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A large collection of sex stories about older men, milfs and younger partners.

Betty Part Two

mature DLizze 2018-01-30

They look happy, and lived in, and they made our babies happy, and that’s the way it should be.’ I don’t mind telling you, it was just so sweet I got a little teary. But just the casual way she said that, made me think that I could really get to like this woman, and I had a sudden flash of understanding. Sitting back against one, she patted her right hand on the bed, and said, “Okay, climb in here with me, and tell me all about it. “Well, a couple years ago,” I said, while still feeling her coccyx, “I met a woman on one of those online dating sites.” I withdrew my hand, bringing it back up her back, and spreading my fingers, moved in widening circles towards her ribcage.

My Best Friends Dad Part 2

mature MsMarca 2018-01-30

Jesus Christ that fucking Bert Hill called dad and told him about us screwing at his place 2 weeks ago, that dumb mother fucker, I’ll cut his balls off after I’m not grounded. “I would say no to this, but I know Bert Hill, he is a good man, got a daughter, your best friend, so I know he will take good care of you, not let anything happen to you, in fact he said he was going to see that you had a room next to his, I know your mother and I will sleep better knowing he is right there with you.”


China Doll

mature Roman14 2018-01-30

We sat at the bar and her hand again took up residence on my leg. I took hold of my staff and began rubbing the head of my throbbing cock along the slit of her love lips. From our movements, the bed began to announce to her daughter in the other room that her mother was being fucked. Her hand began rubbing my ass as I humped her mother. Mother began kissing me as her daughter pleasured me. Then I felt wet warmth on my cock as mother began sucking on me.  The daughter chose to answer, "Only if we like what we see." Her hand took hold of my cock and she added, "We liked what we saw."

Helena (Part 4) - Yoga and Sex

mature mrotis 2018-01-30

Six months went by; Luca assured me each time he came home that he would repay me as soon as he could. My guy was okay in bed - you are a thousand times better - but Sue thought hers was the next Casanova. All the time Helena had talked, she continued to fondly my cock with her bare foot, so she kept me in a mild state of arousal for more than an hour. “I usually don’t, but since it’s late and I am with an ex-whore,” I said with a smile, “I guess the thing to do is to ask her to spend the night with me. After several moments, Helena adjusted her pose slightly, looked back at me and said, “James, please fuck me hard.

Former Teacher PT3

mature Stoneypoint 2018-01-30

He was too but then his hair wasn’t even half as long as hers and as he kissed he felt the initial elements of arousal coursing through his body. Ohhhhhh her body, her flesh more to the point was soft and lovely and as he kissed her his hands began slowly tumbling all over her opulent fleshy layers underneath that blouse. Kissing you like this, like we’ve just done it was wild and crazy and… and the passion inside me is still alive.” He stopped and looked at her. Again, he liked how her soft lips felt on his lips and told her to kiss him again. Before long, as they kissing and started to roll, she felt his hand do its thing.

Sung Hee's New Job - Part Five

mature Zamm 2018-01-30

"Good evening my pet!" Rick kissed my forehead and smiled into my eyes, "All cleaned up?" "Sung Hee, you're so fucking beautiful." Rick's face softened and he leaned down to kiss my neck, pausing to inhale the scent of me. "You are so beautiful, Sung Hee. I can't keep my hands off of you." He kissed my ear, "Spread your legs apart for me." I spread my legs and Rick slid his fingers across my labia, making me blush yet again. "No, Sir." I was trying not to let my thoughts get carried away, but it felt like every man's eyes were on us now, as if they knew exactly what Rick was doing.

My Spanish mother in law, Veronica

mature marcosurbina 2018-01-30

Again, this mature pushed me onto the bed, full of lust.  She slid off my short and tried to put my dick between her boobs, doing the best performance ever doing me a splendorous blow job afterwards.   I stared at her, giving head,  bent over with her bubble ass high in the air.  She sucked on my balls like her candy and then took my dick as deep as possible down her throat!  Veronica had just proved that she is a fucking good dick sucker! I didn’t believe my eyes, a fantasy that had just come true at last.  I still recall my mother in law clearing her face off hair for me to see how well she gulped my rod, stroking my balls, gripping the rod with the other hand.  As I suddenly felt I was going to cum, I made her ride on top of me in a 69.

The Fantasy association Part 1

mature ReligousEagle 2018-01-30

Next, Rick sent Nicole a huge bouquet of flowers accompanied by a ticket to the spa. Nicole followed the man down the corridors until they got to a small private changing room. Nicole was so relaxed at this point that she put out her hand and took the blindfold from Trudi and put it over her eyes. Nicole turned over, she knew her breasts had not stayed inside her bikini top, but did not care, she hoped Trudi would be massaging them as well. Nicole felt more oil being poured over her body; it flowed down her cleavage and across her belly and then over her legs. As Nicole began to recover from her orgasm, she felt hands on her legs opening them wider.

Winter Solstice

mature Matt321 2018-01-30

She imagined his rough hands on her body, pulling her wraps and clothing slowly away from her during the night with a candle burning where it usually hung on her shelf. She grabbed his hand and plunged it toward her pussy, pushed her pussy hard against his fingers until several were forced inside....."friend" she said in response and she had that predatorial look about her again. He moved his cock inside in increments while fucking several times at each stage before going in deeper. Her back arched and he pushed his head back as they both moaned loudly and he could feel her pussy juices being pumped before he was able to cum.


a pleasant suprise

mature goodboy 2018-01-30

The following morning I went downstairs and the girlfriends mother was making breakfast.  In conversation I asked if the sister didn't like getting up too early.  She told me she wasn't home yet as she was on night duty at the hospital.  It dawned on me like a bolt from the blue.  My lover was her.  After a few seconds I pretended I knew, went over and kissed her, and she said to come as often as I liked.  The best offer I had ever had.  I spent 5 more weekends loving her and even mentally started to love her, and not only for the great sex.


Wisconsin Ranger PT4

mature Stoneypoint 2018-01-30

She was that pretty in the, I don’t know what it was, but it looked like some kind of lacy blue babydoll. I nodded my head and told her “Lucy you’re very, very sexy looking.” I shook my head and told her “I’ll admit this” and looked at her in her adorable blue corset. Her smile looked almost as naughty I thought it was just before she said “Undo your pants for me one more time, alright?” I told her to find a nice young man and she said “Like you?” “Stop by sometime” I said and added that my daughter would love to see her, which I knew wasn’t necessarily true.

Susan abused after being abusive to local group

mature theninja 2018-01-30

one of the band who was called Jay was sat behind Susan asked me if he could feel Susans tits, to which i replied help yourself adding that if they wanted to when we got to their house they could fuck her if they wanted. Amy said to me that she was going to spank her first then then the guys were going to do the same, and that Jay wanted to give her a good fucking. And with one last almighty spank with which Susan cried out in pain, he then thrust his hand between her legs and said in an excited voice that this dirty slut was dripping wet and was obviously begging to be fucked.


mature Stoneypoint 2018-01-30

You Mary Ellen sure are looking like the beautiful young woman I’ve always thought you were.” He had floated his open hands down over her figure but without touching it either as he went on to add “What I am trying to say is please and I mean please call me Gregor, alright my dear? Then as she looked at the rain, lightening and while she and Gregor listened to the thunder as well, she smiled wishing he’d take her hand and pull her into him. “Here Gregor I want you to feel these” and with that Mary Ellen pulled her blouse open. Sheila said yes and with that, Mary Ellen went on to tell her story of her and Gregor in the barn.

my first granny

mature marcel 2018-01-29

"Ooooh, baby," she squealed, "Fuck me, hard!" I gave her every inch of my cock, pulling it all the way out, then slamming it back into her again. She wrapped her small hand around my cock then took my soft dick into her mouth, sucking hungrily every last drop of come . She allowed more of me into her mouth and held it there while her tongue slithered all around it, then she started to wank me as her head moved up and down along my shaft trying to get my cock to come to life again. Pulling my finger out, with my cock in my hand I guided it towards her twat rubbing the head up and down her slit teasing her.

Correcting a young coworkers mistake

mature dagnnorb 2018-01-29

As it clears my head, Simone leans down and starts to kiss my chest and shoulders and neck as her hands run over my bare skin. She breaks off the kiss again and looks down to watch as my shaved cock goes around in her tight young pussy, and the feeling of our shaved pubes rubbing against each other. Simone lies back on the table on our clothes and I start to fuck her some more, nothing too serious just having fun feeling my cock inside her great pussy as I look at her tits and beautiful face, smiling at me knowing I am the cause of it for making her cum.

Anita at the club spa

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-29

The d****s were also open and I saw that there was a giant black man in a warm embrace with a nice shaped read head woman. As I sat down on the patio I noticed the moans of pleasure again coming from Markus room. Anita buried her head in the pillow and screamed over and over as the black giant entered her nice vagina from behind. I got ready to witness something awfully new for me: my loving but now unfaithful wife was going to be sodomized by a giant black cock stranger; I was going to watch her in that situation, but she would never know it. I went into our room and lay there on the bed, listening to my sexy beautiful wife having orgasm after orgasm next door, on the biggest black cock I had ever seen.

Neighbour In My Bedroom

mature Lauradj 2018-01-29

As more time went on he grew harder still, and a full hour later after our first round, he was ready to again. I gripped his shaft and slowly moved my hand up and down, squeezing it a few times and changing the pressure.  Renard smiled, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, shutting the door behind us, pinning me up against it and kissing me deeply and lustfully. I held his cock gently in my hand and rubbed it up and down my pussy, smiling at him as I did this before we kissed again, the cool air hitting my nipples where his warm mouth had formerly been. 


mature hornyluc1f3r 2018-01-29

I dabbed on some ‘Fever’ cologne and got ready for college as Aunt Dixie walked in through the door. Dixie was dressed just in a short bathrobe and I tried not to look at her breasts that were almost popping out or her smooth shaven legs. I was hoping what she said was right because I so badly wanted to fuck Dixie tonight. I then stopped and quickly placed my head between her legs and started to lick her now dripping pussy hole. She expertly started fucking my cock with her mouth and at the same time her hands were massaging my balls. We hugged and kissed for a long time and I licked her pussy once again.


2-for-1 Discount--Part IV

mature prairiedogg 2018-01-29

I must have been doing something right, because Carol was moaning and holding my head in her hands, her fingers running through my hair as I ate her. As she bounced up and down on my piston-like prick, I met her every thrust, holding her by the hips to keep her from getting away as I drove my cock upward into her sloppy wet pussy. Carol continued kissing me, her hands reaching down to stroke my cock softly. Carol caught me and would have none of that, taking my shiny cock inside her open mouth and cleaning all traces of my cum and her juices.

Young co-workers lust for the office receptionist

mature deluxeduck 2018-01-29

  Andy arrived within 5 minutes to help Janice with her computer problem. The reception area faced the main front doors of the office, on both sides were corridors leading to other areas of the floor.   Andy took a quick look to confirm her computer problem.   ‘Have you got sore feet Janice?’ asked Andy.   Janice looked down to Andy, ‘Oh yes, these new shoes are hurting my feet, sorry about that!’.   Andy, in a brazen move took this opportunity to start to massage Janice’s feet.   He caressed her feet in both hands; she took a fleeting glance down at him and then continued on talking with the client.   Andy slowly moved his hands onto Janice’s legs.

My Best Friends Dad Part 3

mature MsMarca 2018-01-29

I leaned forward and licked the drop of pre-cum off Roger's cock then I ran my tongue around the head several times and then I took him inside my mouth. While stroking his cock with my hand I looked up at Roger and said, "I want to make you cum in my mouth. "I was thinking that if you and maybe a good looking girl friend of yours, might like to come to New Orleans for a little work some weekend. At the time I didn't know why I decided so quickly, but I said, "I'm sorry but I've already got other plans." Roger didn't seem too disappointed as he walked me to the door and kissed me good night.


You just tell me, Bertha, which way you want it

mature marcosurbina 2018-01-29

She still fought trying to get loose, but this made my hard rock dick to brush more in her small asscheeks.  She finally gave up,  I was  on my own here now, the maid  didn’t resist any more and said: “Don’t you think I’m too old for that?  I like this, but never figured out we’d get so far into this stuff,  fuck!!” I asked her: I thought it would be better if I lay on one side and tried to poke within her ass more thoughtfully.  Since I had just jerked off, I was totally spent and didn’t feel like cumming.   Bertha, on the other hand, was mounting into another orgasm prompted by my stroking of her clit and I paid attention on how my rod slid in and out of her asshole.

For Reading Out Loud

mature bad_mann_ers 2018-01-29

She gave me a smile as she took in the way my eyes were devouring her cute panties, but then she stopped dancing and her eyes reminded me to keep reading. She covered herself with her hand and let her eyes direct my attention back to the book. I stopped reading for a moment, and then asked, "What rules?" My eyes found the book, picked a random paragraph, and I started to read aloud. I pulled the book aside and watched her tongue and lips slide down over the head of my cock. She waited as I brought the book back in line so I could read it and watch her at the same time.

Summer months spent with my Aunt

mature NIKHILXXX 2018-01-29

Standing next to the window watching as Sarah repeatedly gave me clear view down her shirt I began rubbing my cock and soon had pulled it out the top of my shorts. I knelt at the edge of the bed and burried my face between her legs lapping at her hot juicy pussy lips flicking and darting my tongue at every part as I stroked my throbbing hard cock with one hand. Sarah moaned as I continued ravishing her pussy for several more minutes then said "I want your cock in me now!" Grabbing my hair she pulled me up, I stood between her open legs rubbing my cock into her wet pussy.