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Erotic Mature stories

A large collection of sex stories about older men, milfs and younger partners.

At a gay bath house

mature flash 2018-01-15

He then grabbed my hair again and ordered me to only using my lips and tongue to get his cock even harder and I did and he was rock hard and I was so into being his little whore and I decided to even more give him everything he wanted. Daddy then ordered me to stop tickling his head with my tongue or I'd get beaten and I then begged him to let me only suck it and he yelled at me DO IT COCK-WHORE AND IF YOU TICKLE IT AGAIN YOU'LL TAKE THE BELT!!!


Norton Towers - Chapter 5

mature seniorsexlover 2018-01-14

‘Well Robert, let me show you.’ Teasingly pulling up her skirt, gently leaning back she opened her fat thighs, back openly displaying a lovely silver hairy cunt through her sheer gusset less girdle. With Charlie actively getting me harder, Charlie said, ‘This is like the old days, Robert, but Sylvia, ‘you have to play as well to help us all have a good time. ‘Well, we just love it, hey Charlie.’ It was strange and nice, My piss proud looked good, ‘Now, Robert, the great thing about piss proud cocks is that I get so much more and longer stimulation and you can go on enjoying me for longer.

My Zahida Aunty

mature cap_kashif73 2018-01-14

I Have Fell In Love With Her About 14 Years Ago And I Have Been Masturbating Fantasizing About Her. We Were Neighbors & I Used To Stay At My Aunt's House For Helping Her In Daily Affairs, 'Cuz My Uncle Regularly Traveling Outside City For His Nature Of Job. I Am Fond Of Watching Movies Of Any Ratings. Aunt Looking At Me Strangely Asked Me" What Are You Thinking " I Pulled My Aunty Zahida To Me And Said " I Cant Believe What Has Happened Just Now " We Have Fucked And I Have Become Your Lover." She Contentedly Purred Into My Ears "I Am Your Aunt And Your Lover, I Also Cant Believe That It Was So Good, I Love You.


Special Delivery

mature PAMtnMan 2018-01-14

I began planning on how I could get to be with Mike as soon as school began and I knew I would be making daily trips to the post office. Those days I would leave the office and once I got home I would head to my secret hiding place in the closet and get my special little friend to play with. I knew Mike’s cock would be even more incredible to feel inside of me, so my quest to find a way to make it happen became more urgent than ever. His hands were on my arms as he pulled me close and we kissed again, out tongues swirling inside each other’s mouths. I felt the warm head of his huge cock touch my pussy lips.

An old mate from office and his friends

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

Kenny told me they were his old friends Tom and Mark; they were here to play a game. Tom started asking: “Have you ever done a strip for guys?”. I started to reply but the black guy said: “Liar” and told me to remove my jeans… Tom remarked: “I think she loves being used like a whore” The words excited me more and I sucked deeper; but then Tom pulled his cock from my mouth before he could cum and Mark took its place. I started to suck Tom again and Kenny suddenly jabbed his hard cock in my wet pussy. Kenny pulled out of me Tom took his place behind my buttocks; but he had other ideas.

Meeting James - Chapter One

mature Melanieatplay 2018-01-14

Maybe at one time, perhaps in his youth, the title of pretty boy would have fitted him perfectly, but the years had turned his boyishly handsome face into the look of a distinguished older man. Why don’t you get a shower and then we’ll get breakfast, err, um, lunch,” he said, after looking at his watch and realizing the time, “we have things we need to discuss.” I could either do the walk of shame wearing a dirty thong and wrinkled cocktail dress all the way to the cab stand outside of the hotel, with everyone I came in contact with in the Paris knowing I had just woken from a night of what turned out to be really great sex.

The Locksmith

mature zebadee4u 2018-01-14

When I got to the till  I started to lay my goods on the counter from the trolley and the voice said, “Don’t forget your lock” I looked around and saw the man who chose the lock on the next till and he had one person in front of him so I had a full view of him in his shorts and open shirt and his tight torso, My gosh , I started to feel sexy again and my tits were straining at the leash and my nipples had gone hard again.



mature NymphWriter 2018-01-14

I reached in and touched him through is boxers, then looked into his eyes and said, “If you don’t like something, or want me to stop, I will. Once Elliot was gone, I went into their father’s room and started to gather up my things when Dawson walked up behind me and began kissing my neck and fondling my breasts through my shirt. I would have let him fuck me until dinner if he could keep it up, but I felt him begin to withdraw as he kissed me softly and said, “You wore this just for me, didn’t you?” Dawson was sweet and gentle as he spoke, taking my hand, and telling me repeatedly how much he liked me, and that he just wanted to try the restraints.

Wife seducing Paul

mature Walt45 2018-01-14

Karen whispered in my ear that Paul had asked her whether she was wearing stockings, to which discreetly she placed his hand to feel her suspender outside her dress.  I told Karen that here was not the right place to flirt, as the neighbours would surely talk if they saw my wife acting slutty with Paul. I informed Karen that perhaps we should leave, and ask Paul to come to our house within 10 minutes. However, Paul needed to be reassured that it was ok by me for him to come back to our house, and potentially fuck my wife. Karen then asked me to speak to Paul. Karen informed me that she wanted to change into something more comfortable, however, Paul had complimented her earlier on her sexy legs encased in her black stockings.



mature hornyluc1f3r 2018-01-14

I dabbed on some ‘Fever’ cologne and got ready for college as Aunt Dixie walked in through the door. Dixie was dressed just in a short bathrobe and I tried not to look at her breasts that were almost popping out or her smooth shaven legs. I was hoping what she said was right because I so badly wanted to fuck Dixie tonight. I then stopped and quickly placed my head between her legs and started to lick her now dripping pussy hole. She expertly started fucking my cock with her mouth and at the same time her hands were massaging my balls. We hugged and kissed for a long time and I licked her pussy once again.


Beautiful Anna

mature BiUKSwinger 2018-01-14

Me & Anna got into a taxi and we set off to her place, as soon as the cab began to move, Anna put her hand on my crotch and was stroking my still stiff penis, then she pulled down my zip and put her hand inside my jeans, she felt a wet patch on my boxers from where my pre cum leaked from my cock, rubbed her finger of the patch then put the finger tip into her mouth and sucked it clean. I now got my 1 st look at this well trimmed little triangle patch of pubic hair, I kissed it gently, then lowered my attentions to the hood that covered her clit gave this a little nibble between my teeth before sucking it into my mouth, i then poked the tip of my tongue under the fold of flesh feeling her clit. 

A mother in law affair (3)

mature JMPhil 2018-01-14

As I had stated towards the end of my last story, Judy and I left that morning knowing that we both wanted more but weren’t going to risk everything just to have some sex. The dress sat about 2 inches above her knees and her legs looked very toned with the heels she was wearing. I reached down, pulled her legs up and pulled her body to the edge of the bed, I slid my cock inside her and started fucking her from that position. Remember, her husband and my wife were not going to be home for another day yet so, the next morning when I woke up, I let her sleep as I went to the shower.

RV Times--Chapter 1

mature CountryGent54 2018-01-14

This means caressing her, kissing her body and mouth, eating her pussy, fucking her until the cows come home and her doing likewise to me. She was good at giving head and took my growing cock deep into her mouth working miraculously over it, sending shivers through my body. I could feel her tense up as my finger slid back and forth in her ass and my mouth once again attacked her pussy, but she kept sliding that wonderful mouth over my hardening shaft and occasionally taking it in her hand before once again plunging wholesale onto it with her lips and tongue and mouth. Then she took me deep into her mouth and pulling back with just her lips and tongue playing with the head of my cock.


mature lola49 2018-01-14

During their talk...Jackie learned Tyrus had not had sex for three months. The restaurant was very busy and the small talk was beginning to fade, they knew it was time to take it to the next level before the passion fizzled next. Tyrus feared he would ejaculate there in the chair as the heat of her body seeped through his trousers exciting his throbbing penis. After a few moments of kissing and grinding Tyrus stood up lifting Jackie as her legs clasped around his buttocks he carried her to the bed. When Jackie had enough she spread her legs wide open inviting him to push deeper and harder inside her; she moved a hand down to his tensed balls and gently caressed them.

All Because of Millie

mature SensualDesires83 2018-01-14

“Oh God, Millie, I want you so fucking bad!” William said as he took his lips away from hers and pressed her head into his chest. William felt the passion, the desire, the hot erotic emotions flow from Millie into him as he slowly made love to her. William heaved a long breath and at the same time he let it out, the nerve that drove his love liquid out, thumped and he felt his hot naturalness burn its way through is hard shaft and spurt streams inside her. Millie felt his hot orgasm splatter in sequence inside her and she moaned satisfyingly as William erupted into her. William shot the last of his several long bursts inside Millie and felt her body begin to relax immediately.

Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 1, In The Beginning

mature seemywowzza 2018-01-14

Gypsy sucked at my cock until I delivered a hot stream of cum into her open mouth. Gypsy was so wet she slid her tight little pussy all the way down on my throbbing cock with one hard push. Charlie and Jan thought the notion of a woman actually paying me, their friend Howdy, for cock was hysterical and busted out laughing. Gypsy looked Charlie square in the eyes with a poker faced stare and asked, "Charlie, has Howdy ever had his big fat cock in YOUR pussy? Then Barb told me Gypsy wanted me back by 5pm and I was going to need to grab a quick shower and leave.

A Train Journey With Mom

mature bava12 2018-01-14

Suddenly mom placed her lips over my lips and started sucking my tongue; we kissed each other for almost a minute then we broke the kiss and I saw that aunt was sucking the cock of Anshul and they were naked. After fucking her pussy for a while I placed my huge lund in her ass with a single f***efully shot it went in as there was Vinita’s cum over my cock. As she completed her words jolly placed his cock in her pussy again and started fucking her again this time more f***efully. Jolly was about to release his cum he took out his cock and placed it in her mom’s mouth and came over there.

Helena (Part 1)

mature mrotis 2018-01-14

When I asked Emma what Helena did for a living, she told me that she was a consultant in the entertainment industry and therefore did a lot of work in the evening. I was a bit frightened as I was not in nearly as good shape for my age as Helena, but she sat on my lap, slowly unbuttoned my shirt and complimented me on my chest. She smiled at me, removed a glop from her eye with a finger, stuck it in her mouth and then said: “I know some guys do not like this, but what I really want to do right now is kiss you.” She pressed her lips against mine and shoved her tongue nearly as deep down my throat as my cock had been down hers.

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 33

mature Bipeep 2018-01-14

It just added to her stimulation watching large cocks penetrating women while she had Henry thrusting into her pussy. "Fuck, it is sexy isn't it," Evelyn half whispered as she looked into his face, "Relax a bit Henry, no one can see us." "Henry before we go in I have something to tell you," she said as he held her around the waist, his cock pressed against her pussy through their clothes. Evelyn thought it was erotic watching the trio on screen but couldn't help but think that one of the women was always missing out slightly, as they only had one cock to play with. With one hand Evelyn held his cock and then lowered her pussy till she felt the head at the entrance to her vagina.


mature OldGeezer 2018-01-14

Each time she reached my root, she would squeeze me hard with her inner muscles, and I would pinch her nipple, and so we fucked harder and harder, until I then sat up, gripping her bum cheeks as we moved against each other, and as we kissed again, still fucking, our hips moving in unison, the tip of my finger pressed into her asshole, and then as it broke in, she suddenly went rigid. We stayed joined like that for a long time, just holding each other, stroking and kissing, as my cock slowly softened, and eventually slipped out.

Gloria's Sex Diary 7.19.08 part one

mature Gloria4U 2018-01-14

I must have made a nervous giggle as I started to protest, "What do you think you're doing?" His hand guided my face over towards his and his tongue tried to push itself past my lips. My eyes must have gone wide, as I was stunned by this old guy trying to force his wet tongue into my mouth. With his hand on my face, I froze there with Mr Chang's wet tongue probing around the outside of my mouth. His arm that was pulling me close had moved downward and I felt his hand unsnap my pants and work inside. I looked into his lust filled eyes realizing he was going to fuck me like his son David did last week.

An Experience NO Girl Should Ever Pass-up

mature KJessica 2018-01-13

“Yes, oh please yes, don’t stop.” He started again to suck, kiss, rub, lick and tease my clit, but I asked him just to suck on it again. He kept sucking as I continued with a rolling orgasm, my pussy pushed up to his mouth, until my bottom sank to the bed and he knew I needed time to recover. “Slowly!” I said, “I want to savor this.” It was so much better than my fingers and I watched intently as he slowly pushed inside me, going in between my legs which were wide apart as far as I could get them. His thrusts slowed as he let me enjoy my cum, and my orgasms took on a new meaning with a good hard cock deep inside.

My Best Friends Mom

mature Pudmeister 2018-01-13

  Laura is my best friends Mom. Some might describe her as being on the large size, but I think she looks great. I looked down and still couldn't believe I was seeing my friends Mom sucking my cock. I think she knew I was going to explode because she pulled my cock almost out just leaving the head inside. My cock was getting hard again as I thought that this might actually be the tightest pussy I have ever been in and it belongs to my friend's Mom. I was about to cum inside my friend's Mom. The sight of her bent over and my cock going in and out of her tight pussy sent me over the edge.


Norton Towers – The Apartment Block for Sexy Girdled Seniors

mature seniorsexlover 2018-01-13

And as we are not in the first flush of youth so to speak, we need to find the right person who can arrange things like taxies etc and do those small jobs that frequently need attending to...changing bulbs, looking after the garden, decorating and other stuff that will be explained later.” “As you see,” added Gwen, “a lot of the ladies are exhibitionists which I think is as natural at seventy as at seventeen as all women are nurtured to show off.” Looking down as my cock stretched out my crotch, she added, “And some men too! “Well first Yvonne, I am a devoted lover of ladies who wear open gusset girdles especially with untrimmed natural pubic hair and stockings just does it for me…like you did when you deliberately and slowly crossed your gorgeous legs at the interview."