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Accidents Happen

“Good morning baby” he coos to me.

I swim towards his gentle voice, through the sleepy fog that’s encasing my mind. My eyelids begin to flutter as my body stretches out and my hands instinctively reach to wrap around his neck. Suddenly, I’m gazing into a pair of big brown eyes I recognise so well.

“Daddy...” I mumble happily.

With a smile he pulls me closer against his body, wrapping me up safely in his arms. Thump, thump, thump. The feeling of his heartbeat against mine. I begin to nuzzle into his neck and gives me a gentle squeeze.

Lost in the contentment of the moment I didn’t realise the urgency of the pressure building in my bladder, until now. I hastily make an attempt to squirm out of his arms.

“And where do you think you’re going little one?” His steely grip tightens around my tiny frame as he rolls us, his weight holding me in place.

Oh no. I know it’s happening before I can even contemplate stopping it. The feeling of warmth evidently spreading down between my thighs and onto the sheets...

Every second passing feels so painfully drawn out as I wait for the realisation to hit him. I try to compose the look of horror I must be wearing so well, but it becomes apparent he’s already recognised it. All it takes is a quick investigation for him to identify the reason for its presence.


Tears begin to swell in my eyes as the source of my embarrassment is addressed.

“It’s okay to have accidents sometimes. Daddy’s not upset with you, okay?”

Body trembling I look down at the floor, the only place my eyes feel like they belong. I’m begging and pleading this whole situation away as his hand reaches for my chin and lifts my view to his. Those brown eyes. The same ones I melted into so adoringly just moments ago feel like they’re burning through me.

He never looks away as his thumb slowly traces its way up my cheekbone, wiping away the budding tears threatening to spill over.

Defiant in my shame, I pull away.

His hand reappears as he gently touches my face once more. I don’t think he understands, a sweet smouldering gaze of reassurance isn’t going to cut it here. I pull back again, pushing him away in the process.

When he returns the third time, he isn’t so soft.

Fingers dart forward and grab my face roughly, forcing me to look at him. “You shouldn’t have done that, girl.” He leans in close and snarls.

The same hand that previously stroked me and wiped my tears away now delivers a brutal slap, and another, another. The same eyes that looked so lovingly and tentatively into mine are now showing a harsher side.

Shock overcomes my body at the transition of events.

“Pathetic little thing...”

Again. Harder. Harder.

The raw heat of each hit building with the sting of my embarrassment. A delicious mix of pain and pleasure bursting through my body.

“Look at you, practically drooling.” He scoffs. “And you couldn’t even make it to the bathroom on your own. Maybe you need to be treated like a baby until you relearn how to be a big girl again.”


He didn’t even need to raise a hand that time. I feel my cheeks redden.

“Is that it, is that what you need? Me to do everything for you until you learn to stop being so useless?”

He’s spitting words at me like venom, each feels more poisonous than the last. The inside of my eyes are swelling like waves crashing against a break wall. Ready to betray me any moment, but not before my bottom lip begins to tremble.


“I... I...”

“Shh baby, don’t blabber. Here...” He offers out his thumb to me. “Put your mouth to use with something it’s good at. Suck.” Mindlessly, I do as I’m told.

He starts slow, his finger is welcomed with gentle moans. I feel my body begin to relax, but not before he pushes deeper. Deeper down into my throat, tempting and teasing my gag reflex. He holds it there. I squirm in discomfort but his arm across my body is pinning me in place. “Uh uh.”

I see his pleasure in my discomfort and begin to choke right before he releases me. “Such a good girl, you make Daddy so happy when you do as you’re told.” He strokes my hair as my body collapses against his. “Do you like to please me?”

I nod enthusiastically.

“Use your words, like a big girl”

“Yes Dada”

A smile so warm the sun holds nothing in comparison spreads across his lips.

“My precious baby, I think you deserve a reward now, what do you think?”

The only response I have time for is my eyes widening as that very same thumb slips in between my thighs. “Oh.”


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