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A Dress and a Show

I received an unexpected email confirmation for a train voucher that my girlfriend had purchased for me. Immediately I picked up the phone to call her and say thank you and find out more details about what she had planned. She scheduled the trip very close to the holidays, and she hadn't booked a return trip yet. I prefer to know plans and schedules in advance, but my uncapped visit with her actually made me more excited than anxious.

On the phone, I asked her about what she had planned for us. She told me to bring a few outfits, mostly casual, and she also emphasized that she wanted me to bring one nice evening dress. She knows that I hate wearing dresses, so I asked her about the special occasion. She told me that she had Nutcracker tickets for us on Christmas Eve, and she wanted me to look nice for the outing. I was thrilled. I hadn't seen the Nutcracker in over a decade, and I'm obsessed with live performances. I assured her that despite me rarely wearing them, I have a whole closet full of dresses. I promised her that I would pick something really nice.

I opened my closet and slid aside my button down blouses and jackets, and found my twenty or so dresses all shoved to the very side, out of sight. When I saw all my dresses, I was kind of surprised by the quantity because I wear dresses so infrequently. I thumbed through the selection, and I realized that nearly the entire collection used to belong to my mother. I have a lot of her old clothes mostly because my other sisters couldn't fit into them. I kept so many of the clothes, but it's hard to remember why. I don't wear them and I keep them shoved out of sight in the back of the closet. I can hardly consider that a sentimental relic. I considered all of this as I tried to pick the perfect one to wear for my girlfriend to see the ballet.

Finally I landed on the perfect dress, one of the few that I had bought for myself and not inherited. It's a gold lightweight flapper-style dress that I found at a consignment shop a few summers ago. I fell in love with the dress when I saw it, and there was only one on the rack and it was exactly my size. Even though I had no occasion in mind for the dress, I impulsively bought it anyways, hoping I would eventually have a chance to wear it. It has a soft silk lining and a modest neckline, and the length falls right above my knee. I pulled down the hanger, tried on the dress for the fisrt time since the fitting room, and decided that the Nutcracker with my girlfriend was finally the perfect occasion.

My train was scheduled to arrive in the evening on the day before Christmas, and that was the same night as the show. I called my girlfriend to confirm the plans and make sure I was dressed appropriately for whatever she had planned for us upon my arrival. She just told me to be sure to be wearing the dress when I exited the train, and she would take care of the rest. I wore modest gold heels, straps with an open toe, and a long black coat that I chose for its thermal lining. I was already freezing enough from the waist down, so I was huddled in my coat when I finally stepped out into the terminal. My girlfriend was already waiting for me, demure and elegant, her attire was immaculate for a night at the ballet. I approached her shivering from the cold, and she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in for a deep kiss while all the other passengers rushed by.

I linked my arm around hers and we walked to the theatre, a few short blocks from my train stop. She led me in past the velvet rope after handing our tickets to the usher, and we walked up to the second balcony. The view was perfect, close to the stage but unobstructed by a sea of heads. I have a hard time staying still while waiting, so I read the whole playbill and a majority of the advertisements aloud for my girlfriend, just cause. I started compulsively talking about the process of becoming a dancer and the stamina required, and then finally the lights dimmed. She tapped my shoulder to tell me to shut up, and the symphony began and the curtain opened.

We watched the dancers perform, hypnotized by their skilled performance. When Clara entered the stage, I glanced over at my girlfriend, watching her watch the beautiful young dancer. I turned my eyes back to the stage, and I too was pulled into the movements of this one dancer. I watched her movements intently, and I felt my girlfriend walk her fingers up my thigh. She pushed her hand up my gold dress, and the silk lining bunched up on her wrist. I inhaled sharply, and she leaned over and kissed my bare shoulder. He hand moved farther up my dress slid my dampened thong to one side. My breathing became more audible, and she whispered to me to behave myself. She reminded me that we were at a fancy function with people all around and I wasn't to disturb anyone, and then she slipped her fingers inside me.

I took at deep breath and sunk down into my seat, grinding on her hand and trying so hard to keep myself unnoticed. I kept my eyes transfixed on the dancers, while my girlfriend's fingers stayed inside me, gently stroking to the rhythm of the orchestra. I took one more sharp breath and gripped the edge of my folding theatre seat. I bit my lips and my thighs quivered as she continued rubbing and pushing deeper. Clara was enchanting to watch move on stage, and watching her flirtatious dance with Fritz brought me right to the edge. Right at the moment when Fritz smashed the sweet girl’s new nutcracker to smithereens, I let out a loud gasp, my whole body shuddered, and I came without taking my eyes off the stage.

That scene is towards the very beginning of the show. I looked around feeling somewhat embarrassed, and I regained my composure. I smoothed out the wrinkles in my dress, and my girlfriend and I finished the rest of the show with satisfied smiles on our faces.


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