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Erotic stories

The Longest Week ever...

short Rob 2018-01-01

He undressed and quickly became fully engorged inside his stainless steel cock cage; throbbing!! Then, exhausted from work and the immense pleasure of her orgasm, she whispered in his ear, "I'll have to give you what you need in the morning" and quickly fell asleep. Being distraught with disappointment, yet still hopefully anxious for his reward in the morning, he snuggled his naked body against hers trying to imagine what it would feel like uncaged. Enduring restless sleep all night from the pain in his wanting cock, then only to wake in the morning to find a note on her pillow that read, "Great work last night! Sorry you're asleep for your reward -- you can try again next weekend".

How I sucked my first cock

short flash 2017-12-22

I was attending my new High School in Wheaton, MD. I had to kill about two hours at Wheaton Plaza before we could go home when my mom and i could go home. I didn't notice there was someone in the next stall until he passed a note under the partition. I'm 6'7" now 50 years later. So the note told me if I wanted blow job, come over to his stall. I passed it back saying that Id rather suck his cock as U never had, and really wanted to. A few minutes he was in my stall standing before me with a nice 6 inch cock staring me in the face.



short queernympho33 2017-12-13

All he said was “wow yeah that’s pretty crazy.” A few weeks after that, the wife made the jump and made the appointment to have him picked up by a real escort in a Uberxxx. He got in the car and met her dark brown eyes in the rear view mirror. she said she wanted to give you this guilt free fuck to spice up your sex life.” “Even if this idea backfires, at least you got a nice thick pussy fuck out of it. She lifted her shirt up and over to expose her soft dark brown puffy nipples over her nice your wife said you are pretty big. He sucked her hot brown nipples at the same time.

Feminine Products

short flash 2017-12-13

I loved it immediately, especially when they wore Thigh High Stockings and a Lace see-through Teddy. I was in-love with hairy pussy in Lace panties/lingerie and stockings. We dry humped many times in the beginning of our relationship till one day we couldn't resist one another and she let me pull out one of her breast for I to kiss, smell, lick and suck all I want. In my backpack I had a white lace teddy with matching fishnet stockings. I couldn't keep my eyes off her bushy hairs peeking out from the sides of the teddy's pantyliner. I was finially going to taste and smell what pussy is like. I grew a deep love for fish scented hairy pussy and used Maxi-Pads.

81% fish