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A Girl's Journey

Chapter 3

I washed the dishes in the sink after Ben left. I stood at the sink smiling and for the first time not second guessing my decision since it felt right to jump in with both feet since I knew Ben wouldn’t push me into something that made me uncomfortable. I finished the dishes and made a bowl of popcorn so I could watch TV or a movie. When the popcorn was ready, I went and turned on the TV to see if I could find something to watch. As I was sitting on the couch, I received a text from Ben:

“I was thinking since you are my slave in training, and I use the term loosely, so don’t panic. Anyways I was wondering how3 you felt if I offered you my training collar since you did agree to let me train you. What do you think girl?

I sat there looking at my phone like it had a disease. I wasn’t sure what a training collar was all about or what it stood for. I couldn’t help but have the image of a big spiked dog collar around my neck.

“Sir, I’m not sure what such a collar means. Can you please explain it to me?”

I sat there waiting to hear what he had to say since I could have looked it up online, but I was being lazy. I went to get a glass of water and looked at my phone to see Ben’s answer. I opened up his text message.

“Girl, not only do I get the pleasure of training you, but also protecting you both online and in real life. I get to take the basic knowledge that you have and let you experience it for real. I’m going to prove to you that you make a good sub, and the only opinion that matters is mine. I want you to see the potential that I see in you, and help you grow in your journey. What are your thoughts girl?”

I read Ben’s test a few times to let my brain wrap around the words and their meaning. I carefully planned out my response to Him since it was something that I needed to consider carefully.

“Sir I understand what you are offering me, and it’s something I’m not ready to say yes or no to. I think I would like to learn a bit first before I make that kind of decision. Please don’t be made at me Sir.”

"I’m not mad at you girl since it’s a good decision on your part and we will work our way to that point. Call me before you go to bed girl. Enjoy your evening and I look forward to your phone call.”

I finished watching TV for the night and turned it off. I took my popcorn bowl into the kitchen to clean it out, and put it in the sink. I changed into my pjs and got ready for bed. Once I was nicely settled into my bed, I called Ben.

“Hello girl, how was the rest of your evening?”

“Hi Sir, it was fine and how was your evening?”

“It was good girl. I got some work around the house done. I hate housework.”

I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Typical Dom reply.”

“That’s why we have subs girl so they look after the household chores, so us Doms can look after other things.”

I bit my tongue so the comment I was about to make didn’t come out since it was too early for my smartass to come out and play.

“Are you alright girl? You got quiet on me.”

“I’m fine Sir.”

"Just checking girl, I have something for you to think about. What do you say to a movie and dinner Sunday afternoon? I don’t want to take away from your school work since that comes first.”

“That sounds good Sir and I would really like that.”

“Good, what kind of movies do you like girl?”

“Anything from action, horror, to a chic flicks Sir since I’m not too fussy since it’s all about the company.”

“Okay girl I’ll see what’s playing and we can decide on one.”

“Sounds good Sir.”

“What’s on tomorrow’s agenda girl?”

“Nothing special Sir, just staying home and working on my homework.”

"You don’t have classes on Fridays?”

“No sir, I don’t have classes on Friday or Monday. I gave myself a four day school schedule and four days to do homework.”

“Smart thinking girl, you can finish your essay this weekend then.”

“Yes Sir I can.”

“Good I look forward to reading the finished product. What other classes are you taking?”

“I’m taking a couple of other psychology courses and an English one.”

“Any homework in those ones?”

“Yes Sir, I have an English essay to type up, so I’ll that on Monday along with my essay for my social psychology class.”

“Okay girl as long as you get your work done, and keep on top of your course work.”

As Ben said these words, all I could think was, “who does He think he is?” I’ve done pretty good handling my course work before He came along.

“I will Sir don’t worry about it.”

“Girl, it’s my job to worry about your education, and that you stay on top of your course work since I want you to succeed. Failure has consequences you probably won’t like, while if you do what you’re supposed to then the rewards will be worth it.”


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