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A Girl's Journey

Chapter 2

When Ben and I parted ways the evening we met, I felt completely at ease with Him.

“Call me when you get home, so I know you arrived safely.”

“I will.”

We waved to each other as we got into our cars. As I was driving home, I couldn’t help but smile to myself since I felt like I found someone that got me; even if He didn’t understand everything.

When I arrived home, I changed into my pjs and then called Ben so He knew that I got home safely.


“Hi this is Martha; I’m letting you know that I arrived home okay.”

“Glad to hear it. I knew that you weren’t a horrible submissive like everyone has been trying to make you believe.”

“What do you mean?”

“I gave you a task to do, and you completed it. That tells me that you know how to obey orders, which gives me something to build on. If you couldn’t follow a simple order, then we would have an issue.”

“That makes sense.”

“Have you read your responses to your questions?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Aren’t you curious about what people have written?”

“I am, but it’s too late tonight since I have an early class tomorrow.”

“Ah when is your class? When are you done school tomorrow? I was

wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner.”

“I start at ten and finish at 2 Pm, and I would enjoy going to dinner with you.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up at 4:30 Pm.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Okay, my address is 1259 Ocean View Drive.”

“Thank you. I’ll let you get ready for bed so you’re not tired tomorrow. Call me when you get home from school.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good night girl.”

“Good night Sir.”

I hung up the phone and clutched it to my chest. I liked how things were going with Ben. I was glad that I went to the coffee group and that I wasn’t rude to Ben online that night. I climbed into bed and relaxed as I went over the evenings events. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I awoke the next morning and finally looked at the answers everyone wrote the night before. I couldn’t help but smile at some of the answers because of how honest they were. When I reached Ben’s replies, I couldn’t believe how in depth He was with His answers. I figured that I would work on my assignment when I got home.

As I sat in my classes, my mind kept drifting to Ben and wondering how His day was going. I pulled out my cell phone and texted Him to say hi.

“How are you girl? How was your classs?”

“I’m good and I’m still in class.”

“Girl quit texting me and pay attention in class or you won’t like the consequences.”

I put my phone away and all I could think was, “Someone is sure bitchy this morning.” I started doodling since I was too busy thinking about Ben. I really enjoyed my time with Him the night before. It was like I was talking to an old friend instead of someone I just met.

As my day came to an end, the butterflies in my stomach started to flutter. When I arrived at home, I changed into a pair of sweats and sat down at the kitchen table to start my paper. I also called Ben so He would know that I was home finally. I was working on my paper when I received a text message from Ben.

“Glad you’re home and made it through your classes I have been thinking about you all day, and I have been walking around all day with a smile on my face, and it’s all thanks to you.”

“I have also had a smile on my face and I have been thinking about you a lot.”

“I hope that they have been good thoughts.”

“Oh they have been since I really enjoyed our time together last night.”

“I’m glad as I did as well, but what I’m looking forward to is having dinner with you tonight.”

“So am I.”


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