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A lesson leart

A lesson learnt

He was not her Master, but a very dear friend who always looked out for her, he always had her best Interest at heart.

She made him not so much of a promise, but said that she would let him know that she was save and to let him know that she was home. Which she didn't do that night.

Apologising first thing in the morning she sent him a text, saying "so so so sorry Sir I am home and save", knowing in her mind that this was not going to be enough. As she had let him down, hurt him, knowing g that he must have been worried for her safety.

Waiting for that message back her not knowing weather he was going to message her, One hour, two hours, then nearly three hours later that Ping of her mobile, she knew instantly it was him. Biting her lip not really wanting to open that message but knowing that she had too, she didn't want to to feel his wrath, his disappointment in her. So gingerly she opened the message. It wasn't so much the words but the way that it was written that she knew that she was in trouble "I was so worried about you. Why didn't you just let me know that you was save as I asked".

Being that she had always had a smart mouth her reply was i'm sorry Sir but at least I know that I can't be punished for it.

A quick reply back saying "I might not be your Master, but because I have your best Interest at heart, and you need someone to take care of you until l you find your Master, then I can and I will take the belt to you". Sending a message back her reply was "yes but to do that Sir you need my permission my consent, and besides you wouldn't really" regretting those words instantly knowing that they had got her into trouble in the past.

The next message that popped up was a video of him stripped to the waist with his belt in his hand. Snapping it wacking it against the nearest thing to him that just happened to be his bed the sound of it as it hissed through the air was enough to make her shudder. Now she knew that she was In Serious trouble.

She messaged him saying that she was sorry asking forgiveness. (but hoping that he wasn't going too). His reply was it has gone to far for that now Princess, Now what I want you to do is, getting those fingers of yours working that pussy keep going until you are on the very edge to cum then stop. Then when you have done this phone me. She did this feeling herself getting swollen getting wetter so much want to cum. Pulling her fingers away, she phoned him, he knew instantly that she had done as he asked by the sound of her voice by her erratic breathing, she pleaded with him to let her cum. His reply OH NO princess. I want you to do this on the hr every hr, phoning me each time you have done so. She couldn't believe what she was hearing but knew better than to argue.

1pm again she did as she was asked working those fingers rubbing herself once again feeling herself throbbing wanting release, phoning him begging him to let her cum knowing that he wasn't going to give in to her. Which off course he didn't. His words were look forward to hearing from you in an hour.

Now she was clock watching, tick tick she was sure that the time was going fast as before she knew it she found herself once again playing with herself working those fingers putting them In side herself. That feeling, the wetness wanting to carry on until she found d release. That feeling of shear pleasure but once again she was on the phone to him she didn't have to say a word he knew by her breathing and the little sighs she was making that she had done as he asked. After calming done a little she asked please please Sir can I cum now his reply No not this time.

To be continued......


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