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A Slight Miscalculation Part 1

One night, while exceedingly drunk, I let slip to my Master that I wanted to do a gangbang with some of his friends. I don't recall his exact reaction, but it was a mix between disgust, jealousy, and arousal. We agreed to talk about it the next morning, but we didn't. It fell off the radar, and was dismissed out-of-hand, so I let it go and stopped thinking about it. Except that I didn't. Suddenly, all I had to do was close my eyes, and I saw myself tied spread eagle to a table, clothes ripped off while he and his friends leered at my soaked pussy. The thought was never far away, and it made going to their parties very difficult when all I wanted to do was cover myself in their cum. Needless to say, since we were ignoring the idea, I voiced none of this.

I expressed my frustration by becoming even more demanding in bed. Poor N was drained dry by a constant barrage of licking, sucking, begging, fucking, riding. I could tell he was bewildered by the change, but, like any man in his position, he rose to the occasion with aplomb. We didn't discuss the gangbang again for a few months. One night, as I was tied down, being delightfully tortured with orgasm after orgasm, panting and heaving against the bonds, eyes glazed, he shoved his fingers into my abused pussy and commanded,

"Tell me what you want."

In a voice made husky with constant moaning, I replied,

"I want you Daddy, please fuck me, please please please"

Wrong answer. He twisted his fingers inside me until they were pushing on my G-spot, and I whimpered with the overstimulation.

"Tell me what you want."

"Please Daddy I just want to cum one more time please please just use me, just fuck me."

This time, after thoroughly coating his other hand with my cum, he shoved two fingers into my untouched asshole as I howled with pain and a strange jolt of pleasure.

"I am going to ask you one more time before I fuck you in the ass dry. What. Do. You. Want."

I shook my head, bewildered, as he untied me and flipped me over. I struggled as his cock head bumped against my hermetically shut asshole, but he held me down and growled in my ear.

"Just tell me want you want, you filthy fucking slut. Don't make me rape your tight little ass."

By this point I was less than an animal, bucking and moaning incomprehensibly, and he shrugged, and began shoving his dick mercilessly into my ass, centimeter by centimeter. I bit a pillow and howled in pain as his cock head popped in, feeling a ring of liquid fire as my asshole struggled to close against the invader.

"You get one more chance before I bottom my cock out in you. What do you want? Why won't you tell Daddy?"

I moaned and shook my head, still buried in the pillow. With a sigh, N grabbed my hips, and, like a machine, fed inch after inch into my protesting ass. Crying and shaking, I felt his balls resting against my pussy, which was steadily dripping onto the bed. Finally, as he began to saw back and forth in my battered asshole, I cracked, and screamed,


This statement was met with silence and an almost audible pop as his dick was pulled from my poor, stretched anus. I kept my head buried in the pillow, so I couldn't see the calculating look that crossed his face. He stroked my ass and my trembling legs, told me what a good girl I was, and that he was sorry he had to punish me, and got up to run me a shower, all the time eying me contemplatively. He stood in the shower behind me, keeping me upright after the most intense fuck session I'd ever received, and, after washing his cock, slid it into my still sopping pussy, and fucked me against the wall. He came inside me with a roar, and I sagged in his arms, completely boneless, completely undone, body shaking with the powerful orgasms it had endured for the past hour.

I barely noticed as he picked me up, dried me off, being especially careful with my pussy and asshole, and carried me to bed to sleep off my orgasms. He didn't sleep, and instead he watched me as he often does, occasionally stroking my hair, or running his hand down my side. The next morning, when I woke up, I shuffled nervously out to the living room, where N was waiting for me, eyes attentive. I fidgeted with my fingers, and refused to meet his eyes, sitting down with an ungraceful whumpf.

"Um.... What I said last night..."

I trailed off as he looked at me expectantly.

"I... I wouldn't ever.. you know I wouldn't... Have sex with your friends, it's just a fantasy, and I don't even know why I thought it would be sexy but I'm sorry, I would never do it, and our sex is perfect, and I only want you, and-"

He cut off my babbling with a hand to my mouth, and laughed lightly.

"Don't worry about it, love. It's just a fantasy. I know you would never cheat."

I nodded gratefully, and we went about our day, feeling more intimate than usual. Next week, I awoke to a box at the foot of the bed. I opened it tentatively to find a black and red corset, with a matching pair of panties, a garter belt, and thigh high stockings. I tried them on, marvelling at the silkiness of each piece, and when I turned to look at myself in the mirror, I had transformed.

My gentle curves morphed into dizzying dips swathed in scarlet, my long pale legs were those of a porn star, obscene as the black silk made them a screaming contrast impossible to look away from, and my tits. Ordinarily a good handful, they became monstrous, pushed up as they were by the corset. The panties were barely scraps of lace, and so, when I turned, my ass was displayed, showcased by the black above and below it. I had never felt so sexy, and immediately sent N a picture, with a gushing, soppy thank you note. He responded back with a simple, "You're wearing that tonight."

As I had the day off, I spent a few more minutes admiring my new and improved figure, then began to carefully shuck off each piece, laying them reverantly in their box as I transformed back into the average woman I recognised. With the promise of mindblowing sex lingering in my head, I decided to make myself a perfect fuck doll for Nick. I showered and scrubbed, and shaved every inch of myself. I gave myself an enema, tidied the house, laid out a few of our choice sex toys, and readied the ropes we kept near our bed. When four o'clock ticked around, I began to get ready, playing with my smooth bare pussy as I stared at the outfit waiting for me. I edged myself a few times, barely managing to restain my fingers, wanting to be dripping wet for N when he came home. I dressed carefully, enjoying the slide of silk against my moisturised body, and applied makeup, reddening my lips and darkening my eyes. My curly chestnut hair I tied in a high ponytail, and I shivered as the long strands tickled my back. I took a few more pictures, this time to keep for myself, as I stared. I wasn't a vain woman by any means, but this outfit took me from passably pretty to a fertile, sex-hungry goddess. My grey eyes were smoky and dark with lust, my thick thighs looked wicked and tempting, and every area I was self-conscious about disappeared as I held my head high.

I heard the door unlock, and I hastily slipped on my collar, and a pair of high heels that put my five foot nine frame well over six feet, and sank to my knees by the door in classic submissive pose. Head high, eyes downcast, with tits well displayed. The door opened, and footsteps clattered in. I startled, and looked up, to find N, and three of his friends, standing in the doorway, admiring the view from their vantage point. My cheeks began to stain with a blush that quickly spread over my entire face, then down to my chest, until I thought I would catch fire. My lungs collapsed, and I heaved mightily to get oxygen, which all four watched with interest, and visible tents in their pants. I scrambled to my feet, and attempted to scurry backwards into the bedroom, blushing almost as scarlet as my corset, and trying vainly to cover myself, when a hand wrapped around my wrist.

"Where do you think you're going, my little fuckslut?"


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