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A lesson learnt part 2

Tick tick tick. Fuck where did that time go. Once again she starts to play with her pussy rubbing herself feeling that pressure building up inside her. She continues to play her first fingers feeling sticky wet, that throbbing builds up until she is on the brink of orgasim just in time she stops her self. Her breathing heavy erratic. She pi ks up the phone and calls him he answers straight away. She doesn't have to say a word he instantly knows she has done what was asked of her. She pleads with him begs him to let her cum. His response hear from you in a hr Princess.

Another hr goes by same thing she pleads and begs but same answer.. Putting the phone she makes herself busy trying to take her mind of her throbbing pussy.

It's 6.15 the next time she she calls not knowing how much longer she can hold on. "Sorry it's late Sir but I had to eat" she says. That's OK he says but I still want you too do the next one at 7 but Sir that's only 40 minutes not my fault you were late. Then says by the way I will see you in about an hr have just set of from mine, the next one I want to hear you so call me at 7.

She calls he answers the phone you may start princess this time it only takes a matter of minutes he says I like that sound of that as she moans and sighs can I cum now Sir No his response. But now I want to hear you give yourself to hard slaps on your pussy this she does well that was it it sent her to the very brink please she begs No I will pick you in 20 minutes by the way no panties he says.

20 minutes later she is climbs into his car she says Hi Sir. She had seen photos of him but he was even more delisous in real life.

They talk for a while her taking no notice of the time then a hard wack on her thigh. Looking at him in confusion. He says Shouldn't you be doing something Princess. She can't believe what she is hearing. But lifts up her skirt and proceeds to play. Sir taking glances every now and then she begs him No not yet he says but soon.

They pull up near some woods, he gets out opens her door for her, takes her by the hand and leads her into the woods.

Stopping at an narled old tree. That has split in two making a nice place for her to bend over.

He turns her to face him and tells her to look him in the eyes. He says to her "I see fear little one I can't say that this is not going to hurt as it will but you know why don't you. She just nods her biting her lower lip. He tells her to lift her dress so he can see her, which she does without hesitation legs apart he says. She watches as he takes of his belt. Then suddenly wack between her legs and wack again. This brings her to almost orgasim. He sees it in her eyes from the ways her body reacts. You may cum he says wack again and that's it she let's go all of the last 8 hrs her body shaking her swollen pussy letting go her love juices running down her legs to the ground. Thank you Sir she says.

He holds her for a while letting her calm down. After a while. He says now down to real reason we are here. Turn around princess bend over the tree and show me that bottom of yours. She does as she is told. He says to her you know why I am doing don't you Princess. Yes Sir she says. For not letting you know that I was save, for worrying you and for disobeying you Sir.

Wack wack wack on her ample pale backside she let's out an almighty scream, Wack Wack across her upper thigh now she is sobbing shaking WACK WACK again on her backside. He turns her round. Plants a kiss on her fore head and holds her tight to him waiting for the tears and the sobbing to subside for what seems like an age. As she stops sobbing he finds her mouth kisses her hard and claims her. . Then says to her you are Mine.


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