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Introducing Granny To Anal Sex

mature captjim51 2018-04-09

Dawn took me in her mouth and began a gentle rhythmic sucking which got stronger and stronger each time she inhaled my cock. Dawn looked sheepishly at the screen which showed a second granny with a cock in her ass. Then she stopped sucking and said “ the lube and condoms are in the nightstand, use plenty of lube and be gentle with me at first, until I get used to your cock inside me”. Dawn moaned softly as my cock lined up with her rectum and I began inserting it into the finest ass I had ever seen. Dawn lay on the bed softly grunting with each inward thrust of my cock into her tight virgin granny ass.


mature 2018-04-09

I knew I should have just walked away since a daughter is not supposed to see her father like this, but I just stood there mesmerized by the sight of Daddy with his penis in hand furiously stroking himself to orgasm (and, yes, I knew what that was, too, even though that was yet another sexual experience I had yet to discover for myself). That was when I felt myself begin to gag a little, but I was able to hold it back as I placed my hands on Daddy's thighs and tried to keep my head as still as possible so he could thrust himself inside my mouth.

My Old Lady!!

mature zimabean 2018-04-09

At the end of the night it was Linda, my wife Bess, me and two college girls and eight college boys. The second guy dumped his load in Bess's pussy as a second guy filled Linda's cunt with his hot jizz. My dick was hard inside the college girls pussy but she was sound asl**p. Bess and Linda took several more loads, they even ate spunk out of each others pussies! I think Bess and Linda must have took ten loads of jizz in each pussy, I was really proud of my old lady, I think she did better than those college girls and gave those college boys and real good fucking.

Aunt Carol Was A Stripper

mature y107 2018-04-09

Carol wasn't going to take no for an answer, she promised to make homemade lasagna for dinner, my mom must have told her it was my favorite. But a proper hand job feels much better than a blowjob any day.” Carol said that back in the day, it was the standard way a girl showed her appreciation for a nice date. “Yeah, I think this is a keeper” she said as she slowly stroked my 6 inch cock from the base all the way up to the head twisting her hand slightly. Her thumb worked the sensitive area under the head of my cock each time her hand made it’s way to the top of the stroke.

My secret

mature Daleharris 2018-04-09

Vicki asked how I liked the apartment. She asked if could carry the pizzas into the kitchen for her because she wanted to get cash for a bigger tip for me. Vicki broke up the uneasy feeling by handing the money for the pizza with a huge $20 tip. Then she said her friends pointed out that Vicki, herself, seemed to light up when I showed up to deliver pizzas the other night. Vicki told me she was unsure what she felt but she did feel a strong connection to me. I was too charged and Vicki suggested we just kiss with no tongue. I wanted to go again but Vicki needed to get home and cleaned up before husband came home.

Cruise Adventure Formerly Teluctant Lesbians 1 to

mature shurob2007 2018-04-08

As Louise ended her third two minute session, Paul asked Shirley which breast felt better. Louise released Shirley’s nipple being careful to use her finger tips to keep up the stimulation and admitted, I don’t know about Paul but I have never done anything like this before. He slid upward and tried to lick her ass but Shirley stiffened and said, “Get away from there!” Under normal circumstances, Paul figured that he could probably gain entry there, at least with the tip of his tongue if not his fingers and penis, but how much can you do in two minutes? Shirley needed a rest after two orgasms but she definitely wanted to fuck Paul and suck Louise to return the favour.

To Bi, or not to Bi

mature SideValve45 2018-04-08

The third time of doing this she asked if I minded if he sucked me when I was ready to cum. We did this a couple of times more, and then she went looking for new meat (I knew she would) and I was ready for change too. After I checked out I went to my car and instead of driving away I just sat there and sure enough this guy cam out of the library, looked around until he spotted me sitting in my car, and then he wandered over. I have to admit I was already hard thinking about being sucked off, and having gone without pussy for a while, well, we went to a place I knew where we could park and be left alone.

Fuck Session With GF In Cafe

mature ChannelFive 2018-04-08

Jaanu began moaning, “Press them hard.” My one hand was pressing her boobs and other hand was inside her sari feeling her wetness. She sat and adjusted my dick inside her pussy hole. My dick was wet by her pussy liquid. At evening I got call from jaanu that her parents were going out of station and she is alone at home for 2 days. Jaanu said, “My pussy lips are inviting your dick.” After saying this she went into the bathroom, I followed her trying to catch her. I was with her on floor and sucking her boobs and my one hand was running on her clits and other hand was pressing her ass.

Getting caught can be fun Pt. 3

mature dom_dictator 2018-04-08

chest when Meena came in carrying a tray, Asiya got up and took the Asiya touched it, Meena smiled and shook her head, she took her t-shirt breasts as Asiya looked at her, blushing Meena smiled at her and pulled softly, Asiya threw her head back as she grabbed Meena's hair and guided her finger inside, Asiya let out a huge moan almost like the times she would orgasm, Meena took her finger out of Asiya and rubbed sweating profusely, Meena kissed Asiya and ran her tongue softly over over and kissed me, she ran her fingers n my hard cock as Meena bent hug and a deep kiss as she ran her hand over my cock and told me to

Mom and stranger

mature crazydick12 2018-04-08

She lay there with the guy stimulating her neck, his right hand making its way under the petticoat onto her left thigh. His tongue then made its way between her lips into her mouth, their tongues merged as her left nipple were getting rubbed by his finger. His tongue finally its way out her mouth and started to move to her exposed nipples as she looked into his eyes with great anticipation, and she was It was a very arousing moment watching another guy, especiallya stranger relishing the opportunity of using my moms body, and my mom herself enjoying every bit of it expressing it with occasional moans and erotic giggles. it starts off gently, little penetration, his hand caressing her breasts, mom rubbing her hand on his back.

Helping out my neighbour

mature dirtyduncan 2018-04-08

As i reached down to get the new bulb i realised that Sheilas eyes were firmly fixed to the inside of the leg of my shorts, when she suddenly noticed that i had spotted where she was staring she said to me " It's been 5 years since i've seen a cock, i wish i could just have a wee feel of it". I immediately started licking and probing with me tongue feeling her clitoris swell and push into my mouth, i nibbled gently on it with my lips, and Sheila screamed like she'd been shot, her hot juices overwhelmed my mouth, running down my chin and dripping on the bed-sheet.

Horny when d***k

mature pixiedust1 2018-04-08

After getting married I didn't cheat for about 5 years but then it started again. My husband has started to work away from home more as his career has progressed. After a long day in the garden we were both admiring our work and started chatting about what we wanted to do next. I looked in the mirror and undid my husbands top shirt button which I was wearing under dungarees for gardening. I said, "I want you to fuck me hard Sam. Bet you haven't had it for a while". He pulled his cock out and said, "I have wanted to stick this in you since I moved in". I could feel him starting to cum and I pushed back hard.

Visiting the cats of my 22 year old niece. (Part 1

mature Vertel 2018-04-08

Because we just lost two cats my wife and I decided to keep two, and give the other two away to the 22-year-old daughter of the s****r of my wife, Jenny. "Ah," I said, "I happened to be in the neighborhood and wanted to pay a visit to the cats, and I smiled at her. I opened the door to the bedroom and saw the cats on her bed, deeply in sl**p. While I wat gently caressing the cats I looked around and saw that her seat light brown colored stockings and suspenders hanging, a little red dress on the floor beside black pumps. When she bent over to pick up the cat she was giving me a glimpse into her shirt and I could just admire her beautiful breasts.


mature 2018-04-08

My mom pulled her bikini off and took hold of my cock and began to stroke it slowly she then moved a little lower and placed her left nipple on the tip of my cock. "Oh shame your just going to have to stay in with me." She said passing me on the way upstairs, she playfully kissed me on the cheek as she passed and I couldn't help stare at her gorgeous arse and fit toned legs as she moved away up the stairs slowly. Mom's hand then came through her legs and began to stroke her pussy.

Letter of Recomendation

mature adel5000 2018-04-08

my place and spotted Wendy standing at my door with a folder in her hand. I released my left hand from her breast, placed it on the small of her back, and pulled I held her left hand in my right as I initiated another deep kiss. shorts dropped to the floor and the rubs Wendy had been giving turned into full strokes I broke our eye contact to lean down to her tits placing kisses on them. and tongue for several seconds when Wendy brought her hands behind my head and Wendy grabbed my left hand and placed it on her mound as she slouched She grabbed my cock in her left hand again and began stroking.

A taste of my own medicine

mature 2018-04-08

About five years ago I went on an old mate's Stag Do in Doncaster and ended up getting my cock sucked on stage by a rough old Stripper which was a great way to finish the weekend (or so I thought). A couple of weeks later she was away in Blackpool with the Hen's and their theme for the Saturday night was 'Naughty Nurses', corny as fuck I thought but I'd still enjoyed fucking her in her outfit before she went ! Around 1pm on the Saturday night I was chilling on the couch watching a porno when my phone buzzed, I glanced at it see I'd received a picture message from my Wife which I clicked to open.

Date night with a twist.

mature naughtydarksecret 2018-04-08

Jane got ready and i had rang the taxi it was waiting outside for us, see you later mate, Luke stayed upstairs he was shagged out he said he shouted down lock the door mate and post the key cheers see you later, thanks Sue. i got in taxi and she looked at me and said well that was different i lifted her skirt a bit and she sat forward i started to finger her hole and it was still dripping, i said when you get in i am going to fuck you and eat that pussy for fun, Jane kissed me and said good i want you to feel his cum in my arse and i want you to taste the juices in me, Jane looked at me stared into my eyes and said i think we should do this out of town from now on and try new people but we tell them you join in and watch.

Out of town experience

mature ratond 2018-04-08

I said “really, why would you be noticing him looking at me?” He told me he loved when I had my twitches and mini orgasms, because that meant I was really horny and my pussy would be really wet. Again blowing me away, after he received his drink he said thank you to my husband and he spoke right up and said “oh thank my wife, it was her idea!” I immediately turned a little red, and our friend said well “thank you” talking and looking at me. Aaron said he was going to clean up real quick as it was late and as soon as he closed the bathroom door my husband jumped on the bed and started eating his cum out of my pussy.

My Recent Encounter

mature military3205 2018-04-08

He came upstairs into the room and I was sitting on the floor half hard and he started undressing and I saw him naked He had a similar body and he kept his crotch very closely trimmed. I could feel him touching my prostate and told him I was going to cum and he just kept going until I came in his mouth and he started choking and gagging and and spilled some on the carpet and afterwards we laughed and he said it was a long time and he forgot about how it would shoot into his throat and he had taken it too deep but he loved it.

Mom Pays Up (part 1)

mature Milfsarehot 2018-04-08

I took the camera in my hands and said "Sure Ray. So you want me to take some pictures of the store or our products or what?". I treys to get a good picture from my window but I knew it wouldn't be enough to make Ray happy, so I waited a while and then walked to the edge of the pool with the camera on and hidden in my pocket ready to go. I was snapping away pictures as she did this and then I focused on her ass and got multiple pictures, then I quickly put the camera away without her knowing I took them and I left and headed to Rays house........TO BE CONTINUED

my friends hot mom rasika

mature bigdickbipin 2018-04-08

when ever at home she use to wear a nighty and some times she used to wear saree in saree she used to luk damn sexy in saree her butts lukd prfct and used to shake well and 1 day she was wearing a nighty and she was bending down to clean floor and tha time i saw her hanging boobs they were soo soft i felt like grabing them at tah time but i could not i was feeeling like sucking them very hard and from that day i decided tha any how i have to fuck her no mattre she is my friends mom and i was waiting for a chance when she was alone at home finally i got the chance she was working in the kitchen went near her got some gut went and started kissing her she thre me back and started scolding me i told her tha i love her am mad for her by hearing this she laughed she said these types of things occur at thse age and gave me anaughyt smile

Holiday Party

mature SweetLipz 2018-04-08

'Ava Dominique, i know you heard me calling you girl!' It was Uncle Grandpa Leon. Dominique wasnt aware that every time she called Uncle Grandpa Leon by that title, it made his dick twitch and tingle with pleasure. Santa wouldnt let Dominique get 5 feet away without him interrupting some k** telling there list of 50-billion toys that they want for Christmas. Before she could get anything out Santa told her 'I've still got one knee left for you little lady!' Dominuque figured what could be the worst to happen. 'Happy Holidays.' Dominique told Santa and the camera person as she headed to her car after her interesting day.

tna209 had 5 hard squirts

mature Lateshay 2018-04-08

tna209 You cheered me up today. I came home from work in a pretty bad mood. Then I got onto xhamster, found your videos (ALL of them are in my favorites, by the way), lubed my cock up, and began stroking. Before I knew it, I gave up my load in honor of you in 5 hard squirts when I was watching your "36G natural tits and booty wiggle" video. I wish I could have filmed my cock spitting to it for you to see. Your beautiful body gave me the release I desperately needed from a day of pent-up stress. In the mean time, watching your lovely tits and suckable nipples is what is getting my cock hard.

Three generations

mature machineted1965 2018-04-08

As I held Miss Kate tight, I couldn't help but become even more aroused, her breath on my neck, the warmth of her body against mine, Her beautiful tits pressed against my chest. She looked me in the eyes, and said" I could really use a good handyman to help me with the chores I need done around here." I said, Id love to be your handyman, but could we take care of your plumbing inside, instead of on the cold garage floor. Miss Kate didn't want her daughter to know we were fucking, I'm not sure of the reason, But I was alright with keeping it our little secret.