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14 minutes

Your arm lays across my body. I can hear your snoring, I can feel your breath oin the back of my neck. Your alarm will be going off early on a Saturday morning. I gently slip one hand into your shorts. I find your cock limp. Sleepy.

I have exactly 14 minutes before your alarm goes off. 14 minutes to make you mine. To let you know how much I care. 14 minutes to send you off smiling...

I stroke your cock and feel you thicken long before you wake. I slide down under the covers and yank at your shorts till you are exposed. Your cock is rising and is in need of my mouth.

I lick from balls to tip. Lightly just once then place your head in my mouth and suck. That's when I hear you moan first. I feel your hand on my back. I suck just a little and begin moving my mouth up and down your shaft. You are now at full girth and length. My greedy mouth takes all of you. Deep. Your head in my throat, balls at my lips. Your hands find the back of my head. Your press me down, holding me down onto your cock. Forcing it deeper into my throat. You now control my movements. I am now nothing but you are my everything. Deeper, faster, slower, harder... wordless control. Silent obedience.

After a few moments you let go. Your cum fills my mouth. I am struggling to breath, stuggliing to swallow. Stuggiing to not fuck you!

"Good morning" you whisper as you release my head.

"Good morning darling" I try to say. But the alarm intrupts me.

14 minutes :)


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