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I quietly come into the room and see you lying on the bed, facing away from me, covered only in a thin sheet. I can tell by the light shining through the thin fabric of the sheet that you are completely naked, waiting for me like I commanded, hopefully eager for our first night together. You are using your phone, texting or twittering, and don't hear me come in. I move to my side of the bed, already down to only my underwear, and slide quickly in behind you.

You are startled at first, but quickly warm to my body behind you, pressing your beautiful ass against me and letting your body melt into mine. I wrap one arm around your waist, resting it on your stomach, and then kiss and lightly bite the back, then side of your neck, making you moan rather loudly, and dropping your phone to the floor as it ceases to be important to your present concerns or desires.

I keep doing this, using the one hand to hold your body tight to mine, while sucking, giving kisses, and light bites to your neck and shoulders, each one making you moan louder and squirm harder under my control. You do not move to get away, if anything you press yourself against me harder, but just the fact my hand holds you in place drives you crazy with desire. I move my other hand to caress your neck, lovingly stroking your cheek.

After a few minutes, I take my hand from your stomach and you try to turn towards me, longing for a kiss from your Master, but you don't get far before I grab first one hand, then the other, and pull them above your head forcefully with one hand. You gasp, but it only turns to a moan as my other hand begins to explore your body. I cup one young, firm 32C breast, and begin to knead, tease, and pinch the nipple, making you try to throw your head back in pleasure, but it can't go far because of how I have you restrained.

After a minute of cupping your breast, I begin to get rougher, pinching harder and roughly massaging your breast, making you moan even louder. "Oh... Sir... yes!" is all you get out as I move to the other breast and do more of the same. You feel me pull on your nipples and squeeze your breasts in a way that would almost be painful if you didn't enjoy it so much, as I press my hard cock between your ass cheeks, only my underwear in the way. Before too long your moans are getting so loud they are echoing off the walls and I can feel the wetness of your cum seeping into the cloth of my underwear, and I growl in your ear with desire, sending a shiver up your spine.

You grind your ass back onto my cock, almost willing the material gone, so you could feel it press between your ass cheeks, and eventually into your ass. I slowly move my hand from your breasts, moving it lazily over your stomach, slowing even more as it passes your belly button, and instead I begin moving it lazily back and forth, only going down a sliver with each agonizing pass. Each light touch makes you twitch and spasm, the sensations almost too much to take.

Suddenly, my legs move to intertwine with yours, one of my legs pinning your furthest to the bed, and the others looping over the one closest to it and pulling it back across, going from splayed legs to spread wide open in a matter of moments. You let out a shriek at first, but when you realize I have opened you up, a moan escapes your lips. Your pussy gets so damp from arousal you begin leaking cum and there is a pool underneath you in minutes, the air filling with the sweet scent of your delicious, intoxicating juices while I continue to tease my way down.

As your legs are spread wide, your hands held above your head, your body is completely mine, and you melt into me. I move my hand slowly over your mound, my fingers touching more to make sure you are hairless, and I smile when I find you are. When my hand finally reaches your clit, you let out a moan that is so filled with satisfaction and lust that I find it hard to hold myself back. I find a way, though, and begin to lightly stroke your clit, making you moan from the mixture of being held, and being touched. After a few minutes, I begin to move my fingers lightly back and forth across from one thigh to the next, brushing your clit as I go, making you cry out in pleasure and experience little spasms every time.

I let you go, and you move to try again for a kiss, but I only release you for a moment before taking control again. I grab your shirt on the bed beside you and tie your hands together, and then fasten them to the headboard. You let out a moan as I stand up and grab your right leg and use my shirt to hold it, and then use your discarded yoga pants to hold your left leg. I stand at the foot of the bed, your naked body spread before me as I admire my handy work for a minute, and you look at me with eyes full of desire and lust.

The more I look, the more unhappy I become with the poor excuse for bindings that restrict you, and after a couple of minutes I walk to the corner of the room and rummage in a bag. I pull out a few lengths of rope and then return to the bed. Starting with your right leg, then moving to your left, and finally your hands, I systematically replace the clothing with proper rope until you are tightly bound and spread for my pleasure. I stand up and admire my work, much happier with how you are held, then take in your body and how beautiful it is, how much it wants all I am going to do to it, and smile with anticipation.

"Oh Sir, thank you Sir, I have waited so long for you to tie me up Master, I love not knowing what you will do next, Sir. Fuck me Sir?" you mutter, showing your complete submission to your owner, as you roll your head back and forth imagining what is coming next.

"Slut!" I yell, loud enough to shake you out of it, and causing you snap your head up and look up at me with wide eyes.

I meet your eyes, and make you watch as I slowly slide my underwear off my hips, and you notice with a lick of your lips that my cock is hard and thick for you. As the elastic band slips past the head, your breath catches in your throat as you see my cock appear, first the head, then quickly my entire cock springs free, and hangs there straight out from my body, slightly turned so you can see the fully erect length.

"Oh my, Sir, is that for me? May I taste my Sir's long cock?" you ask, your eyes transfixed on it.

I say nothing, just look down at your pussy which has by now left a large wet puddle on the bed. I kneel down, and draw my tongue one time up your pussy, from ass to clit, making you writhe in pleasure, and move your hips up and down to help me lick. I then stand up to let you watch as I use my tongue to lick up all the sweet nectar, running it across my tongue and lips, before licking it into my mouth. You moan, loving that I enjoy your cum as much as you do, and struggle against your bonds to have a taste yourself, but fail as your Master has tied you too well.

You watch me, your hips still moving to match the rhythm of my mouth that was there just a few moments ago, and hope I will finish what I started. I move around to the side, and you turn your head, extending your tongue, hoping for my cock on your lips, and moan as I lean forward, my cock getting almost within reach. You let out an audible yelp when I instead slap your inner thigh, then your pussy on the second slap. By the time the echo of the slap has left the room, you are moaning loudly, and I can tell you are on the border of orgasm.

I rub my hand along your pussy lips, letting your juices coat my hand, and give you three loud, but quick slaps right on your lips and clit, which pushes you over, and you begin bucking against the bindings as your first orgasm takes you and throws you about. Your screams echo off the walls as the pleasure washes over you, racking your body with ecstasy while your pussy gushes the sweet juice you have described so often to me. The orgasm only lasts a short while, and then your body stops writhing, my cock still just inches from where your tongue would reach, making you let out an exasperated growl of displeasure that you cannot help me cum too.

I move away, down to your ankle on the left foot, and I slowly rub the muscles of your lower leg. Your body relaxes, settling in for a nice, relaxing post orgasm massage, enjoying the princess treatment that you have hoped would come sometime this weekend. I move your legs, spreading you wider, and massage higher, moving up to your inner thighs. You lean your head back, enjoying the pampering, and don't even notice a missing hand until you feel the sudden slap of my hand on your inner thigh, which shocks you out of your relaxation.

Tears well up at the corner of your eyes at the sudden interruption of relaxation and change in flow, as you look up at me surprised.

"Who said it was time for relaxing, my little cumslut?" I say, my voice even and frightening.

You simply stare up at me, saying nothing, until I raise my hand and bring it down hard on your thigh with a sharp crack. You close your eyes tight, your breathing coming uneven. I look down at your pussy and see your cum start to flow again, and smile, slapping your thigh a couple more times, each time a little closer to your pussy. Your noises change from yelps of pain to moans of pleasure, as my hand slowly advances one slap at a time towards your pussy. I pull your legs wider so that my next slap lands right where at the edge of your pussy, with the following ones being square on your pussy.

You are moaning loudly with each slap and muttering quietly in between them, forcing me to move my ear closer, only to hear you mutter over and over "Thank you Sir, more please Sir, please spank me Sir, beat me Sir." My next slap lands on your lips again, but instead of pulling back again, I gently rub your lips a few times and then slide my fingers up your lips to pinch your clit. You moan even louder at this, muttering that you are going to cum, and then almost on queue your body starts twitching as you build towards it. You let out a scream as I give your clit a hard pinch, clearly about to cum, and then I take my hand away, breaking the building orgasm as it was about to wash over you.

You feel me get up off the bed, and let out an anguished scream of frustration, feeling the orgasm slip away from you, leaving you panting and soaked. You almost start sobbing, not even noticing me, until suddenly you feel my tongue slowly sliding up the side of your pussy again, exploring the texture and taste, until I circle your clit with my tongue and give it a short french kiss. Your sobs transform into moans as your pussy begins to gush again, but the sobs return as I stand up, your eyes looking at me warily, suspicious of what I plan to do next, and unhappy with the quick shifts between pleasure and the lack of it.

I smile, licking my lips, and then move to your other leg and, beginning at the ankle, begin to softly kiss and nibble. You lay your head back, moaning softly as you feel my mouth get higher. By the time I reach your knee, I am biting harder, and my kisses become licks, like I did when exploring your pussy. I use the tip of my tongue to draw the letter S lazily over your skin, punctuating each with a kiss, but you don't notice, as you are too busy getting closer and closer to another orgasm.

Once I am just past halfway up your inner thigh, your body is twitching and convulsing, the pleasure and anticipation overtaking you as each touch of my teeth, lips, or tongue makes your body spasm and twitch. You are pushed over the edge when I cup your ass with both hands, and slide both pinkies into your ass up to the second knuckle. Your body tenses, your back bowing, as you let out a scream and your pussy starts squirting cum all over me and the bed.

I move in closer as your pussy sprays over and over until the sheets and bed are soaked, and I have had several mouthfuls of your cum, having tried to keep my mouth close to you as you came. Just as I think you are done, and are about to collapse in a tired heap, your body twitches, driving my fingers the rest of the way into your ass.

"Oh fuck!" you say, as another, even more powerful wave of pleasure hits you, and your body loses complete control. I slide my fingers out, not wanting to hurt your beautiful ass, or my fingers, as spasms of pleasure crash into you, twisting you this way and that. I lay there, my head between your bound legs and my mouth on your pussy, as you struggle against all of your bonds, letting the pleasure take you, but eventually your movements are too wild and I back my mouth off of you.

I smile, watching your beautiful pussy move this way and that, and inch myself closer again so I can lick at your lips and clit as your pussy oozes more and more cum. After a short time I grow dissatisfied with only the occasional lick, and push myself closer, bringing my entire mouth back to your pussy, licking deeply while your body spasms around the feeling of pleasure, only heightened by my mouth teasing your sexualy charged pussy. The teasing only continues for a minute, though, until your orgasm begins to subside.

I wait until your orgasm ebbs away, and your body quiets, knowing how powerful and breathtaking back to back orgasms can be for you. I let you catch your breath, as I can hear some of your cum dripping off the bed onto the floor in a puddle. Once your breathing returns to a more normal pace, I wait for you to look at me, laying between your legs. Once you make eye contact I smile and then slap your soaking wet pussy hard, making you let out a mix of yelp and moan.

My hand remains on your pussy after the slap, and once the sting begins to fade, I move my fingers up and down slowly, working them between your lips slowly but persistently. At the same time, I move my other hand under you to the crack of your ass, and slowly work two fingers between the cheeks, which are damp with your cum. I spend a few minutes just rubbing your holes, enjoying your moaning as I tease you. Without warning, and almost simultaneously, the two fingers on your pussy and the two fingers at your asshole slide in, as I suck your clit into my mouth and begins nibbling and sucking it lovingly.

Your pussy almost immediately begins gushing as I slowly move my fingers in and out of both holes, filling both, then sliding out of both, over and over. We get in a rhythm of you cursing at the pleasure, and then moaning about feeling empty, and we continue this cycle over and over, slowly picking up the pace as my fingers slide deep in and sensually in and out of you. After a few minutes of this, I add a finger to both of them and begin to quickly build up to a pace in both of your now well lubricated holes.

It doesn't take long before my fingers are pounding into your pussy as the skin slaps together, and my eyes fall on your nipples, which are rock hard little nubs protruding for your incredible breasts, rising and falling as you enjoy the sensations. Your head is thrown back, once again wishing you could extend it back further, if not for your bound arms, and it is all you can do to mutter and moan of how good it feels, and how you are getting so close to another orgasm.

"Oh fuck, Master, You are amazing, Sir, please keep going Master," you moan and mutter as my hands assault your tight holes and my mouth ravages your clit.

I feel your pussy and ass clench around my fingers just moments before you scream, and begin squirting cum all over me again as yet another orgasm washes over you. While you moan and squirm on my fingers, I continue slamming my fingers in and out of both holes, causing you to feel little orgasms bursting in you one after the other, making you feel all sensitive and tingly. Each shuddering tiny orgasm makes you gasp and moan, but all of them are building one after the other until, with one final blood curdling scream, you collapse, your body twitching as cum continues gushing out of your pussy even though you have lost all control of it.

I give one last lick, taking half a mouthful of cum, and drinking it down, and then move away. You feel the bed shift as I move next to you and begin stroking your forehead and cheek, your eyes flinching with the first few touches, until you settle into me, wanting to cuddle in but unable to because of the bonds. I do this for a few minutes, letting you compose yourself, and offering you a bottle of cool refreshing water, which you drink down in a few long sips of the straw, then thanking me for always taking care of you.

I look at you, and for the millionth time smile and think how lucky I am, to have not only a beautiful slut, but a beautiful girlfriend as well. I feel like a very lucky Master, and remind myself to tell my pet she is cherished as well when we are done. I am still smiling when your eyes flutter open, once you finally begin to regain control of your body. When you see me looking lovingly down at you, you smile with a look of complete bliss, knowing that even though your Sir has beaten, slapped, and hurt you, he still cares greatly for you.

I lean down and kiss you, softly at first, but it quickly builds up to a passionate kiss, our tongues playing with each other, as our mouths express our desire for one another. You explore my mouth, longing for each and every taste I can give you of your cum on my lips, and moaning as my tongue flicks at yours like it was doing to your clit only moments ago. I move my hand to your breast, and slowly begin massaging it, making you moan softly. Then, suddenly, there is a sharp pain as I begin pinching the nipple, making you jump and moan into my mouth, and I break the kiss.

"You are not done, my slut, not yet. I just granted you a merciful rest because you have been a good little slut for me today." I say, making your pussy wet with just the promise of punishment to come.


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