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A snowy day

Sitting. At the kitchen table with her coffee she is mesmorized by the falling snow flakes. It brings gs back memories of being a kid. Not being able to wait to get out there and make footprints in that white covering onthe ground. Hearing that first crunch of the snow under your feet what a beautiful sound.

The ping of her phone brings her back to reality. Looking at the message she relizes the time and reads Sirs message. Princess traffic is bad be about an hour late. In stead of your usual clothes to greet me put on something warm Sir has plans

Your Sir.

She has an hr to run around complete her task for the day be back down in the kitchen in Sirs favoured potion. All the while thoughts going through her head why would Sir be telling her to dress like this. When her usual atire to meet Sir is his choice of sexy lace underwear covered by a white blouse that just about covers her curvy ass.

She just about makes into the kitchen and on her knees face down ass up as she heard the crunch crunch of Sirs feet on the fresh snow and then click of the door being opened. He takes of his coat and shoes and walks down the hall to the kitchen where he finds his girl kneeling before him. He looks around him and finds everything in order and the smell of his favourite dinner wafting through the house.

Good girl he says holding his hand out her, he helps her up takes her in his arms and holds her close smelling her perfume the one he loves taking in her scent he tells her to go and get coat hat boots gloves and scarf. She doesn't need telling twice as she turns to leave the kitchen he gives her a playful smack on her ass causing her to let out giggle. She likes Sir in this playful mood.

To be continued


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