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And I Call Him Daddy

Chapter 2

Amelia awoke in the middle of the night with her night gown pulled up and her fingers inside of her panties her body was covered in sweat. She took one of her hands and ran her fingers over her nipples. As she did that, she couldn’t help but let a moan out as she discovered that her nipples were hard as rocks.

She closed her eyes as images of Joe entered her mind. She couldn’t help but wish that things went further the night before, but she was also glad that it didn’t. Whenever she jumped in with both feet, eventually would land on her face. She was just going to take it day by day and follow her heart. As Amelia thought of Joe, she pulled and teased her nipples. Her fingers worked their way back into her panties and started rubbing her clit. She moaned as she dipped her fingers inside of her. Amelia reached into a drawer in her bed side table and grabbed her dildo. She slipped her panties down and teased her pussy with the head of the dildo. She pushed the dildo deep inside of her wishing that it was Joe’s cock deep inside of her. She pumped the dildo in and out of herself as she felt her orgasm building. As she came, she screamed Joe’s name.

Amelia closed her eyes as she let her body calm down again. She was really looking forward to the weekend. As she way laying there, her cell phone rang.


“Hi this is Joe, is this a bad time?”

“It’s a good time. How are you doing?”

“I’ good, I have been thinking about you since last night. I really enjoyed your company.”

“I’ve been thinking about you also since you made my night enjoyable.”

“So you don’t regret coming out last night?”

“Not at all since I’m looking forward to the next get together.”

“I’m glad that you had a good time. Hopefully you will come out to more events.”

“What do you do for work?”

“I’m an architect, what about you?”

“I’m a radiologist at the local hospital.”

Joe had an image of Amelia having a hard time sitting as she looked at x-rays. He loved the idea of her ass covered with his hand prints. He felt himself get hard at the thought, that he pulled his cock out and began rubbing it.

“That sounds like an interesting job.”

He pictured Amelia bent over the x-ray table as he drove his cock deep into her wet pussy. He couldn’t help but let a moan escape his lips as he pumped his cock.

“What are your hobbies outside of work?”

“I mostly spend my evening watching TV, hanging out with friends, and

watching movies. What about you?”

Amelia couldn’t believe that Joe was masturbating, but she also hoped that he was doing all kinds of nasty things to her. Joe teased the slit of his cock with his fingers.

“I like going to the movies, dinner, coffee and just relaxing at home with my girl.”

“I can’t help but ask if you’re a Dom, sub or something completely different?”

Joe couldn’t help but laugh at the something completely different, and thought about answering, “I am an alien who has come to make all women kinky.”

“That’s cute something completely different. I am a Daddy Dom currently looking for his baby girl.”

Amelia couldn’t help but smile even though she wasn’t sure what a Daddy Dom or baby girl was.

“I have been currently seeking for the past few years.”

“I just hope that our search is over since that would be nice. I am really

looking forward to this weekend. What night works best for you?”

“I’m good with Friday or Saturday. Whatever works best for you.”

“Lets do Saturday that way we don’t have to rush home from work and get ready for our date.”

“True and we can start earlier in the day than later at night.”

“Yes dinner at 4:30Pm and then a movie around 6:00Pm. After that we can do whatever you want. Go back to my place or go for coffee and just talk.”

“We’ll see how it goes before I make up my mind.”

“Makes sense, but I’m looking forward to Saturday and can’t wait to see you again.”

“Either can I.”

Amelia couldn’t help but smile in hopes that things picked up where they left off on Saturday. She enjoyed her time with Joe and loved how comfortable she felt with him. She thought of all the possibilities that could happen.

“So I’ll make a reservation at a restaurant at 4:30. Do you want to meet at the restaurant? Or do you want to go from my place?”

“I can go to your place since it’s easier to take one car instead of two.”


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