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She woke up at 4.30am surrounded by her Master arms. Untangling herself from him he let a out a sigh Serching her, still asleep he rolled onto his back.

This was her time to take In the beautiful body of her Master.

She wanted to run her fingers through that unruly hair, working her way down to caress that beautiful face that she loved so much. To run her fingers through his chest hair tracing figers of eight around his nipples. Then slowly lick her way down his stomach planting a kiss on his belly before continuing to kiss and lick her way down until she reached his cock.

Taking his cock in her mouth flicking the tip with her tongue, the kissing and licking her way down his length to his balls, taking each one and sucking gently, then finding her way to his sweet spot just where she knew he loved her tease, kiss and lick him so much,That made him shudder and moan with pleasure. Then working her way back to his length kissing and teasing with her tongue until she reached his. L tip and licking that pre-cum. Then taking his cock In her mouth slowly pushing him in out while her teeth. gently graze him with every movement. Then getting faster and hearing moan, that growl of pure pleasure as her pace quickens. She knew when he was about to come so with one last thrust his cock touches the back of her throat and he explodes in her mouth, she taste her reward that hot, sticky, salty creamy cum licking every last drop.

But she doesn't she curls herself back up in his arms and let's him sleep.



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