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A babygirls first time

I look at Daddy nervously. My heart is racing and my eyes are big and round. He knows how uncertain I am of myself. I'm waiting for the only thing I know, his instruction. My brat is all but gone, my submissive completely in presence.

"Remove her clothes, get her naked babygirl" is my instruction.

I gulp nervously, my hands shaking, but feeling the wetness appear between my thighs at the same time. I squeeze them together in embarrassment, though I know he's watching me and I see the corners of his mouth twitch. I take a step closer, and remove her top up over her head. I feel the smoothness of her skin under my fingertips and her body respond to my delicate touch. I debate over whether to remove her bra or jeans first. I can see her full round breasts and can't resist running my finger underneath the top of her bra grazing her nipple. She sucks in a breath and my decision is made. I run my hands around her ribs and unclasp her bra, sliding the straps down her shoulders. I begin kissing the bottom of her jaw down her neck and she starts making little noises in her throat. I glance at Daddy to see him studying us carefully. I make eye contact with her and as I do, take her nipple in my mouth, circling my tongue around and gentle nibbling. She arches her back and moans into me, running a hand through my hair. I swap to her other nipple and slide my fingers into the waistband of her jeans, unbuttoning them and helping them slide down her legs. I move my mouth back to her other nipple and slide my fingers into her underwear, feeling the wetness from her cunt and not being able to resist plunging my fingers into this beautiful woman's pussy. I can hear Daddy laugh, a low gravelly laugh and glance over to see him touching himself. Amused by the fact I can't resist touching her, enjoying and adoring her. Her hips are bucking onto my fingers as I swirl my thumb around her engorged clit, I drop to my knees and pull her underwear down with me. I can smell her arousal as I see the wetness between her thighs. I look at Daddy shyly, he nods at me and I begin kissing up the soft skin of her thighs, then the soft folds of skin surrounding her pussy. She's making little noises in her throat and grabs a handful of my hair. I part her lips with my tongue and begin lapping up her wetness, licking and probing her from hole to clit and back again, tasting as much as I can, savouring her taste. I take her clit in my mouth and suck hard, making it more engorged as the blood fills it, I then go back to flicking it and licking her, and then I repeat the pattern, over and over. Her noises are getting louder and her breathing is getting faster, I plunge my fingers into her wet cunt again and she moans loudly as I hit her g-spot. I grab her ass with my other hand and pull her hard against my mouth, continuing my assault on her pussy. I can feel her pussy tightening on my fingers as she nears the brink of orgasm, her whole body starting to stiffen, with a shudder she starts cumming loud and hard, her thighs clenching my cheeks, her juices running down my fingers and into my mouth. I continue until I feel her orgasm subside and then gently clean her pussy from her juices. I stand up and put my fingers in her mouth, so she can taste herself, and pull her in for a kiss. I steal a glance at Daddy who is beaming, full of pride at witnessing his babygirl please a woman for the first time, and can't help but walk over and kiss him too, wanting him to share the taste of making her cum, pressing my body against his. He slides his fingers into my pussy

"oh you are dripping" he says, voice full of lust. He removes his fingers and pulls me close, murmuring in my ear "now it's time for her to return to favour babygirl" and orders me back to where we started.


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