok baby eat you mommy out. Slide that cock in Roxy's pussy. I kept pounding her with my cock. I always wanted to do this mommy, ever since I was a teen. Roxy wants all your cum. Roxy got me so turned on that I had to go to my girlfriend Judy and mouth fuck her.


Sex With my Mom's Friends

mature prairiedogg 2018-12-04

"Well, Jeri, I couldn't ass up an opportunity to get some free advice from an older woman." I winked at her slyly as I said that. She really was a good kisser, moving her head from side to side, exploring my mouth with her tongue and giving little moans and sighs to let me know she liked what I was giving her. Once she had given me a tongue bath and my cock was glistening with her saliva, she took the head into her mouth and began to suck hard. I don't know exactly how Mom would take the news that I had slept with Jeri, but I doubt if it would be looked on favorably. "Jeri was just showing me how good you are at eating pussy," said Brenda.

Harriet, my sexy mature neighbor

mature DOMBLK1 2018-12-04

     As soon as she opened her apartment door and we entered her place, I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the lips, she melted into my arms, we kissed for a few minutes and she said come into the bedroom and lets get comfortable, my dick was starting to stir. As I kissed her lower belly, she moaned and I felt her whole body convulse as she was overtaken by an orgasm, that caused her to roll from to side to side, I allowed her to continue cumming, moving my hands away for a minute but keeping them on the outside of her thighs, as soon as she started to ease down, I went back to her pussy, this time with my tongue, I think she came again immediately because I could feel her juices all over my tongue, I drank like a thirsty man, until I could feel the stickiness on my lower lip and chin.


A bad wild revenge on me

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-04

Carl kept fucking me slowly, pushing more and more of his huge hard cock into my soaked cunt… Suddenly I felt my orgasm growing deep inside my body and I began to moan and thrust back against his dick with and increasing urgency. I felt my eyes rolling back into my head and I moaned deeply as the guy pumped his cum deep into my asshole. That new guy moved between my spread legs and then pushed gently and began to enter my well-fucked and abused pussy. I found myself lifting my ass to allow him hit even deeper inside my wet sore cunt… Matt felt my move and then started to pump a bit faster and harder.

A ride back home in a crowded bus

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-04

Within a couple of minutes I again felt the hands on my cheeks, and within seconds they were under my skirt on my bare thighs. I was now feeling quite turned on and when the hands reached up to squeeze my ass cheeks, I just spread my legs as far as my skirt allowed. The following day, before leaving my office, I went to the ladies at work and removed my panties; just driven by the desire to be touched again. Some seconds later, I felt his hand slipping between my spread thighs, straight onto my now engorged clitoris. He fingered my pussy during fifteen minutes, making me cry and scream in pleasure; as I felt my legs were shaking.

Old Alaskan Widow

mature Roman14 2018-12-04

My hands were now on her small waist and I began kissing my way south. Positioned above her, looking into her blue eyes, I took my cock in my right hand and guided it between her spread legs. She began kissing me wildly and her hands took hold of my naked buttocks as we fucked. As I took drags off my smoke, my free hand began rubbing her head. I leaned up and I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and my mouth caught her breast and I sucked as we fucked. Totally excited by this, I pulled out of her, went down between her quivering thighs and began licking her hot cum from her sweet pussy.

Allahu Akbar!

mature komrad1156 2018-12-04

"I don't suppose it would help if I told you flying is by far the safest form of transportation, would it," he said as a statement of fact with a pleasant smile. "What's going on?" Ashley asked, her voice filled with fear, as he continued to shove her towards the wall. "That sounds nice," Ashley said not knowing what else to say. She told her mother that sounded nice, too, then said she needed to give the airlines a call. Ashley thought about not going home, but after all that had happened, she knew her mom would be beside herself if she stayed in Northern Virginia. "How are you feeling this morning, Mr. Patterson?" Bart heard a voice ask as he forced his eyes open.


Cydney and Jason Begin Their New Lives

mature Handydandy14 2018-12-04

"Mmm you're awake, I knew that would do the trick." Cydney licked my erect cock up and down before taking it in her mouth. I wanted to feel your hard dick penetrate my mouth." Cydney started focusing on the tip of my cock and I felt like I was going to go crazy. I busted a thick load on Cydney's pretty face and she smiled while she licked the remaining cum off my cock. Cydney moved into the house with me, and we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. I kissed Cydney deeply and left her on the table while I went upstairs to get out of my work clothes. Cydney rubbed my leg and got pretty close to my cock.

A fortunate, providential accident

mature marcosurbina 2018-12-04

She wore a tight white blouse with low neck through which her wonderful breasts were seen, also the owner of some embellished tits, along with splendorous nipples.  My stare immediately searched at her waist to automatically go down,  and to my amazement, this beauty  had more to show us:  I couldn’t wait to look absorbedly at passenger in the city where I live now, in Argentina, with this unbelievable build up on that day I was on my way home riding this particular bus en route to my neighborhood. I wanted to get to her tits, but first had to grab her face to get it away from her business here, and kissed her passionately; shift to the neck noticing she was enjoying this lot… until I got to my objective: nipples were hard, erect and stick out.  I nibbled them, licking and kissing until I felt her arms embracing me strongly, saying:

revenge on my cheating wife

mature theninja 2018-12-04

I pulled out back on to the M2 and set off in the direction of Margate, as I came down the slip road a lorry went past and it was then that I decided that I was going to show Susan’s naked body off to some total strangers on the way home. There was a car approaching from behind so I pulled in front of the lorry and let the car go past, I then slowed down and the lorry overtook us I then sped up and matched the speed of the lorry giving the driver plenty of time to look at Susan who now had two of my fingers deep inside her cunt.

Noraj69 and Frogprince Date

mature frogprince 2018-12-04

But meeting you for the first time in real life had my nerves on edge, thoughts ran through my head, will he like me, will we find things to talk about, will he be as handsome as he looked in the pictures and on line.” I looked up at your cock and took him into my hands and gently stroked him a few times. I knew you wanted to taste me and feel my tight pussy wrapped around your hard 8 inch cock. I looked down at her with a small smile of happiness and pleasure, cupped her face in my hands and looked deeply in her eyes and said, “Nora, from the first time when met and chatted I was falling in love with you.

An Experience NO Girl Should Ever Pass-up

mature KJessica 2018-12-04

“Yes, oh please yes, don’t stop.” He started again to suck, kiss, rub, lick and tease my clit, but I asked him just to suck on it again. He kept sucking as I continued with a rolling orgasm, my pussy pushed up to his mouth, until my bottom sank to the bed and he knew I needed time to recover. “Slowly!” I said, “I want to savor this.” It was so much better than my fingers and I watched intently as he slowly pushed inside me, going in between my legs which were wide apart as far as I could get them. His thrusts slowed as he let me enjoy my cum, and my orgasms took on a new meaning with a good hard cock deep inside.

Who's the Boss?

mature Roman14 2018-12-04

We worked closely together on the news letter. She told us that one night, the agent's younger brother came to her room after 1:00 AM and crawled into her bed. Then she said, "Oh, come and see my new hot tub." She took me downstairs to her bedroom. Then she sat on the edge of her bed and took my hard cock into her mouth. She turned and crawled with all fours onto her bed, her ass facing me. I came close, pushed up her skirt over her hips and pulled down her panties. This was my first time fucking while dressed, I took cock in hand and slipped up inside of her, her velvety pussy clutching my cock.

Probation Frustration

mature Roman14 2018-12-04

After a couple of days spending time together, she became a little more friendly and would sit close to me and when she sat, she'd cross and uncross her legs or run her hands slowly along her thighs. Then there was a couple in the group who had a love relationship going on, and they talked, yelled, screamed and cried about their personal issues. "Sounds like your probation officer wants to fuck you!" Then I felt her hand between my legs and rubbing across the hard bulge in my pants. I went down between her legs and began kissing her wonderful thighs. This turned me on even more to know they knew I was fucking this older officer of the courts.

Beautiful Sexy Intruder

mature misteryme 2018-12-04

One night like a few other nights, after locking up downstairs, but leaving the back door unlocked, Jason goes upstairs to the patio. Jason can’t help but smile at this beauty that comes and goes in his house late at night. As she looks his way he can see the beauty of her face - brown eyes, full lips - and generous cup size breasts. The need to be fucked hard and good by a big cock is what she needs to feel tonight. Thinking all this while sitting in front of him, holding his perfect pinkish penis in her hand, she can feel the big vein running underneath, it is visible and ready.

Many a good tune

mature silverseeker 2018-12-04

I’m no trouble, I don’t think, but I always need someone to help me and the library has three floors plus an attic. “Yes, yes,” Nora says, and as she shakes her head in annoyance, her large breasts tremble like leaves in the wind. “I wrote about it for the arts page but they didn’t use it because there wasn’t room.” Nora touches my arm and leaves her hand there. “I’ve got one,” Nora says. “Why don’t you come and use my piano some time,” Nora says, squeezing my arm. My husband used to like me to play and said nice things, but… you know. “If there is a part of you you don’t want me to lick, you’d better tell me now,” I said.

Ana riding a night train

mature Anitaslut44 2018-12-04

After a few more drinks Julia said she was tired and went to our car to bed…I kissed her goodbye, telling I was in the mood for a last glass… He told me that his mouth made my pussy really wet and he would be able to start with half of his huge cock and work up to what I could handle. Julia shoved her fingers in my bare pussy and then licked them, as I kissed her body. We spent the rest of the night kissing each other, sucking, licking and touching our pussy lips. My wet pussy would need another round of that magnificent cock and I was sure I could meet again Joao during our quick stay at Madrid…

He Looked Familiar

mature marlowe 2018-12-04

“After all these years they still fit,” she said, a hint of uncertainty in her voice, running her hands over her hips and staring into the mirror, her smile growing in confidence, the white fabric clinging to her arse like a second skin, stretching over plump cheeks and disappearing into the long crack of her bottom, a bulging vulva and a discerning camel-toe imprinted in the tight fabric, gaping like a sabre wound from a forest of black pubic hair spilling from both side of her shorts, the familiar movement in his pants a reminder that even in her mid-fifties, Brenda Morton was still sexy enough to get him hard.

A Mother In Law Affair (7)

mature JMPhil 2018-12-04

A couple weeks ago, the urges crept back into my head. I wanted her bad. I saw her almost every day after that function and she taunted me, teased me, and looked amazing. I decided I knew how much it was worth to me. She greeted me in the garage wearing nothing but heels, panties, and a matching bra. She threw her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss right there in the garage. She guided my cock inside her and started riding it slowly. She wanted to make this last and enjoy it. I reached my hand towards her and put my right thumb on her clit and pushed. She sat and giggled as I gently tickled and touched her mound and clit again.

Meeting my sensual teacher again

mature Sailingrich 2018-12-04

I had still had my sweet girlfriend who liked kissing and petting on dark park benches, but I also got to know the girl’s aunt, a very sexy mature woman, who was our neighbor and let me remember what I learned from Frau Rach; but that’s another story. That got a devious grin on her face, she licked her lips with her tongue, grabbed my hair, pulled me over and kissed me first on my cheeks, my eyes and then on my mouth with her aggressive tongue filling my mouth. Then she took my head down to her breast, and I found her nipple through the blouse which was hard and big as I remembered.

A Memorable Backpack

mature maturemaleinmo 2018-12-04

I brush my penis and pubic area to loosen it from the remaining constrictions the clothing had placed on my genitals, and feel the cooling air. As she reaches for the bottom of her cotton tee that she is wearing and pulls it over her head I glance at the dark pubic area between her legs and notice a slight pinkness hiding within the hair. I can feel my penis beginning to stiffen with excitement, so I roll over onto my stomach. She packs her clothes away and pulls out a towel and brings it over to lay it out not more than three feet from mine.

a pleasant suprise

mature goodboy 2018-12-04

The following morning I went downstairs and the girlfriends mother was making breakfast.  In conversation I asked if the sister didn't like getting up too early.  She told me she wasn't home yet as she was on night duty at the hospital.  It dawned on me like a bolt from the blue.  My lover was her.  After a few seconds I pretended I knew, went over and kissed her, and she said to come as often as I liked.  The best offer I had ever had.  I spent 5 more weekends loving her and even mentally started to love her, and not only for the great sex.


My Best Friends Dad Part 3

mature MsMarca 2018-12-03

I leaned forward and licked the drop of pre-cum off Roger's cock then I ran my tongue around the head several times and then I took him inside my mouth. While stroking his cock with my hand I looked up at Roger and said, "I want to make you cum in my mouth. "I was thinking that if you and maybe a good looking girl friend of yours, might like to come to New Orleans for a little work some weekend. At the time I didn't know why I decided so quickly, but I said, "I'm sorry but I've already got other plans." Roger didn't seem too disappointed as he walked me to the door and kissed me good night.


Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 4

mature Adagio 2018-12-03

Although a little sore I stripped down and cleaned up around the house. My cock was hanging and being pulled down by the weight of the heavy ring. Before leaving room 11B Evelyn had informed me that she 'only' had the tool to remove the ring from my cock head. My side living room window being with the blinds open, I could see movement in my next door neighbor's bedroom. The feel of the ring striking my inner thighs poured libido juice down my body. I tried to explained to her that I was too sore to perform, and she told me to get that 'mammy-jammer' that I had. Old-smokey was smoking her twat as the damn door bell rang and I heard, "Pizza".